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SOOO GOOD if you love creamy black teas! This black is super smooth with lots of creamy, raisin, chocolate, malt, caramel and toast. It’s like liquid bread pudding!

This tea does a great second infusion and can take long infusions for travel mugs or forgetful steepers.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/06-bai-lin-congfu-black-from-joseph-wesley-black-tea-tea-review/ (and cheese stealing owl)

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

oh god this sounds so good…


i’ve had it before..but right now i’m wishing it was in my cupboard lol


That sounds amazing.

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Really happy to read that you enjoy the Bai Lin Congfu. Cheers!

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This oolong comes in bagged form, direct sourced from Northern Bangladesh, and 2014 NATC 3rd place for Oolongs.

Teatulia’s oolong is interesting – citrus lemon curd notes with a dash of savory biscuit/crackers and butter. There is a light floral peach end of sip, with the entire sip being quite fresh and delicate. I found it did a decent resteep as well, steeping a bit more tart. Pretty excellent for bagged tea and I enjoyed how easy it was to drink and complex enough to stay entertained. I found the longer infusion time worked best for this oolong otherwise it is too light.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/teatulia-oolong-tea-tea-review/

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Wowee, this tea is thick and a lot of flavor! The tea is tricking my tongue to think I’m sipping pudding rather than tea! At higher temperatures, you get mineral, tobacco and bitterness. I had to submit defeat and steep this at lower temperatures, around 190F. At that temperature and later infusions you get sweet, lemongrass citrus and a light stone fruit aftertaste. I got 12 infusions and probably could of gotten a few more.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/february-white2tea-club-bulang/

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 15 sec

Loved your post on the blog, but I always love reading it. Juicy tea photos!

Jiāng Luo

Literally just bought 5 cakes, this stuff is typical bulang and for the price it just became my daily drinker. Paul is a golden god

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There’s barely any oolong in this, seems like mostly chunks of apple, pineapple and strawberry. Though, I can handle that if it tastes okay and I chalk it up as more of a fruity herbal. This tea has a long ingredients list and has many fruit items that sound nice, like rhubarb, vanilla, peach, rose, tangerine and grapefruit (all flavorings)

This tea is heavy, 1.5 teaspoons is 10 grams of tea. Steeped up and it’s watery with not much flavor, like this is the 2nd or 3rd infusion. What I do get is a slight bubble gum strawberry and rose floral flavor. I even used a higher temp and longer steep time and nope – BOOOOO!

I guess the rest of my 2oz will go to the ice tea pitcher along with a bunch of hibiscus. At least that way it’ll have more flavor.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I love the concept of this tea – s’more tea with spices? Ohhh yeah!

This chai is moderately spicey with plenty of cardamon, ginger and clove. The entire blend has a sweet marshmallow essence, with a bit of chocolate. It is like the chai is the focus, with the bonus of smores! I could see this one being great as a latte. Personally, I don’t like cardamon too much, I wish had nutmeg instead (says the weirdo who shaves on too much nutmeg on her hot chocolates and tea lattes)

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/52-teas-sampling-kickstarter/ (who ate the marshmallows?)

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Yum, I liked this one. I does need more chocolate, but one could never had too much chocolate right? I love the creamy icing flavor, roasty and cake notes. I also got a decent second infusion that lets you sample the oolong base more.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/52-teas-sampling-kickstarter/

and hey, how about that kickstarter?

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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This is an awesome oriental beauty oolong – it’s pretty sweet, with tasty honey, peachy, nutty, malt, brown sugar, and caramel notes. I got 11 infusions out of this oolong, with one messed up long one in the middle. This tea can take a beating! However, later infusions it does get moderately dry.

My only beef is my sample leaf looked pretty smashed up. Otherwise the taste was pretty good.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/eastern-beauty-oolong-green-terrace-teas/

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So creamy! Can I have this tea instead of whipped cream on a cake? Thinking about it, Golden Orchid is a potentially awesome Valentines day tea – lots of creamy and sweet notes. There are toasted asian milk bread, chocolate and malt too! Very smooth and thick texture, with some dryness 3 infusions later. Yep, this tea can resteep very well and keep the vanilla flavor – huge edge over other tea blends!

Full review at Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/whispering-pines-teas-golden-orchid-tea-tea-review/

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 g

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The best tea out of this month’s Simple Loose Leaf Tea Club Coop!

This oolong is from wild grown tea trees. The flavor is actually quite different – it’s green oolong, but not as delicate as one. The flavor starts tulips, wheatgrass and creamy sweet. With further infusions, the tea gets less grassy and more savory – with a sesame and wheat cracker kind of flavor, which is quite different and fun.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/february-simple-loose-leaf-tea-coop-club/ Dimetrodon in disguise!

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Oh man this one sounds really interesting and really yummy.

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This was the least favorite of mine out of the Teatoxy teas. To me, the best flavor was a short steep – 3 minutes, with sugar, iced. The flavor is quite hibiscus tart, with minty and lemon flavor with a mysterious savory element going on.

The longer infusion (for more benefits stated on the package) the hops comes out adding a savory bitter flavor, with the extended time making the mint taste steamy and grassy, over a lot more tart. Really tart! If you enjoy beer and hops teas, you might like this one, otherwise you might be like me and want less hops flavor as possible.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/teatoxy-detox-tea/ Such colourful tea and pretty dry leaf!


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I’m a crafty knitter and crocheter that loves to work on a project and drink tea. I worked as a counsellor and I chain-drink tea to keep me calm and grounded.

I’m a tea blogger – The Oolong Owl
www.OolongOwl.com – I do tea reviews, obsessively photograph teas with mischievous crocheted Owls and get tea drunk.

I was raised on floral oolongs and green teas, mostly “beauty” teas. Early on as a kid, I can guzzle an entire pot of tea (or two) at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.
These days I like adventurous and interesting tea blends. I’m fearless in trying new teas! I’m into oolong, pu’erh, white, green, black, guayusa, mate and herbals. I’m not into red rooibos but I keep buying it anyway.

The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.
My recommended tea shops:
Mandala Tea
Steep City Teas
Butiki Teas
Della Terra Teas
Verdant Tea
Yunnan Sourcing
52 Teas / Zoomdweebies
Red Leaf Tea
New Mexico Tea Co
Bluebird Tea Co
The Persimmon Tree

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

I have a husband and a bunny who both hate tea. More for me!!!! MUUAHAHAHAHAAA


Long Beach, CA



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