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1769 Tasting Notes

drank Tokyo by Harney & Sons
1769 tasting notes

This is a sample sent to me by Azzrian. Thank you so much!

Wow, this is not at all what I expected! If I had not read the description, I wouldn’t know that it is caramel flavor I am tasting. I am not sure what sesame tastes like in tea, I have only had it on rolls. And I think this is the first time I have had bancha! So the whole profile of the cup is really new and different.

And I like it! I really feel like it should remind me of sme exotic foreign foods I have eaten, except I haven’t eaten much exotic foreign food! I have to say, this cup is PACKED with flavor, and although I never add sugar to my hot tea, I don’t think anyone would ever need to even if they normally do. This is really sweet on its own, and the base is smooth and assertive at the same time.

Thank you so much, Azzrian, for sending this for me to try!


Your welcome! So many wonderful tasting notes of people sharing their teas I LOVE it! This is what steepster is all about! :)

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I saved my little pot of leaves from yesterday because I believed with all my heart that there were a few more steeps in those last five little pearls. I was right. This is still delicious.

I used my little 8 ounce pot and made steeps three and four back-to-back, pouring them into my fair cup. Every since we started back to school, I get so soooo hungry in the afternoon, so I sat down to some teas and Lindt Spring Truffles. The rugged cocoa and malt flavor of this tea is excellent with chocolates. By rugged, I don’t mean rough or brash, think of a ruggedly handsome man who kisses like silk. Swoon! As soon as I can justify it, I need to some of these. But it will have to wait until my stash of black tea goes down a little.

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Youngest was quite alarmed this morning when I told her we are out of the Teavivre sample of Lapsang tea. Before she passed out from palpitations at the thought of having to do geometry without Lapsang, I remembered that I have a tiny bit of this tea left, perhaps enough for two pots. I bought it over two years ago before she knew that she loved lapsangs, so she has never tried it.

“This is AWESOME!” was her reaction. So thankfully we have a tea to finish the school week and then what? I have a tiny bit of Baker Street left, and a little Hunan Golden Tips, which are pretty smoky, so hopefully that will tide us over until a new tea order can get here.

She loved Teavivre’s Lapsang so I will probably get that, but I am toying with trying Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon by Upton, which I have never had, or Harney’s plain Lapsang. Their premium Lapsang, like this one, is too pricey for every day school drinking, as both this one and the new one are about $12 an ounce.

This is a premium Lapsang, with a premium base, and it shows. The tea is almost chewy it has so much body, and it is also naturally sweet. I am sure the new ine is just as good, but I think I had better find a cheaper option since she will be drinking it in great volume!

I am adding a link to a photo of the doodles I got on her homework today. Just FYI, there were never such doodles on her Algebra!



Want to try some of my Happy Lucky’s LS. People like it and it’ll be online soon.


Bonnie: That would be great! Look in my cupboard and see if there is anything you would like to try! I will PM my address.

Hesper June

Oh, No! Passing out and palpitations will not do!
You should buy her tea by the pound:)


That is awesome she loves it so much! A new LS girl has arrived! :)
Get a sample from Uptons and get more of the stuff she already loves. :) No reason not to have both!


Gnarg. I’d be doing worse than gnarging if I had to tackle algebra again :)


Did geometry put her on fire? I love those doodles…though I’m sorry she doesn’t seem to be enjoying the geometry! : )


Hesper June: I do have to buy Harney and Sons Vanilla Black by the pound! Now that she is taking geometry she wants something a bit stronger in the morning, but I really am going to have to buy a good bit at the time. I foresee her drinking a lot of this. Those doodles aren’t boding well. :)


Ubiquity: I suppose so! Notice the devil geometry book gloating on tool of the box! Heehee. She is a hoot. She maked to make similar doodles on her sister’s schoolwork because her sister was convinced that some of the books actually hated her. This is the first time I have seen the doodles with youngest as the victim! LOL!


Gosh! That was quite a scary prospect! In that case I must remember to get your address when next I stock up on my favourite LS (AC Perchs). I should like her (and yours) opinion on it. :)

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Backlogging from this morning: i realized I hadn’t tealogged this one today when my youngest daughter walked by and said, with great depth of feeling, “Mom, we have GOT to get some more of that smoky tea!”

