459 Tasting Notes

drank Tuo Cha 1990 by pu-erh.sk
459 tasting notes

I got 7g sample with my recent order.
I havent had many aged sheng due to it usually very expensive. So glad i got a chance to try.
Let me just say i enjoyed it a lot. Dark burgundy soup, no funky smell, tastes clean,almost like shou but not quite. still slight bitterness on a background showing true raw nature.
It is sweet, has notes of good quality leather and dried persimmons. some beet root but not overpowering.
i expect to brew it at least 3 days. this kind of tea usually is very durable. will see.
If i ever win a lottery ticket i know exactly what im going to buy after giving some portion to a charity of course ;D




Boiling 7 g 3 OZ / 80 ML
Red Fennekin

Gosh – I see what you mean about the colour! It is really dark :O


i made pics in a sun. inside of my house it was much darker

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I have this cake for about 2 years, trying only now. this cake is very clean,maybe due to hanging out in my house for so long. I havent noticed any fermentation flavor or maybe ive had so much shou that tiny bit goes unnoticable.
Its very good, rich, smooth and not overly complex but it did a good job. i tend to put extra leaf for shou, it lasts longer. i brew 15g in 140ml pot and now im thinking that 10-12g would be enough. 400g for $20 is a steal if you like gong ting shou.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 15 g 5 OZ / 140 ML

I got a cake of this with my last order. I will try to get to it shortly so we can compare notes!


great, cant wait for you to try it ;)


I also have a cake of this, bought nearly two years ago and never tried. Will have to dig through my boxes to see where it is :)


wonderful review

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Another sample for review from Dachi Tea.

5g 205F 100ml teapot 30/15/20/30sec etc
This tea is very light and refreshing but not short of flavor. it does have this fresh sugar snap peas flavor and creaminess. I think its spicy too, like cinnamon and slightly peppery.
i had a very enjoyable session even though im not a huge fan of green oolong. it wasnt floral which is great for me.

Thank you Dachi tea for sharing your teas with me.




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This is a sample I received for review from Dachi Tea Co

This oolong is incredible. its skilfully roasted, dried stone fruit sweet with refreshing citrusy notes which started slightly but became stronger as i steeped this tea. The color was bright yellow that changed to amber around 5th steep. it has that lychee-grapey honey flavor that make it somewhat similar to Oriental Beauty. It is bug bitten so they should have similar traits .

I really enjoyed this tea. So happy i had that opportunity to try. Thank you so much Dachi Tea

5g 100ml teapot 30/10/15/20/30 sec etc



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I received a free sample with my recent purchase.
Ive never had a chance to sample Korean green teas. They are not common.
I read on Cwyn’s blog she likes them. Since we share the same passion for pu i really wanted to try. Peter must be a mind reader. he chose 3 samples for me . Yay!
Needless to say i was nervous to try. i didnt know the right parameters. After consulting several teafiends and Peter here what i did.

I heated the kettle to 200F. Pour the water into shibo and pour out into 2 cups. placed 3g of tea into preheated 100ml shiboridashi and covered it for few secs. then i poured water from those 2 cups back into my shibo for 1 min.

1st steep @1min was delicate pale green in color and nutty
2nd steep @1min 15sec it becomes more grassy, no astringency, long sweet and grassy aftertaste
3rd @ 2min taste stronger,grassy,color intensifies and looks like honey dew melon
4th @3min i see resemblance with longjing. tastes like quality chinese green tea without bitterness or astringency. I wish all chinese greens were like this.
Also i begin to notice some slight saltiness and tingling on my lips.

I had 6 steeps in total. i could probably continue but it stopped evolving .

My next step was eating them with tiny bit of soy sauce. It was delicious. I was surprised that after so many steeps leaves didnt become soggy, didnt loose the color. they looked bright green and fresh , delicate and chewy.

It was a great experience, so glad i was able to try. I will definitely pick up some more with my next order from pu-erh.sk





175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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This wonderful sample came to me from Stephanie.

Having lots of new sheng since May i tend to overleaf them.
I wasnt thinking and put whole 7g of the sample in my tiny 75ml shibo.
Its a first time i recognized immediately my mistake.

This tea is very powerful. It hit me from the very first steep. I was tea drunk right away. Looked up on their website they recommend 6g/100ml.
Transferred to my 100ml yixing. Much better.

This tea is incredible. it is very thick, very sweet and smooth . Starts from yellow but on a 2nd steep it becomes pretty orange. And bitterness comes in. Not slight, pretty pronounced along with some astringency. Followed up with sweet aftertaste, but not like honey sweet, more floral syrupy.

