1878 Tasting Notes

drank Irish Breakfast by Harney & Sons
1878 tasting notes

I have a dear friend who loves rainy and cloudy days. She finds them romantic. I always think of her when it is cloudy, which is the only good thing I can find about repeated cloudy days.

The sun is like a drug for me. When we lived in a duplex, I kept my nose pressed against the glass of the window looking outside. An older man down the street saved my sanity by telling me that I was welcome to come and wheel the baby around his lake anytime I wanted.

On the first warm days of spring I bare my arms and look toward the sun with closed eyes and feel my brain start pumping out all kinds of feel good chemicals.

So four days straight of heavy cloud cover is not sitting well. Plus, these are our first really truly chilly days.

IRISH BREAKFAST TO THE RESCUE! A whole pot to myself, taken with milk and sugar, to fortify me until the sun returns! You know, a pot of tea really does make the day more romantic. Now if I could just settle in with a good book instead of having to teach geometry to my little geometry-atheist…

Oh, she just refuted my last statement, saying that she isn’t a geometry atheist as she knows all too well that it exists. So, would she be called an anageometer? An anti-geometrist? Conscientious objector? I think she needs tea. Off to put kettle on….

Hesper June

Ha! I am with your friend.
I need the rain, and mist and fog.
(and on a more serious note, my breathing issues actually disappear when there is more humidity in there air)
Of course, I am currently living in a high desert where rain is very very infrequent.
Oh, well!


Would you like to trade places for a few days? LOL! (But only if you finish painting the kitchen while I am basking in your sun! Hehe)

Hesper June

Hey! I am weird and I love painting, so its a deal:)


mmmm i love rainy cloudy days.


I run on solar batteries. I think they are located somewhere in the back of my neck. Come February, I have to fake sunny skies by wearing obnoxiously-brightly-colored sweaters. (And of course, I live with two moles who run around with the lights off at night.)


Oh, I’m the same way with the sun. Just a couple cloudy days can ruin my outlook and sap my energy. I use a Verlilux full-spectrum lamp on my desk, and started taking a Vitamin D supplement last year. They help, but only slightly. The only thing that really works is sunshine! My DH (who loves the cold and winter) calls me his “solar powered wife.” LOL at least my cats understand.


Love the tea! Poor daughter. I’ve always had a math block. However, I always scored very high in logic and was the top student in my technical college. No idea why!?! I hated algebra and geometry! If someone had ever come up with a way to teach the whole bloody thing in a cooking context, I would have been open to it and brilliant!


I have always longed for a tiny glass room that would keep the wind off of me and allow me to start getting sun on my skin even earlier in the year. Good thing I live where I do…I really could not take a Northern winter!


She definitely has some kind of geometry block! She loved algebra and did well in it, and so far is making A’s and B’s on her tests, but the daily work is like pulling teeth.

Rebecca Lynn

Yeah, northern winters are kind of rough. I have one of those Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps that I turn on when I’m doing my homework in the evening…otherwise I’ll fall asleep at like 7 pm! I call it my happy lamp __


I have seriously considered a “happy lamp,” but the first ones I looked at were so pricey it kind of scared me off.


Do Ott lights count for that? If so, they go on half price sales at JoAnn’s often!

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drank Organic Blue Nettle by Butiki Teas
1878 tasting notes

I have been saving this tea that Bonnie sent to me because it is so cool looking that I couldn’t just drink it any old time. I wanted to wind down tonight after doing some more organizing, going grocery shopping, and working a bit at early voting. I am so intrigued by the shape and by the fact that this is a GREEN Ceylon!

There were three rods in the sample and the instructions said to use one or two. I decided to go with one this time and that way I will have two left for a stronger pot if I want it stronger or I can choose to make it with one again and have it twice more.

The package was labeled to steep it for one to two minutes but I see on here that most people are steeping it for three minutes. That almost made me decide to hold my review, but as I read the others I realized that I got pretty much the same impressions, so here goes!

I used my tiny glass pot so I could watch the rod unfurl. I did not fill the pot all the way since I only used one rod, but used only about four ounces of water at a time. The first steep was almost clear and very light in both color and flavor. This reminded me of a white tea, or perhaps Snow Dragon.
Little air bubbles escaped from the rod as it began very slowly to unfurl.

The second steep tasted creamy and very fresh, again the snow melt flavor is there but also light artichoke. Steeps three through six I combined in a pot and sat down with hubby to drink tea and eat Bissingers Chocolates. As my cup sat and cooled, it apparently grew some muscles because one sip went POW! There was a sudden burst of flavor, and immediately the tea went back to being its demure self.

