1217 Tasting Notes



I’m finishing up my sample of this – 3tsp steeped in a little 175f water, poured over ice and honey.

The result: Up front green tea taste, crisp and veggie like. Aftertaste of fresh pineapple. I like this better iced than hot.

I wish the pineapple was stronger, but this is a good tea for someone who wants a lightly flavored tea.


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drank Grapefruit Dragon by Butiki Teas
1217 tasting notes

With my last Butiki order, I had to try this tea, sounds delicious! I’ve had onle 1 grapefruit tea (officially) which I enjoy despite it being rooibos (ESP brand passionfruit/grapefruit).

DRY: tarty grapefruit! Big chunky green tea leaves with a pretty spattering of red/pink.
STEEPED: Pale yellow, smells like pink grapefruit.

TASTE: Crisp grapefruit, and I’m talking real grapefruit! Juicy! All that grapefruit taste over a background of mellow green tea. I would almost call the after taste tart, but more of a tingly citrus sensation that tickles my tongue and throat. What kind of magic is this?!?! I was too lazy to try this sweetened.

COMMENTS: Am I weird imagining theres a happy yellow and pink dragon tickling my throat with its back spines while I drink this tea?

I’m thinking iced tea with Grapefruit Dragon. Seriously that would be amazing! However, not sure if the tickle throat effects stays iced, I’m finishing up my cup which as cooled and it is not as tingly. Would be killer with a little sweetener and slices of grapefruit!

On another note, SHAWL OF DOOM is FINISHED! I was blogging about it, why my grapefruit dragon got cold, boo!
lace detail http://awkwardsoul.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/img_1838.jpg
blog entry http://awkwardsoul.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/cloudy-tea-shawl/

Ugg. Now what to do? I guess knit some socks.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Beautiful! I am in awe of people than can knit or crochet wearables.

Butiki Teas

Great work on the shawl of doom. That looks awesome!

Haha, I love the idea of imagining a little yellow and pink dragon tickling my throat while drinking this. :)

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drank Pistachio Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1217 tasting notes

Post weight lifting smoothie! YEAAAH!

I did good at weight lifting today, despite being off the routine from being sick last week.

This pistachio matcha is the bomb! Today’s post workout smoothie: 1/2tsp Pistachio matcha, 1 cup soymilk, 2 packets of splenda (Phhfhfffff!), 1 scoop of soy protein = killer smoothie! Nutty! That honey sweet pistachio yummyness! DROOOL!


I find my first day back at the gym is always the best! it’s the second day that fizzles :/

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drank Pu-erh Vanilla Mint by Zen Tea
1217 tasting notes

Thanks to Zen Tea for a sample of this!

My sample / new teas to try pile is out of control! That’s what I get for being sick for almost a week.

DRY: Smells like sweet mint.

STEEPED: Very earthy sweet mint smell coming from a dark red brown cup of tea.
Annoyingly, this sample did not have steep times on it, but the other samples did. I was too lazy to walk up to my computer to check, so I guessed. Apparently I was wrong, it should be boiling + 5 mins. DERRRP!

TASTE: Creamy taste! Lightly earthy background (lightness could of been my fail steeping) that has a robustness to it – with the mint gently hitting me last. Lingering creamy mouth feel! oh yeah! No bitterness or astringency.
Zen recommends to prepare this with sweetener and milk, I added some rock sugar to a cup and found the creamyness was brighter and more vanilla taste. I personally like this without sweetener.
Second steeping I did for boiling, 5 minutes. Less creamy taste and much more earthy pu’reh.

WHO’D LIKE THIS: I’m thinking back to all the bagged vanilla mint black teas I’ve tried and this one kicks them! I think the pu’erh is a great idea to this tea with the vanilla and mint calming the strong earthy a bit. A great tea for a black drinker to try a good flavored pu’erh. I did mention I prefer this without sweetener, but sweetened it’s not bad – so this be good for someone who likes to sweeten their tea.

COMMENTS: Not bad! I love pu’reh earthyness so this was good!

