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Here’s Hoping TTB R5 #4

I think this might be another tea thats a little older as it doesn’t have too much taste to it once brewed up… It’s still got a little bit of maltiness to it and I’m getting almost a whisper of sweet honey on every third or fourth sip but honestly I can taste the milk I placed in this more than I can the actual tea…. and that says something since I overleafed during brewing because there was a cup and a quarter of tea leaves left in the packet and no one wants a quarter a cup of tea (at least I don’t!!). TTB sipdown but not something anyone should be too upset about missing out on.


It’s disappointing so many teas seem old. I hope people aren’t just assuming that because the box is so big. I do a good job of removing teas I’ve seen in two rounds. I definitely didn’t see any of the teas people have been mentioning as old in the box before. But they are probably just old ones someone added.

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Here’s Hoping TTB R5 #3

This is seriously delicious… It’s got some amazing sweet, bread, vanilla and cream notes to it and stands up very well to multiple steeping… And a splash of full fat milk makes this a decadent treat!! I don’t know if it necessarily reminds me of French toast but I don’t care it’s very tasty!! The moment this brew touched my lips I immediately jumped online to purchase some for myself but alas, it’s currently not in stock. Promise me Liquid Proust that you have a plan to whip more of this up sometime soon?? I must have more of this in my life!! Only one cup is torture!!

Liquid Proust

It sold out twice… I’m trying to find out when the new harvest will be to buy fresh material to work with, it’s a process. They will probably always well out though because my batches are never over a pound because I have to inspect each ball to have been exposed correctly to the process they go through.

Liquid Proust

*sell no well


Hope I get my hands on some next time it’s in stock :)

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Here’s Hoping TTB R5 #2

I’m guessing this tea may be something one of the box participants purchased quite a while ago as it doesn’t really seem to have any real flavor to it at all… although the dry leaf has a slight malty, smoky scent, I’m not getting anything at all out of the brewed tea… disappointing as the website states its a rich full-bodied tea… maybe a while ago but not anymore…boo… back to the box this one goes.

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Here’s Hoping TTB R5 #1

The Here’s Hoping TTB arrived on my door step a couple of days ago and I must admit I am completely intimidated by it, it’s GINORMOUS!!! I’ve never seen a 9 pound travelling tea box before, I mean that’s the size of a healthy new born baby not a tea box!!! Thankfully someone, I suspect flyawaybirdie, has sorted out and bagged the tea by type which makes tacking this GARGANTUAN box a little more user friendly… Thank you!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

I decided to start with the straight blacks, because, well hello, straight blacks!! Sniffing a couple of the packets this one immediately stood out to me, it smells insanely delicious, super malty with a touch of tobacco. Brewing it up, it definitely delivers, its slightly smoky but not overwhemingly, a little malty, and has a touch of sweetness at the end of the sip that makes it very enjoyable.

I may have to have another cup of this before it goes back into this BEHEMOTH TTB for the next person to enjoy.

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My final kickstarted reward arrived in the post this week, the breakfast blends add on, and therefore this review is for the new 52 Teas version of this tea.

Opening the bag I’m immediately hit with the overpowering scent of cinnamon which concerns me a little bit as I’m not a huge cinnamon fan… Huge juicy looking raisins greet me as I pull my spoon out of the bag and dump it into my cup. I probably over leafed, using closer to a teaspoon and a half of dry leaf but I do like my tea strong. Brewed for three minutes, I then added milk and took a sip… Lots of cinnamon… I let it sit for 10 minutes to cool as the packet advises and took another sip… Ok, still plenty of cinnamon but now I can taste the raisin, butter, and bread notes! Definitely a tea that tastes better once it’s cooled down than when it’s piping hot which is how I feel abt a lot of 52 teas blends.

If your a fan of cinnamon don’t let this one get away without sampling it.

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Tasty but not my favorite offering from A Quarter to Tea ( hands down that title belongs to the Chocolate Cherry Latte Oolong) but its still a decent offering, just not one I would be rushing out to restock (unlike the Chocolate Cherry Latte Oolong which I had to have more of IMMEDIATELY!!). This tea delivers on its promise of maple and pecan and my dry leaf was seriously overflowing with pecan pieces however something about it just didn’t ‘wow’ me… don’t get me wrong, its tasty, and I’m sure some people will absolutely love it, but for some reason it was reasonably forgettable for me, maybe because maple and pecan aren’t my usual go to?

I am however SUPER excited about trying the Vanilla Cider Panna Cotta Oolong and the Frosted Carrot Cake Genmaicha that I couldn’t resist ordering this afternoon!!!! Which means I’m cheating on my tea buying hiatus again with A Quarter to Tea but how could I resist? Those teas are deff my sort of flavors!!!

