2076 Tasting Notes

I have been intrigued by the Valentine’s Blend but have never purchased it. I bought Chocolate Mint, but mint and chocolate in tea have not appealed to me together thus far, thought it is nice enough. I also bought plain chocolate tea a long time ago but back then I was just giving up milk and sugar in my tea and didn’t really appreciate it yet.

Today I decided to try my hand at making something akin to what I think Valentines Blend must taste like. While I do not know what the original one tastes like, this one was excellent, and my guest loved it and asked for more! She said she hoped I wrote down the proportions I used, so I would say this was a success. I love keeping Rose Scented on hand to blend with other teas!

The aroma is almost exclusively chocolate in these proportions, but the rose is subtly there and adds such a delicious touch!


Valentines Blend is neither chocolatey enough nor rosey enough for me, so I would probably do a mix in the future! I just got more rose scented in the mail so I am good to go! :D


Great! I hope you find the magical parameters that are juuuust right for you!

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I served this as the first tea of tea party today. My guest loves trying new things, so whether it is a new tea or a new food, I try to keep things interesting. Today we were having “store bought” food but the teas were interesting!

She really loved this. It is sweet, smooth, and sweet potato-y. Definitely a good choice for a cupboard staple, and I am thinking this would be an awesome summertime iced tea.

Thank you, Nature’s Tea Leaf, for the generous sample! You have so many great teas.

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Tuesday is Ike day, the day we keep Ike the puppy for my friend. When my friend comes to pick up his dog we often tea. Until recently my friend had only had Lipton black tea, hot with with milk and sugar. He has enjoyed puerh, smooth black teas with no additions, and oolongs, so I tried this one out on him today.

A loaf of bread was just coming out of the oven, so we paired the tea with hot bread and butter.

I love the lingering aftertaste, like exotic flowers at the back of the swallow, blooming well after the sip and staying for quite a while. My friend liked the tea but said he couldn’t taste the floral note much, probably due to being a smoker. A big surprise to me – after he got home he texted that his blood pressure was 127/88. This is phenomenal for him, as he has spectacularly high blood pressure and is about to have kidney surgery in an effort to lower it since his meds are not controlling it well anymore.

I would have thought that ginseng would raise, rather than lower, blood pressure, but it didn’t have anything to do with the tea at all.

I love this one, and since my tin is half empty I plan to reorder on Friday!

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drank Original Tulsi by Organic India
2076 tasting notes

This is my first time trying tulsi of any kind. I kept reading the paeans GMathis wrote on its benefits, but I never thought to pick it up. Today, my daughter’s orthodontist appointment took me very close to our health food store. I used my few minutes to pick up a box of tulsi and some loose lavender flowers.

Husband and I each had a cup of this. I am so sleepy because I didn’t sleep but four hours last night and it has been a very stressful couple of days. I don’t know yet if this is reducing stress, but I can comment on the taste,

I don’t do a lot of herbals, and I do not like rooibos. Tis, however, is very nice and drinkable, even tasty. I made the mistake (or not) of making a cup of lavender tea at the same time and had just brushed my teeth, but the aroma of the two cups and the taste reminded of Yogi’s Bedtime tea, sans the super sweet licorice root. I don’t know if it was the tulsi or the lavender bringing it to mind, though.

I can say that if this is really good for me and also truly helps alleviate stress, it will be a pleasure to drink it, rather than an effort. This is tasty, and I hope to find sme loose leaf tulsi soon. I was surprised that there was none in the bulk bins.

Thank you, GMathis, for the recommendation of tulsi and buying lavender from the bulk bins! It is quite a savings over how I bought it before.

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I made seven steeps of this tea tonight! I pried off about a teaspoon of leaf and put it in my eight ounce porcelain pot. This was infused three times and poured into a larger pot. The fourth steep was poured directly into our cups and was the first steep we actually drank. Hubby remarked right away at the strength of the tea. Amazing for a fourth to taste like it could be a first steep.

We drank the whole pot of tea after that, and I really wanted more. I went back to the kitchen and made steeps five, six, and seven, once again combining them into a larger pot. (We were watching Lord of the Rings.)

The seven steep at last shows some lessening of color so I stopped there, and we have finished off the last three steeps now. These leaves have had a good run.


Nice! It’s great to be able to share lovely tea with loved ones. I need to make a ‘mandala’ budget soon.


Oh this is a good one! It was one of the first compressed dayi cales that i bought.

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drank Daughter Ring by Nature's Tea Leaf
2076 tasting notes

When Nature’s Tea Leaf offered to send me some samples, I requested this because it looks so totally awesome. I knew I would love serving this in my little glass teapot.

I got both the jasmine and regular Daughter Rings, and today I am having this one with Asian buffet leftovers. I used 174F water and gave it a one minute steep. At that point, the water had barely changed color! Have no fear, though, it is nicely flavored. I actually made four steeps from one teaspoon of leaves in my eight ounce pot.

