1943 Tasting Notes

I did it. I finished it. After all this time hoarding it, I made the final pot today and it was soooo good even though it was old.

I served this first at tea party to go with our cake – a raspberry layer cake made from freshly ground wheat with homemade kefir yogurt in it, with lemon frosting and white chocolate chips and garnished with more raspberries. Oy, such deliciousness!

And the tea was amazing with it! What in the world am I going to replace it with? Here I am trying to reduce my cupboard and I am glad to get an older tea off the shelf, but I don’t want to give up my favorites!

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Encouraged by Sil’s comment on Maple Maple, I tried this one with maple syrup as sweetening this morning. I do not normally drink any black tea that requires sugar as I enjoy plain tea more, but some breakfast teas with Assam are a lot better to me with sugar. Hubby was home and i offered him some, too. He rarely drinks black tea since he only likes it with milk and sugar with few exceptions, but he liked this one with maple syrup a lot.

I like that Maple Maple tastes like maple and tastes sweet without any sugar, but since I can’t get more, this is a really nice, comforting replacement. I think Lapsang or Bohea will be even better than this one with maple syrup added. Thanks, Sil!


just don’t pull a variaTEA and add like a tablespoon lol. i don’t like adding things to my tea eiher..but i make an exception for smokey teas…

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drank Maple Maple by Fairmont
1943 tasting notes

The girls bought some tea from the hotel while staying in the Fairmont in Toronto, but I think these may have been complimentary tea bags in the room. We had them for breakfast this morning and I was quite surprised at how smooth and nice this is.

The flavoring is really excellent and has an enveloping comforting feel. It smells like maple candy and gives off such an impression of the sweetness of maple syrup that I don’t think I could possibly drink it with sugar. It was an amazing tea bag tea to have on this rainy, blustery morning. The base isn’t very strong but also isn’t watery, and it makes a nice enough carrier for the sweet maple that makes the house feel even cozier now that I am back from an early excursion in the rain and wind. We are dropping from a high of 63F today to a low of 27F tonight.

If I could buy a box of this reasonably priced here, I would, even though I don’t do tea bags normally. I am thinking it is time to experiment with putting maple syrup in some of my tea.




I really enjoyed this one! My note for it was one of the first times I used the site, so I didn’t leave a proper review for it, but I kind of wish I did now!


It communicated how you felt about the tea well! I read it! :)

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The girls are home from Canada! Youngest wasn’t ready to come home. She had so much fun and said that Canadians are so nice, she wanted to stay!

This is one of the teas I am allowed to have now, and since youngest is thirsty we made a big pot and had some goat cheese and crackers while she told me all about the trip.

Indian tea and I often don’t get along, but I steeped this for only three minutes and drank it plain. It was good! It was a little malty, a bit bready, with some astringency developing as it sat. It never became undrinkable, and was smoother than PG TIps and breakfast teas of that ilk.

Mine is loose leaf and doesn’t say organic, but I am guessing it is the same tea because it matches this listing in every other way. This one is a little hearty and I may even break out some milk and sugar and enjoy it as I drank tea in the “olden days” a few years ago!


So glad they had a great time..and left just in time to miss the snowstorm!

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I am waiting for time to pick up my daughters at the airport as they return home from Toronto where they attended the Toronto Tea Festival. Youngest says she doesn’t want to come home because Canadians are so nice! That is a really big deal seeing that she is always freezing cold here in the sunny South. What better way to pass the time than drinking tea until they get here with more tea!

My son was visiting this weekend, and last time I had a sample of this tea no one was home who drank pu but my youngest daughter and myself. We enjoyed it very much but I really wanted son and hubby to get to try it so I asked for a sample again with my last order. Now I am mad at myself for not ordering it while it was on sale.

I put the sachet in my Kamjove and steeped it over and over and over. The smell of this tea is just like when you are cooking rice and near the end of cooking time some of the rice water has come over the side and become very sticky, all down the side of the pot. This is THAT smell. It smelled so much like rice that my godson, who does not drink ANY tea but especially has not even considered drinking pu, was willing to try it, and even had a second cup.

Hubby liked it a lot and said his favorite steeps were the first ones because the pu was stronger than the rice flavor, and he felt that later steeps were more rice than puerh.

My son and I both also liked it a lot, and I know I will be ordering it eventually. I suspect he will as well.


I love this one!


I wish it came loose leaf!


Ditto on that.

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A neighbor gave me a tin of shou mei a long time ago. I liked it, but somehow it got pushed aside over and over as not being something I was really in the mood to drink. I enjoyed a number of flavored white teas, and over time this one became a bit of a burden. I wanted to finish it, it was too old to give away in good conscience, but I didn’t really want it.

