1943 Tasting Notes

drank Je t'Aime by Nina's Paris
1943 tasting notes

So I am finally drinking the last sample from Nina’s, the one that I opened and Samwise started dancing around me looking for the caramel cake. And I am caught off guard at first by the aroma. This isn’t the Vanilla Comoro-esque tea that I thought it would be. The smell of the base scares me at first. This is going to be too strong for me! And this is with a scant four minute steep at just under the boil.

But the sip is different, it isn’t as candy sweet as the smell made me think it would be. Instead, I find it to be a great first cup of the morning that is strong enough you know are having tea, but has a nice caress from the vanilla. This is a grown up vanilla tea, for people in power suits or ladies who lunch.

I made two steeps since the others have done well, and I drank a bit of steep one plain, then added steep two to what remained in the pot. I asked hubby to join me for tea since he likes vanilla. He always adds milk and sugar to his black tea and this was no exception. Since he said he liked it, I take it that it handles additions well.

I have a fussy tummy that doesn’t take to certain black teas well, especially since I drink almost everything with no additions. This one is not bothering me at all.

This is the serious, tall, dark and handsome guy, not the playful guy I thought it was going to be.
Sometimes that is the guy you want! I really like this, and would compare it more to Vanille des Iles than the Harney vanilla selections. This is going on my gift list for a friend who loves this kind of tea.

Thank you again, Nina’s, for the samples. They were all excellent and tasty teas!


Ha! I just added a note for this too. I really liked it.


I think we must have been typing at the same time. One of my friends would LOVE this tea. And the tins are so beautiful I think it makes a great gift.


That sounds pretty good! I’m always on the look out for a good black vanilla tea that actually tastes like vanilla and not like artificial ick. It’s going on my list of teas to try!

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drank The des Anges by Nina's Paris
1943 tasting notes

This has a wonderful strawberry aroma! I found this to be a more bracing tea than Grand Amour, perhaps making it a better choice for breakfast for those who use tea as their wake up. (I don’t, tea is my after breakfast treat!) The base is a bit stronger on this one, more in sensation than taste, but the strawberry shines right on through!

I love that these are great resteepers! I am on the second steep now and I must confess I like it even better than the first. The tea is mellowed now, the strawberry softer. If you love Marco Polo, you really should try this.

As I sit here, I can not help but to exhale slowly through my nose while holding my jaw loosely so that warm strawberry taste gently fills my head, even after the sip. I think if I had a lot of this, I would make half as much tea as I really wanted, resteep immediately, and pour the first and second steeps together. That also cuts the price of your tea in half, and would put this at the perfect strength for me.

Thank you, Nina’s Tea, for these samples! They are amazing and I am so impressed with the quality of your flavored tea. The packaging is so beautiful…whenever I want an elegant gift for someone, I know where to shop!

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drank KaiMatcha Premium by KaiMatcha
1943 tasting notes

I don’t log this every time I drink it, but I thought it was worthy of a note tonight because to my great dismay I saw the bottom of the tin tonight. I have about enough matcha left for two more lattes. I hope they have a sale or something soon!

Terri HarpLady

It is tasty!

Donna A

Do you just prepare this as a hot tea, or some other way?

Donna A

Oh, sorry, I just noticed you have posted other notes with details. Your notes and the positive reviews of others really make me want to try this!


Donna A : I use their own recipe for iced matcha latte. I sift one teaspoon into a tall glass, add cold water and whoosh with my aerolatte, add four teaspoons honey and whoosh again, then add milk and crushed ice. It is addicting. The first sips I took, I thought “Why am I drinking this?” Then I just couldn’t get enough. Now I wish I could have three a day, LOL! But I guess I shouldn’t have all that caffeine and all those honey calories. Moderation in all things….sigh. Sometimes I count down all day to when I will allow myself to have one.


