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I’ve been sick for days, but today it is starting to clear up.

Been kinda worried because it was a sinus cold and my sense of taste became bitter for everything! ARGG! So I stopped drinking tea and began crazy creations (straight grated ginger and chili pepper). Today, my sense of taste is returning, but my sense of adventure is still there.

I drank all of my uji genmaicha earlier, so I was thinking of making my own.. if that works.
So… a basic Genmaicha + light dusting of Red Leaf Teas “Raspberry matcha, white matcha” = nutty rice, with a tart bit of raspberry, with a slight astringency from the white matcha. Fun! I think this would of turned out better with a green matcha, but I wanted raspberry.
I suggest others to give this a shot with a flavored matcha!

My next plot: 52 teas Cherry Cheesecake genmaicha + Red Leaf’s “Cheesecake Matcha”

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SICK MODE! (still)

Another great sick tea! Something about earthy deep pu’erh thats great for colds. This one has some citrus and ginger too! I made a big pot of the Skinny this morning and it’s already almost gone! The citrus is making my throat better and the ginger is setting my stomach.

Now.. heres to hoping all this extra tea will make me ditch the extra pounds I put on over the weekend, which is probably in snot! EWW!


I hope you feel better soon….

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This is even better with fresh lime slices! I really need to try this hot, but I keep making this iced with honey because it is just amazing. The mate is perking me up a bit, as I rather sit here knitting than snoozing all day. Ugg what kind of plague did my husband give me?? Of course, he just has the sniffles.

Thought I’d toss up shawl progress pics


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Ugg, sick. So sick I messed up this steeping, so I have no idea how long I did this. However, I was slightly crazy and added a cm or two slice of fresh ginger to the steeping.

The taste? Uhh ginger mostly, the taste buds are shot! It’s making my throat feel better though!


Come on over and we can have a sickie party. We will drink tea and you can work on your shawl while I knit the Doctor Who scarf.

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

hahah, totally! Ugg.. I’m doing a picot bind off and have been at it for 2 hours and maybe 1/4 done the shawl’s edging!


feel better soon! this is the right tea for being sick :)

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Jacking this tea to 100, as it saves me in the morning, after concerts and now sick days. Looks like I picked up my husband’s cold, bleck!

I jacked this tea up with some lemon slices and honey to help with the throat pain and it’s doing good! Also perking me up from the lack of sleep I had.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Whoa WHOA!

Just made this iced (double strength over ice, honey and lemon slice for appearances) and WHOA! Creamy! Lemony! Smooth! Awesome! Delicious! Not rooibosy at all!

Need to drink this hot, I’m just short on non caffeinated tea. I’ll do a full tasting review at another time.


Argh, I’m seeing too many good reviews of this tea….


ya really lot of review of that one got it in my sample order today now i jsut have to learn to make a good iced tea ( all my cold iced tea try are major fail lol )

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Yup, I get my Butiki order today, with 4 new teas + some samples to try and I go drink more Watermelon Xylophone cuz I know I have more!
since I ordered 2 more packs of it!

Very juicy, honey and watermelon taste! Love this tea! YAY!

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 30 sec

mmmmm watermelon




MMM that does sound good. Is it like real watermelon or like Jolly Ranchers watermelon?

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

real watermelon, like watermelon juice.


Oh god..I need that

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Holy crabby batman! Just feeling cranky with my SHAWL OF DOOOOM! I have to knit the last row then bind off of HELL (picots) and totally sick of this beast! I’m ready to set this thing on fire!

Matcha break?

Tiramisu ice latte matcha, but with a 1/4 tsp of Caramel matcha! It’s like adding a squirt of caramel sauce on your tiramisu, if it wasn’t bad for you already! Super tasty, totally try it peeps if you got both matchas!

Uggg still cranky. Maybe my Butiki order that should be here in 1 – 2 hours will cheer me up.

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3 more rows left on the crazy shawl, however each row takes at least 40 minutes. The edging is supposed to take over 5 hours! GAHHH! It will be done in time, but it’ll be a horrible weekend. I’m going to break it up repainting tea tins and folding paper flowers.

DRY: Smells of chocolate and candied strawberries!

STEEPED: Chocolatey and sweet strawberry smell – Dark brown tea.

TASTE: Black tea base and chocolately upfront. Then a sweet strawberry tang taste pops out. I’d say this is pretty chocolately. Sweetened, it’s a bit creamy and brings out the strawberry more.

COMMENTS: slightly reminds me of DavidsTea’s Love Tea #7, without the floral. However, CCS black tea base is gentler with stronger chocolate.
Tasty, and I think others would love this tea, but not for me as it needs a bit more going on.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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