1943 Tasting Notes

drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
1943 tasting notes

I invited a friend over today for soup and goodies. He is fairly new to tea drinking, having only had Lipton with milk and sugar until a couple of months ago when I started serving tea when he came over.

Today I made my bracing, fortifying standby. All hail the Queen! He loved it and said he could drink this all day long. I had to make a second pot. Hubby even drank it without milk and sugar and that never happens with a black tea!

This is a smooth blend of Chinese teas, strong enough to withstand additions but sweet and smooth enough not to need them unless you just enjoy them. It is almost time to order another pound because I am getting low!

Hesper June

I just got this tea. I have wanted to try it for awhile and mainly because of your high regard for it.
How fun that your friend loved the tea, there is nothing more fun than turning on a friend to a tea:)


After Christmas, I’m going to order a ton of samples from Harney & Sons… must remember this one!


I ought to be more social with my tea drinking.


Wish I could find time to be more social with my tea drinking. That’s where y’all come in :)

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I bought this because I loved the way it looked! These leaves are twisted and soft and fluffy, but they have great staying power for resteeping. I have reviewed this a few times before so this time I will just say that I still mostly taste oats, specifically plain Cheerios. This is not a contemplative, meditative cup for me, but rather a tea I make either to go with Asian food or when I want green tea but I want a tea that will get me going and keep me going. For some reason, this tea makes me want to attack my to do list! That is exactly what I have GOT to do today!


Cheerio tea! Yum!


Oh, this is the one I said reminded me of old upholstery stuffing – definitely Cheerios!


(laughing and snorting milk through my nose)


Isn’t it funny sometimes how the ones with the most foreign sounding names often have the most familiar flavors?


The one that they call Camel’s Breath or Camel Spit or Camel whatever makes me laugh every time. Haven’t tried it, but would like to.

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drank Anniversary Blend by Harney & Sons
1943 tasting notes

I needed a firm foot to the butt tea today. We are cleaning and cooking and cooking and cleaning for Christmas soup night. I need to go shopping at two groceries to finish but I have to get the first soup on. The second one cooks faster so it can wait a little while.

Here is my firm foot! I made a whole pot and put it on my beautiful new vintage cast iron warmer that was given me yesterday by the puppy I keep on Tuesdays! I love it!

Here is something you almost never see in my tasting notes…this one gets milk and sugar, almost always. But when you drink this, you KNOW you have had a cup of tea.

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This was the final tea of tea party. By the time we get to our third tea, we have usually finished snacking or we are just nibbling the occasional cookie. It is unusual for us to have all black teas but this was an unusual tea day since we had soup and cake as well.

Since the final stands alone, I chose a flavored tea. I chose this one because A. It tastes great B. it is new and my guest had never had it and C. almond flavor reminds me of Christmas.

The aroma does not disappoint on this tea and the flavor does not let you down. We took it plain and enjoyed it but for those who like a dessert tea with milk and/or sugar, this would almost certainly be excellent that way. The tea base is prominent enough to hold up to additions. The aroma smells like Christmas to me, without smelling like a standard Christmas tea of cinnamon, clove, and orange.


I can see how almond would remind you of Christmas. The smell makes me think of Marzipan, a Christmas favorite.

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After having Loaded Baked Potato Soup, I served Italian Cream Cake. I didn’t make it! A friend sent it to me and it came from Sam’s club and was delicious! The frosting tastes a lot like the Bavarian Cream matcha from Red Leaf, but there is also coconut and that adds a lot to this cake.

It is extremely rich, however, too rich for me unless I scrape off a lot of the frosting. I felt that it required a black tea with a lot of presence to pair with it.

I love this tea! I don’t know how to describe it accurately because there is an unusual texture or something that I only know how to describe as…cocoa powdery, and I don’t mean just the flavor of cocoa powder but even a dryness at the same time it was wet. It is not, however, the dryness associated with astringency. I do not find this tea to be astringent at all!

When I drink it, it FEELS dark and rich. Imagine if you put a tiny bit of cocoa powder on your tongue, unsweetened, and it wasn’t bitter at all. It is not a heavy bodied tea, but rather it seems to hang on to my tongue for a moment before I swallow. This is what made me feel it would go well with that rich cake. Again, it needs no milk or sugar, which was critical since this cake is so rich and sweet.

I think it paired very nicely, but it is also wonderful on its own and is great for gong fu sessions, too.

Hesper June

Oh! Baked Potato Soup and Italian Cream Cake! Yummy!


Mail me your leftovers :)


Why is it, I’m allergic to healthy things like potato and beans but not cake?! OK gimmie the cake!


I can imagine how something dark and rich could nicely offset an overly sweet cake. Sounds good.

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This has become a “go to” black tea for me. Whether I am pairing it with food or just want something that I think anyone will like, even non-tea drinkers, it is a safe bet. It is sweet and honeyed and smooth, so it really needs no additions.

This was the first tea of tea party. I am going to ask for your input today about how I sometimes serve tea and choose the pairings. If anyone has any helpful tips or advice, I welcome it.