This is the last of my free sample from Angel and Teavivre. Thanks, guys, you are making me break my tea buying ban, but I am hoping this doesn’t count because it is really for my child! (yeh, right!)

We started back to school yesterday and this morning as soon as we opened the geometry book I said, “I am going to HAVE to have some tea! Smoky?” And daughter said, “Oh, yes, please!”

Middle daughter said she couldn’t have made it through Algebra II and Advanced Math without her London Cuppa. I think youngest and I will be swilling through quite a few pots of Lapsang to get through geometry. She has only had it for two days, but already says it isn’t nearly as fun as Algebra. Sigh. I hope this doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a loooong year!

The most remarkable thing is that I asked her if she wanted me to order this or her beloved Baker Street that is almost all gone. She wants this one! Wow! Teavivre, that is amazing, in case you didn’t know! So, oh well, I guess I have to order some tea tonight! It’s for school….


Your daughter has great taste! :) Good luck to her in geometry! Math and I = FAIL.


@Azzrian… me too. I believe math is evil.


I loved geometry. Maybe it was because I learned it from Pathagorus… It was a long time ago.


Math is evil logic is magic!


I don’t even know how many cups of tea I drank while studying for my college statistics course. How I passed with an A- is a mystery to me because I had no idea what I was doing on the final. It must have been to tea. :) Your daughter is developing great study habits. hehe


K S: I read your comment to my girls and they almost sprayed their snack all over the table. Youngest said, “Like a boss!” This is apparently a very favorable thing for young people to say! :) You didn’t, by chance, meet Euclid, too?


Ashmara: Euclid – no he had the big head by that time and wouldn’t talk to us mere mortals ;) I use geometry everyday. I can see where it wouldn’t be a favorite for most people.


The sacrifices you have to make hey….lol


My college stats class was so long ago, the college used punch cards that we had to feed into a mainframe. Oh Yes. One small mistake on a card and you were like a detective trying to figure out what mark on the card was wrong. I did interviews for the class at the San Jose Flea Market (HUGE). It was one of the dumbest classes I ever took!


Oh Bonnie, I hate to admit I had a punch card class. We all knew it was the biggest waste of time. Then I took a class where we had to write a Fortran program to draw a circle on the screen. We thought we were so cutting edge. Let’s see, use a compass – draw a circle in a few seconds, or write a program taking several minutes to do the same thing. But that was just the beginning. Baby steps. Oh The good ol days.

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drank Tea Potion #9 by Mad Pots of Tea
1769 tasting notes

First, I want to say that I love the concept behind Mad Pots of Tea. You fill out a form online about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, how people would describe you, places you would love to be. Based on your answers, a tea is designed just for you.

When I saw Stevia on this, I was unsure whether I wanted to drink it. I don’t sweeten my teas, and I absolutely despise artificial sweeteners. Stevia leaf is natural, though, so I was hoping to like this.

The tea is beautiful to look at. There are so many rose petals, violets, elderflowers, and tiny bits of dried strawberry – very colorful! We each ate a tiny piece of dried strawberry and it was so sweet and good.

The steeped tea smelled mostly of peaches and that was the foremost taste I got as well. My guest agreed. But there was an strong aftertaste to it like licorice root and my tongue burned a bit. My guest said at first that she liked the front of the sip but the aftertaste was bitter like artificial sweetener to her. I asked if it possibly tasted more like licorice, and she said YES! Like the aftertaste of licorice. And now for the second time, this tea has left me with a burning esophagus and stomach, something that happened with the first cup I tried but I didn’t log it because I wanted to be sure the tea was the culprit. And oh, OW! It is! I hope this stops soon!

I think I actually like the TASTE of stevia, because I like the way my throat feels after drinking sore throat teas with licorice root in them, I like ginseng oolong that has a similar flavor, and I kind of liked the aftertaste at first. But then the burning started again and hasn’t stopped.

