1813 Tasting Notes

Back logging: Youngest and I drank this most of the day. We made two pots. It is sweet and the smoke is pleasant enough, but it is not quite as good as Black Dragon from Upton. It lacks some of the sweet resin quality of Happy Lucky’s. But overall it is good and satisfies the need for Lapsang. We are trying to finish it before my Upton order gets here and it looks like we may succeed.

Tunes: Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men and
Helena Beat and Don’t Stop by Foster the People


I’ve never listened to Of Monsters and Men. They’re great! Thanks for the recommendation.

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I have several samples that I have saved for a time when I can pay them special attention. This is such a time, and such a sample, from the generous and venerable Bonnie!

I put my kettle on to boil and carried my eight ounce pot to the stove with the leaves in it. As I set it down, I caught a whiff of what I thought was peaches. I looked around. No peaches in the house right now. Hand lotion? No. Must be the ae leaves, but straight black tea that smells like a stone fruit? Verdant, you have some amazing and unique teas!

I gave it a quick rinse and then steeped for 25 seconds, keeping on the low end of their recommendations. The resulting brew is light in color for a black tea. The first sips are so milky. “Are we sure this isn’t a milk oolong?” I find myself thinking. A dark, baked milk oolong is how I would describe the first steep.

On the second steep, a metamorphosis is occurring. The liquor is now a little darker – I let it steep for 35 seconds this time. Okay, now I taste what I think of as light black tea with an unsweetened cocoa profile that is very light, but it is mixed with a slight milkiness and also quite a bit of green tea flavor. This is very hard to pin down as a black tea as it seems to behave so much like a oolong!

Third steep: What? Color remains a medium light brownish yellow, but the milkiness has increased, most notably on the front of the sip. The impression of a dark oolong has increased on the swallow, but the aftertaste is that of a well rounded green tea and a slight drying is taking place as an after effect, not unpleasantly.

The fourth steep was my favorite. It was even creamier and the unsweetened cocoa has given way to a soft, buttery vegetal flavor. At first I thought the slight drying effect was gone, but as I kept drinking it was still there, though very light. Steep number five: lighter, maybe a little dryer and the milkiness is lifting a bit now. There is more flavor here than I would have expected from a black tea resteeping so many times.

Thank you, Bonnie, for an enjoyable afternoon tea experience!

Tunes: Luc Baiwer/Symphony des Ages – Prelude for a Century, in Memoriam. Remembering the families, the innocent, the broken, the heroes. And praying.


It is good to remember, and special tea’s are wonderful for soothing and deepening the entry into the two sides of our memories of sorrow then hope. We have icons in our hearts and light candles there. Memory Eternal. 9/11 and all the others we remember.

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I got a package from Liberteas today! And it is full of tea goodness! I really shouldn’t be making more tea right now, but you know what happens when you get new tea….taste ALL the things!

I love Premium Silky Green by Bird Pick, so I was especially eager to try this one. I made it in my little handmade gaiwan that I bought at Tin Roof Teas. It isn’t an “easy gaiwan” officially but I think it is the same thing. It is sooooo much easier to use than my first gaiwan that burned my hands all the time. It is just decorating a shelf now!

Wowzer, these leaves swelled immensely! The first steep was golden and while it had a hint of the baked flavor it was really more fruity than anything. It is definitely smooth and not astringent. Second steep – still golden, maybe a tad lighter but I decreased the time since the leaves are fully expanded now. Really fruity and mild!

Thank you, Liberteas! I will keep steeping but I have to cook supper now!

Tune: Traffic/The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, cuz I thought we were going to drink Lapsang but made oolong at the last minute! Traffic is black tea music to me!


I am glad that you are enjoying the tea! I am the same way with my gaiwan. I use my “easy gaiwan” all the time – like daily, but, my first gaiwan that burned my fingers all the time, it sits and looks pretty on the shelf.

Daniel Scott

Oooh, I really wanted to buy a “real” gaiwan at some point, and not the “easy” one I have. Guess it must take real practice.

