1893 Tasting Notes

Hubby and I are having this free sample from Nature’s Tea Leaf as our meditative evening tea. I made two steeps and will probably go for more tomorrow with these leaves, but I don’t want too much caffeine tonight!

The steeped liquid is pale. The aroma is soft but not weak. The taste is of soft grain, oats, with a smooth creaminess. I have had white tea that just got lost in the cup and was more or less like drinking a cup of hot water. You won’t have that issue with this tea. Soft, smooth, but with creaminess and body. This did just what I wanted it to do this evening.

Thank you, Nature’s Tea Leaf, for the samples!

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Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

Due to a wedding rehearsal dinner last night, Chinese buffet take out got bumped to tonight after the wedding. I was soooo ready for it. I needed to pick a tea to go with it and wanted to choose from the selection Nature’s Tea Leaf sent me for review.

I picked up this package and thought it would be a good choice, thinking It was jasmine. Then I noticed it didn’t say jasmine anywhere on it. What? I didn’t know there was such a thing as dragon pearl tea that WASN’T jasmine! Intrigued, I stood by my choice.

I used one nice full teaspoon of leaves in my eight ounce gong fu pot. The directions said to steep for one minute. I kept checking it because I didn’t see how that could be enough time for the pearls to begin to unfurl and give good flavor. I poured it up at the one minute mark anyway. Then did a second and a third and a fourth and a fifth!

The liquor starts out pale, not a golden yellow but almost a peachy pale yellow. Subsequent steeps were a little darker. ALL steeps were really truly delicious!

This is….maybe similar to a DragonWell? But nutty nutty nutty. I have never had roasted chestnuts but if this is really what they taste like, I want some! Hubby whooped up on it, matching me cup for cup. He thought it was good, too! We got forty ounces of tea from one teaspoon of pearls.

This is PERFECT with food. I think I am in love with a new green. Smooth, but palate clearing. Hearty without bitterness or astringency. Assertive enough to go with food and really complement the meal.

Thank you, Nature’s Tea Leaf! This is superb!


Sounds really good. I’ve come to realize that I love the roasty tea’s. Autumn darjeelings, roasted oolongs, black tea, puerh. Go figure….


Now you got me all excited to try it. I just assumed it was Jasmine Pearls and was like “ho hum”.. but now that I know it’s not I’m very intrigued! I got a sample in the mail to try, too.


I would have to out this in with my top ten favorite greens now. It was really good, and the sample size they sent was so generous.

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It felt a little chilly this morning when hubby and I went out to pick up a few things for a home improvement project. When I came home I saw that it is actually in the low sixties, but hey. Everything is relative.

The cool temp made me want a plain black tea with my breakfast when we got home. I picked this one mostly because I don’t want it to get old and stale and I haven’t had it in a long time.

It was a great tea to choose because it is doing everything I wanted it to do. I can drink this one plain because it is such a mild Irish Breakfast. It does still taste with milk and sugar if you want to add it. It probably wouldn’t satisfy someone who likes a nice, strong Assam to kick them in the tuckus in the mornings, but it is a great strength for me.


I like the strong kick in the morning. I love the smell of the wet leaves on Irish and Scot’s strong breakfast tea’s like an addict I sit and sniff them then drink my tea with cream and usually sweet. Love this when the weather is cool.


Some tuchuses (?) just need more kicking than others :)

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drank Pepper Mango Green Tea by Gurman's
1893 tasting notes

Spicy, but not too spicy, even for a wimp like me. The green base is nice and smooth. This is an excellent and enjoyable green, and Gurman’s has been a pleasure to deal with.

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Oh my, I am so full of tea tonight. We made four steeps of this tonight. Delicious and chocolate-y as always. I think we tried four different teas tonight. Oof.

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drank KaiMatcha Premium by KaiMatcha
1893 tasting notes

My first unflavored matcha ever arrived today! I bought this because of the rave reviews I have seen here, and it did not let me down.

The tin has a screw on lid, and when it arrives it also has a metal pull tab lid inside. They care about preserving the freshness, and respect their product! That is a good start.

