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OMG this tea is the BOMB!!

My first couple of sips I had a sneaking suspicion that there was some unknown and unidentified sugar element hiding down at the bottom of my clean mug and that the dishwasher was on the fritz… And then I realized… NO ITS THE TEA!!!!

The scent of this tea is insanely intoxicating… it smells like fresh buttery sweetbread or pastry! Taste wise, wow! Talk about delicious! Its malty, naturally sweet and has a slight pastry and stone fruit jam taste… I need more of this RIGHT now!!!!

Maddy Barone

Ooh, I have got to get me some of that!


Hi Maddy! Happy to set up a swap if you’d like to try it first… PM me if your interested :)

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drank Winter Cupcake by Teas Etc
179 tasting notes

Not My Cup Of Tea TTB #7

I’m working through the box this morning, deciding what I still want to sample and packing up small amounts to try later this week and deciding what I want to add so I can get this monstrosity or monstros’o’tea back into circulation and I came across this delightful sounding tea…. Yellow cupcakes, vanilla icing , all in a tea with zero calories…. Yes please!

This is quite tasty! The cute little sugar snowflakes add a touch of sweetness and vanilla to the green tea base and I can taste a slight cake flavor with limited artificial aftertaste. Glad I tried this but since it’s in the 90s here already I think it’s time to lay off the winter teas and start planning for summer!


I love this one but I bought so much of it I thought I’d share. Its great iced too.


I hope there is still some of this in the box by the time I receive it! ;P


Send me a PM with your addy and I’ll send you some. :)

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I received a very generous package from Nicole yesterday and had to dig straight into this tea this morning since I’m dying to try it after her review. Brewed the tea has a decidedly woodsy scent with a touch of malt and what I think is very very delicate mushroom.. When I close my eyes I imagine a dense overgrown forest towering above me and picking hen-of-the-woods mushrooms in the dappled afternoon light…. But at the same time there are some cocoa and dark chocolate scents peaking through as well… It sounds a little strange but smells amazing! Taste wise this is pretty much on par with my last sentence! The tea is smooth, it’s complex, and it’s malty. It’s got that slight woody taste combined with the cocoa/chocolate notes and a hint of caramel sweetness. Im sad that my cup is now empty…. Thanks for the share Nicole I’ll be picking some of this up soon for sure!!

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A recent discussion thread peaked my interest in this company and since it was so close to home I decided to give them a go…. So they’re a little creative in their flavor notes (feels like soft warm mahogany) but wouldn’t you be too when your ingredients include Ceylon black tea, South American cocoa husk, Indonesian cinnamon, Chinese chili and Iranian safflower petals?? Man… I don’t want to think about the carbon footprint of this tea… (its also blended in Germany)… but doesn’t it sound delicious???

This tea is seriously like a big warm hug!! Its the perfect blend of cocoa and spice, no one flavor overpowers any of the others, they’re all in perfect harmony!! A splash of milk adds a delicious creamy mouth feel to the end of each of my sips.

I can see why this tea was a winter release for August Uncommon! Unfortunately its probably a little too warm in California these days to be drinking this but I can see myself hoarding the remainder for the winter months around a fire watching the snow come down… assuming it ever snows again in California…

I just had my first cup of this. Complex and delicious. Every tea I have tried from AU so far has had the “hug” quality that you mentioned and in entirely different ways.


Beelicious gave the only rating for this tea so far at “88” but Steepster’s overall rating is “79.” How does that work?


Sounds delicious, and that really is crazy to think how this tea all came together with ingredients from all corners of the world.


there is an algorithm they use for ratings, I think there is a base “rating” given sort of like Steepster has its own opinion heh. (same for every one though, to be fair!)


Thanks for the info, Indigobloom. It must weighted to take into account the number of ratings.


Yeah I think so too, that rings a bell. There is a thread floating in the forums somewhere about it

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drank Pina Colada by Adagio Teas
179 tasting notes

Not My Cup Of Tea #6

I thought this might be a good afternoon snack type of tea and so I brewed it up at lunch time in one of my Nordic mugs, stuck it in my brand new Davids Tea Carry Travel Mug and then sat it at my desk until I was ready for it a couple of hours later. I’m not sure if the tea was bad or if it was the new Carry Travel Mug but something tasted like soap and plastic when I finally got round to drinking this… There was a decent amount of hibiscus, a touch of coconut and a whole ton of soap and plastic…. blegh! Back into the box this one goes!!!

update… ok, I’ve brewed something else in the Travel Mug and I’m going to admit, some of the plastic taste seems to have come directly from it…. BUT the majority seems to be the tea… oh well… double boo on the plastic tasting David’s carry travel tea mug tho!!