Donna: I signed up to try the Red Leaf contenders for plain matcha, plus today I ordered matcha from Olive Nation. I want to see how they compare to KaiMatcha Premium.
I also ordered two tins from Nuvola, because the sample they sent to me was sooo good. In fact, one friend of mine preferred the Nuvola Taiwan Green Tea Powder, as they call their matcha! I am excited to try the one from Olive Nation. They have amazing prices and fantastic service. I ordered today, they shipped today! It is a real contender price wise, if it tastes as good!

Donna A

I just received the Red Leaf contenders. Thanks for the tips on the KaiMatcha. And I will be interested to see what you think of your other matchas from Nuvola and Olive Nation.

Terri HarpLady

Donna, I just whisk mine in hot water until its frothy, & I love it!
Ashmanra, I’ll be looking forward to hearing your reviews on the other brands!


Donna: SQUEEE! Maybe mine will arrive today!

Terri: I have tried the Kai Premium and the Nuvola as you describe, and they were indeed both nice and buttery-veggie tasting that way!

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drank Grand Amour by Nina's Paris
1943 tasting notes

I was preparing a big Valentine’s dinner for my hubby when my eye fell on the basket of leaves from making this earlier. I don’t often resteep a flavored tea because they usually don’t retain enough of their original flavor to keep me interested. But I liked this one so well, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

It was a success! Yes, it is lighter in flavor than the first steep, but still had as much flavor as some teas give you on their first steep. It was wonderful! Lazey commented it was too strong, but maybe icing the first steep and drinking the second would work for you?

I have loved Fruits d’Alsace for iced tea in the past, but I think this one is going to be even better for a fruit flavored iced tea.


I have the same problem with most flavoured teas losing too much flavour on the second infusion, but my solution is to now sniff the leaves – if there’s no scent, I chuck em, but if there still is, then I do my second infusion in about half the water.

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drank Grand Amour by Nina's Paris
1943 tasting notes

Oh joy! Joy! Holy cow! This is not at all what I expected. Instead it is 18273658382 times better. (Tip of hat to JacquelineM there.)

Thank you, Nina’s Tea, for these lovely samples!

It was hard to choose my flavors for sampling from Nina’s Tea. There are so many and they look so good. A few French teas I have purchased have been unbelievably yummy, but a few required tweaking as the base could get bitter to me, like Dammann Freres Charlotte au Chocolat.

Honestly I made this tea because the Je T’aime smelled too good to drink yet. I wanted to save it for a really special time, not the middle of the homeschool day waiting for a student. It smelled so good the dog was dancing around my feet with his eyes wide because he thought I had a dessert hidden somewhere.

Now on to this one – the fruit aroma was absolutely arresting. It was so real, so fresh. So Garden of Eden pure. The fruit rides above, but is grounded and rounded by, the vanilla and caramel notes. I braced myself to sip, in case the base was one of the rough ones, but no! It is as smooth as silk, and you can taste the tea! Delightful, and delicious!

Just as exciting to me – this is a very close flavor profile to the tea my daughter bought in Budapest that we adored but have been unable to get again. Excellent, delicious, wonderful flavored tea, fit for a tea time with nobility. Even better, get it for yourself and sit down with a good book, some soft music, and a cup of this. You will feel like a benevolent Lady of the Manor.

Grand Amour, I love you. I would share you with the one I love, but I drank you all up.

Speaking of the one I love, a little old retiree lady called today to tell my hubby that she saw Safe Haven yesterday and that Josh Duhamel reminded her so much of him that she just had to call and talk to him!!!! I feel just a little bit jealous! LOL! (I confess, I think my hubby is gorgeous!)


Wow, I can’t wait to try my samples now. They are several teas down the list at the moment. I might have to move them. On the other hand, the ones above them sound amazing as well. Decisions. Decisions.


I love how different people like different teas. My reaction could not have been more different.