Hubby drank several cups, refilling it himself with no prompting from me. This is becoming a regular thing, as he has grown accustomed to our green and oolong teas sans sugar and milk, and I am delighted!

Thank you, Bonnie, for another special tea treat! Next time I will try two rods for three minutes and see how it changes!


I acquired some dregs (broken pieces) of this tea and when I brew it up like regular tea it tastes almost like a black tea. It’s very good.

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My attempt to get off of omeprazole failed…for the time being. I have been on it for twelve years. When I started it, I had h. Pylori and was really suffering and I think a lot of it was caused by the stress of some of our closest friends divorcing. It was a really ugly divorce.

It took two attempts to get from 40mg to 20mg but I did it, years ago. Now I am having rebound reflux when I try to go off of it – at least, that is what I feel is happening. Since I was burning up, I went back on it but I bought some empty gel caps so I can make some reduced doses to get my body tapered off instead of trying to quit cold turkey. I was told you can not just cut the tabs in half because of a time release coating, but I think you can still buy the kind with the little pellets in a capsule and split those up.

Meanwhile, I have run out of omeprazole and am only a few hours late taking it, yet I have reflux and burning in my stomach.

Unbelievable I know, my family never really used ginger for ANYTHING when I was growing up. We didn’t even eat gingersnaps. I didn’t know until a few years ago how hot it is! I have occasionally grated a bit into black tea just for the flavor and I put 1/4 tsp. into any soup or chili that is spicy. So this is my first ginger tea, sent by the amazing JacquelineM!

On top of having a bit of reflux this morning and no time to go get more meds right now, I have been feeling a little nauseated lately. I suspect that is from something I ate or from dealing with hundreds of people face to face at early voting on the days I work.

So….the tea. I would not choose this based on taste, but it is definitely drinkable if you need the benefits. It is hot and spicy in the mouth, but doesn’t make my lips burn and I do believe it may be helping my tummy. As hot as the roof of my mouth is getting, my tummy is not burning. And this time I am drinking it plain. I suspect it may be better with honey.

Thank you, Jacqueline! This may have saved me today to make it through my short work day!


I hope, hope, hope it helps!


I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve heard before that ginger should be good for that particular area. Perhaps you can get ginger in some sort of other dietary supplement form to help you wean yourself off the medicine?


I have heard that ginger is good for motion sickness as well, but I can’t say that I’ve tried it for that. Hope you feel better soon


…in chili! Never thought about that but it certainly makes sense.


I think it did help! A lot! As I said, I had been slightly nauseated for a couple of days…not sure why but I am blaming a frozen dinner I ate after work! Once I drank the tea, the tummy ache and heartburn were gone, I went to work at early voting, and picked up a pizza on the way home! Tummy still happy! Thank you, thank you, Jacqueline!


GMathis: According to my mother’s recipe, the ginger is in there to prevent…um….well….the fluffies is what my mother called it! LOL!


Such elegant terminology!

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I made two steeps of this to go with lunch today. Hubby is either getting used to green tea and wants to drink for health reasons, or his tastes are changing and he is actually enjoying it. As he was working on the kitchen re-do he kept coming in the living room and getting more.

This is a delicious green that goes well with food but is also wonderful as a contemplative cup. Buttery, lightly brothy, fresh.


Yay for the SO drinking tea!! I’ve been in relationships where the guy wouldn’t even touch tea, so I know how it goes. Luckily my BF enjoys tea with me for the most part :)

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This is part of the free sample sent by Nature’s Tea Leaf for review.

I could hardly wait to have this tea with our Chinese buffet takeout again tonight! This is a really excellent green tea. I almost put three teaspoons in my Beehouse pot, but then remembered how beautifully it resteeps and put just one teaspoon in my eight ounce pot instead. Since it only needs a one minute steep it really isn’t any trouble and saves leaf so I can have more later! I steeped it five times! We were still throwing it back, and I did it all over again. So…I guess we must have had at least sixty ounces between the two of us tonight!

This will probably be my next tea order. Nature’s Tea Leaf has sent some really awesome samples and they have even more I want to try! Thank you, NTL!

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drank KaiMatcha Premium by KaiMatcha
1878 tasting notes

Last night was Writers’ Group meeting at my house! One of the men who comes is married to a Japanese woman. He has mentioned several times that she and her friends drink bitter tea and that he has tried it but just can’t drink it with her.

I showed him this matcha and he said, “Yep! Looks like it would be bitter!” So I went in the kitchen and whipped up a batch for everyone to try. He was so surprised when he tasted it and found no bitterness at all! Everyone seemed to like it, even though they are not hard core tea drinkers like us!