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drank Osmanthe D'Or by Dammann Freres
1813 tasting notes

Resteep of last night’s leaves: This oolong was made western style last night and I usually only make one resteep when I steep it that way. The first sips are slightly milky, something I hadn’t picked up on before. The liquor was a brilliant golden color this time. I think it was even brighter this time! The oolong is nice and the osmanthus is a little muted.

Tune: Lonely Boy by the Black Keys, celebrating being finished with geometry for the day even though youngest had an early dental appointment. Yay!


Oh you’re so kind as to also share your tune with us, I’m biased of course. It also doesn’t hurt that the Black Keys have made another appearance here.


Love that tune!


Yes, the prior mention is why we listened to it! I read the review to youngest and she said she had Black Keys on her iPad so she turned it up while we drank tea between subjects.

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drank Osmanthe D'Or by Dammann Freres
1813 tasting notes

Oh, this is really hitting the spot tonight. The aroma is so….oolong! Greener oolong, with the body of roasted somehow. The osmanthus adds a lovely sweet and floral taste, but it doesn’t cover up the beauty of this tea. I am drinking it in a china cup that is white inside, and the liquor is golden and clear, really lovely. This is an excellent tea for when you want to unwind. Absolutely spot on delicious. Those French know how to do tea. Le sigh.

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Finally at long last, IT FEELS LIKE FALL! That means I will really enjoy morning tea, and I don’t even have to sneak the thermostat way down. :)

I mixed this the opposite way today because I was feeling a little bruised on the inside – too much thinking does that, you know – and I wanted a black tea that would also be calming or meditative, and florals do that for me. So I went with two teaspoons of Rose Scented and one of Palm Court, but honestly, I think I prefer it the other way round!

The tea and a nice chat with a neighbor while the dogs played and the gentle breeze blew have made things a little lighter. The horrendous humidity is broken for now, and you can actually stand outside for more than ten minutes without needing a shower.


It does feel like fall! It’s a cool and crisp day with a chilly breeze but it’s still warm in the sun. No humidity! Perfect.

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drank Mocha Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1813 tasting notes

I swore to myself that I was not going to try matcha, at least not for a long time. I have too many teas already, I spend most of my personal budget on tea in spite of the fact that I have needed new shoes for forever, and I also know that I will want all the doodads and I have so much tea paraphernalia already that there is hardly room for anything else.

But Azzrian wrote all these amazing reviews, and talked about lattes and pushed me right over the edge! I have tried to justify my purchase – and the ones that I know are soon to follow – by saying that this is REALLY for my eldest daughter, not for me.

My daughter likes “foofy girly coffee drinks” as she calls them but has been drinking green tea for about nine months now for the health benefits. She also uses it to keep her awake on night shift. So the Mocha Matcha was the perfect first matcha to try!

I bought the small 30 gram size but I did not buy the tin this time because I knew I had one small tin that should be really good for it. Next time, I will get the tin because they recommend keeping this in the refrigerator or freezer for freshness, and I feel that their screw on lid is better suited to that than my regular tea tin. I chose robust for the flavor level because I really want her to feel like she is having one of her foofy coffee drinks! I do not have the doodads yet, so I used my powerful Bamix Immersion Blender to mix it, because if that doesn’t do it, nothing will! I can’t wait to buy the bamboo whisk and scoop and the whisk holder and a matcha bowl, though! To buy the matcha, look here:


Shipping was pretty fast! I ordered this on Sunday and it was a holiday weekend with no mail service Monday, yet I still received my tea Friday.

I am having this early in the day because I have been warned that matcha is…very invigorating, to say the least! I literally argued with myself all night because I wanted to go ahead and try it, but I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I wanted it SO BADLY! I even dreamed about tea last night!

I tried it hot and plain first, and had some chocolate milk standing by, icy cold, to pour it into after tasting it. My Bamix will froth plain skim milk with Nesquik added into a decent semblance of a milkshake because it whips in so much air that it feels thick, so I don’t have to add a lot of calories to this to get a great latte, plus these are things my daughter will have on hand when I get her hooked on…I mean, if she decides she wants to make these, too.

