2048 Tasting Notes

Like the widow’s cruet of oil (for all you Sunday school go-ers) this tea never runs out. I am on my original bag. It calls for double the usual amount of leaf because of all the flower petals. It is dearly loved by the writers’ group folks who meet at my house, and we drink at least one and sometimes two or three large tetsubins of it. It is so floral and sweet. Honestly the color of the tea in the cup is not appealing. It looks a bit like dirty, slightly purple water. But the aroma and taste are lovely like the dry leaf.

I will probably have to repurchase when it does run out or there may be a well-written insurrection.


This sounds very intriguing. I like a well done fig tea sometimes and my mom loves them.

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I love love love Teavivre’s Jasmine teas. I have an order of Peach Jasmine on the way and arriving next week. I think I have tried every single one now.

This has been my go-to Jasmine tea with meals. It lacked the finesse I want for solitary drinking but was perfect with a meal and tasted just as good as my favorites from Teavivre when paired with food.

Last night I had a idea and had my daughter cut the steep time to two minutes in 174F water. She made two steps and combined them, it was fantastic with the meal as always, but afterward was much, much better this way when we were drinking it by itself.

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drank Summit Grey by Summit Tea Company
2048 tasting notes

I decided to try this again. My daughter was drinking this and she likes it. She said she liked how mild the bergamot is. It seemed to her more like a tea that was badly stored BESIDE an Earl Grey and absorbed some of the aroma, which made it just right for her.

My first sip was okay, but the aftertaste still offends me. The truth is that I don’t like Earl Grey teas that are made with a Ceylon base. In fact, I really only like the ones with a Chinese base, preferably Keemun. The lemony sharp taste of the Ceylon is just too much with sour bergamot, though I like the two elements separately well enough.

If you love Earl Grey “the stronger the better”, then this tea isn’t for you. The former Nina’s Earl that had a Keemun base is still my favorite Earl, with Harney and Son’s Earl Grey Supreme running close behind.

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I love White Christmas and Cherry Almond by Stash, so I expected to like this one a lot. Sadly, it fell far short of our expectations. It was just okay at first but then it began to get bitter. I poured the last two cups out and they were full of sediment. I had used a Beehouse pot with mesh infuser. Perhaps the bitterness will be solved by using the super fine infuser in the Curve ForLife teapot, but that won’t fix the meh factor. Thumbs down for me.


This is why we do not drink teas that aren’t White Christmas.

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drank Asian Pear by Tin Roof Teas
2048 tasting notes

This needs to be the next sipdown. Three years old is getting up there for a flavored green, but it was still pretty good today. It was the last tea of tea party and even my friend who prefers black tea liked it a lot. I consider pears to have a light flavor, and this tea does, too. They didn’t try to pump it up and make it artificial.

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Another sample sipdown! Ah, this is such a good tea. First it smells malty and then BOOM the fruity aroma hits you. Fujian, but no cocoa or chocolate to this one. It is a great tasting black tea, no milk or sugar needed.


Gyokuro black, wow! Interesting! I’m a huge fan of gyokuro green…I’ll have to try this one! Thanks!

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Sample sip down, but since I never add samples or small sizes to my cupboard it doesn’t help my numbers. Sigh. Plus I really liked this and the company is no longer in business. ah well, it is all helping the decluttering!

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Did everyone get the email from Frank at Southern Boy Teas? He said he tried making iced tea super fast by boiling some water and slowly pouring it over tea leaves (he used a flavored white) but not letting them sit in the hot water. No steeping! Just the pour over.

I put some sugar in the bottom of a half gallon jar. I boiled about three cups of water and set my ForLife infused basket on the jar. I thought this tea might work well since it is made up of smaller pieces and steeps quickly, becoming bitter easily.

Wowie zowie! It worked! As always, I put it in the fridge to mellow because flavored iced tea always tastes better to me after it sits a while, preferably a day or two in the fridge.

I will most definitely be doing this again. But that reviews only the method, not the tea.

The tea is great hot or iced, very fruity and good even without sugar. But you do have to keep a short steep or it just doesn’t taste good to me.


I read his e-mail too. Good to know the pour over method works! I know they do it for coffee too. I never thought to do it with tea.

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Another sipdown! I guess I should log this elsewhere as a mashup but the teas are from two different companies so here it stays.

We had very little of this left and my daughter was helping me polish off some older teas. There wasn’t enough for a whole pot so she added a couple of teaspoons of Lapsang Souchong by Dammann Freres. How could that ever go wrong. I walked by the pot and the scent teased my nostrils and I growled uncontrollably. Good golly, that was some good tea. And here I thought I wasn’t going to have any Lapsang until cool weather comes back…

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drank Zen Tea Mug by Tea Avenue
2048 tasting notes

I took advantage of the free shipping offer from Tea Ave to get some of the things I have been looking at for a long time. Why didn’t I order until now? Their tea is fantastic, but with way too much tea in the house I balked at the shipping charges, which are fair, but still steep. Even with the gift card for $15 I would have to order $90 CND to get free shipping and I just couldn’t.

But I am oh so glad I ordered and I can almost guarantee I will be placing another order before the free shipping offer ends.

First, I am astounded at how fast this got here. I think I ordered very late Monday night, my email says it shipped Tuesday, tracking said it would be here Thursday, but instead it got here a day early – Wednesday around 4 pm. Wow.

I got the Ocean color cups and I want more of them. The thickness is great – not clunky but not fragile. I can feel the warmth of my tea without burning my hands. They even nested well enough as I carried everything into the den. The shape is classic and the rolled lip gives it a little panache. I bought the teapot as well but haven’t used it yet. I will review it once I have used it. I think it will pour well.

I love the airy happiness of this shade of blue and I believe it is going to go beautifully with my Lady Carlyle china. Funny but when I was choosing the color my husband and my daughter both said they like the gray and my son’s girlfriend preferred the yellow! Something for every taste I guess!

Bottom line – These cups are adorable, handy, useful, and I want more!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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