1876 Tasting Notes

drank Booooo-long by Unknown
1876 tasting notes

Everyone is going to be so jelly! My kids and my husband all went off, it is the first chilly day we have had, and I have the house to myself for at least an hour with TEA! And not just any tea, but very exclusive boooo-long tea!

This tea was a surprise gift from GMathis, and it came in the CUTEST CARD YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!


The dangly spider even MOVES! I squee’ed when I got it! :)

And on top of that, I get a yummy oolong tea. (It was labeled boooo-long. Now how cute is that?)
This is a dark roasted oolong, not a green, and has that baked flavor and heft with a mineral quality that I enjoy, the very thing that makes me crave dark oolongs.

Thank you, GMathis! It is a perfect cup for this rainy, chilly day!


Aw, shucks :)


Tea Crush! How cute is that?!


That is so cute!!




SO jelly!


Aren’t those cards the cutest!!!!


Totally adorable! :D


Love the card – too cute!

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drank Da Hong Pao by Harney & Sons
1876 tasting notes

The Da Hong Pao I had Friday and Saturday had me hankering for more! I remembered that I had a bit of the H&S version left, so hubby and I shared a pot after exercising together this morning. (Before you get the idea that we are svelte triathletes, let me say we were mostly doing stretches from physical therapy and there was a bit of groaning and grumbling.)

This is a dark roasted oolong, but it is not heavy at all. It is so smooth that it really goes down fast concept it is cool enough to drink. I am realizing that this is yet another tea that I want to have on my shelf at all times. It is great with food and great by itself, a nice contemplative cup if you wish, or great to share with a friend.

Update on Doctor Who scarves – you saw the one for youngest, now behold Samwise! He is really rockin’ the scarf! We ordered jelly babies for my daughter to carry so I guess we will have a little bag of milk bone minis for him to pass around!



that is one SMART looking dog! adorable!


Thank you! His name is Samwise and he is a ten month old rescue that we fostered and then adopted. We absolutely ADORE him. (As perhaps you can tell!)


love it! He is adorable :P


Wow what a little model! Love it!


Sam, I want to kiss you!


Aweee I love your pup! And LOL at the moaning and groaning … I can relate!


::melts from teh cutes::


@Rabs: he has me wrapped around his little dewclaw!

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This is the last of my sample from Teavivre, and once again a sample has caught me in its nefarious snare. I will probably be buying this one on my next order.

I got three steeps from this today and possibly could have made more, but I was cooking lunch and needed to get moving. This is so smooth. The leaves are very dark presteep. This is a dark oolong, not a green oolong, but it doesn’t have the mineral punch of a monkey picked (which I love big time, just saying it for comparison) but there is a lot of nutty smooth flavor.

As requested, I am posting a link to the pictures of the newly completed Tom Baker Fourth Doctor season 16-17 scarf, the largest and longest of the entire series. A scarf for Sam the puppy is now underway.




Wonderful! and Long! and oh my Sam grew!!! :)


JacquelineM: I believe it is twenty feet! If not, it will get there quickly as it stretches under its own weight. That is what happened to the original. Sam is about 44 pounds now!


Oh my gosh! They are both great pictures but that first one with the close up of his face is PRICELESS! What a sweet kitty face! I would be smooching him all the time!

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If anyone is afraid of puer or even actively dislikes it, but wants to drink it, here is the tea for you.

Rich, decadent, dark chocolate aroma fills the room and courts your tastebuds. Then fruity, grown up strawberry flavor follows, not candy like, but think of real dark chocolate covered strawberries. The puer adds a dark, rich note without being being musty and absolutely not fishy – not even a bit.

Tunes: Accidentally Like A Martyr, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner – by Warren Zevon.
(Perhaps I should explain – we were listening to Roland to help my daughter remember some facts about African history, though there are several errors in the song, and it made me remember the other song, which I used to love!)

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Okay, don’t get on my case. No need to throw stones.

I really wanted some bubbles after lunch. After eleven years of being on Omeprazole I am trying to get off of it. Rebound reflux is trying to get me. But I also wanted matcha. LIGHTBULB!

I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of black cherry matcha in a little bit of cold water, whisking it well with my plain metal kitchen whisk. This was then poured into ginger ale! Now I have my bubbly cold drink and my matcha at once!

What does it taste like? Have you ever had a ginger ale and sherbet float? I love them. We usually use lime sherbet and pour cold ginger ale (kept in refrigerator) over it and wait just a second so ice crystals form. That is the kind of flavor treat I am having right now!

The fruity cherry flavor goes great with the ginger ale, but I bet the lime flavor matcha would be a dead on match for my lime sherbet floats!


I love the sherbet and ginger ale floats. YUM!

