1972 Tasting Notes

drank Tie Kwan Yin Oolong by Tea Ave
1972 tasting notes

I got to try this tea thanks to the generosity of Equusfell. We traded our remaining teaspoon of a couple of our free samples. I wanted to try as many as possible before placing my first order so that I can choose my very favorites.

This TKY falls in the middle of the roastiness scale when compared to others I have had – not too dark or heavy but not green. It does have a mellow flavor and is not a heavy body, but the roasted flavor adds a deeper layer to the tea.

What I liked most about this tea was the longlasting lingering sweetness and fresh aftertaste. It was like having the memory of a sweet kiss with you. When you have a really good mint, you probably find yourself inhaling with your mouth forming an “o” shape to continue to enjoy the coolness of the mint. I did that with this tea, enjoying the honey + roasty sweetness each time I inhaled. I do love a good oolong.

Of all the Tea Ave offerings I have tried, I think I would put this right under my favorite, Magnolia Oolong. The aroma cup carried a very similar sweet floral scent that stayed through many steepings of the tea, even though I only filled it at the first steep.


So glad you liked it! I thought it was really lovely, even though I tend to dislike ‘smokey’ teas, and as such end up on the greener side of the scale, this one has so much going for it, it really is just a wonderful tea!

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drank White Tangerine by Revolution Tea
1972 tasting notes

I am very sure this is what I had at P. F. Chang’s tonight. There was one tea bag that looked pretty large to me in a little tetsubin that was so cute my daughter wanted to slip it in her purse. (Not the sort of thing any of us would actually do, by the way.)

It was pretty golden yellow for a white tea, but tasted really good with our food and had a fresh, lively tangerine flavor. I would buy this if I saw it in the grocery and knew it wasn’t artificial. I will have to look into their flavorings.

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I liked this tea before, and I am liking it even more today. My daughter and I drank a liter of puerh from just one teaspoon of leaves and even the final steep has nice color and plenty of flavor. I didn’t scimp on early steeps, but made one or two of them extra bold with long steep times, because I enjoy strong puerh when it is smooth and has no bitterness.

I get the most flavor from puerh when I am patient and let it cool a bit before drinking. This is extra creamy today, especially the later steeps.

I don’t usually see puerh graded as first, second, third, etc. it is usually just named. So my first impression when I recieved the samples was that first grade was the good one and seventh would be passable. Instead, first grade is the layered and nuanced one good for quiet times, and seventh grade is the highly enjoyable daily drinker with lots of virtue of its own, my favorite at this moment being the creamy, weighty feel with its lightly cedar oiliness.

I think this would be an excellent choice for my husband’s new tea center that we are putting together for him at work.


Any time I think about seventh grade I wince…not a stellar year in junior high :) So it’s good to know there’s something lovely that can come out of it!


Glad you enjoyed the seventh grade ashmanra!:) The grades of our Menghai Shou just represents the different type of Shou. Our Seventh grade is actually more popular and we have sold out most of it back in China. Shou works well for after heavy meals and calming the mind after a long day at work, which should suit your husband well:)


Thank you gmathis!:)


Wow, the husband’s new tea center… did you ever think you would see this day? Pretty awesome.

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drank Magnolia Oolong by Tea Ave
1972 tasting notes

Yesterday was a little bit tough, last night more so, this morning…well, I was feeling pretty stressed. There is plenty that needs to be done, but instead I distracted myself with electronics until my brain said, “Enough! Do something you REALLY want to do!”

I had just read Tea Ave’s new blog post and that left me longing for my last little teaspoon of magnolia oolong, by candlelight, with soft music.

My experience with this tea was very different tonight, and it remains my favorite of all I have tasted so far from Tea Ave. I have two samples on the way from a Steepster friend so I can taste them before finalizing my order. But this one HAS to be on the list!

The aroma cup has brought me more enjoyment that I would have believed possible. I am using it with oolongs and puerhs. Tonight it was like an aromatherapy spa treatment, for the cup smelled heavenly, and didn’t stop smelling heavenly. This is the most floral I have experienced this tea so far, perhaps I steeped it differently but I am not timing anything tonight.

