1926 Tasting Notes

I am going to need a Mad Tea Party today…but I won’t get one. I couldn’t sleep, as usually happens before a major election. I fell asleep just after two and woke up at four and I have a fifteen to sixteen hour workday ahead of me.

My daughter brought this tea to me as a gift from her Disney trip. It is very similar to Madame Butterfly or Fuzzy Navel, but with a black tea base instead of green. We drank it sans additions and it was very good. I bet it is fantastic iced, too!

I won’t be making any tea today. It will be far too hectic. Hopefully the activity will keep me from feeling sleepy or tired. Before I know it, it will be time to have a cuppa at home and get in bed. I can hardly wait.

Say a prayer for us all if you think of it, please! We need it!


Have been, will, and will continue to do so!

Hesper June

Will be praying for you!


I don’t really pray but I’ll send good vibes your way :D


Thank you ,everyone! We survived! Sore, stiff, and tired, but I have a warm blankie and some Motrin. All will soon be well. :)

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drank Bon Bon no. 914 by Tin Roof Teas
1926 tasting notes

I bought a sampler of four teas from TRT for my daughter’s fiancé to drink while he was here, and to take home with him. He said he loves chocolate and LOVES coconut, so he felt sure he would like it.
Fortunately, his instincts were right and he really loved it! This is the same blend sold by ESP Emporium. The base is nicely balanced with the flavors and it tasted great sans additions.

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1926 tasting notes

I am up late working on the kitchen re-do. There is a pantry closet in the kitchen that first held a washing machine and water heater. We moved the water heater out years ago and used that side for food storage. Recently, we got an idea of how to move the washer so the dryer, which has been in the outside storage room, can be beside it. The closet is now becoming our bread center, where I have a stainless steel table, my buckets of wheat beneath, and several appliances on top. I am removing the closet doors and painting the inside of this closet that has been a utility closet for over fifty years. Can you say grungy? And I am also painting the new cabinets we installed over where my new washer and dryer will sit when they are delivered Friday.

And I have to finish all this because Monday I have to pick up the election materials and set up our polling place and Tuesday I will have to work a fifteen to sixteen hour day for the election. Wednesday is free other than schooling youngest, but Thursday has an orthodontist appointment, two students coming, and writers group at my house. But right now my house is a WRECK with everything from the closet and cabinets scattered everywhere, which is where it will have to stay until the paint dries and cures.

I needed something really soothing and elegant tasting to make me feel better. I usually go for a jasmine tea at a time like this, but I needed to take a break and then get going again, so I really wanted a black tea.

And this is the one. It is perfectly what I needed right now, I am drinking out of my Old Country Roses breakfast cup so it will cool faster because I am so hot from working. The cranberry gives the fruity sweetness but the almond really makes this blend. I really think I love this more than Cranberry Autumn. It is such a comforting and cozy cup of tea. I was relieved to see that I still have plenty of leaf since I restocked it last winter. It is sooo good.


sounds like a lot of work, but it’s going to be really nice when it’s done!


Thanks! I think we will be mad at ourselves for not doing it long ago. I told my hubby I just don’t enjoy hauling big baskets of heavy, wet clothing down the five steps out back to get to the dryer or the clothesline. I am really excited to have them both inside and side by side! We have blocked the view of the utility area with a huge old arch oanel door we found at The Re-Store.


just in time for winter, too.


Whee! So true! You are very good at finding the bright side of things! Plus the new HE washer will get the clothes almost dry, so they won’t be so heavy if I do hang them out, but in winter we often hang them in front of the wood stove anyway to dry while we sleep! I think I will be using the dryer a lot more now, but it will take less energy since ours is so very old. The new one will be more efficient and the clothes will be dryer to start with!

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One thousand four hundred+ voters in eight and a half hours. Tired. Chinese leftovers. This tea. Can not possibly do NaNoWriMo tonight. Shower. Good night.

Fabulous tea, by the way, and great with food.

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I am so glad I bought a lot of this! I made a 22 ounce pot to go with our Asian take out tonight, and had to resteep. Hubby was really throwing it back! Tonight we really went overboard and bought too much food, and most of it is pretty high fat and rich. We realized that we had been so busy today that neither of us had eaten all day – just had a glass of milk. No wonder we went wild when we got our take out!

