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I won’t lie, I wasn’t thrilled about tasting this tea, especially after I wasn’t a huge fan of Sun and Cloud Mist (which I’m determined to give another try because, kitten label!). I didn’t hate this though. It was surprisingly sweet (I’m not used to being able to taste the sweetness in teas without adding sugar. I hope this means my palette is maturing!) so I drank it bare.

2 min, 15 sec

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Sipdown! I’m hoping to get a few more of those accomplished today since it’s my day off. I have to make room for a big 52teas order I got in the other day!

This one was astringent due to oversteeping, but the blueberry smoothed it out as best as it could. I still prefer 52teas’s Cotton Candy to this one, but it’s still a good cuppa.

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drank Merry Cranberry by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

This was interesting. I had been looking for a cranberry tea and was excited to try it. The cranberry and apple dominated this green and the star anise showed up in the aftertaste. I’m not a big fan of anything licorice-like at all, but I could barely taste the star anise (which was a relief!). My search for a cranberry tea continues, though. I think DAVIDsTEA has a cranberry pear tea which would be right up my alley.

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drank Coconut Chai Latte by Tea Forte
102 tasting notes

Not sure about this one. I added soy milk to this and there was a bitter, almost sour taste. I’ll have to toy with the steeping and additives, I guess.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
102 tasting notes

2:1 ratio of Blueberry black tea and Maple Cream black tea (both by Metropolitan Tea Combination). Holyyyy, I think I’ve created a monster. This is delicious and now I think I’ll have to do up a tin of this. Thanks to the black tea I’ll be wired for the rest of the night, but it’s so worth it.

The blueberry is delcious and tastes like actual blueberries as opposed to that candied stuff. The maple cream balances it out very nicely and it makes for a smooth tea.

Steep: 3 mins.

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

Having a few pots of this in my giant 45 oz Forest bubble teapot I received today in the mail. Hurray for Boxing Day sales! I am a little sad however that the Space Invaders mug that I had ordered couldn’t be sent because there was a glitch in their system and it had already sold out when my order was processed. Thankfully I wasn’t charged for it and I did get a 3 extra free samples with my order.

And I had heard rumours that we may be getting a DAVIDsTEA store in my area but it turns out that we’re getting a Teavana. :( I mean, I’m glad we’re getting something but I’ve heard so much about their pushy customer service that I’m not thrilled about visiting the store. But I can either not go or I can put on my big girl pants and be firm with the sales associate if I do visit. Either way, it’s not the end of the world.

Anyway, to the review part of this review: Still a lovely tea and I added some hazelnut agave to give it some extra zing!

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My post-workout reward! I added brown sugar instead of agave this time and I definitely do not regret that decision. So yummy!

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drank Joy by Tazo
102 tasting notes

Brewed at 85, for 3 minutes (first steep) and 5 minutes (second steep). Added a bit of agave because it was a bit bitter.

This tea confuses the heck out of me. I think it’s because there’s so much going on. I mean, there’s black, green and oolong teas plus natural flavours. When I opened the tin I got whiffs of a fruity alcohol flavour. I’ve never actually tried darjeeling tea (which I believe is in this) but maybe that was the smell?

Really full flavour and I’ll probably reach for this in the morning when I’m craving a big cup of coffee.

Rating: dear god, I have no idea. I don’t hate it but I’m not over the moon for it.

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I’m a queer lady in my late twenties who loves cats, comic books, travel, and photography. I fell in love with tea in late 2011. My “tea corner” is now threatening to overthrow the kitchen! I’m the worst at writing so I’m sorry about the babbling messes my reviews will most likely be.

DAVIDsTEA was my first introduction to loose leaf tea and I’ve remained pretty loyal to them (especially since they’re a Canadian company so their shipping price isn’t ridiculous and delivery is speedy!) I’ve recently ventured into teas by 52teas, Della Terra Teas and the Metropolitan Tea Company.

The first teas I really enjoyed were dessert ones (and I still overloaded them with sugar, blech!). I still like them but now I’m trying to get into less-sugary teas. I loooooove me a good genmaicha and have a weakness for most oolongs.


New Brunswick, Canada

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