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Nice! I tried the Numi Mint Puerh and I thought it was AWFUL! It tastes like mint and water to me. I really couldn’t get much puerh flavor out of it.

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drank Eggnog Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1217 tasting notes


I made an iced soy latte this morning with the eggnog matcha. Tried it on the tea hating husband (who dislikes any form of tea taste). He’s tried the bavarian cream, caramel, cookies and cream, cheesecake matchas – all of them he disliked as he could taste the tea.

He took a sip of my eggnog matcha. Long pause, looking confused.
“I guess I could drink this..” he quietly said.
“Really? How about I make a cup for you with your whole milk?”
He pauses again. “Maybe on a weekday to keep me awake.”

I then asked him what it tasted like. “Sweet egg? I dunno.” DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!

Well, I guess this was a success.


Eggnog Matcha i have to get some of that for the holiday !

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Oh my! As soon as I saw this tea up for sale I had to get it!

DRY: Smells strongly like pumpkin pie spices, I can really pick out cloves! Reminds me of my dad’s pumpkin pie – lots of spice!

STEEPED: A nice dark brown, smells like more pumpkin pie spice with a hint of caramel sweetness.

TASTE: Spices (clove, nutmeg) with a depth of pumpkin taste. Also caramel flavor. The pumpkin taste I find impressive as I could almost sense the texture in my head, it’s that spot on. The cheesecake flavor is really in the background. Sometimes I notice it, other times I can’t – might be from the spices being pretty forward. Bit of bitterness, but I always seem to wrestle with 52 teas’ black teas for steeping times and temperatures.

Sweetened, the caramel comes out and virtually no bitterness.

COMMENTS: Very good pumpkin tea, that’s for sure! Great use of spice, the caramel is nice too! I wish there was more cheesecake twang, but could be moreso with tinkering with temperatures and steep time.
Great fall tea! yum yum! I love fall, but I wish here in southern california it was more fall looking. Apparently over the next few days it’s another 105 degree heat wave. UGGG!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Oh, I’m so jealous of your tea and your climate! I miss Southern California. *sigh

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drank Eggnog Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1217 tasting notes

I love eggnog! I’d drink the stuff all year round if I could! But I cannot drink it. I was vegan during university and vegetarian for a couple years after that and of course during that time I ditched dairy. When I stopped being vegetarian I found out I’m lactose intolerant, since I lost the enzymes to drink milk. Higher fat content milk hits me the worst. I still don’t drink cow milk. Plus, actual egg nog has CRAZY amounts of calories and fat. My husband, last year, trying to get some extra calories, spliced leftover egg nog with leftover heavy cream for a high calorie drink. Ew.

While being vegan/vegetarian I’ve ventured into Soy nog. IMO, the stuff is terrible! It’s watery, barely flavored, no depth and the eggy part tastes stale and weird. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands and never found one I remotely liked. When I saw Red Leaf Tea’s Eggnog matcha, hey.. this might have some potential to have an eggnog on my terms! I’ve been wanting this matcha for awhile, but kept procrastinating on purchasing it.

Specs on the matcha I’m drinking:

Eggnog Matcha
Quality: Classic (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust

Out of the package, the eggnog matcha smells slightly eggy and spicy. I thought it would smell stronger, like the pistachio matcha I got recently.

Prepared as a traditional hot matcha, I can taste the eggnog, but in matcha form! The base of bold green tea is there, with a eggy taste second, with a vanilla and nutmeg hit. This matcha is also slightly sweet. No bitterness or astringency.

Now the best part, a Red Leaf Tea Matcha prepared as a latte! I made mine cold, whisking 1/2tsp of egg nog matcha into some soy milk and a little sweetener. I find the eggy taste is the strongest! I love eggy taste! Next is the creamy vanilla and a hint of spice. This was really sweet, so I’d go a little less on sweetener next time. And next time I should add a sprinkling of nutmeg or cinnamon ontop.

The flavoring in this is really strong, as a Robust flavor, I cannot taste the matcha in this in the latte. Good for me as I love the egg nog taste, but for others who want the matcha taste, I’d go to distinctive or delicate.

