135 Tasting Notes

drank Milk Oolong by Mandala Tea
135 tasting notes

I’ve been meaning to do a Mandala order for sooooo long… But with Butiki recently closing all of my money the last few months seemed to be leaving my pocket and doing a very fast and very happy jig over to Butiki… And then one day…. Dexter posted some pictures of some amazingly beautiful and unique walnut tea trays Mandala had recently acquired and I knew my time of avoiding an order to save my credit card was over!!

This tea has been on my wish list FOREVER!! So of course it had to sneakily be added to my tea tray order (along with so many other goodies!) and of course I tore into the bag as soon as my order arrived… Well as soon as I’d stoped drooling over my new tea tray… (Thank you so much again for sharing your beautiful find Dexter!!!). The dry leaf scent of this tea is unbelievable!! I’m talking coconut milk mixed in with a rich , heady condensed milk scent! And the taste? Mmmmm, I’ve died and gone to tea heaven! The milky flavor doesn’t quit, steep after steep, it’s still present, just more subtle as the tea morphs from creamy and nutty to a more floral flavor right at the end.

This will be my milk oolong yard stick from now on, the tea that I hold all other milk oolong in comparison to! I hope I can find something else that’s just as good, but if not, I’ll be more than content with this little gem never ever leaving my cupboard!!


So happy that you ordered one and love it!!! I love mine too… :))


Those trays are so beautiful. Honestly, “beautiful” just doesn’t do them justice… they’re jaw-dropping gorgeous. :D

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drank L'Automne by Fauchon
135 tasting notes

Overboard TTB #6

What a week… I’m so far behind in everything right now, including my notes from this TTB… But the good news is the hubby and I have a super relaxing Napa weekend planned so I intend to forget all about how behind I am for a few days and just enjoy Good food, good wine and sneak by Dean & Deluca while the hubby isn’t watching so I can cheekily refill my mariage freres obsessions! Speaking of French teas, I’d not yet managed to get my hands on any fauchon teas yet so was pleasantly surprised to find this hiding in the bottom of the TTB.

I’m not usually a huge fan of citris based teas but since this is a roobios and it was late at night when I found it, I simply had to try it…. Wow! This is a liquid Terry’s chocolate orange! The tea has a perfect balance of chocolate and orange, neither is too overpowering and both complement each other to the point where this citrus disliker actually thought about going back for a second cup! Adding milk brings out some seriously creamy flavours and increases the heaviness of the mouthfeel. If this is a sign of things to come I’m definitely hoping to try more fauchon teas in the future!

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Overboard TTB #5

This tastes just like David’s Tea Forever Nuts with the addition of creaminess!!

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Overboard TTB #4

This got better as it cooled… brewed at 212 there wasn’t much flavor… but as the tea cooled the malt and honey characteristics started to shine through. Not something that I would rush out to buy, the flavor profile just doesn’t stand out to me as something special… nice but not a favorite

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Overboard TTB #3

I’m not getting much of anything from this tea… definitely no chocolate and only a hint of mint which I don’t so much taste when I’m drinking the tea but more so as a slight minty tingly sensation in my throat afterwards… Not going to rate as I’m thinking this tea could be a little on the older side which has reduced the flavor and is skewing my experience.

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First tea from my second box and so far London Tea Club is 4/4 in my eyes! Love the fact that the lavender was sent separate to the tea test tube so you have the ability to add as much or as little as your taste buds desire…. The tea itself smells faintly of lavender before adding any additional and there are some rose petals and blue cornflowers floating around in the tube. The tea stands up very well to milk, giving it a super creamy mouth feel and the bergamot and lavender flavours are present but not over the top. the tea is the perfect accompaniment to a sugar cookie or a piece of cake and makes an amazing afternoon tea pairing. The tea box came with a recipe for Myers lemon bars and I think I’ll save the rest of the leaves until I have the chance to try it out!

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

That is actually really clever! I wish more teas would do that, plus free test tube :P


Test tube tea sounds exciting! :)


its the cutest thing ever :)

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Ok, I’m really liking this and wishing I had of picked up a little more than just an ounce! I’ve noticed that banana is one of those flavors that either works really really well or is absolutely hideous… and Stacy seems to do banana oh so well… why did I doubt?? This tea has a good hit of banana and smoke and a touch of milk brings out the maple flavor. I’ll definitely miss this once its gone.

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Overboard TTB #2

Mmmm… this smells delicious! The dry leaf smells a little bit like Russian Caravan to me (although I don’t drink a lot of this type of tea anymore… maybe its just flashbacks to childhood memories?) with a nice amount of warm spicy smokiness… upon sipping the tea definitely has some good amounts of malt, sweetness and smoke. Nothing is too overpowering just the perfect blend of smoky, woody, leatheriness… Yum!!

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
135 tasting notes

Overboard TTB #1

I’m a little overwhelmed by all the amazing sounding teas in the overboard TTB so though I’d start with something that looks pretty tried and true by the community to ease my way into the box… This tea didn’t disapoint! Hints of caramel, honey, vanilla and a touch of bergamot its like mixing a vanilla caramel tea with a very mild earl grey! I can completely understand why this is such a popular tea!

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So school went back last week and I’m being totally avoidant! I have two classes left until I graduate and with working full time and also trying to study whenever I have a spare second I’m seriously starting to get burnt out… I’m at a point where I just want to toss it all in and do nothing but read books, drink tea and go to yoga… Oh, I wish I was a lady who lunched… Until I realize I’d be bored out of my brain in a couple of months…. Maybe :)

I’ve been enjoying this tea as a nice escape recently… In fact, I’ve drunk through most of my 2 oz bag in the last two weeks!! It’s the perfect creamy vanilla mint tea and I’m pretty sure this Christmas I’ll be buying tonnes of this and skipping the David’s Tea Santa’s Secret!

This was a sipdown so I guess I’ll miss you till the end of the year Christmas Tradition

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