I like this! It reminds me a little bit of Snow Dragon. I find it to be very clean and fresh, with a mineral flavor that borders on metallic. (I like that.) I taste rocks, worn smooth and round and perfectly clean by icy fresh stream water that just melted on the mountaintop.

My biggest difficulty with Nature’s Tea Leaf is figuring out what to order! Thank you, Denise!

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My samples from Nature’s Tea Leaf just arrived! Woo hoo! It was hard to pick what to try first, but this one seemed like a good choice to go with the lunch my middle daughter had prepared.

My first impression of the leaf when I opened the pouch was that it was very aromatic, and secondly, soft and fluffy, like you would imagine your pillow in the very best spa ever. I am gulping the scent of these leaves. Intoxicating.

The steeped tea: oh so good. Yunnan Gold teas remind me of sweet potatoes. This is smooth, sweet, and has strong honey notes in the aroma and the taste. There is a hint of orange like a mellow Ceylon. So here we have a baked sweet potato, with a dot of cinnamon butter, honey drizzled on, and a rich cocoa note in there as well. My now empty cup smells just like honey.

Good heavens, JacquelineM, you need to try this! It reminds me so much of the Yunnan Gold you used to love.

How good is it? Hubby, who drinks all black tea with milk and sugar, had a cup plain and made himself a refill. That is pretty close to a miracle.

Many thanks, Nature’s Tea Leaf!


Isn’t NTL great? Haven’t tried one yet that wasn’t a winner in some way.

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My youngest daughter and I are reading The Fellowship of the Ring together as part of her school program. (Homeschool) My eldest daughter had just sent me this link that I so very much want to try – distilled tea recipe for Ent Draught! Distilled to be clear like the Ent Draught, but flavored with real loose leaf tea!


Tonight we read this passage: When they came to make their meal, they found that the Elves had filled their bottles with a clear drink, pale golden in color: it had the scent of a honey made of many flowers, and was wonderfully refreshing. Very soon they were laughing, and snapping their fingers at rain, and at Black Riders.

I don’t have the ingredients right now to make Ent Draught, but I can make yellow tea and add some White Gold Raw Honey and have some Elf Tonic! I must say this is not such a pale gold, but later steeps will be lighter. The taste is subtle, yet not hidden. Any stronger honey than this would be too much for me, but then I almost never add any sweetener at all to my teas.

The Elves can’t have left them chamomile, because the Hobbits knew it well and drank it themselves. I say the Elves left them either white or yellow tea! This is a precious brew that draws you near to enjoy its quiet beauty, which would be enough to fortify anyone against all that may lie ahead.

Miss Starfish

This is brilliant Ashmanra, thanks for sharing! The man is a huge LOTR fan so I’ll make a batch of this tomorrow for him. My mother also made food and drink inspired by books when I was little, I absolutely loved it. What did your daughter think of your concoction?


Your mom sounds awesome! I think the only recipe I have made inspired by a book would be Esther’s Orange Marmalade Cake from the Mitford series, unless you count grilled cheese served with black tea, which we call Rat Lunch, from the end of the book I Was A Rat. (Thank you, GMathis, for reminding me how to make italics!) I drank my concoction alone, though, as youngest really only drinks black tea, being fond of Lapsangs. I am sure my eldest will be happy to try it with me, and the Ent Draught, too!


How neat! I just read the first two LOTR books and need to finish the third. I’m finding them a little hard to get through, though.


Pinot grigio? Judging by the laughing and snapping their fingers?


I think I’ll have to put Tolkien back on Mount To-Be-Read.


@Tearunner: LOL! My youngest daughter said, “Mom, I think they were having something with alcohol in it since they were suddenly snapping their fingers and feeling brave.” I said, “HEY! TEA CAN DO THAT!!!” LOL!

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It is raining, but the rain is freezing is freezing instantly on the car, the steps, the bridges….

Nevertheless, we ventured out for our Friday evening Asian Buffet take out. For several weeks I noticed that hubby now likes green tea so much that I have to go resteep halfway through the meal. Last week I decided to start making the resteep right away and pouring all the tea into my large tetsubin on a warmer. It works out great! We both drink as much tea as we want.

Teavivre’s jasmine offerings are the best jasmine teas I have ever had. This is what I consider to be my budget jasmine, as it costs a good bit less than the pearls. With food, you can tell little difference and I save my Premium and Superfine Downy Pearls for solo sipping.

Even with a first and second steep combined, the tea is a rich, golden color. The instructions say to use one to two teaspoons per eight ounces water and one to two minutes. I used four teaspoons for a 22 ounce pot and resteeped immediately for just over one minute. What a fantastic company!


It started the freezing rain here as I left this morning. Just minutes after I got to work it got very nasty.

I wondered if maybe your husband was just trying to get you out of the room so he could eat off your plate but I see you headed that off at the pass :)

I turned down the first offer of Jasmine from TeaVivre. What a maroon. Glad I accepted the second. It won me over.


I have all their jasmines except Jasmine Silver Needle White, and that will be on my next order!


Just placed an order at Teavivre for a bunch of jasmine teas but I missed out on this one! Next time :)

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


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