2022 Tasting Notes

The description of this tea says to let the tea seduce you. That is exactly what the aroma did yesterday in the shop. I intended to buy a white, a green, and a black and my eye fell on the name of this one. Intrigued, I asked for a sniff. The seduction worked and a pouch of it came home with me.

There were big chunks of candied fruit, I think kiwi though it also says raspberry. The dry aroma is powerful and I was even worried as to whether it was going to overcome the tea, but when steeped this is nicely scented, slightly fruity and sweet, and the white and green teas in the base still come through. A fun purchase that I will enjoy sharing with my bestie who is trying to get into white teas.

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When I bought the teabag version of Tulsi I knew I was going to keep an eye out for a loose version. It is going to be difficult to compare the two teas because when I made the tea bag one I also added some lavender flowers, and there is definitely nowhere close to as much tulsi in the bag as the loose leaf recommends, so it was considerably stronger.

I had braced myself the first time for an unpleasant medicinal taste since I had never had this herb and didn’t know it was tasty as well as helpful. It is quite good, though, and is a comforting drink that I think would pop to mind first if I wasn’t feeling well.

My back was hurting really badly last night, and though it didn’t stop (T3 vertebra problem) I definitely felt much more relaxed and peaceful after drinking this.

There is almost a minty or lemony high note. It tastes both lightly savory and sweet. I am reminded of some of the Republic of Tea “Get _______” line, so I suspect this may be in some of them.

Overall, tasty, helpful, and I am glad I bought it!

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drank Blueberry Green by Harney & Sons
2022 tasting notes

I ordered this because my Wednesday tea party friend loves, loves, LOVES blueberries. I was pretty excited about it, too, because I am a tea nerd and I think the tin is pretty. And it’s new.

I am not disappointed. To the contrary, I plan to start harassing Mike Harney to give this to us in loose leaf as soon as possible. This is brilliant. I swear it smells me candy or something very familiar that I can’t quite put my finger on, something like American Smarties?

The blueberry is almost grape candy flavor, maybe because of the lemongrass which is a delightful touch and brightens the tea without being harsh or tart. The vanilla is smooth and light.

Since this only comes in a thirty sachet tin right now, I was a little worried about how fast I will burn through these sachets. The ability to resteep was a big concern. I am happy to say that cup number two is every bit as enjoyable as the first one. Hooray! Michael? Russell? How about a fifty sachet bag and some loose leaf? You have a winner here!

Edited to add: Even when dry this sachet was absolutely stuffed to busting! I got three steeps!


you sold me if they ever do a loose leaf version!

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I love this tea, and I know it was the favorite of one of our group members who came to my house tonight. He specifically requested that I make a second pot of Anna’s Blend, the raspberry yogurt black tea, but when I went to make it I saw this pouch and thought they might really enjoy this tea as well, and seeing as how we had already burned through two pots, why not make extra? Good thing I did, because this turned out to be his favorite.

This is a green tea base that is not grassy or sour but very smooth, rather like Harney’s Tropical Green base, which I believe is an Indian green tea. The strawberry is a nice hint of fruit, but the vanilla is really what pushes this over the top. Nice, nice touch!

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drank Anna's No. 905 by Tin Roof Teas
2022 tasting notes

I can’t believe we finished this pouch of tea tonight. And I can’t believe that I immediately thought, “Oh no! I have to get to Raleigh to get some more!” I NEED to sip down a bunch of tea without buying replacements! But I will be getting this one, because it is one of the few flavored black teas hubby likes. This is his replacement for Marco Polo, as he finds this one smoother, less fussy, and tastier.

Tonight was Writers’ Group night at my house and as usual tea was requested. I was shocked to realize that only three of us were drinking tea, yet we finished four pots this evening!

This is a nice black tea base with a fruity raspberry scent and a distinct sharp tang that is referred to as yogurt but that reminds me of that wonderful fruit topping made of sour cream and a bit of sugar, like Jason’s Deli serves. (The actual recipe is sour cream, a touch of orange juice concentrate or a bit of orange juice, and brown sugar. Mix thoroughly, then use for dipping or topping strawberries, cantaloupe, etc.)