I decided to flavor it to make it more like The White Wolf from Belloqc. I fully intended to add some spearmint leaves this morning but was multitasking and too rushed, so this is just shou mei that has been sitting sealed with some crushed star anise in it for a couple of weeks.

It did the trick! I will probably try it again with spearmint and maybe chunks of cinnamon added, but this was good and made a nice addition to our breakfast.

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This is one of the best teas carried by A Southern Season In my opinion. This as the first tea of tea party Wednesday. I always choose a nice black tea to start with if we are having a rich dessert, which we usually are.

Our dessert this time was Fudge Pie, the recipe from a local beloved restaurant that closed decades ago, and I made a raspberry sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream, also drizzled with raspberry sauce, to go with it. A single raspberry topped each serving. It was so rich that we needed a nice, plain black tea that had good body and flavor to stand up without standing out too much.

This was a very good tea with it, but I think that an even stronger one, like a Keemun, would have been better as the raspberry sauce was really flavorful.

On a side note, I have just been joined by the dog because my daughter’s hedgehog is keeping him up. He just started running on his wheel and he runs all.night.long.


Your tea parties sound glorious!


We have a lot of fun, and since my youngest daughter became obsessed with cooking I have gained four pounds and more visitors. LOL

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drank Black Currant by Harney & Sons
1943 tasting notes

I have never ordered this tea but I have received samples of it several times over the years. The first time I tried it was also my first time tasting black currant so I couldn’t know if it was a true flavor. It just isn’t common in the USA and what we do have most of the time is actually Zante grapes rather than black currant. They were banned here over a hundred years ago because of a disease that spreads to certain pines and was a threat to the lumber industry.

Then I went to Ireland and saw – and tasted – lots of black currant everything and really loved it, so I wanted to revisit this tea. I had two bags that had come as samples and I made them in my smaller Stump teapot.

I believe I have read that this was one of the first flavored teas sold by Harney and Sons. It is good, easy to drink plain as it is smooth and sweet enough, and the flavoring is pleasant. I suspect it would make an awesome sweet iced tea. I believe I prefer Tower of London or Paris if I am going to drink a flavored tea, though. Still very nice, and great for people who are really crazy about black currant flavor.


Mmm, I wish there were more black currant things here in Canada. So delicious.

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
1943 tasting notes

I bought several packets of this blend and it never fails to draw a strong reaction when served. It really does have a natural sweetness with no sugar added and a strong resemblance to cream soda and root beer. It has so much body!

Because it is so rich and flavorful, it was served as the last tea of tea party yesterday so as not to compete with the flavors of our dessert.

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My daughters have landed in Toronto and will be attending the Tea Festival on Saturday. Youngest and I were drinking this before they left and I am still drinking it tonight, and it seems so strange to me that they are so quickly so far away!

This is the last of my sample, and it has been a real trial knowing that my tea is in town but didn’t get here in time for today’s mail truck, so I will be out of this tea for twelve hours. TWELVE HOURS. First world problems, lol!

This has an amazingly sweet edge that woos everyone who tries it. I teach voice to four quadruplet siblings, two at a time. They just started this week. Two of them tried this tea today and they have never had any “exotic” teas before. They liked it, and are eager to try more teas.

I will be glad to see the postman tomorrow!


So jealous of your daughters! I hope they have a great time!


Niiiice! I hope they enjoy it.


Kittenna; Cavocorax and myself will be there first thing in the morning. I also think Indigobloom will be working the festival and we’re trying to convince Variatea to come too!


I hope you all run into each other! Anna (Superanna on here) is about 5’2", skinny, with long blonde hair, and looks about 15. Her little sister is 5’7", long brown hair, and sooooper skinny. I will tell them to look for a crowd of tea fanatics who look like they might be looking for them! LOL They have instructions to look for interesting little cups, good Da Hong Pao, and good puerh! :)


I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon with some friends. Just wish I had a funny hat or scarf or something to wear so that some on here could recognize me!


Scribbles may also be at the TTF.


i am more than happy to walk around with a giant sign over my head that says “if this sign makes sense then it is i you are looking for…” or maybe just carry around a rubber chicken… or… man the possibilities are endless because I am happy to make a fool of myself!


Youngest would totally love the chicken or the sign.mmshe enjoys being…unpredictable…in public. LOL! They will be wearing matching Abercrombie coats, one gray and one black coat, and they will keep an eye out for you. They will be there Saturday!


By the way, the one who looks 15 is 26, youngest is 17 but they will look about the same age. Youngest may look older of the two to you! And eldest has a wee high voice. What were the bulk bin cookies you guys were talking about not long ago? I thought someone said Van Doorts or something but I can’t find any info on them.


bulk bin cookies? lol wasnt me!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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