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I have been holding this sample until my cold was lots better, and I think I am finally getting there! A Bi Luo Chun requires additional attention from me because I have had only a few, so I wanted to really get to know this tea.

This is a free sample provided for review by Nuvola Tea. The dry leaves are mostly dark green and curled – lovely! I was surprised at how much they swelled during steeping. I didn’t remember this type of tea doing that. It smells wonderful!

I must say I am really pleased that I have this today because it is delicious! This has the wonderful oat taste of Bi Luo Chun, but it also has a great warmth and fullness of texture. I am drinking fast because it feels so good going down – think of the expressn “slaking your thirst” and you will know just where I’m at! I feel like I can see “amber waves of grain” as I drink this. K S once pointed out a Bi Luo Chun tasting like original Cheerios, and that is an apt description!

The first steep was so refreshing, and then I oversteeped the second one because of poor multitasking, but it did not ruin it! It was still quite good.

I am on the third steep and this is still going strong.

Thank you, Nuvola Tea for this delightful sample!

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I really wanted Lupicia’s Chocolate Strawberry Puerh today, but my guest really doesn’t like puerh. I really think she would like that one because the puerh flavor is really muted and all you taste is rich desert-y chocolate covered strawberries. I mixed two of my teas to try to get the flavor I wanted.

Did I succeed? No. My guest loved the resulting tea, and I liked it fine, but it really was just strawberry tea and I could not smell or taste chocolate. I guess if I try this again I will go heavy on the chocolate flavored tea and just use one teaspoon of strawberry black. It did not satisfy the longing, but it was good with our cupcakes! (And cookies, don’t forget the cookie plate!)

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This was the final tea of tea party today, but I am posting it first because it is the easiest! One of the teas was a blend from two different companies that I put together, the first drink wasn’t a tea at all, but a spiced cider!

This was very good, and my guest enjoyed the jasmine flavor even though initially she was afraid it would be too floral for her from the aroma. I taste the green base in this one more than I do in the Dragon Pearls, and it is a more assertive base.

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1876 tasting notes

I have been serving this to hubby as a warm latte type of drink, but today was obscenely hot and muggy and then he went to the gym tonight. I thought a cold drink might be in order. I asked if he minded having it cold instead of hot, and he said he didn’t want to mess it up because it was so good, but I told him I thought he would like it fine!

I put two scoops of Lactose Free Vanilla Breyer’s Ice Cream in a bowl and added about a cup of skim milk and maybe two teaspoons of sugar. I plopped one half teaspoon of matcha on top of that. Yes, just that easy. Then I mixed it all up with my immersion blender and wowzer were there ever a lot of big frothy bubbles on top!

There was enough to pour his 13 ounce glass full and still have a little five ounce cup for me. This was delicious. Yep. Both are already down the hatch, and hubby thinks it is just as good cold as it is hot. It is unbelievable that 1/2 tsp. of matcha powder can pack that much flavor into a milkshake. Amazing!


Ooh! Matcha milkshake. You might have opened a very dangerous door in my mind. That sounds fantastic!


That does sound wonderful.


Sandy: buy some quick! The free matcha program ends in less than two weeks!

teatime traveler

1/2 tsp of matcha powder, not only flavor but it sounds as if you’ve created an instant “green tea milk shake!” sounds deelish, ashmanra!

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This was a free sample included in one of my latest Teavivre orders.

I made three steeps in a row and tasted a sip of the first, then poured all three steeps into my new Chinese pot. But, OOPS! I didn’t look at the online instructions so I just used one heaping teaspoon of leaf for eight ounces of water. Now I see that they recommend much more than that. In spite of that foul up on my part, this is good tea!

I am feeling philosophical tonight and have a lot on my mind, so I lit the candle, turned on yoga radio on Pandora, and made tea. This is a great tea for such an evening. Now everyone else is abed and I more or less have the house to myself!

This oolong is rich and nutty. It doesn’t have quite as dark and roasted flavor as some oolongs, but is definitely not a green oolong. I really want to learn more about tea – the types of plants, their geographical origins and specialities. I feel inept describing this, but I can say it reminds me of a Monkey Picked TieGuanYin a bit, with the flavor leaning a bit more to walnut. There is a lovely lingering aftertaste that I find comforting.

The rice pattern Chinese pot I bought for $5 (for the whole set of pot and five cups) is handling beautifully, too. This is my inaugural use of it and I have never had a pot with the spout that goes up and then curls back downward, though I have heard they are supposed to drip less. This one pours nicely and the downward turn seems to slow the tea so you don’t splash without slowing to the point of impatience, which is how with one of my pots I end up tipping it too far to speed things up and end up spilling out of the lid. And indeed, I have not seen any dripping. So hooray for that! I needed to try it out tonight because someone is coming for tea tomorrow and I wanted to give it a test drive before using it then.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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