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I am so pleased! My hubby is a picky eater and it is hard to get him to try new things. He has started drinking green and oolong teas and that is a huge step forward, and he takes them plain which is so much better for him. I am hoping he will take a shine to the smoothies I have been making lately, so I gave this a try tonight.

One organic banana, four large strawberries, a big scoop of Greek yogurt, some honey, crushed ice, and a splash of milk. To this I added one teaspoon of Black Cherry Matcha. I did not sift it this time since it was in the blender, but I have found that when using the aerolatte it is best to sift. The good news is that he liked it and drank his whole smoothie. The last time I had him try one he said it wasn’t really his thing, he wasn’t a smoothie person, but that one didn’t have cherry matcha in it!


YAY! I’m glad he enjoyed this one

Donna A

How funny that I just had Black Cherry Matcha earlier today. I just made a latte with some soy milk, and found it to be delicious. This flavor is in my top 3 from Red Leaf, the other 2 being Caramel and Pumpkin Pie.


I love the caramel, especially served like hot cocoa, love the black cherry as cold matcha water or in smoothies, and my daughter drinks two pumpkin pie lattes a day! It is hard to keep her in matcha! LOL! I love the almond as well, and Bavarian Cream makes a divine latte, too.

Donna A

I haven’t tried the caramel hot. Only as a cold latte. Will have to try it. I think I ordered Bavarian Cream. I should try Almond, since I love almonds and most kinds of nuts.

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drank Weeping Angel Tea by 52teas
1943 tasting notes

I served this at tea party today and it got an unusual reception. My guest sniffed it – we always sniff and swirl and observe and such as part of the fun – but she was really excited by the fragrance. “Is that caramel? And something else!” Yes, caramel toffee popcorn. Well, she curled her fingers around her cup and held it like someone would hold a hot chocolate when they just came in from a snowball fight!

I am definitely going to have to serve this one again and again for tea party day! It is a lovely flavored tea that needs no additions and is a great treat, and very satisfying.


Did your guest blink while she was drinking :P


Ooh, I’ve been holding back on this one. Maybe I’ll snag some. A reaction like that definitely means something haha.

Terri HarpLady

This is one from 52 teas that I wanted to try. I mean, anything with Dr Who conotations is worthy, right?


About a year ago, my daughters and I talked about that episode so much that my guest bought it and watched it. It is the only Doctor Who she has ever seen!


Sometimes it’s not what you’re drinking, it’s just having something warm and soothing to clutch and swirl good-smelling steam in your face.

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This was my second Red Leaf Tea flavored matcha latte of the day! Earlier, I had a Butterscotch latte, but this evening after a too heavy supper I wanted another latte, and I wanted something especially light and refreshing. When I sifted the matcha into my glass, the loveliest lemony aroma filled the air. Even though I am whisking these with my aerolatte, I find that sifting makes a very noticeable difference.

I added about a cup of cold water and the honey, then whisked. Then I filled to nearly the top with skim milk and topped it up with a little crushed ice, because I like for these to be really cold! It was perfect, refreshing, and gone way too soon. I really shouldn’t have three in one day, should I?


It’s Fat Tuesday, go all out :)

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I made my afternoon matcha latte with this flavored matcha today! I like this one both hot and cold, but for cold lattes I like Bavarian Cream, and plain matcha most of all! With honey to sweeten, and crushed ice, of course!

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
1943 tasting notes

Thank you to Zen Tea for this sample!

I had a terrible night last night – obstinate, irritating, disappointing family stuff – so I am determined to drink tea until I feel better. I started the day with Queen Catherine, my usual bucker-upper. Poking through my samples to see what I could finish off, this one really appealed to me. I find vanilla to be a very comforting scent, full of “home” and peaceful. Paired with bergamot, which is bright and awakening, I hope this will help kick start me to a better attitude.

This one is so much about the aroma for me. It is so creamy and sweet smelling. Earl Grey lovers really should try this. The tea base is strong enough to be used for a wake up call, too.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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