408 Tasting Notes


Hmm. Not quite sure this is pumpkin pie—a little too sweet and not creamy enough. It does resemble some kind of pumpkin dessert, though, and it’s a good cup of tea. As with all the other Della Terras I’ve tried, I’ll have no trouble getting through the cup or sample, but I’m not sure I’d get it again.

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drank Wuyishan Black by Steepster
408 tasting notes

This brewed up twice as dark as I remember it last time. Odd, because I didn’t change anything.

This cup is almost nutty, with a bit of a sweet undertone (the caramel I noted last time again). There is a smokiness to it that I don’t remember from last time, but I’m enjoying the mix of that with the strong cherry notes.

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drank Grape Sencha by Den's Tea
408 tasting notes

I was expecting a true grape taste from this, but the most bizarre (and to me, hilarious) thing happened when I opened the bag: out poured the smell of grape gummies! The taste is also reminiscent of gummies or fruit snacks, but I don’t hate it. Fake grape flavor is the absolute worst for me, and yet this is kind of delicious. It has a very sweet aftertaste without being artificial, and it’s surprisingly smooth for a fruit tea. I don’t understand this one or my liking of it, but I may just get it again sometime.

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This one is really unusual. It manages to be sweet despite all the vegetables, and it’s very peachy. The green base is mild and smooth, and I definitely taste the peas, corn, and carrots before the peach takes over the sip. It’s a fresh tea, and maybe a little more suited to spring than a day when it’s snowing buckets (again)!

Another one I’m not sure I’d buy, but it’s a fun cup. Then again it may grow on me because it’s so unusual.


This seems like the type of tea that everyone should just taste due to its uniqueness. I haven’t had it yet but I hope to try it one day.


That’s why I put it in one of the samplers I got. :) I definitely recommend trying teas with vegetables in them, not because they’re necessarily my favorite but because they’re so unlike anything else.

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Another one that smells intensely of honey. I seem to be on a kick with honey-flavored teas today. I’ve never had straight mate before, only blends, so this is probably the purest one I’ve tried.

It doesn’t taste all that much like ginger, just honey. The mate underneath is nice and a little spicy. The honey in this is actually a little overwhelming, but I’ll drink up the sample at least.


There is a company called Ceylon Tea Bush that sells a Honey Rooibos that tastes like liquefied honey. It is delicious.


Ooh! Onto my shopping list it goes.


They sell it at a bakery near my house so I plan on picking some up when I go back home in April.

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Okay, back to oolongs finally. Passion fruit is my absolute favorite (and needless to say, I don’t find them much in Indiana), so I bought this on a whim when I was grabbing some matcha samples. It doesn’t smell exactly like passion fruit, but it definitely is fruity. The passion fruit flavor is there, but it’s much more subtle than I was hoping for. It is a very nice tea, though. The oolong is smooth and sweet and the fruit notes aren’t too tart. I may try cold-brewing to see if that changes my opinion of it, but right now it’s just “fine” and not much more than that.

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drank Honey Pear by Golden Moon Tea
408 tasting notes

The smell of this is absolutely incredible. Strong honey and fresh pears. I’m at least considering buying some of this just to smell it/use in sachets/something because it is so impressive.

The taste of this is really good to me. I admit it’s not quite what I expected from the smell. It’s much more subtle, with more of a pollen-y taste than true honey (which makes sense considering the ingredients). The pear comes in at the end, very true to the fruit as I expected. With honey added this is just about perfect, exactly like honey-covered pears. The smell of this cup is also wafting all over the room! I think I’m in love.

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Hmm. This is the first one I went for today, because it’s one of the most popular of the Della Terra samples I got and it sounded delicious. I’m not quite sure what to think about it, actually. It’s definitely cake-y, but it tastes more like coffee cake than pineapple. In fact I’m not getting pineapple or cherry at all. Maybe some milk will help it? Or maybe I just didn’t get enough fruit in this teaspoon.

ETA: This is leaps and bounds better after cooling. I think I’ll steep it lower and longer next time.

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Incredibly fresh lavender. The smell is so intense it’s like someone crushed up all the flowers, but they are all whole. My mother loves lavender (this is the third herbal I got for her), and when I let her smell it she jumped back several inches in surprise. It’s really strong.

The tea is a delicate purple color as it steeps—as others have noted, it looks nothing like the picture on the site, tut tut, Harney’s. I can actually see the oils coming out of the blossoms. The end result smells like a bubble bath I have, which is not necessarily a bad thing but also not necessarily something I instinctively want to drink!

Straight up this is a little too herbal even for me. I love flowers, I love lavender, and I love herbals, but there’s a medicinal feeling to it that isn’t my favorite. Once I added some honey it became exactly what I was looking for from a lavender tea! Somewhere in between sharp and medicinal and candied flower petals. Realistically I’ll be mixing it with other things, but this is a good thing to know.

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I think I’m obsessed with Golden Moon’s white teas. I have now tried all of the ones that were in my big sample box—before any of the blacks or oolongs! That’ll change in the morning, though: there’s a pear and a rose that I think I’m going to love.

This smells incredible dry. I can’t stand licorice as a candy, but anise is amazing. Star anise isn’t something I see much around here, and the smell is really impressive. The taste is a little closer to licorice, but it’s not that gross candy taste. It reminds me of some unusual mints I picked up at a kitchen store a few months back, which may be the first “anise” thing I really liked. This tastes like those but tea. I don’t know that I’d buy it exactly, because I wouldn’t reach for it enough, but it’s very nice.


I got my second order from Golden Moon Tea today and haven’t tried any of the new samples yet but the teas I got before have really impressed me so far. I wish their teas were a tad cheaper but oh well… I guess they wouldn’t be as good then! It seems like they have the offers of free shipping with no minimum from time to time, so that’s most likely when I would order anything from them to minimize the cost a bit.


I’ve now tried…five of their teas, I think? And they’ve all gotten ratings above 85 from me. That’s definitely worth the money for me. I hadn’t heard about those offers, so thank you for letting me know! That would definitely cut the cost down. I think I actually had to drop a tea from my last order because of shipping costs, I’ll remember that.

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Elizabeth, college student, history/anthropology major. I love to read, travel, and try new foods.

I loved tea as a kid, didn’t drink it for about ten years, and then rediscovered it about a year ago. I’m still pretty new to the types and brands of tea out there, but I’m interested in trying some of everything! Currently:

-comfortable and experimenting with black teas
-enthusiastically embracing oolongs
-cautiously trying chai, greens, and whites
-adoring herbals (without hibiscus)
-neutral to rooibos
-afraid of pu-erhs (but willing to try!)

My rating system:

95-100: I would cross oceans for this tea. Drinking it is an amazing experience. If I don’t currently have it in my cabinet I’m probably very sad about that.

80-94: A very good tea. I would probably buy it again if I had the money/room in my cabinet.

65-79: Decent. I might buy it on sale or pass it by depending on my mood.

40-64: I’d accept a cup of this if it was served to me, but not buy it.

below 40: Ugh! Never again!

Keep in mind that bitterness is the worst thing that can happen to a tea for me, followed closely by hibiscus; I also have food allergies that rarely influence my tea habit, but please check with me before sending anything!

About Swaps: I am always willing to swap with anyone within continental North America! Just drop me a note. For anyone in the eastern half of the U.S. I’ll gladly swap small samples of things, but further away than that I would prefer if we dealt with larger amounts.


Indiana, U.S.



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