1876 Tasting Notes

This is a sample provided for review by Zen Tea. Thank you for the generous samples!

The name of this tea is CURLED Dragon Silver Tip, so why was I surprised when I poured out some leaves and they were curled? LOL! I don’t think I have ever seen a green tea curled this way, only oolongs. This is really pretty, so into my little glass pot it goes! The little dragons are green and white and the dry leaf smells very nice – floral with a bare hint of mineral. I want to watch this pretty tea steep. All steeps were two minutes. I think next time I make this I will try a three minute steep and see what happens! My samples were large enough to play with the parameters a bit.

First steep: the leaves are only partially unfurled and the liquor is pale. The aroma is sweet and floral, with a hint of buttered sweet vegetables. The taste matches the aroma – buttery, floral, fairly light, not sour or bitter, the taste of sweet, tender vegetables. Very nice!

Second steep: the leaves are fully expanded now. This is a very nice green tea that you could enjoy every day. There is no sour taste and it is sweet, smooth, and mild. The more you drink this, the more flavor lingers on the tongue. There is a tiny bit of pleasant drying, not much.

Third steep: pale peachy gold, very pale. Aroma now faint, flavor lighter but present. The third steep is really a stretch for me but you could probably do three rapid steeps in succession and combine them in one pot as I sometimes do and let all the flavor levels of the steeps blend and balance each other. Or just use two steepings!

Thank you, Zen Tea! This is a lovely green, both in appearance and flavor!

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This is a sample I received from LiberTeas. Many thanks! It has taken me too long to get to it, but I am glad I have it for tonight. I am trying to psych myself up to finish one more stripe on the Doctor Who scarf I am knitting for youngest while watching Upstairs Downstairs. This is a lovely tea quite worthy of being sipped during Masterpiece Theater.

(Funny side note: about a year ago my eldest daughter told us with great excitement that she had been watching really old Sesame Street reruns and had only just put together the whole Allistair Cookie and Monsterpiece Theater bit. LOL!)

This is a nice Sencha base, not at all masked by the flavors, but very nicely balanced. The cherry is definitely the foremost of the flavors but the rose follows up and adds a gentle seriousness to the cup.

Thank you for sharing, Liberteas!

Edited to add: I made it! Whew! Tomorrow I should hit the 3/4 point.


That’s cute lol – what kid would get that anyway?

Hesper June

My sister knitted a Doctor Who scarf last year for a fella, it turned out great, but the young lad wears it skiing and I am scared to death its going to get caught in a tree or something.

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One half teaspoon in two cups cold water. Iced cherry goodness. Good gravy this stuff is tasty! I never knew I would enjoy things without sugar this much.

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I had two nice surprises today. I found this rice pattern tea set at an estate sale for $5. I almost didn’t get it because I really don’t NEED it, but who could possibly leave it there when it is only $5?


Then I got home and discovered that my samples from Zen Tea had arrived! These are very nice size samples, too, leaving plenty of room for experimentation.

I love roasted oolongs and I especially love monkey-picked tieguanyins. I was glad to see steeping instructions on the front of the packet so I didn’t have to stop and check the instructions online.

The dry leaves are large and very dark, and you can readily tell by smell that this is a dark roasted oolong. After steeping the liquor is a beautiful golden color, very pretty in my double walled glass cups.

The flavor is nice and follows through on its roasted aroma like a memory of the processing it went through. This reminds me a little of a Da Hong Pao. There are hints of spice and baked apricots – you know the ones near the edge of the cobbler where things start to get crispy. The more I drink, the more the flavor is lingering. As it cools, it just keeps getting better. Yum!

The description says this is a good tea for digestion, and I am grateful because I am trying to get off of omeprazole and need all the help I can get!

This resteeps well and seems to be a very good quality oolong tea. Thank you, Zen Tea, for the opportunity to try it!

Oh, and all you folks who are getting into matcha, keep an eye on Zen Tea’s site. They have a great sifter like you see in videos but I have NEVER been able to find, but they are sold out right now. I want one!


Love the tea set! For $5 – what a steal.

Rachel Sincere

I could never leave a $5 tea set behind!




Nice tea set! you should also try digestive enzymes if you haven’t already….


Gorgeous set! What a steal!


That’s a lovely tea set! A great find!


When I first went in it was marked $20 but they said it was half off since it is the second day of the sale. I went back to look at it again and a new sticker was over the old one, and they said again everything was half of what it was marked. I just couldn’t see leaving it behind!


Ay Oh, a friend found sme awesome ones years ago. Even my gastroenterologist was impressed with them and wanted to know where to get them, but I can’t remember what they were. Plus, they were terribly expensive! Do you have any recommendations on brand?


That was supposed to say AMY OH, not Ay Oh!

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Edited to add: One of the waitresses read the canister to me tonight. I had to ask her to repeat the name of this tea several times because i couldn’t understand her at first and it was noisy in there. I was right! It was indeed oolong tea, specifically Da Hong Pao! This is the most unusual one I have tried, smelling richly of chocolate and less nutty than some, but oh so smooth.

