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1769 Tasting Notes

drank SBT: Razzleberry by 52teas
1769 tasting notes

I am saving the last of my lightly sweetened pitcher for a friend who might come over tomorrow, so with supper tonight I am having the very sweet one. Though I call it very sweet, it has half the sugar my mother used to put in her iced tea. Hubby agreed to take a sip, and he doesn’t drink much iced tea anymore because he loves sugar, but this one got him. He didn’t give it back to me at first, sipped a bit more, then said, “Wow, this is soooo smooth.”

And even though I have largely given up sugar in my tea, this is so good it is making me weak in the knees. I don’t know why, but the teas reach a state of absolute perfection in the fridge a couple of days after you hot brew them. Definitely ordering more, and trying more of the flavors.

Edited to add: Just offered hubby some more of the tea. He points out the most gigantic drinking glass we own, now empty, but apparently moments ago filled with this tea. I guess I better order some more quickly!

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This was one of the three free sample teas at Tin Roof Tea last Friday. I had a tiny bit of it in the store, but needed a good excuse to buy more tea when I already have more than I should. As it happens, that excuse came in the form of my friend saying that she needs some green teas to add to her cupboard and could I come up with some things she would like?

This one smelled so heavenly and tasted so good, I knew she would love it. Today we tried Anna’s Blend, a black tea with raspberry and yogurt flavors that reminded me of Marco Polo without all the drama of pulling the leaves at EXACTLY the right moment, and we had this one.

This one was hands down the favorite for both of us. The strawberry flavor is so natural that I felt like I had a cup of really good green tea and someone just crushed some fresh strawberry juice into it. The vanilla is very creamy and warm but not bold or in your face. This is so smooth. Anna’s Blend was excellent, don’t get me wrong, but this one was dazzling.

I am really sure this is the same tea offered by Teageschwender. The description is identical. I will gladly keep this one on shelf! Many thanks to Tin Roof Teas for making so many awesome teas available relatively close by! I believe they have about 300 in the store!


This sounds tasty

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drank SBT: Razzleberry by 52teas
1769 tasting notes

I made two steeps of this, and I sweetened one quite a bit for other folks, and for myself I added only a tiny bit of raw sugar.

The sweet one was put to the test last night when a guest who doesn’t like any tea except grocery store super sweet black iced tea had supper here. I offered a sip of this, she said it was fantastic, and drank a whole glass with her meal.

I opted to drink the barely sweetened one, and it was delicious.

I am making these according to package directions, not cold steeping them. I have found – and maybe it is some weird psychological thing – that they taste best after the tea has been in the fridge for at least one day. Somehow the flavors seem the most natural and refreshing for me that way.

Good stuff, and I hope to be sharing it with another friend later so I can get her reaction on it as well.


I’ve noticed the same thing about iced tea tasting better after a day or two in the refrigerator after hot steeping. For me it usually tastes best after two days.

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Wheeee! My tea arrived from China! It was rather awkward, too.

We have a digital keypad lock on the front door, but my son forgets since he moved out after we installed the new one and still locks the knob, thereby locking himself out. He told me he was going to his car to get his iPod cord, so when I heard a knock at the door I thought he had locked himself out again. In a silly, high voice, I said, “Who is it?” a male voice said, “Mailman.” I said it again, thinking my son was playing around. Again, “Mailman!”

I opened the door to let my playful, funny son in, and….it was the mailman. I was so embarrassed. He wanted me to sign for my Teavivre package. LOL! I hastily explained as I signed, but he didn’t seem overly amused. :)

So now, I made a big pot of puerh to share with my son this morning because I don’t have to hoard the last of my sample anymore! I can have all the puerh I want.

I put three teaspoons of tea in my 22 ounce Beehouse pot, poured boiling water over, and steeped 4 1/2 minutes. Second steep at five minutes is every bit as good. If anything, the rich, polished cedar beam taste is more prominent. This one is only lightly horsey and not fishy at all. Second pot is almost all gone, and I plan to make a third steep. Excellent tea!


He heee I do things like that all the time, too. Especially involving the caller ID at work. I will be really silly answering the phone with someone but whoops! the department chair used his assistant’s phone and I just said something incredibly lou lou bird!


When somebody forwards calls at our work, the co-worker’s name still shows up on ID … I’ve gotten myself in trouble that way, too!


There’s got to be a knock knock joke in there somewhere…puerh.


Sorry, friend…I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and can’t come up with a punchline.


Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Puerh who?
Puerh little me wants to get on with my rounds so would you PLEASE open the door, scary lady, and sign for your package?


Good one!

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If this isn’t the same Ti Kuan Yin that Teas, Etc. sells, I will lose that nickel I just bet!