The only thing missing for this to be perfectly like eggnog is the consistency. This might go well with a thicker soy milk (like the very vanilla Silk soy milk) or whisk in a little instant vanilla pudding mix. Of course, this egg nog matcha latte is green, so more festive!

Tea peeps, give this one a shot!

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drank Pistachio Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1217 tasting notes

Pistachio Matcha.. what, no one else here has tried this one? Psshhhhhh! I’m a pistachio fan, I doubt I’m the only one!

Specs on the matcha I’m drinking:

Pistachio Matcha
Quality: Classic (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Distinctive

The matcha straight out of the bag smells very strongly like sweet pistachio, reminding me of pistachio halva. Hey.. that’s an idea, sweetening this with some honey and a spoon of tahini? Ehh, that sounds a little too nutty. Very intoxicating smell!

The matcha frothed up well during whisking and is a lovely green colour, matching a perfect colour to pistachios too!

As a traditional cup of hot matcha, great strong earthy green tea base holding hands next to the pistachio flavor. The matcha isn’t astringent. Slight bitterness, but it fits the bill almost with a smokeyness of the pistachio. There is a sweet nutty taste at the end of my sip. The best part of this cup is that sweet nutty taste, very well done! I’m thinking I could drink this one as a traditional cup all the time.

As a iced latte (prepared with matcha, ice, soy milk and a bit of sweetner), this pretty much tastes like pistachio ice cream! Creamy, sweet, and nutty with strong green tea base. This one came out sweeter than normal because of the sweetness of the flavoring. With that said, if adding sweetener, be gentle.

I usually order “Robust” flavoring, this being my first “distinctive” flavoring. I found the matcha is near balanced with the flavoring, rather than the flavoring being in your face. This is a great flavoring selection if you want to enjoy the matcha earthyness more.

So my tea peeps, totally give this one a shot. I guess it sounds kinda weird since I think others might associate pistachios as just a salty snack, but this one is sweet, nutty and tasty!


I just ordered this one! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

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ERRR! I was gonna make this iced, but then added too much hot water in excitement of having this tea. Hot it is then, still delicious, juicy watermelon! YUM!

Blocking the shawl of doom right now, here’s a pic of it I posted on Twitter https://twitter.com/awkwardsoul/status/251725214323445760/photo/1/large


ohhh, pretty!


Oooo, beads in the edging! Very pretty!


Awkwardsoul, wow that is a beautiful shawl! Do you sell what you knit? and Butiki Teas is one of the next companies I plan on ordering from, though sadly not until after the holidaze craze.

Oolong Owl

I sell my crocheted cute dolls and patterns I’ve created http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul?ref=si_shop , but no knitted items yet, though hoping to sell knitted hats if I have extra time this year.

Butiki Teas

The Shawl of Doom looks awesome! Very detailed looking. :)

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drank Sweet Velvet Fog by iHeartTeas
1217 tasting notes

Thanks to Kittena for a sample!

I get to look at my wedding venue today, 2 weeks before the wedding, lol! Yeah, last minute and totally laid back. More excited about eating beef tongue burritos afterward! Heheh! I’m not a wedding person and rather save the cash for a fun honeymoon… once I get my greencard and can leave the country.

I wanted to start my day with a nice black tea and Sweet Velvet Fog appealed to me.

STEEPED: Dark brown colour, malty caramel smell

TASTE: Smooth black tea and surprisingly sweet. Hit of caramel and vanilla. Not getting any astringency or bitterness. I can totally get the caramel and creamy creeping up on me.
Sweetened (not that it needed it, but I already presweetened a batch) the creamyness comes out more. Personally, I think the sweetness in the tea is perfect and does not need further sweetening.

COMMENTS: Very good! I think I might try more of iHeartTeas stuff! Overall, a good dessert tea for peeps who like black teas that are nice and smooth.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I really enjoyed this one too

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Yay! So glad you enjoyed it. :)

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The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

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