We went to the Asian buffet to get take out last night, and the young man at the cash register heard me on the phone with youngest asking her to make a pot of Silver Jasmine Green to go with it. He asked about the tea I liked, and pulled a pretty red canister with decorations out from under the counter. It was quite large.

In the past when we were dining in, I had asked if they had tea and they responded, “Black”. He told me that this was the tea the waitresses drank. I asked where they got it and he said they got it from China, and that most of his waitresses came from Fujian. I asked what kind it was and he wasn’t sure. He said he only knew that it was high in caffeine. I asked how they made it, and he said they put it in a cup and watch the leaves, maybe ten minutes, he didn’t know. Then he said they just wait for the leaves to enlarge and then they drink it.

Well, ten minutes sure didn’t sound right to me! I am guessing that he doesn’t drink tea or they would have been sharing this with him. He did mention that his brother drinks tea so that reinforces my belief that he doesn’t. I sure am glad he cared to talk to me about tea, though!

He got out a take out soup container and asked if I would like to try it. LOL! OF COURSE I WANT TO TRY IT! IT IS TEA! AND I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS ONE!!! He sent a generous sample home with me.

Since tea for supper was already being made I saved it for today. As I told the cashier when he opened the canister and held it out to me, these leaves smell super chocolatey. The leaves are huge, I mean HUGE, and so very dark. I would say they are black and deep army green.

I steeped a bit in my 4 ounce gaiwan for about thirty seconds. The chocolate aroma persists, similar to the aroma of Chun Mei from Teavivre, but it doesn’t taste the same as Chun Mei.

This has great strength and body, lots of flavor, and really isn’t grassy, sour, or astringent. I wonder if this may even be some type of oolong? I have made two steeps and they were both great. Now I just need to find out what it is!


Time to strike up a conversation with a waitress. Bribe her with tea if necessary ;)


Yum, what an adventure! I hope you solve the mystery ;)


i once got some tea from the owner of the local chinese buffet… she’s originally from Fugian china…. her mom sent her a freaking GROCERY BAG FULL of tea that the local monks gave to her because so many people tithe with it they had lots…. I just love adventures in tea, and I love your story, people who refuse to try things will never know what they’re missing out on :)


ok it’s spelled FUJIAN… sorry


Wow! A grocery bag full! I remember when Dinosara was in China and said there were big bins of tea, AND big bins of all kinds of things to add to the tea! Dried fruits, ginger, and such! I think I would break down and weep, and then buy more than I could ever possibly drink! Tea makes friends out of strangers!


YAY! A NAME! :D fantastic, isn’t it amazing what we’re willing to shell out for a handful of leaves, when they literally grow on trees over there? LOL !!! YUM, I still say that is very cool :)


Take a picture of the dry leaf and wet. Post it and see if one of us can identify it. Ask Stacy too.

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All of my Teavivre orders have come very quickly until these last two. They took weeks to get here! Teavivre shipped them quickly, but even USPS held on to them for a long time once they hit the US. Next time, I may upgrade my shipping if I want it here faster.

This is a tea worth waiting for – sweet, grape-y to me, though daughter says it smells like honeysuckle to her. A delicious jasmine with a nice green base that isn’t hidden by the floral taste. The jasmine is natural and not perfume-y.

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This is the third matcha I drank with my daughter today. For this one I simply swirled the powder in a water bottle with less than an ounce of water. Once it was thoroughly dissolved, I added cold water to about the 12 ounce mark. Delicious and flavorful, this is refreshing and tasty with no sugar at all.


Oh yay! I can’t wait for my order to arrive from overseas!

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1876 tasting notes

More lattes, this time with daughter! This is sweet and candy-ish even with only a teaspoon of sugar added to the eight ounces milk and 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder. With the robust flavor level, I get excellent caramel taste even with so little matcha. Delicious! Definitely a keeper.

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drank Pumpkin Pie Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1876 tasting notes

Oh my, these notes might be short because I am all tea’ed out. My oldest daughter came to visit today and she was eager to try this matcha. She liked her latte made with it so much she asked for a second one after she finished the first. Then we made it whisked in hot water and tried it with and without sugar. We liked it best without.

I was glad she loved it so much, because I was afraid she was going to love the caramel and then she and her dad would have to duke it out over who gets to keep it. LOL! Thank goodness, they each have a SEPARATE favorite!

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I ate way too much from the snackie plate at writers’ group tonight and my tummy was not pleased. I had one guest and her daughter still here and asked if she would like to try some puerh. She likes a lot of different foods – more than I do – and experiments a lot when cooking, so she was game!

We only made two steeps of this, but that was enough to make my overstuffed belly start going again. My guest liked it a lot, said it tasted like leather (good for her!) and noticed the oil in this one. I love that about this puerh – the “cedar beams polished for a hundred years” coating that forms on your lips and in your mouth.

In spite of all this caffeine in all this tea, I am being lulled to sleep by all the L-theanine.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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