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drank Cassis & Blueberry by Lupicia
1878 tasting notes

I served this as the final tea party selection today. I wanted it to be separated from the taste of the black currant jam for a bit so the flavors wouldn’t compete with each other.

I loved the aroma of this, and I must confess that after drinking it before bedtime, I dreamt about it most of the night. I woke up with the flavor on my mind and fought with myself about serving it today because I was afraid the sweet black currant jam would take the shine off the tea. No worries, it didn’t hurt a bit. I just served this last, well after we had the jam, and it was really good. My guest seemed to enjoy it a lot. Next up, I want to try it iced and sweetened!


I just put this on my wish list tonight! Can’t wait to get some.

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I had this again at tea party today. We had made a loaf of homemade buttermilk bread from the flour we grind fresh for baking. I toasted several pieces and cut them small and we tested out some new fruit jams. I had purchased Black Currant jam just because I was unfamiliar with it and like the flavor in some of my teas. I had read that it is sort of the European equivalent to our grape-flavored everything! I also had a French Four Fruit jam for us to try.

The jams were delicious and the tea was perfect with it. It made a wonderful contrast with the sweetness and the smoke was mild and pleasant, almost dignified I might say!

Thank you to Hesper June for the sample!

Rebecca Lynn

You grind your own flour? Like, at home? Or do you work in a bakery? Whatever the case, that’s awesome and I am jealous.


We do! We buy different kinds of wheat and oats and grind it in a Nutrimill. We make bread, pizza dough, cookies, and pound cake mostly. It is whole wheat, yet tastes completely different from whole wheat bread from the store and is far more nutritious. There is none of the sour taste that comes from the oxidation of the vitamin E.


if your 4 fruits jam was a Bonne Maman jam, you are in possession of my daughter’s favourite jam :)

Hesper June

Mmmm, nothing like homemade bread right out of the oven!
Yes, fresh ground flour tastes so different than store bought, once you have had it and then you go back to store bought, the store bought almost taste rancid.


Ysaurella: Actually it is called St. Dalfour, but it is so good. It has chunks of cherries in it.
I will look for the brand you mentioned!


So right, Hesper June, there is nothing like it! My middle daughter used to have headaches and allergy problems. They vanished when we started grinding our own wheat. Kamut makes excellent waffles – the grain itself is yellow and buttery and makes yellow flour. Hard red makes cookies that taste like they have pecan meal in them, and hard white makes delicious breads and brownies. Soft white is what we use for our pound cakes.

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Tea party today was a revisiting of several teas that I have been drinking this week already. My guest started out loving black tea but not caring much for any other kinds. Over time she has grown to like many oolong and green teas, but black tea is still her favorite. That is why her reaction to this tea was especially significant today.

We had started with a Lapsang to cut the sweetness of what we were eating. I poured this as our second tea, she absentmindedly took a sip, then stopped talking and sipped more more in surprise. “This is very good!” she exclaimed.

Yep. That’s exactly what it is. The unfurling pearls put on a lovely show and the tea is fantastic, steep after steep. This is a keeper.


I just tried this today and I LOVE watching the pearls unfurl. This is one of those you have to brew in a clear vessel. They have some other neat teas that I’m tempted to try.


Yes, these have been so good! I definitely need to start looking at putting in an order with them.

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drank Blossom Earl Grey by Twinings
1878 tasting notes

Now, this is nice! I had this once before in a tea assortment sent from Ireland by my daughter’s boyfriend. I had forgotten how good it was! He came in person this time, asked for our daughter’s hand in marriage, and gave me lots of tea! LOL! To further seal the deal, he asked if we could play Scrabble, so it is almost as if hubby and I picked him ourselves.

A word about my feelings on Earl Grey – some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it strong, some like a hint. I like bergamot, I like Earl Grey, I loved the Earl Green that was sent to me by K S, but not every Earl is pleasant. Some taste like bathroom cleaner to me.

This one was a winner from the time the water hit the bag. The tea base is there, not swallowed up by the flavoring, the bergamot is there and doesn’t taste like chemicals, but the orange blossom is the crown on the head of this tea. It softens all edges, adds roundness and richness, a floral smoothness. The orange taste is clean and refreshing. Very nice! I wonder how it would tasted iced and sweetened?

Hesper June

Congrats on bringing such a fine Lad into the family!
He sounds like a keeper:)


Congratulations on the engagement! Sounds like a great guy :)




I know what you mean by some are harsh and I like the round tones with my Earls but still full bodied. (Sounds like the kind of man I’m looking for, smooth…strong…kind…)

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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