Maddy Barone

Yeeou. I haven’t had trouble with any of my DAVID’s teaware. Hopefully the plastic-y taste will go away. :(


I’ve never had issues either until now!! Hopefully a really good soak helps get rid off the plastic taste… I’ve definitely noticed the new carry travel tea mugs are not the same quality as the timolinos.

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So I have no idea why, but I thought this would be sweeter than it actually was but I guess I should have realized as it’s got hibiscus in it which always makes tea a little tart. Opening the packet there was a tonne of big huge juicy looking strawberry pieces mixed in with apple, lemon and orange and I decided since I only had 10g to brew this tea up hot and cold to see the difference.

Hot this tea was tasty but it felt kind of wrong with the flavor profile… Cold brewed it was delicious but really needed some sugar to cut through the tartness , well that, and maybe some fresh lemon and strawberry slices to really amp it up. Nice but not a favorite and not something I plan to restock.

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Not My Cup Of Tea #5

So the last week or so has been insane and the TTB has been sitting in the corner of my kitchen being ignored and therefore mistreated and now I’m on an epic mission to drink the rest of the teas that interest me in the next 2-3 days so I can get it back out and on the road.

This was a brand new, unopened bag in the box which filled me with a little bit of excitement… new tea!! Opening the bag, I was immediately greeted by an amazing scent of kiwi and a touch of cake which made me even more excited!! Sipping this tea I’m actually pretty impressed, the kiwi, biscuit and creaminess are all present and since I grew up eating kiwi and am partial to the taste this reminded me a little bit of eating kiwi pavlova!! Yum!!

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Surprisingly delicious! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when this tea arrived as part of my most recent London Tea Club monthly box but it definitely peaked my interest with the huge amount of lusciously fresh looking dried lemongrass, the bright orange pieces of safflower and chunks of what looks like a weird apple but is actually the bael fruit floating around together in the test tube.

Scent and taste wise I really can’t put my finger on this tea but there is a serious savory taste with a slight saltiness and a tiny touch of bitterness, I almost feel like I’m drinking soup stock but in a really really good way!! I have absolutely no idea how to describe this tea but I’m really enjoying it!!!


A slightly salty cup and savory, too? Sounds interesting!

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Not My Cup Of Tea #4

I’m not sure if I understeeped this or if its just not that strong of a tea but I’m really not getting too much flavor out of this tea and I’m definitely not getting any champagne notes! There is a slight touch of chocolate or cocoa and a hint of woodiness or earthiness which is nice, I just wish it was a little stronger… Not going to rate as I’m pretty sure the lack of flavor was human error only my behalf…

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So this weekend went nothing like we’d planned… Does anyone else ever have a weekend like that? We started The weekend off with big plans… Cirque Du Solei is in town and we had tickets, Good Friday and Passover fell on the same day for the first time in a long time which meant some series food prep … There aren’t many good Friday meals that also pass as Seder friendy or vice versa and we had plans to backcountry camp Saturday in the Sierra…. Well, the only thing that actually worked the the way we planned was our cirque tickets and I feel like we’ve acomplished nothing this weekend!!


So I’m sitting outside enjoying some calm before the rest of the household wakes up and I’m watching a cheeky little squirrel balance on our fence and stick his head into an orange on our tree to devour it’s insides which is quite funny because hes going to town on it and I’m drinking this tea because I know this can’t go pear shaped on me. Raising my rating as this is something I have fnd myself reaching for quite a bit over the last few weeks… I’m sad to see it go but happy to have another sip down under my belt!

Happy Easter and Passover to all those who celebrate!

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Wife, hiker, backcountry explorer, snowboarder, scuba diver, reader, amateur photographer, wine snob, traveller, student, workaholic and tea addict….

I’m partial to straight oolongs and strong blacks but will drink almost anything if it’s good! I’m also a sucker for coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, raspberry and chocolate flavors and I’m starting to dabble in pu’erh but haven’t found my feet yet….

I’m a displaced Aussie who loves a good cuppa!


Southern California

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