My friends and I take it plain, hubby likes it with a wee bit of sugar and some milk.

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This is one of my “if you could only have ten teas” cupboard staples. Heck, it is in the top five! This was the third tea of tea party and at the first sip I sighed, my shoulders relaxed, and too tight muscles began to melt.

I. Love. This. Tea.


Love Jasmine Dragon Pearls also. I just ordered a POUND of them from Ovation’s liquidation sale (Yikes!).


Jasmine Dragon Pearls is one of my favorites too… Definitely something I want to keep a stock of. :)


Mmmm, I agree, this one HAS to be in my cupboard!

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I have been intrigued by the Valentine’s Blend but have never purchased it. I bought Chocolate Mint, but mint and chocolate in tea have not appealed to me together thus far, thought it is nice enough. I also bought plain chocolate tea a long time ago but back then I was just giving up milk and sugar in my tea and didn’t really appreciate it yet.

Today I decided to try my hand at making something akin to what I think Valentines Blend must taste like. While I do not know what the original one tastes like, this one was excellent, and my guest loved it and asked for more! She said she hoped I wrote down the proportions I used, so I would say this was a success. I love keeping Rose Scented on hand to blend with other teas!

The aroma is almost exclusively chocolate in these proportions, but the rose is subtly there and adds such a delicious touch!


Valentines Blend is neither chocolatey enough nor rosey enough for me, so I would probably do a mix in the future! I just got more rose scented in the mail so I am good to go! :D


Great! I hope you find the magical parameters that are juuuust right for you!

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I served this as the first tea of tea party today. My guest loves trying new things, so whether it is a new tea or a new food, I try to keep things interesting. Today we were having “store bought” food but the teas were interesting!

She really loved this. It is sweet, smooth, and sweet potato-y. Definitely a good choice for a cupboard staple, and I am thinking this would be an awesome summertime iced tea.

Thank you, Nature’s Tea Leaf, for the generous sample! You have so many great teas.

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Tuesday is Ike day, the day we keep Ike the puppy for my friend. When my friend comes to pick up his dog we often tea. Until recently my friend had only had Lipton black tea, hot with with milk and sugar. He has enjoyed puerh, smooth black teas with no additions, and oolongs, so I tried this one out on him today.

A loaf of bread was just coming out of the oven, so we paired the tea with hot bread and butter.

I love the lingering aftertaste, like exotic flowers at the back of the swallow, blooming well after the sip and staying for quite a while. My friend liked the tea but said he couldn’t taste the floral note much, probably due to being a smoker. A big surprise to me – after he got home he texted that his blood pressure was 127/88. This is phenomenal for him, as he has spectacularly high blood pressure and is about to have kidney surgery in an effort to lower it since his meds are not controlling it well anymore.

I would have thought that ginseng would raise, rather than lower, blood pressure, but it didn’t have anything to do with the tea at all.

I love this one, and since my tin is half empty I plan to reorder on Friday!

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drank Original Tulsi by Organic India
2022 tasting notes

This is my first time trying tulsi of any kind. I kept reading the paeans GMathis wrote on its benefits, but I never thought to pick it up. Today, my daughter’s orthodontist appointment took me very close to our health food store. I used my few minutes to pick up a box of tulsi and some loose lavender flowers.

Husband and I each had a cup of this. I am so sleepy because I didn’t sleep but four hours last night and it has been a very stressful couple of days. I don’t know yet if this is reducing stress, but I can comment on the taste,

I don’t do a lot of herbals, and I do not like rooibos. Tis, however, is very nice and drinkable, even tasty. I made the mistake (or not) of making a cup of lavender tea at the same time and had just brushed my teeth, but the aroma of the two cups and the taste reminded of Yogi’s Bedtime tea, sans the super sweet licorice root. I don’t know if it was the tulsi or the lavender bringing it to mind, though.

I can say that if this is really good for me and also truly helps alleviate stress, it will be a pleasure to drink it, rather than an effort. This is tasty, and I hope to find sme loose leaf tulsi soon. I was surprised that there was none in the bulk bins.

Thank you, GMathis, for the recommendation of tulsi and buying lavender from the bulk bins! It is quite a savings over how I bought it before.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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