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This is delicious! Especially when paired with a spoon full of the huckleberry jam (I’ve never thought to put jam in tea before)!! Unfortunately tho, I’m going to run out of the jam long before I run out of the tea which is a little depressing but thankfully the tea tastes pretty darn good by itself as well… its a touch smokey, a whole bit malty and the jam just adds that perfect hit of sweetness… Actually I have a jar of olallieberry jam I picked up the last time I was in Big Sur which will probably taste pretty darn amazing in this tea… mmmm…. I might need to go brew another cup right now and give this a try!!

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This definitely gets better as it starts to cool down! Initially i couldn’t taste any of the chocolate notes everyone keeps mentioning but then suddenly, around 15 minutes after brewing, BAM, there’s that delicious chocolate note! I brewed this western style as I’m feeling super lazy today (probably because its another day of sorting, cleaning and throwing in preparation for, our now pretty much guaranteed move… the only thing still unconfirmed is where??). The tea has a great creamy mouthfeel, elevated by a splash of milk, and there are some great malt, chocolate and honey notes once the tea has cooled down to just above luke warm…. yum! Glad I have a little more of this stashed away to enjoy.

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Ah Sunday… The one day of the week when there is no alarm clock waking you up and you can lay in bed with a delicious cup of tea a good book and not feel guilty that you don’t emerge from your cocoon until the mid morning hours!

I was hoping this was going to be a super chocolatey delight with a slight punch of spice and chili however I found the heat of the chili overpowered the rest of the flavor and it really was all I could taste. Maybe I just need to shake the bag up a little before dipping into it for my dry leaf? I’ll try again shortly and see if I get better results.

Lauren | A Quarter to Tea

Definitely try shaking it up! Otherwise, add a small splash of milk. It tempers the chili incredibly well and brings out the chocolate.

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So even though I’m on a tea buying hiatus (a BIG one) everyone on Steepster has been seriously tempting me with their tasting notes from Quarter to Tea and so I decided to bite the bullet a week ago and treated myself to a small package of seven different samples and upon opening the bag this morning I’m oh so glad that I did!

I overleafed this and maybe thats where I’m seeing the difference but this tea is FAN-FRIGGIN-AMAZING Like drink it forever and I’d be happy amazing!!! Authentic cherry and chocolate flavors with a kick of coffee – this may just have replaced Cocoa Amore for me as my go to cherry tea because (1) its seriously delicious and (2) its actually available unlike Cocoa Amore!

Buying more right now!!!


haha YAY!


You have no idea how happy this tasting note makes me. :)) I too saw another tasting note on this tea and rushed right out to buy a sample (and a few others). Really makes me happy that you loved it too – now if my package would just hurry up and get here. :))

Roswell Strange

This was my favourite of my three samples, for sure! @Dex I know you really love cherry tea so I’m crossing my fingers you’ll enjoy this one. I’d order more from Quarter to Tea myself (so many others I’m curious about) but Etsy is being an absolute butt.

Lauren | A Quarter to Tea

@Dexter It just cleared customs, so hopefully soon! I hope you enjoy it too! I really, really enjoy this one!

@Roswell Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with on Etsy. If it insists on being worthless, I can always invoice using PayPal or whatever would be best for you :)


Thank you @Mad Hatter – I’ve been watching it. Processed through Mississauga – I might get it Friday if Canada Post is kind to me. :))


@Rosswell – yep always looking for good cherry teas. The good ones are few and far between. Most are either candy or cough syrup. Really looking forward to trying this one.


Nice! You make me want to follow suit and order too.

Roswell Strange

@Hatter Placed an order for the 7 sample pack a few moments ago; I had to go through paypal to do it. For whatever reason Etsy wouldn’t let me do it otherwise, but that’s an issue I’ve had in the past with other Etsy stores. The last time I bought septum piercings from Etsy it was damn near impossible :/ Etsy just doesn’t want me to have nice things!


this will go on my list to try!


My package is showing successfully delivered this morning. I find that odd considering I’m not at home. Will find out after work when I get home….


envelope likely so it fit in your mailbox :)

Evol Ving Ness

Dexter, how long did it take from the time it shipped to the time you received it on your doorstep?

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I’m partial to straight oolongs and strong blacks but will drink almost anything if it’s good! I’m also a sucker for coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, raspberry and chocolate flavors and I’m starting to dabble in pu’erh but haven’t found my feet yet….

I’m a displaced Aussie who loves a good cuppa!


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