There is the scent of burnt sugar, and flowers, and rich cream or unseated butter. After three steeps I am still picking up the cup and inhaling deeply and I am drinking in the aroma of white flowers. As it cools and softens, I smell the soft scent of baby powder with its sharpness, side by side with middle tones of exotic flowers, deep and mysterious. The oolong has weight and thickness now.

I held up the little white cup in this dark room as I refilled it, and the candle was right behind it. The flame shone through the cup and the soft yellow tea, and illuminated the steam dancing sinuously upward. Beautiful. I wondered if this is why the Chinese revere dragons – the breath of the dragon rising from the magnificent cup of peace…

If I could, I would scent my sheets with this aroma and float off into sweet dreams. I would dot it behind my ear and on my neck, to bless those I embrace. I am seriously infatuated with this tea.

Thank you, Tea Ave.

E Alexander Gerster

Your tasting notes for this have been so wonderful that I just went and put this on my list for Tea Ave! I am very impressed with all the samples I received and budgeting for an order from them…

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This may seem like a odd thing to say, but I find the leaves of this tea very attractive, the size and shape are very much like a Da Hong Pao that I enjoy. The first grade has smaller leaves and I expect they are sweeter when tested side by side, but I love the rich, organic look of a large twisted leaf.

The tea is very good and hubby and I both enjoyed it. It resteeps well, and was sweet and without bitterness. it is more woodsy with only a bare hint of the chocolate aroma (milk chocolate specifically) that I found in the first grade. Very good shu.

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I was going to review this Saturday with the reactions of the birthday crowd, but unfortunately they had colds and could say nothing more than that they thought it was a good one! No other nuance could be detected through the haze of Cool Menthol salve under their noses.

Hubby and I had it again tonight. When the water hit the dry leaves, and even as I doled them out, I thought it had the horsey aroma pretty strong, that didn’t come through in the steep. The most surprising thing to me was that I smelled melted milk chocolate in the aroma cup, which I am using frequently with puerh now, and when I sipped. I checked my hands for any residue from the single square of Bissinger’s salted Dulce de Leche I had eaten, but there was nothing. It was definitely coming from the tea, light but there.

I am not really timing this in my Kamjove, just watching the color. It is gorgeous color, too. The clear, sparkling fresh orange red of sweet iced tea in summer. Smooth and sweet, not drying, perhaps even one of the “wetter” teas I have drunk lately.

Hubby doesn’t go into detail. He says his palate isn’t refined enough yet. He will tell me when something isn’t a favorite. With this tea, he asked me several times what I thought of it, and told me several times that he thought it was really good. That is the highest compliment he pays.

Six steeps.

Thank you, Wymm Tea, for sending these samples! I am looking forward to the rest!

Flavors: Autumn Leaf Pile, Chocolate


I’m going to have to try the aroma cup with Puerh!


Thanks for the review ashmanra! We are glad that both you and your husband enjoyed it:)


Tealizzy – I am LOVING the aroma cup for puerh!

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I got tea for my birthday Saturday. Lots and lots of tea. One of them was this one!

I had this for breakfast, steeped it at full temp and for the maximum recommended time and was surprised at how light the color was. I didn’t worry because the aroma told me it was plenty strong enough.

This won’t kick your backside like a morning Assam, but I never go for that anyway. You don’t need it when you know you have to get outside and feed the chickens before they wake the whole neighborhood moo-ing for their breakfast. I don’t consider myself a morning person, but I have never wanted strong morning tea.

Though it isn’t a cup to slap you awake, it is one to pique your interest so that you find yourself fully awake to delve into the mysteries of the cup. It is nice and complex without being super strong. I noted a fruity, muscatel scent and flavor like Winey Keemun from Grace Rare Tea, but the classic keemun light smoke was on the end of the sip, too. This is nice for morning or afternoon.

You will get a hint of all those flavors listed in the main description, incredible as that sounds.


Belated birthday twinkles and sparkles!


Thank you! :)

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reviewed Tea Ave Aroma Cup Set by Tea Ave
1972 tasting notes

Adding this here to make sure the review is seen by anyone interested. This is also listed under the heading Aroma Cup Set.

We have listed tea ware in the past and I think this deserves a review!

