2208 Tasting Notes

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Dang, this is good!

I had my leftovers from the Asian buffet today and made a pot just for little old me. I usually steep this twice and combine the steeps in a large pot. I also usually start eating before I taste it. Today I steeped only once and even forgot to set the timer so I have no idea how long it steeped. I was afraid it would be bitter, but it isn’t at all!

I sipped it while I waited for my lunch to heat and oh man, it was amazing! It tasted like the freshest peas and green beans! Then the nutty flavor rises high in the palate and there is sweetness at the beginning and after the sip.

Also, this is ridiculously good with candy corn.


What isn’t good with candy corn?

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All I can say is, wooooooooooooooow! I really enjoyed this tonight. We went to the Asian buffet and got take out. I had made two steeps of this before we left the house and poured it in my tetsubin and put it over the warmer. Hubby and I drank it with our food and it was really good. Then when the food was all gone, I poured some more and had my dessert of three mellocreme pumpkins. (Like candy corn, for the uninitiated.) It was fantastic. I have heard that it is traditional to celebrate special events in Asia with super sweet desserts and tea, and it must say my mouth was celebrating this tea tonight!

This was sweet, smooth, fresh, green, and lightly nutty. It had just enough oomph to go with a meal, and not enough astringency to be bitter.

Thank you, Teavivre, for the delicious sample!


Do you find that green teas keep you awake at night?


It is so hard to say. A few days ago I drank tulsi before bed because I had hurt my back and wanted to relax all over. It is a herbal and caffeine free, of course. I also had taken ibuprofen AND Tylenol. I couldn’t sleep! And it wasn’t from pain, I just couldn’t sleep, and I would have thought the tulsi would send me off to dreamland. Then sometimes I can drink tons of caffeinated tea at night and not be bothered. My daughter gets super sleepy if she drinks black tea in the afternoon and isn’t moving about.

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drank Golden Monkey by Harney & Sons
2208 tasting notes

Golden Monkey and I go way back. When I first started drinking hot tea instead of sweet Southern style iced tea, I took it with milk and sugar.

One day I posted on Harney and Sons Facebook wall about a tea of theirs I liked, and a man recommended that I try GM. I was in my tea ordering frenzy at the time and bought some right away. He had said it was very sweet and wonderful, so my friend and I sat down with great expectations as we tasted it.

I added sugar but no milk and said “BLECH!” It wasn’t good! We decided it must need honey instead of sugar and again, not good. Finally we tried it plain and heaven opened and angels began to sing. NATURALLY sweet! And so full of flavor that I would have missed if I buried it under sugar.

I am not a huge snob who looks down on people who add sugar to their tea, but most good tea tastes best without it to me. There are a few to which I will always add sugar and many I will NEVER add sugar.

Anyway, one of our Writers’ Group members always arrives early because she rides the bus. I don’t know why, but last night it occurred to me that perhaps she doesn’t have time to eat since she has to leave early to catch the bus. I offered her some dinner and she happily accepted. It was just vegetable soup and a peanut butter sandwich, but she wanted tea to go with it. I felt that it needed a black tea to go with it well, but I knew she preferred greens and doesn’t generally add sugar. I chose GM because of its very special flavors, its ability to stand with a meal, and its general smoothness.

I am happy to say that she and (later when they arrived) the whole group really liked it. We drink oolongs mostly, and a few greens, so it was a nice change to have some smooth and sweet black tea.

Our group, by the way, consists of four adults over 45, three young adults age 20-28, and four or five teens around 15-16 years old. We are trying to come up with a name for ourselves that includes tea, so suggest away!


How about “The Cupa Teaeers”

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Last night was Writers’ Group night at my house. Everyone has come to expect unlimited tea! We are trying to come up with a good name for our group and want to incorporate a reference to tea, so if anyone has ideas, let me know!

We had Golden Monkey from Harney and Sons first and everyone liked it but I have found that these folks really prefer oolongs and greens.

From one delicious smelling packet of leaves, we made about 100 ounces of this tea. If it hadn’t been so late when we started drinking it I would have had to open another packet, and we even had one member missing last night. Seriously, I inhaled the aroma of those dry leaves deeply into my lungs over and over, it was sooo good.

This was definitely their favorite. When the first person sipped it, she held out her cup almost reverentially and breathed, “Oh, THIS is GOOD!”