I opened it and sniffed the matcha powder. Buttery, fresh sweet vegetables! I heated some water and got out my whisk. Now I can’t wait to get a real bamboo one. I still got a good froth with my metal kitchen whisk, but what amazed me was the color of this tea. It was the brightest emerald green I have ever seen.

My daughter and I both drank it, and this was so smooth, creamy, and buttery. You feel so healthy drinking it because it is plain how high quality it is, and how pure. My daughter sighed and told me that she is going to go broke with this new found matcha habit. I have a feeling she will be placing her own order before long. This was a fantastic introduction to unflavored matcha! There was nothing that could be considered bitter or astringent about this.


Sigh. I soooo can’t afford this matcha. Finally I’ve hit a tea that’s simply too expensive for me to purchase! I’ll have to live vicariously through all you reviewers! :D

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drank Pumpkin Pie Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1893 tasting notes

My daughter loves this matcha so much that even though we had a steak dinner and birthday cake, she wanted me to make a latte for her and for her boyfriend. I told her that this matcha was even in her birthday cake! Here it is:

She loved the cake and the lattes. I did make a substitution in the cake recipe. It called for Cool Whip in the cream cheese frosting but I thought marshmallow cream would be better in its place. It turns out it was a good call. The pecans really do a lot for this cake, too, which makes me wonder about how this matcha would taste mixed with a nut flavored matcha or even a marshmallow one, if there is one!


Love that your daughter loves matcha so much! That’s a beautiful cake!


Thank you! It was pretty tasty! I suspect she may ask for this to become her traditional birthday cake. She LOVES pumpkin.


YUM! What a delicious looking cake!

Red Leaf Tea

Damn you people! How am I suppose to loose weight with tasty cake pictures floating around?! LOL
On my way to pantry to find some sweet substitute….

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drank Rose Garden by Twinings
1893 tasting notes

My daughter’s boyfriend is visiting from Ireland, and he brought presents of TEA! There are so many kinds of Twinings tea that we don’t have here in our town and possibly not even in the US. This one is new to me.

Opening the outer pouch I give it a good sniff and I am met with the scent of tea, followed by a nice peppery rose aroma. That is a good start, as I have had rose tea that knocked me over and took my lunch money, and destroyed the taste of the tea in the process.

The tea brews up as a medium dark brew, not as dark as Orange Bliss was the other day. The sip is smooth and gentle. There is no need to tame this with milk unless you just enjoy adding it. Ad it is sweet enough for me without sugar, but I bet it is very good with sugar, too, as the rose flavor is naturally sweet and would probably grow more so.

The rose flavor is very well balanced here, strong enough to taste without hunting for it, but not overpowering or perfume-y. Twinings is a very consistent tea company that really doesn’t disappoint.


Keep this kid :)


boyfriend has my vote too :)


Irish accent and brings me tea? Of course he’s a keeper!

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I can’t believe I haven’t updated that I ordered this and have it in my cupboard! We have been drinking it a lot, but I guess I just didn’t get around to logging it.

This was the final tea of tea party yesterday. I think my guest was a little out off by the smokey aroma since she isn’t used to Lapsang. As soon as she sipped, she seemed very surprised and pleased. Though this tea has a strong, smokey aroma, the taste is sweet and smooth and the smoke really makes you think of being cozy by a crackling fire while cold rain pours outside of your window. My youngest daughter is going to finish this tin pretty quickly.

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drank Pumpkin Pie Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1893 tasting notes

The first thing I served at tea party was a warm latte made with this matcha. Warm skim milk+1/2 teaspoon matcha+one teaspoon sugar. Froth with immersion blender. Topped with a little swirl of whipped cream, since tea party is a special occasion.

I liked it very much, just as before. My guest wasn’t wild about it because she doesn’t add sugar to ANYTHING and so far she has only liked coffee lattes. She said she liked it but didn’t love it.

I put almost a teaspoon of this matcha into my daughter’s birthday cake. I am eager to see if we can tell it made a difference. I will post a link to the cake and a note about how the flavoring went when we cut the cake!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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