I had fondled a set like this at a store about two hours from my home, and thought about getting it. Then Teaave sent one for reviewers to use with their teas. Their price is almost identical to the one I looked at, and it appears to be the very same set.

Using the aroma cup makes such a difference in your tea tasting experience. A lot of people drink tea at my house, and they are often tea newbies who are wanting to learn more, to experience something new and special. This set really makes it a “Wow” experience. People love watching the ceremony of pouring, capping, then flipping the cups, rolling the tall scent cup in their hands and wafting in some air, and then passing it around and sharing what nuances and notes they find.

I started out using it with the oolongs they sent to me, and then started using it for…puerh! Yes, it is fabulous with many types and tea and SO MUCH FUN. We tea lovers don’t just drink tea, we experience it as fully as possible – color, taste, aroma. This set adds a whole new dimension to the enjoyment and the friendly sharing and ceremony.

The tray is such a nice touch, and I love that they had their name put on the bottom instead of the top. It seems more tasteful to me. I actually used the tray yesterday to hold some small serving utensils when we were tasting cheese. I plan to add their Al Fresco Tray to my tea ware collection soon.

E Alexander Gerster

This is such a wonderful cup set! The Al Fresco Tray looks great as well.


I agree that this is a lovely set. I was really surprised when Tea Ave sent it to me. I now use this cup daily to drink tea from when I’m brewing Gongfu style. I don’t use the aroma cup every time, but I do love both cups, and the tray is definitely a nice touch, and like you said, can serve many purposes. I use it with other cup sets I have as well. :3


Thank you so much ashmanra for your love and support of Tea Ave, and also for posting reviews on our website to share with the people who visit our site!!

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drank Ginger Lily Oolong by Tea Ave
1972 tasting notes

I served this to a tea newbie guest last night. I like sharing tea samples because I want to increase the exposure of products for the tea companies who share with us, and I don’t try to influence anyone, nor will I claim to like something I don’t.

We used the aroma cup set and my friend said she thought the tea was delicate and tasty, and she could detect the floral notes but couldn’t specify exactly what flowers it reminded her of. Neither of us are familiar with ginger lily, but I would love to find one someday and see how the scent compares with the scent of the tea.

I would love for her to try their Dong Ding someday, because she seems to be a roasted oolong kind of gal! She did like this one, though.

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drank Le Chat Noir by Leland Tea Co
1972 tasting notes

I had heard about it. I have read about it. I have seen some of your reviews when you were “under the influence.” But last night was the first time it actually happened to me.

I often feel very peaceful, happy, calm, contented, or otherwise positive when drinking tea. Jasmine and such make me relaxed. Tea with friends makes me happy. But last night I had my first tea drunk.

We had a lot of tea, sort of by accident. Someone came to Writers’ Group and stayed and then someone else came in, and I offered tea and…well, tea happened. We had jasmine green going for the young folks but the more seasoned ladies were in the kitchen with the aroma cup and a gong fu and that’s where it all began.

We started with Ginger Lily Oolong from Teaave. We went to Rishi Wuyi Oolong so they could see the difference between the two types. Then we had Bogart, to see how the flavorings in the black somewhat mimic the flavor of a roasted oolong.

Then this. And next thing I knew I was a little giggly and had a goofy smile on my face (I could feel it) and some things that sounded really hysterical in my brain but at the same time were not really sensible to say at the time were trying to get out of my mouth. Fortunately, I thought, “Wow, so this is what tea drunk feels like or else it is late and I am super sleepy and I am going to crash in a few minutes.”

And then it was over. I was still happy and having fun, but my brain was no longer going, “HEY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE REALLY FUNNY RIGHT NOW?”

What can I say? They loved the puerh, made MY WAY and not by the horrible instructions on the website that resulted in a cup of nunchucks. One TEASPOON per 8 ounces for me, please. And a short steep. Then you have a lovely, earthy, possibly high-inducing cup.

Maddy Barone

Sounds like you had a great time!


We were warned about this decades ago in health class. It begins with an innocent sounding tsp. Next thing you know you move on to the hard stuff – 1 tablespoon!


Oh, what fun I am having imagining this!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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