I didn’t put stevia on the “Don’t” list for my ingredients because a.) It never occurred to me that it might be put in the tea blend, just as I didn’t specify “no black pepper, no codeine, no ampicillin.” Stevia just fell in that category of things I wouldn’t think of saying not to add because I didn’t dream it was an option, and b.) I have never had it so I didn’t know it would do this to me, and c.) I thought I did say that I don’t sweeten my teas, so it wouldn’t have crossed my mind that a sweetener of any kind would go in. I am not trying to be contentious or a smart butt! Just sayin’.

And I don’t know for sure it is the Stevia. There are other ingredients here that I have never had like elderflower. Does anyone have any experience with Stevia leaf and stevia extract? Is it the likely culprit?

The bottom line is that the taste isn’t bad, but the aftereffect is making this undrinkable for me. The great thing is that you can send your tea back if it isn’t to your liking and just pay a $5 shipping charge, although since one is also paying to ship it back, it is hardly worth the trouble to return it, so I am not sure what I will end up doing.

Overall, though, I think this is one of the coolest ideas! And it would be such a great gift for someone who loves tea or who is hard to buy for. A tea blend, inspired by and blended just for you? I love the idea!


Bad tea for burning your throat and tummy! Hope you feel better soon. Do you think it may be an allergy to one of the ingredients? Or is it like lava throat? I get that when I eat certain things. Pepperoni really does me in.


Both times I drank it, my tongue burned right away. After the first time, I emailed and asked what kind of stevia it was and I really hoped that since it was organic stevia leaf maybe something else had triggered the problem. But both times, it has been every much immediate. The burning starts with the aftertaste on my tongue and then it grows and grows. My throat is hot like reflux, and my tummy and chest are burning. I think I am going to eat and drink something to p try to put out the fire because it is really uncomfortable! I guess I must be sensitive to stevia, because I think I have had everything in this except elderflower. I don’t think it is the green base because it doesn’t taste like an astringent one. Really, I hope other people will give this company a chance, because I think you could end up with something really fun and special! It just didn’t work out for me,


Ohhh I have a blend they are making for me – have not heard an update – did you get any updates on yours? Sorry this didn’t turn out well :(


I use the stevia extract to sweeten my tea and have never noticed that problem. My little brother is allergic to almost every thing. And your reaction sounds some what similar to things that happened to him. He described more of a pressure and rawness rather than burning, but this could be just the way you react. Did you notice any swelling? Alex will actually show swelling almost immediately. His problems have gotten worse the more he came in contact with his allergens. Just food for thought. Feel better soon. I’d still give them a chance. It really seems like it might be some thing you specifically are having problems with. I’ve had elder berries and they bother people raw, in larger quantities. I’ve only seen people basically purge if they’ve eaten too many raw berries. Perhaps elderflower is related.


I don’t have allergies other than leaf mold and large amounts of dust. I may have just discovered something I am sensitive to, though. But that is okay, at least it is easy to avoid.


True story. I’ll have to give that place a shot since it does sound fun to get a tea custom made for me. :D


Azzrian: I don’t remember if I got an update or not! I did hear from them when it shipped, and oddly enough I got three shipping notifications from Paypal last night all on this one order, containing this order number, yet I have had the tea since Monday. The email I got when it shipped was actually from the company, not Paypal.


I’m so sorry that you’re having the physical reaction to this — and after so much fun anticipation! :(

Madam Potts

I’m so sorry to hear that this tea did not work out for you. There is not any licorice or anise or anything known for being “burning” or giving a harsh aftertaste, so I can only assume that this is a reaction to either the elderflower (perhaps) or the stevia.

I will rework this tea and send you a small sample to see if it is to your liking.

Thank you for your positive comments about the company. I’ve never had anyone experience a reaction before, but then, being food sensitive myself these days, I can fully understand your predicament.


Oh, thank you, Madame Potts! That is too generous of you! How could you formulate it for a food sensitivity if even I didn’t know I had it? LOL! And I considered trying it one more time just to be certain it is the tea. Stevia and Elderflower are the only two things in it I have never had. I don’t have many sensitivities of any kind so I was surprised. The only food sensitivity I knew of was cinnamic alcohol, an artificial cinnamon flavoring in things like Big Red Gum. I just love the romance and personal nature of your tea, and will certainly be giving it as gifts in the future!

