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drank The Black Lotus by Butiki Teas
167 tasting notes

Drinking a favorite and wondering again just what I’m going to do when my stash finally runs out… double sob

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Not My Cup Of Tea #1

So I thought that this would be a good place to start on the monster tea box, I mean, I love coconut, I love caramel, I’m partial to a bit of sea salt,… So I brewed this up during lunch and stuck it in my timolino to drink at work for afternoon tea… Unfortunately I took one sip and ended up pouring the rest down the drain… it was a little too chemically for my taste buds…and upon review of the ingredients it has the usual suspects you would generally expect to find in this sort of tea…. and red bell pepper…. that’s a little strange… Afraid this is not my cup O’Tea either but I’m sure someone will enjoy!!


red bell pepper?? Weird..


My thoughts exactly!

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It’s one of those super rare indulgent lazy Sundays today in my house! 11am and the hubby is still fast asleep and I’m still in bed, in my pjs, reading a book and drinking tea…. A relaxing, super enjoyable morning calls for an amazing favorite tea and without even needing to think I pulled GO out of my cupboard! I’m almost at the end of this bag and so my cup is full of those little black specs that I love so much but are bittersweet because it means I’m back to waiting again for the next release of this blend. One of my absolute favorite teas of all time!!

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So my lastest order which included this tea took 18 days to get to me from order to arrival on my doorstep (and shipping was only 5 days of this timeframe!) which seems like a VERY LONG time, I mean, a box from Taiwan which was ordered on the same day as this arrived a week ago and it had a much longer journey to make!! I understand this tea is hand blended in small batches but I’m seriously impatient for tasty tea.

Unsurprisingly the wait was worth it! In the bag, this tea smells and looks like many of the other WP blends and it’s not until you take your first sips that you realize the difference… This has some powerful maple notes! The maltiness is very present as is a touch of cocoa and vanilla and it almost reminds me of Golden Orchid except for that intense woody maple flavor that really hits me front and center. It won’t replace Golden Orchid or Cocoa Amore in my cupboard (two of my favorite teas ever) but it has a welcome place as something I can grab when I feel something comforting but a little different.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

So glad you enjoyed this! :-)

Luckily, I’m revamping my entire order filling process, which will eventually cut the turnaround time from 7+ days down to same-day shipping :-) I’ll get there soon! :D

Whispering Pines Tea Company

And this review just made me want to go make some :D

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drank Monks Blend by London Tea Club
167 tasting notes

I really do love London Tea Club! The club provides the cutest little samples test tubes that are big enough for one large pot or 2 cups of tea which is enough for me to get a good idea of the tea and doesn’t add to my ginormous stash already hidden in every nook and cranny of my house and office!!

I’ve never had a monks blend before so I was very interested to try this tea! When I first started drinking all those years ago I used always order a fire engines which is lemonade vodka and grenadine so this was kind of like going back to my roots but in tea form!

Happy to say this taste nothing like an alcoholic fire engine!! It does have some serious vanilla and pomegranate notes which is a super tasty and slightly unusual combination for me – I don’t think I’ve had another pomegranate tea!

Definitely another delicious win for the London Tea Company and something I will seriously consider restocking when I finally (if ever) get this stash under control!

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Oh delicious roasty amazingness where have you been all my life? Brewed up in my little yixing pot, you make my mouth water in anticipating of every single sip, my tastebuds sing as you hit my tongue and my tummy sighs in simple delight at the end of your trip! You taste like walking through a fir tree forest in autumn just before sunset – all wood, sweetness, the lightest touch of spice, a hint of leather (or is it tobacco??) and a creamy mouth feel. Its just a pity your so darn expensive but then again your ability to steep many many times reduces your cost per sip and lets be honest, even six steeps in you still taste pretty darn amazing. Worth every penny!

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
167 tasting notes

This is still a good cuppa but I guess I’m starting to get a little spoiled because brewing this up this morning it doesn’t fill me with a sense of coconut, raspberry awe like it used to… Guess my tastebuds are growing up!!!

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So I finally managed to get my husband over the hump and on the mend from this flu and it looks like all of my compassion and voluntary nursing has been rewarded by my immune systems surrender and slow demise to the same tyrant virus… Thanks a lot immune system!! So instead of being at work this afternoon I’m working from home which at least has the benefit of being in close proximity to my tea stash… Before my taste buds go the same way as the immune system I decided to commiserate my impending doom with this tea…. Mmmm… opening the packet I’m greeted by a malty cocoa scent… brewed its big malt, honey, baked bread flavors with a slight hint of sweet potato… I may have to hoard the rest of this until I’m feeling better!


Feel better soon!


thank you… drinking lots of tea seems to be helping :)

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drank Genmaicha by David's Tea
167 tasting notes

Holy Crud! How did I get up to 320+ teas?!?!?!

So I guess someone on our international flight decided to be super sweet and share their cold/flu because my poor hubby has been sick as a dog for the last two days which could be managed with sleep, recouperation and chicken soup except he’s got this insane work thing going on at the moment and he’s walked back into 12 hour days onto of evening networking events… So I’m making him this tea with honey every chance I get which is really helping his scratchy throat and cough a bunch… I never would of thought to mix this with honey but it actually adds a nice touch of sweetness to the delicious toasty popcorn flavor… A favorite of mine and glad it’s helping the hubby cope with evil illness


Still getting over a horrific cold/flu myself and did some Genmaicha as well. Very soothing for sure. The honey is a brilliant idea – Sounds delicious!

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drank Guit-T by T Bar Tea Salon
167 tasting notes

This jet lag is killing me!! It was not a super productive day today but at least I did get out of my pjs for a couple of hours to grab groceries and head to the gym… After that it was straight back into the comfy ‘clothes’! I’ve been drinking through a number of teas today to sustain wakefulness and this tea caught my eye this afternoon because, hello, how can you go past a tea called Guil-T?? Brewed up this tea taste a little like liquid chocolate or better yet, like chocolate milk!! Cocoa pieces, vanilla bean… Oh my lord it’s amazing!! Can’t wait to try it iced!

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Wife, hiker, backcountry explorer, snowboarder, scuba diver, reader, amateur photographer, wine snob, traveller, student, workaholic and tea addict….

I’m partial to straight oolongs and strong blacks but will drink almost anything if it’s good! I’m also a sucker for coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, raspberry and chocolate flavors and I’m starting to dabble in pu’erh but haven’t found my feet yet….

I’m a displaced Aussie who loves a good cuppa!


Southern California

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