And the Bamix worked amazingly well! After just a couple of seconds pulse, the tea has a nice froth. I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know what to expect, but I sipped the plain matcha and…smooth! It wasn’t bitter, like I was afraid it might be! There were no lumps and it wasn’t sour or grassy.

The first sip plain tasted like chocolate first, then there was a coffee aftertaste, which is exactly how I feel when I have a sip of daughter’s foofy drinks. I added just an ounce or so to my chocolate milk and it tasted a little like a malted or something, so I poured in almost all of it and added ice. Now it tastes like I just went to Starbucks!

I already know what my next matcha will be. Hubby has a demanding job at times and needs energy, but he doesn’t drink coffee, shouldn’t have soda, and just grabs a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast on his way out the door. I can hardly wait to try the French Vanilla matcha with vanilla Instant Breakfast! I think hubby is going to love it! Next will be the Pumpkin Pie matcha, again for my daughter because she goes NUTS at this time of year buying everything pumpkin flavored and making pumpkin recipes, and she mourns for good pumpkin the rest of the year. I already saw a rave review for the pumpkin pie matcha, so I know she will love a Pumpkin Pie Latte, and she will be ale to make that herself all year long.

I am going to attempt just whisking some by hand later today. If I get good at it, maybe I won’t feel bad for buying a matcha set. And I can’t wait to see if this makes me get all the housework done!


My immersion blender broke last year :( I was so sad. But not as sad as I was when my food processor broke shortly after that. Both were cuisinart products. Guess what brand I’ll never buy again.


Years ago, it was supposed to be a premium product, or so I thought. Must have gone downhill!


@Ashmanra… I know! That’s why I was so excited to buy them. I thought, Oh… cuisinart… this has got to be good, top of the line! But they both broke down about a year and half after I purchased them. So, Cuisinart is definitely on my list of crappy products, won’t buy from them again. One brand that has definitely impressed me though, is LG. I wish they’d start making small appliances. :)


I really need to find a way to store mine in the fridge or freezer but our fridge is sort of small – our kitchen is designed in the oddest way – no room for a grown up size fridge. Don’t get me wrong – its full size but its just a basic fridge – not much room once you have all your food and such in there. I tend to buy far too many sauces, jellies, dips, spreads, etc and so on – which takes up most of the room haha. I should find a way to make this happen though.


I have the same problem. Our house is 53 years old. When we had to replace our fridge I picked out one and then realized I was having to look up at the butter tray. We called home and sure enough, nothing but the smallest most basic fridge they make would fit in the space. :(

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Dear Madame Potts mixed up some of my Personalitea without elderflower or stevia for me to try! So sweet! Thank you, Madame Potts!

I took a little extra effort that I don’t normally venture to do and took a picture of my tea and had youngest help me make it appear on here! LOL! Apparently you can’t do it from a mobile device, or if you can I haven’t figured out how! But it is so pretty, I wanted everyone to see it. If I were having a tea party, I would set this tea out in a pretty dish just Ike this for all the guests to see before steeping it. Pink rose petals, blue cornflowers, white flowers and coriander, all resting on that green base.

The good news is…it worked. I don’t know what was in the other tea that gave me heartburn, but this did not. I am thinking about trying the first one again to see if it happens consistently. I did like the flavor of the other tea, even the stevia. I like ginseng, I like licorice root though I don’t drink much with it because of blood pressure issues, and I liked the flavor of the tea that had stevia in it. Those are all flavors that some folks object to and group together but I like the flavor of all of them. The stevia just didn’t agree with me. And I see why it was in there, it really does add to the blend, but I guess I have to eschew stevia and if I want to sweeten this I will add honey, but I probably won’t sweeten it at all.

Thank you, Madame Potts, for going the extra mile! I may try to get my hands in some elderflower to see for sure if that or the stevia was the culprit!