Since this was the “tea party before Christmas” and our gift exchange day, I served loaded baked potato soup. We seldom do “real” food. I chose this tea to go with it because I felt it had enough presence to still be enjoyed but no flavors that would compete with or overshadow the food.

I thought it went with the soup very well. I knew I had to step up the strength of the next black tea served so it could compete with dessert so this was a great starting place.


I make a soup every Sunday, but we tend to stick with what we know – combos of veggies and maybe some chicken or pork. What is loaded baked potato soup? I’d love to give it a shot!


It is a potato soup with onions if you wish but they are not critical, and you top it with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon. Some people also put sour cream. Here is the revile I used, but I only put half the cream cheese and it was still great. http://pearls-handcuffs-happyhour.blogspot.com/2011/03/outback-aint-got-nothin-on-me.html?m=1


Appreciated! 0

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drank Blossom Earl Grey by Twinings
1943 tasting notes

This afternoon we sliced a fresh pound cake and put Christmas music on. This week is going to be a bit busy.

Foster puppy has a vet appointment, daughter has an orthodontist appointment, writers’ group is meeting here Thursday night and I want to try to have goodies, my brother is coming to town for a funeral, and I have tea time tomorrow and a couple of students coming Thursday. Friday is our annual soup night with our best friends and I am cooking tons for that, and my son is coming home for ten days. Whew!

So special tea time with my kids? Yes, please! I had this one, and it was wonderful with my cake. This has plenty of bergamot without heading into bathroom cleaner territory like some strong Earls do, and the orange blossom aspect makes it even more delicate and dignified. Delicious.

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At one time, all I could get hubby to drink with me was black tea, and only a few of those. He added lots of sugar and milk. Less than a year ago he started drinking – and enjoying – lots of greens and oolongs and even some white and puerh. These teas he takes plain and has no desire to add anything. But even now, if I make a black tea he looks at it with distrust and wants to know what it is. Once he knows it is a kind he likes, in goes the sugar and milk.

Tonight I made a recipe from Pinterest because we are having Christmas soup night Friday and I wanted something “manly” to fill up those guy appetites. The test run for the sandwiches was today, and they were really good. Hubby devoured a number of them, and he was so pleased that I made this tea to go with them.

He loves a good Ceylon and said he seems to prefer the ones from A Southern Season. Fortunately, I have a healthy stock of three different Ceylons that they sell.

The best way I know to describe this tea and is that you take one sniff and say, “Ah! TEA!” This is not one of the super lemony or lightly astringent Ceylons. It is rich and full bodied and SMOOTH. I love it plain – it didn’t need a thing for me – but hubby drank cup after cup with milk and sugar, so if that is your bent, it can certainly handle it!

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This was a gift from K S – a Christmas surprise in the mail! I waited to try this one until I was drinking tea alone because A. I wanted to pay attention to it, and B. everyone is picky about their black tea, though hubby likes oolongs and such.

The trouble was that I was having brain freezes all morning. I was too lazy to look up the instructions and somehow had it in my head that Purple tea is black tea. But something was telling me not to treat it like black tea. I still set the kettle for 194F which is way higher than they recommend.

The liquor is pale for a black tea, because remember I wasn’t registering yet that it isn’t black tea. I poured it up and set it by my breakfast plate. Thanks to Ysaurella telling me about Bonne Maman preserves, I grabbed some when I saw them in the grocery last night and had the most delicious raspberry preserves on toast this morning, with a glass of milk. The tea is for afters. :)

When my meal was gone I picked up the cup. I didn’t what to expect with the liquor being an odd color and me having made it “flying blind” as to proper instructions. But I can say this…IT WAS DELICIOUS! The high temp didn’t hurt it somehow, the lackadaisical steep time (hmm, looks like it stopped getting darker I think I will pour this up) didn’t make it bitter, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable cup.

My headache is clearing, I am waking up, and it is going to be a good day!


I guess that explains why I thought it tasted like a green. I don’t think I looked it up either.

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Last week I had my best friend over for tea. She told me she had never tried my matcha so I made Butterscotch matcha lattes for us. She loved it so much she asked me to place an order for her from Red Leaf, which I was happy to do since I am getting my daughter some matcha for Christmas, and I had a flavor or two that I wanted to try as well. I have almond and cheesecake matcha coming soon!

Today she came again to try some new flavors so she can start picking her next matcha order. This time we tried French Vanilla. I ordered it in Robust flavor level, the large size, of course! You can find it here:


I mixed a little bit of Turbinado sugar in mix and used my immersion blender to froth the warm milk and matcha mixture. It was delicious! She really loved it, and was especially fond of the aroma of this one.

Later I had a nice surprise. I had made three servings in case hubby wanted some as well, but he didn’t come home until late. The remaining serving was sitting on the counter and by now was cold. I poured it in my mug anyway and drank it. Wow! I liked it just as well cold! That was unexpected, because I really thought a dessert type flavor would be best hot.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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