1226 Tasting Notes

drank Autumn Song by Mandala Tea
1226 tasting notes

OOOOOH YEAH new pu’er from Mandala Tea! Love the name of this tea!

Very smooth! Also very interesting notes of lemon curd, fresh mint, bell pepper skin and floral – with a nice creamy body. Later on, a dry cheeked astringency appears which might be a little much if you aren’t into dryness or new to pu’er. No smokey notes.

I did a low temp at first, and followed what others did and ramped up the temperature at the 11th infusion.

Mega invigorating too! So much tea drunk going on here!

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/2014-autumn-song-puer-mandala-tea-oolong-owl-tea-review/

185 °F / 85 °C 7 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

Far out! What a treat to log in to Steepster and find this post. You are right, super young tea. But… good news is that I’ve had this tea in the hands of several, shall we say, sheng purists and they have all agreed that this is going to age like a champ. Considering the pressing was just done in March, things are coming along pretty nicely with it.

I’ve been sipping the mao cha alot in my tea thermos at yoga classes and it does the trick! Namastea!

Thank you for taking the time to write this up, my friend. One of these days, we shall sip the same tea, on the same day, at the same time, in the same room, from the same pot. It’s true.


I have a sample of this sitting on my countertop, calling my name, asking me to prepare it. Thanks to your review, it is getting moved up in the queue!

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An elegant, buttery sweet milk, liliac and lilies and snap pea vegetal oolong! I personally prefer a more oxidized or roasted oolong, but this green oolong was pretty good. I love the thick flavor and the high volume of steeps I got with gongfu short infusions (9!). Four Seasons oolong was pretty sweet – I think this would be a great dessert tea for the tea drinker that prefers unflavored teas.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/four-seasons-oolong-single-origin-teas-oolong-owl-tea-review/

200 °F / 93 °C 5 g 5 OZ / 150 ML
Single Origin Teas

Love the lilac and lilies tasting notes. :) You must have a great palate if you were still detecting things on brew number 9!

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drank Country Breakfast by Teafolks
1226 tasting notes


With bacon jerky right in the dry leaf, this maple black and lapsang souchong tea blend also has plenty of chai spices. The result? A savory, smokey bacon tea with a spicy flavorful chai base. Kinda like a steeping of bacon, maple syrup and spicy french toast. Really good with amber agave to enhance that maple flavor.

The only downfall? This tea tastes best piping hot. There is a film on the top that gets oily once the tea is cool.

In the end, Country Breakfast sounds really weird of a tea, but it works. I’d say this is the best bacon drink I’ve tried out of all the other bacon teas and sodas.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/country-breakfast-tea-teafolks-oolong-owl-tea-review/

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Cameron B.

I would totally try this. :P I’m glad you like it.


I was going to ask about the fat from the bacon.

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drank Coconut Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1226 tasting notes

Hmm did steepster eat my review? I did a blog post about this matcha http://oolongowl.com/coconut-matcha-red-leaf-tea-oolong-owl-tea-review/ and don’t see my post or cupboard action. Maybe I forgot? Anyways, check my blog review for straight up review of this matcha.

Today I did something amazing with this stuff – I did a smoothie with coconut matcha, Taro drink mix and soymilk. SOOO GOOOD! Better than the Taro Coconut bubble teas at the Boba shop. Now, if Taro mix was cheaper I could have this all the time!


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drank Roasted Barley Tea by Unknown
1226 tasting notes

I dunno if I’m logging this in the right place. I’ve had malt barely teas before (kinda meh) and I’ve bought a few korean barely teas and they’d come out flavorless. I wanted another go though and was happy to find Korean Barely Tea in the Here’s Hoping Teabox 3.

Awesome timing too, a blogger I met at the World Tea Expo recently made a post on steeping this grainy roasty tea http://thirstyfortea.com/2014/06/13/korean-barley-tea/ and I used her directions of boiling it for 20 minutes. I then put it in the fridge and served cold.
Really good stuff – sweet, roasty with a bit of corny flavor. A sweeter dark roast houjicha. I think I’ll buy more of this stuff next time I’m at my local Korean grocery store (love going there, they always play G Dragon)

Boiling 8 min or more

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MEGA BERGAMONT ALERT! Bergamontasaurus RAWRRRR! This is the strongest bergamont earl grey I’ve ever tried.

This earl grey is for the bergamont lovers with constant bergamont flavor throughout the sip. So much bergamont, the tea is refreshing end of sip. The black is really background here, but isn’t dry or bitter. I like bergamont heavy earl greys, so I liked this earl grey.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/earl-grey-premium-ocean-tea-oolong-owl-tea-review/


ooo… strong bergamot. Shopping list it goes.


This was a good one.

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drank Banana Split by Tiesta Tea
1226 tasting notes

Another tea from Here’s Hoping Tea box 3

First up, I was curious why there was purple flowers in this tea – that’s not banana split like, but they flowers were pretty. Steeped up, this really smells like ripe banana! Flavor wise, a little weak. The banana (artificially flavored like). A lot of rooibos in this blend, making the flavor a little watery. A little creamy while drinking with a bit of grassy mate. Not bad, but I was expecting a stronger flavor.

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drank Seed Harvest by Handmade Tea
1226 tasting notes

From the Here’s Hoping Teabox 3

Hmmm.. this tea reminds me of curry – it must be the cumin seed in it. Actually, I don’t mind this tea. The black base is flavorful, smokey with the spices making this tea kinda savory. I’m getting cumin first – I think luck of the teaspoon as I see more notes on people tasting the fennel/anise. The fennel and anise add a neat sweetness at the end.

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drank Rooibos Chai by Spicely Organics
1226 tasting notes

I got this chai from the World Tea Expo along with TEA INFUSED CHOCOLATES!

Anyways, this is a pretty good rooibos chai. This one does not skimp out on spices, so with a longer steep you’ll get more spice and less rooibos (a win for me). The key in this chai is the BIG chunks of vanilla bean which add a great creamyness to the chai.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl. Plus a tasting of tea infused chocolates! http://oolongowl.com/spicely-tea-infused-chocolates-chai-rooibos-oolong-owl-tea-review/

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drank Milk Oolong by Gong Fu Tea Shop
1226 tasting notes

From the Here’s Hoping Tea box3!

I am a huge fan of Mandala Tea’s milk oolong and was very curious how this oolong stacks up. Appearance wise, GFTS’ milk oolong is a darker, vibrant green, with smaller more chewed up leaf than Mandala’s milk oolong. I used the same steeping parameters that I use for my Mandala Tea milk oolong.

Taste wise, GFTS’ is more fruity – I was getting coconut and bit of fruityness, with lots of vegetal and buttery creamy. This one is quite good – but I’m still leaning on Mandala Tea’s milk oolong, which is more caramel butter edge to it with nicer leaf quality.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

I really like this milk oolong. It’s one of my favorites. I have not had the Mandala one yet.


Definitely give Mandala’s milk oolong a try, Cheri. It is awesome! American Tea Room has a great one too.


Cheri, you tried GFTS and Mandala:) I remember reading your tasting notes. Awkward Soul, I am going to have to go back and have a cup of each. The strong notes of each makes me curious again. For me the GFTS won due to the intense creamy flavor.


I did try the Mandala! I had that one confused in my head. Oops! I didn’t give it a rating because I wanted to try the GFTS and Teavivre ones. My bad!! (I thought I’d had it, and went back through my ratings because I can sort those so much better than my tea log aqnd couldn’t find it. I’m such an idiot.)

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The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

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