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I found an unopened sample pack of this, so I am guessing it came in an order I placed since I know I finished thoe free sample they had sent me to review! So either way, I know I got this free from Angel and Teavivre. Many thanks!

When I opened the packet, the jasmine smelled too good to describe! It was so sweet smelling I swear it was like holding a huge swig of grape Dimetapp in your mouth, and I was only sniffing the dry leaf at that point.

The steeped tea is sooo good and so smooth. The jasmine is delicious. My guest really loves black tea best, but she said she really liked this green. Another thumbs up!

The jasmine in this is so well done that this is another tea worth investing in – every jasmine from Teavivre has been excellent. They are so soothing, and I have tried jasmine teas that were more disturbing than soothing! These hit the mark perfectly!

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre!

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This is the end of the very generous sample sent by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

This was the first tea served at tea party today! And it was the winner! I made two steeps of eight ounces each using five pearls. The liquor very quickly filled the air with a rich chocolate aroma – dark chocolate, to be specific.

The taste is tea and natural dark chocolate with a deep roasty-toasty flavor, perhaps malty. It is so rich! This is definitely going on the purchase list. My guest gave this one a big thumbs up! I may go for a third steep later! I did steep longer than recommended, giving it three minutes because I was in the mood for a hearty cup!

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This is a free sample provided for review by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

Breakfast is a simple affair in my house. A piece of whole wheat toast or an English muffin for me, toast or waffles for the girls. Sometimes we just have grits. With waffles we drink milk, but everything else is accompanied by milk with Nesquik.

Today, we are out of our homemade whole wheat bread, out of English muffins, and almost out of grits. I opted for waffles and when I thought of the maple syrup somehow I couldn’t get Lapsang out of my head as a great go-with.

I did drink milk with the waffles, but this wonderful tea was waiting for us and I could hardly wait to get to it. Just as sweet and salty go together well, I have been enjoying sweet and smokey together.

Youngest and I are the only ones drinking tea on this rainy morning because middle daughter started community college today. I am really excited for her! I think she is excited, too, because she has been handling all the details without being asked; getting her ID card made, picking up her parking sticker, going to the bookstore, seeing her guidance counsellor, going to bed on time to adjust to the new schedule, buying an extended alarm clock app to guarantee that she won’t be late. Sniff, sniff! We plan to have a nice, hot pot of her favorite, London Cuppa, waiting for her when she pulls up at lunch time!

I did not look at the instructions BEFORE making this. It says to use 2 teaspoons per cup, and I only used one per cup.This is still very good and certainly strong enough to enjoy, perhaps because I gave it the extended 2 minute steep instead of cutting it short to one. I still have a bit left so perhaps I will make a cup of it with 2 teaspoons and see how it changes the taste.

As is, the body is light, the smoke is medium, the tea is sweet, smooth, and delicious!

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre!

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Yoga, then Chinese Flute radio on Pandora, candles lit, and tea with hubby. He likes this one! I never thought I would see the day! Mr. Tetley-with-milk-and-sugar is drinking oolong plain and liking it enough to keep refilling his cup and to tell me that yes, please, he would like a resteep. I am gurgling from all this tea, but I was feeling rather dehydrated after our jaunt in the rain and thunder today to set Fluffy free over an hour north of here, then shopping in Raleigh. I need this before the coming week hits – back to (home)school, orthodontist appointment for youngest, and a Stampin Up workshop for 21 people to conduct.


Do you use a particular curriculum, or do you make your own? I am researching a couple years early for my toddler; are there any curriculums that you didn’t like?


