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Thanks to momo for this one!

Really enjoyed this tea as I’m a fiend for strawberries. The strawberry taste was the most bold with a hint of maple syrup coming up the rear. I added some agave to this one and it brought out the flavours more. Can’t wait to fiddle around with this one more. I really want to try adding maple syrup to it to bring out the pancake flavour.


i am concluding that i will be trying 52teas….. but not until the middle of july! lol.


JustJames – they have some really great blends, but you’ll be spending about $11-12 for 2oz with the extra in shipping. That can get a little expensive, but some of the blends make it worthwhile! Sometimes it’s just better to swap for samples. :)

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Sipping on this at Billy Bishop Airport while waiting for my flight to board. I noticed a Loblaws across the street from diner where I was having breakfast and thought I’d check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a loose leaf tea section. After pestering the sales associate to smell a bunch of the teas, I picked four. This was one of them and I was really hesitant to try it because bergamot is really hit or miss with me.

I’m very happy that I picked this one up. I steeped it for about 2 minutes and added sugar. It is sooo creamy and has a buttery caramel taste. The grapefruit gives it a nice tangy flavour and the bergamot is there but tolerable. After reading the other reviews, I was expecting to be disappointed in this but oh my god, it’s delicious!

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drank Coconut Grove by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

I’m a coconut fiend so I obviously had to give this one a go.

The scent of this one reminds me of coconut cake. I definitely get a thick cake taste from this and I imagine if I added a sweetener, I’d also get a nice icing finish. I tend to do without sweeteners and this one is tasty enough without it.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
102 tasting notes

I ordered the 5 Teas For $5 pack from Verdant Tea last month and it just arrived!

First steep, 10 sec: Whoa chocolate! The more I sip, the more I taste fudge.
Second, 10: Chocolate aroma is gone completely. It smells like sesame. I ordered Adagio’s Sesame tea last month and I wished it smelled as good as this. I have a feeling I’m going to have to order this. Tastes like honey, really smooth.
3, 40 s: Chocolate flavour is back, but lighter.
4, 1 min: Sesame taste
5, 1:30 …regular black tea
6, 2 min: so sweet! Amazing chocolate and honey in the aftertaste. Like rice but not in a bad way.

And I lost track after that. I was so delighted with this tea. I didn’t expect it to live up to expectations but it surpassed them!


this sampler was how i first fell in love with verdant… kinda wild that it’s all technique and surrounding crops that the amazing flavour is determined, isn’t it?

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drank Hazelnut Truffle by Tea Forte
102 tasting notes

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drank Ceylon Sonata by Adagio Teas
102 tasting notes

I’m pleasantly surprised by this! It’s simple yet satisfying and the perfect thing to relax with after being stuck inside working on a beautiful day.

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I splurged and ordered from Andrews & Dunham a few weeks ago when they were offering free shipping. I just couldn’t pass it up! Anyway, this tea is smooth, delicious and is like a punch to the face (y’know, in a good way).


:) I did the exact same thing. I love how pretty the tin is too.


this is one of my favourites. it’s a classy, polite a** kicker. quite awesome.

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drank Pom Tango by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

My parents went to Halifax this week and brought me back DavidsTea’s Spring Collection as a gift for looking after the house while they were gone! I had already tried Daydreamer and Coconut Oolong (which I haven’t reviewed yet but if I had, it would be a giant keysmash and all in caps. It is SO good!) and I was pretty excited to try the rest.

I’m not that big of a fruity black tea fan but I like this one. It reminds me of Paradise Found but without the hibiscus, which was my only problem with Paradise Found. I can’t see this as something I’d have in the morning but it would be perfect for midday. This would probably taste amazing iced!

First steep: Boiling, 3 mins, no additives.
Second: 95 degrees, 3 mins, agave.

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I’m a queer lady in my late twenties who loves cats, comic books, travel, and photography. I fell in love with tea in late 2011. My “tea corner” is now threatening to overthrow the kitchen! I’m the worst at writing so I’m sorry about the babbling messes my reviews will most likely be.

DAVIDsTEA was my first introduction to loose leaf tea and I’ve remained pretty loyal to them (especially since they’re a Canadian company so their shipping price isn’t ridiculous and delivery is speedy!) I’ve recently ventured into teas by 52teas, Della Terra Teas and the Metropolitan Tea Company.

The first teas I really enjoyed were dessert ones (and I still overloaded them with sugar, blech!). I still like them but now I’m trying to get into less-sugary teas. I loooooove me a good genmaicha and have a weakness for most oolongs.


New Brunswick, Canada

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