The color was quite pale, paler than many greens, and the flavor was silky, milky, buttery, and super smooth.

Thank you, Teavivre, for this exquisite sample!


Oooh writers group! You’re such a good host, providing tea :)
If it was me, I’d go with something like the “Seven Cuppers” in reference to the poem. but then I have a slight obsession with that one so am a little biased lol


That’s a great one! I actually read some Li Bai and a poem I wrote in honor of him about a year ago in our group, so something along that line may be the way to go!


oh neat, that’s awesome!
Wikipedia said it was written by Lu Tong. Didn’t know there were two names for him.


Oh, I don’t think it is the same person! I just meant that we have explored a little Chinese poetry! :)


Wow, i think you all had a enjoyable night, talked about literature and sipped tea, a wonderful party. I’m also surprised that you have wrote a poem about Li Bai, you are awesome.


I will dig it out from the reams of paper around here and type it up for you! I also wrote a set of poems each inspired by a different type of tea. :)


Haha, Li Bai always wrote poems inspired by wine, it seems that you wrote poems inspired by tea. That’s interesting.


So true, Li Bai led quite an interesting life! Tea inspires me more than wine, but then, I do not spend my time lazing around the Imperial Court!

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This is the “special blend” batch again. I have had the munchies a lot lately and decided to have this instead of snacking. I can’t believe what a bargain this was, and I am 90% sure it is the lower grade in the bag. The usual grade is better, sure, but for the price this is totally drinkable and enjoyable, I get almost double out of it because it is rich enough to make more than they say, and it was so inexpensive that I got three bags at once because the shipping the same. Now I have enough for 90 large lattes and I think I paid $20 with shipping. This was a seriously good deal. I have to work the election Tuesday and I plan to take this and a gallon of milk with me to share with everyone.

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My son and godson agreed to do a tea pickup at A Southern Season for me today. I got just two ounces of this for $3 to tide us over until out next Harney order as my youngest loves their Vanilla Black and Vanilla Comoro and we are out of both.

I guess I under leafed this. I steeped for four minutes at 203F and when I poured the tea it looked like a decaf resteep! I am drinking it plain and it is fine, not great, not bad. The tea is a little weak, the vanilla flavor is pretty good. I think with hotter water, longer steep, or more leaf, this could be very good. It isn’t Nina’s Je T’Aime by any stretch of the imagination, but should get us by until I place a big Harney order for my daughter.

I am most excited that Wild Forest Oolong was back in stock by the ounce! I will be having some later this weekend. The bad news is that it has gone up to $14.95 an ounce so I only got the one ounce.

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This was a sip down of an absolutely amazing tea. The aroma was powerful to the point of scary when I took the infuser basket out but the tea was perfection. Golden yellow liquor and rich, broth-y TQY flavor. I will miss this, but I plan to resteep the leaves a couple of times today to say good-bye.

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drank Candy Corn Black Tea by 52teas
2208 tasting notes

I had this twice yesterday – once with my daughter who loves candy corn but doesn’t like black tea and once for tea time.

Daughter liked it even though it was black tea. My tea time guest loved it and said it was soooo sweet. None of us added sugar as it really tastes best without it to me, but I don’t add sugar to my tea hardly ever unless it is iced.

The aroma is candy corn, the taste is smooth black tea with honey. I really like this one. I fear I am going to finish this pouch in record time.


I can’t wait to get my pack of this!!


Oh man I really want to try this one!

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drank HarSha by Harney & Sons
2208 tasting notes

Shame on me. This is a sample sip down and I see that I bought this sample three years ago. I can hardly believe it.

My opinion holds. This is exactly what it says. I had a waffle with maple syrup for breakfast and drank milk with it, but I swear I think the milk is ever so slightly off, and I just bought two nights ago. I followed breakfast with a pot of this tea.

The first cup was really great, cutting through all that sweetness. The tea seemed especially fruity and because I was still encumbered by the syrup and milk it was refreshing. As I drank more, it became a little astringent. I didn’t add any milk or sugar to it, and that is really how I should drink it since I am not a huge fan of Assam, Darjeeling, or astringency. I think cooling also made it a little more dry.

I recognize that it is a really good tea, just not the tea that I prefer. If you like a black tea to wake you up (which I don’t need as I am outside feeding the chickens before 7 am every day) and you like Indian blends, this would indeed be bliss for you.


three years ago…. maan

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about seven years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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