This is a good everyday drinker, a bit darker than some of the more modern TKY’s. A mere three teaspoons made 36 ounces of tea of very good strength, as I made 18 ounces at a time and resteeped once so far. And it must be decent, because I already drank all 36 ounces by myself. I had a really horrible day yesterday and didn’t eat or drink from 9 am until 9 pm. Terrible, I know, but I am making it up to my body today by feasting on good tea! And M&M’S may get involved later but we won’t talk about that…

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I have been stalking Tin Roof Teas waiting for this to come in! My daughter purchased a tea called Madame Butterfly from Gurman’s in Dublin, Ireland. So many guests really love it, and I am especially pleased that it is a tea that children love with no added sugar! My bag is getting low, and I was hoping to find a US source so I could save a bit on shipping. The description of Fuzzy Navel sounded like it was going to be the same tea, or close enough to it.

The dry leaves look the same as well as the flavoring bits like the flower petals. The two cups of steeped tea side by side are exactly the same color. The aroma matches. The most important part is the flavor, and if it isn’t identical it is at least close enough to be virtually indistinguishable.

My whole kitchen smells like a peach cobbler. Warm, peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream would be so good right now, but I am exhausted and need to go to bed!

Hooray! I have a US source for a tea I want to keep on hand, and I don’t even have to pay shipping because I am up there often enough to buy what I need. Plus a little extra. :)

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drank Anna's No. 905 by Tin Roof Teas
1769 tasting notes

I finally got to Raleigh today to go to my favorite local (well, a little over an hour but close enough!) tea shop. I was supposed to go in and just buy some Fuzzy Navel to compare to Madame Butterfly, but my bestie mentioned that she wanted some greens for her cupboard so I had to look for a green I thought she would like, and the owner is evil evil evil – no, wait, he was just trying to make me happy – and made me smell the Ti Kuan Yin and I had to buy that, and I finally caved and bought this one! I really HAD to because one of my daughters is named Anna.

They were gracious enough to sell me the tea split into two bags so I can send half of it to her boyfriend in N. Ireland. AND they offered to do a special blend for me to replicate a tea I can’t get anymore, so I am pretty excited about that!

Isn’t it great when you buy something for a silly reason and discover that you love it? I steeped this for 3 minutes, right in the middle of their recommended steep time, and it is delicious. It is not bitter at all, there is no astringency, you can taste the black tea base just fine, and the raspberries are so sweet and fruity, with the yogurt lending a creaminess so the raspberries are never tart. This is quite a winner!

Want to save a fortune on buying Marco Polo? Try this. It is smoother. It is less fussy to make. You won’t be missing a thing, and the price is great – about half the price of Marco. And it is absolutely perfect without sugar or milk. If you were inclined to add those, I think this could probably handle it just fine.

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This is still part of the free sample sent by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

After lunch today, I swallowed and winced. Uh-oh! What is happening? A sore throat? And I have a voice student coming in an hour!

I cast about ideas for about two seconds when the lightbulb popped on. Make a pot of tea! I liked this one last time, and I just got an email from a friend requesting that I recommend some green teas for her cupboard since she is a converted coffee drinker who mostly has black and puerh tea now.

The dry leaves pulled a fast one on me. I remembered how good they smelled the first time, so I gave a big sniff to the pouch before pinching out my leaves. What is this? CHOCOLATE? I must be wrong. Sniff again. No, this smells very strongly of chocolate now! I guess I need to check the pouch again and make sure there is a bit of chocolate from someone’s hands (who would do that?) on the pouch but I swear I didn’t see any!

I used more leaf this time as I felt my last brew was a little weak. The leaves are so very long and thin that a teaspoon is pretty useless for measuring it. I think I got it right this time because my pot was fantastic. Smooth, buttery, vegetal but not grassy, and a little nutty. Maybe the chocolate scent manifests as a nutty taste? Very good tea, my throat is a little better, and I definitely plan to resteep this and have another pot tonight!

Thank you, Teavivre!

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This is part of the free sample from Russel at Harney and Sons. I made this for tea party today.

This was the third and final tea we served. It amazes me to see how light the liquor for this tea is, because the flavor and body are certainly not light! I really enjoyed this. In fact, I have found myself lately craving Ti Kuan Yins and drinking copious amounts of them.

This one is very good, and I meant to order it last time I placed an order but forgot. Good news!
Harney and Sons is offering free shipping, I think through Saturday, on orders over $25 with coupon code Ambessa. The first email said the shipping was free if there was at least one tin of Ambessa purchased. Two more have come in saying that you don’t have to buy Ambessa to use the code and get free shipping. If they had Lingonberry already in, I would be all over that! I am out of Cherry Blossom Green, too, so another Harney order is already starting to fill the notepad.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about four years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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