As I sipped this tea with my meal, it was remarkable how it seemed to wash through the heavy food with a bright, lightly floral taste. I liken it to sunshine! There is a floral sweetness, a bright mineral flavor, and no sour or grassy taste at all. Delicious! The second pot is almost at an end!


Hubby and I are about to go to a local asian place to eat tonight as well. I have not felt the best today so hoping I can eat my fill since it is a buffet. Had some pu’er earlier to help the tummy.
Mostly just suffering from a headache though.
Glad you two had a great dinner and tea experience! So nice when the hubby joins in on tea enjoyment!


Thanks! He has come a long way from Tetley with milk and sugar and sugar to really enjoying some of these greens. I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your buffet!

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drank Cranberry Autumn by Harney & Sons
1926 tasting notes

This was the final tea of tea party today! It is the last day of October, we are now officially hurled into the holiday season full force, and I want to celebrate!

A long time ago I felt that Thanksgiving had become just the warm up, inaugural dinner of Christmas and had lost it own meaning, so I made the Thankful Box. There are slips of paper and a pen beside it and anyone can put in a note. We set it out on the first of November, and we take turns pulling out a slip and reading it aloud on Thanksgiving night. So when I say Holiday Season, I really mean two separate holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we draw them out and get all the family time and tradition into them we can, and drag along as many friends as possible!

By the end of our time together on tea party day, we have snacked and talked and laughed, and the final tea is pretty much sipped all by itself. I don’t have to worry about pairings and balances so much because the tea is standing alone. I chose this flavored tea as the final tea for today because it feels like an inaugural tea for the Thanksgiving season! Cranberry and turkey! It was really good. I reserve it for this time of year most of the time. Next week, I think we will have its cranberry companion, Boston, which is nothing at all like it! Both have a place reserved on my tea shelf. I can’t imagine not having them, especially this time of year.


Thank you for keeping Thanksgiving separate and special. I’ve had a turkey on my front door since mid-October!


the us just needs to get with the program and move thanksgiving to october where it should be :) Then its much easier to keep the two separate!

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This was the first tea served at tea party today. Our main snack – Tollhouse cookies fresh and hot from the oven, made with freshly ground hard red wheat flour. I wanted to serve this first with the cookies because I felt that the full body and flavor would be an excellent contrast to the sweetness of the cookies. It was, and it worked. They complemented each other nicely.

This is a great, all around black tea, strong but not aggressive, smooth yet not wimpy. Thumbs up from both myself and my tea guest today.

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This was a free sample sent a while back by Russell Allyn and Harney and Sons. Many thanks!

Since we are working on the kitchen I am able to see…no, I am confronted with…the vastness of my tea collection. Oh dear me. I am really trying to finish off tins that are close to being empty, but it is also bringing some teas to the forefront that had somehow gotten pushed to the back. This is one of them.

I was looking for a good variety of teas for tea party today and realized that I have never served this green that I can recall. I really should have been drinking this more often because it is very good. There is the frosty, mineral taste that I get from some white teas and from Snow Dragon, but there is also good body and more flavor than I was expecting. Not sour, not grassy to me. This was smooth and very enjoyable with food. I think it would be fabulous with a meal.

My guest today gave it a BIG thumbs up, and she really isn’t a green tea drinker!

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drank Irish Breakfast by Harney & Sons
1926 tasting notes

I have a dear friend who loves rainy and cloudy days. She finds them romantic. I always think of her when it is cloudy, which is the only good thing I can find about repeated cloudy days.

The sun is like a drug for me. When we lived in a duplex, I kept my nose pressed against the glass of the window looking outside. An older man down the street saved my sanity by telling me that I was welcome to come and wheel the baby around his lake anytime I wanted.

On the first warm days of spring I bare my arms and look toward the sun with closed eyes and feel my brain start pumping out all kinds of feel good chemicals.

So four days straight of heavy cloud cover is not sitting well. Plus, these are our first really truly chilly days.