Tune: Hall of Fame by The Script


so… if it was originally tea potion #9 and this is the revised tea potion… shouldn’t it be tea potion #10? :)


Lol! Good point! But in my hearts of hearts I call this Loooooove Potion No. 9, just like that! You have to draw out the word “love” and make it kind of musical! :)


How much does it cost to get one of these?


Michelle: I am thinking,it,was around $20, probably a shade under.


Just watch out for that cop down on 34th and vine!


Yay so happy she did that for you! She is making my PersonaliTea Blend as well I CAN’T WAIT!


Huzzah! What wonderful customer service with such a happy outcome — good picture too! ::happy dance::

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This is a gift from *SimplyJenW" especially for my youngest daughter, but I am sipping it, too! The base is so sweet, the smoke is light and does not accost the nose, yet still lingers so nicely. This is gently bracing, if that makes sense!

Youngest determined that Vanilla Black was strong enough for algebra but will not get her through geometry. We are out of Baker Street and my order to Teavivre has apparently been shanghai’ed because it STILL isn’t here.

Youngest says to say thank you and to tell all my steepster friends who sent her Lapsang tea that she would be dead right now were it not for them. As I have said before, she has a flair for the dramatic.

This one is her hands down favorite. She loved the Teavivre one when we tried it, but she says it has been so long that she doesn’t remember how it compares to this one. I find myself craving the smoky Lapsang flavor lately. I guess I will now forever associate it with sitting at the kitchen table doing geometry with my last homeschooled student. That will be a pleasant memory! We have a good time together!

She asked me twice if I had thanked SimplyJenW and I told her yes both times. She now insists that I tell Jen that she loves her. LOL! These kids have strong feelings about their tea, especially during school work. I hope they can drink tea in whatever jobs they get after college!


Love it! :D

Jim Marks

Your order from China has been Shanghai’d. Ha ha ha hah ah…


Heehee! Thank you, Jim, thank you! I try! :)


This is definitely a good one!

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First, it was a great pleasure to see K S on Facebook this morning! Are we Facebook friends? Nope. But Teavivre posted a link to his review of a puerh tea they sent him to try!

Second, tunes&tea, I was planning to start posting what I was listening to now and then and I forgot! So I was listening to The Wind and the Wheat by Phil Keaggy but now I don’t remember what tea I was drinking, but I know I had popcorn so does that count? LOL!

This morning, I am enjoying a nice cuppa, and this is a really authentic cuppa. Daughter’s BF sent a box from Ireland. He was desperately trying to find loose leaf tea and it is sad that it is a hard thing to find in a place that we think of so strongly connected with tea! He said when he comes to America next month for a visit, he is going to get lots of loose leaf tea.

This tea has a rich, complex aroma. There is a light astringency. With food, like the strong cheese we are eating right now, I like it plain. If I were only drinking tea, I think I would want a little milk and perhaps a little sugar. This tea will definitely open your eyes as soon as you give it a good sniff. There is malt, there is raisin, there is TEA! The liquor is rich red brown.

This is a CTC tea so I only give it 2 1/2 minutes in the boiling water. Someone with more chest hair might want to give it a little longer.


Love Phil Keaggy…had that one. I will check my chest and respond accordingly.


Have I sent you any of this one? You need to try it!


Don’t think so. It sounds so nicely British!


Consider it on it’s way!


Have I told you I love you lately?


I saw the FB post this morning. I feel almost famous. Anyone want an autograph? ;)


Me first! Me first!


What’s your autograph going for on eBay these days? ;)


I have a buy now option for one million. I figure I only need to sell one. That makes it even more rare – adding to the value.

I have never owned any Phil Keaggy but I used to listen to his neice Cheri Keaggy. Loved her early stuff.


K S: maybe try Pandora! I especially love his instrumental stuff. He won a Grammy for his guitar skills. When he sings, he sounds so much like Paul McCartney during the Wings years.


Just checked..PK is on Pandora. Good. Writing music for a Saturday morning!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about four years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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