I continued the next morning ,its pretty long lasting. Bitterness faded away. It was just smooth and pleasant. then i decided to increase the time to almost a minute and it was quite punchy and bitter again.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing this incredible tea with me. it was a great experience.



200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Today was Happy Tea Mail Day !
I received a care package from Grill. Samples of 2 sheng. One is a mystery.
I love mystery teas.
Dry leaves are gorgeous, long, golden tips ,silvery and dark. Smelled a little like FF Darjeeling, somewhat floral and hay.

5g 75ml gaiwan 200F
rinse/ pause/ short steeps, almost flash

The brew is bright yellow with slight orange tint. Wet leaves smell a little smoky but it didnt translate into taste. its smooth, pleasantly bitter, and somewhat astringent (that didnt bother me at all)

By the 4th steep i was tea drunk and had a dumb smile on my face. I felt the energy concentrated on my eyes, i tried to open them wide haha . Also my face feels numb on a cheeks and around the mouth.

I have a feeling this tea has long legs and i will continue it tomorrow. For now, i need to make a dinner.

Thank you so much Grill for sharing this sheng with me. its excellent tea and quite an experience.

PS He promised me to tell what tea it is after i finish my sessions ;)



200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 75 ML

Mystery tea packages? That sounds like fun!


Yes, especially when the tea is so great. Wish all my mystery tea could be like this one

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My great tea friend Stephanie shared a sample with me.
Today was the day to try. Its cooled a little. I started drinking more new teas.

i made this cup western 3g 8oz 200F 3.5min

Its rich and tasty. While i was drinking i was keep wondering what teas could be in this blend. Its mix of some long and thin leaves, some short and some golden tips but not a lot. Golden tips give this sweet potato flavor which i grew tired of. Thankfully i didnt detected much of it.

This tea has some plum-cherry note which I associate with Ai Lao Mtn reds, some woodiness and slight winey notes ( like Keemun but they said its Yunnan teas )

Im no expert. It would be interesting to read someones review who can analyze this blend.

Overall, i was happy to try it. I have enough to try Gongfu which i always prefer with Chinese teas.


200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 236 ML


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Stephanie shared this tea with me – thank you so much
Im on oolong quest. I know that im not a fan of floral oolong especially those ones rich in white flowers notes.

This tea reminded me gingerbread cookies in first five steeps. Its spicy, sweet and cinnamon-y. Yum. later on florals took over but they were still pleasant.
i steeped this tea dont know how many times and left for tomorrow as grandpa style.

Overall I’m very happy being able to try this tea. Its my 3rd sample from BTT. I find their teas very impressive. If you are Oolong lover this tea shouldnt be missed.



195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 7 tsp 4 OZ / 130 ML

Looks tasty

boychik i really enjoyed this tea

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Yesterday I received a care package from Stephanie with many samples. This sample was one of them. I wanted to try it for some time.

Im oolong explorer. So far i think i love dark roasted oxidized oolongs. I prefer dried fruits and nuts notes and florals… lets just say we are not friends and not enemies lol

Muzha Tieguanyin is a beautiful tea. I tried one recently from Teaave and really liked it. but im not going to compare these two teas. they have very different profile .

This particular tea is delicious. very aromatic. The roast done right. its not stated on website roast level or oxidation or any other useful info for novice like me. Hopefully they will add this info. I think its medium roasted TGY but please correct me if im wrong.

6.5g into 100ml pot, 200F. flash rinse and steeps of 10/15/20sec etc
The brew is dark yellow color. Smells really nice of roasted nuts and fruits. tastewise its not that fruity. it was more on floral spectrum for me. It has very thick mouthfeel. Later steeps ( i dont remember how many i had , 12 maybe) produced strong mineral note which remind me Wuyi oolong. Once i had a long steep close to 1min. it was too bitter and strong for my taste.

I think this tea is very interesting. i highly recommend to try it. Since its only 2 Muzha TGY i’ve tried i cannot declare that this is the best. A lot of samplings are ahead to figure out my likes and dislikes.

Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your tea with me




200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

steepster is acting up. i inserted 3 links to IG. its not showing here ;(


Turned out the heart symbol i inserted prevented from seeing the pics. I guess Steepster doesnt like hearts ;(


It doesn’t like angle brackets – I think it assumes that they’re meant for code.

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I’ve stopped rating teas long time ago. Couldn’t be happier ;D


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