IRISH BREAKFAST TO THE RESCUE! A whole pot to myself, taken with milk and sugar, to fortify me until the sun returns! You know, a pot of tea really does make the day more romantic. Now if I could just settle in with a good book instead of having to teach geometry to my little geometry-atheist…

Oh, she just refuted my last statement, saying that she isn’t a geometry atheist as she knows all too well that it exists. So, would she be called an anageometer? An anti-geometrist? Conscientious objector? I think she needs tea. Off to put kettle on….

Hesper June

Ha! I am with your friend.
I need the rain, and mist and fog.
(and on a more serious note, my breathing issues actually disappear when there is more humidity in there air)
Of course, I am currently living in a high desert where rain is very very infrequent.
Oh, well!


Would you like to trade places for a few days? LOL! (But only if you finish painting the kitchen while I am basking in your sun! Hehe)

Hesper June

Hey! I am weird and I love painting, so its a deal:)


mmmm i love rainy cloudy days.


I run on solar batteries. I think they are located somewhere in the back of my neck. Come February, I have to fake sunny skies by wearing obnoxiously-brightly-colored sweaters. (And of course, I live with two moles who run around with the lights off at night.)


Oh, I’m the same way with the sun. Just a couple cloudy days can ruin my outlook and sap my energy. I use a Verlilux full-spectrum lamp on my desk, and started taking a Vitamin D supplement last year. They help, but only slightly. The only thing that really works is sunshine! My DH (who loves the cold and winter) calls me his “solar powered wife.” LOL at least my cats understand.


Love the tea! Poor daughter. I’ve always had a math block. However, I always scored very high in logic and was the top student in my technical college. No idea why!?! I hated algebra and geometry! If someone had ever come up with a way to teach the whole bloody thing in a cooking context, I would have been open to it and brilliant!


I have always longed for a tiny glass room that would keep the wind off of me and allow me to start getting sun on my skin even earlier in the year. Good thing I live where I do…I really could not take a Northern winter!


She definitely has some kind of geometry block! She loved algebra and did well in it, and so far is making A’s and B’s on her tests, but the daily work is like pulling teeth.

Rebecca Lynn

Yeah, northern winters are kind of rough. I have one of those Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps that I turn on when I’m doing my homework in the evening…otherwise I’ll fall asleep at like 7 pm! I call it my happy lamp __


I have seriously considered a “happy lamp,” but the first ones I looked at were so pricey it kind of scared me off.


Do Ott lights count for that? If so, they go on half price sales at JoAnn’s often!

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drank Organic Blue Nettle by Butiki Teas
1926 tasting notes

I have been saving this tea that Bonnie sent to me because it is so cool looking that I couldn’t just drink it any old time. I wanted to wind down tonight after doing some more organizing, going grocery shopping, and working a bit at early voting. I am so intrigued by the shape and by the fact that this is a GREEN Ceylon!

There were three rods in the sample and the instructions said to use one or two. I decided to go with one this time and that way I will have two left for a stronger pot if I want it stronger or I can choose to make it with one again and have it twice more.

The package was labeled to steep it for one to two minutes but I see on here that most people are steeping it for three minutes. That almost made me decide to hold my review, but as I read the others I realized that I got pretty much the same impressions, so here goes!

I used my tiny glass pot so I could watch the rod unfurl. I did not fill the pot all the way since I only used one rod, but used only about four ounces of water at a time. The first steep was almost clear and very light in both color and flavor. This reminded me of a white tea, or perhaps Snow Dragon.
Little air bubbles escaped from the rod as it began very slowly to unfurl.

The second steep tasted creamy and very fresh, again the snow melt flavor is there but also light artichoke. Steeps three through six I combined in a pot and sat down with hubby to drink tea and eat Bissingers Chocolates. As my cup sat and cooled, it apparently grew some muscles because one sip went POW! There was a sudden burst of flavor, and immediately the tea went back to being its demure self.

Hubby drank several cups, refilling it himself with no prompting from me. This is becoming a regular thing, as he has grown accustomed to our green and oolong teas sans sugar and milk, and I am delighted!

Thank you, Bonnie, for another special tea treat! Next time I will try two rods for three minutes and see how it changes!


I acquired some dregs (broken pieces) of this tea and when I brew it up like regular tea it tastes almost like a black tea. It’s very good.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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