In the early years, I found the little books from Dr. Ruth Beechik very helpful – A Strong Start in…various subjects. She shows how you can teach your children without spending a fortune on a curriculum. ( Some require text book, teacher book, quiz key, test key, quiz book, test book…and that is for one subject!) You Can Teach Your Child Successfully was a great book. To teach mine to read, I loved Alphaphonics and very much disliked the Abeka style of teaching reading. They do it backwards, in my opinion. I loved Saxon for math, very thorough. For a philosophy of the way to teach, read The Charlotte Mason Companion: A Reflection in the Gentle Art of Learning. Using the narration and dictation methods worked wonderfully for us. And if your child is male you may especially want to read Better Late than Early, a great book on the different rate of development of boys and what they need and when. For the early years, I loved Learning Language Arts through Literature – great program and works beautifully with the Mason method. Later on, the Abeka curriculum offers the most demanding, most thorough grammar and composition program you can get. All of my children are very good writers, and I credit the toughness of that curriculum. It was recommended by a professor at The College of William and Mary as being the best and hardest be out there, so of course, I bought it! :) There are thousands of great choices!


I need to take your Stampin Up course by correspondence!


That would be fun! Maybe we could Skype you in sometime! :)


Thanks for the info! :)

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drank Super Fruit Sencha by Fusion Teas
1769 tasting notes

Another great tea from K S! Thank you!

I saved the leaves last night because I really wanted to know if this flavored green resteeps well. It does! It does! This is still delicious, and since it resteeps it just became economical enough for iced tea.

I just told my girls that I want them to help me. I am not allowed to buy any more tea until Christmas. Of course, as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I started outlining the exceptions, one of which was I can spend ten dollars on each trip to Tin Roof Teas. Then I changed it to twenty just in case. Some intervention this is gonna be, they don’t even go with us when we go to Raleigh!

How serendipitous that we will be up there today! We are returning a box turtle (Fluffy) to her home territory. Yes, we are spending all that money on gas for a box turtle. I hope she appreciates it. My daughter found her at the foot of the stairs at her apartment and thought she should bring said turtle to us. That is great, but we don’t want to put her in with our rescue turtles and turtles need to be in their home territory, which is very small, and with their slow metabolic rate they have little exposure to each other’s diseases. A new turtle coming into an established population can wipe out almost the whole population, so back home she goes. We will find some woods near where she was found and release her there. She was probably run out of her home by new construction.


What a big heart! I love people who do things like this. <3


First, this tea makes great iced tea according to a coworker. I haven’t tried it myself. Fusion had a good percentage off for first orders – when you are allowed to order. ha.

Second – where did you learn so much about turtles. Consider me impressed.


I am almost embarrassed to admit that for years we were part of a box turtle/tortoise discussion group online. We learned a lot, but seriously, how geeky can we get? LOL! We hatched a couple of nests of turtles, Eastern and three toed western, in the kitchen. The curator at the Asheboro zoo was who we had to call for help and advice because none of the vets around here treat turtles. My kids’ pediatrician wrote their prescriptions. LOL! We still have several. My hubby rescued one that was so covered in fire ants we didn’t know it was a turtle at first. He grabbed her and ran to the lake and swished all the ants off. It took three days for her nictating membrane to open, her eyes were so swollen. She is happy now, though! And Sam was taught to respect them right away…they have a large, natural enclosure outside and he doesn’t bother them at all! :) My two oldest kids were volunteers at the state aquarium and got to handle baby sea turtles.


I love turtles! I have one of my own, a red eared slider named Dr. Turtle. It’s so sweet that you do turtle rescue. And they all live outside, they must love that!


That’s great how you have an outdoor enclosure for them! Do you have tortoises as well? I love those guys. :)


I saw an African tortoise who was soooo adorable, but technically he was in the country illegally! We just have Eastern box turtles and Western three-toed or triungus turtles. They live under a dogwood tree and they have large patches of liriope. It looks like a tiny Jurassic Park when we go out to feed them and they all start stomping through the tall monkey grass to get to us. These turtles are considered tortoises by some because they don’t require bodies of water, but turtles by others because they do like water and love to sit in a pan of water just up to an inch or so above their shells. I told hubby he was lucky he had married someone who didn’t mind going out in the dark with a flashlight to catch a jar of slugs and crickets! I had no idea I would be doing that, but I am glad! Youngest daughter once got to lead baby sea turtles out to sea with a lantern. She was so small (only about 8 or 9) that I stood behind her to break the force of the waves hitting her. She was the only person who had brought a lantern instead of a flashlight to the nest excavation, so the tea turtle patrol said she should be the one to lead them out! It was an amazing experience.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about four years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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