353 Tasting Notes

Free sample from Green Terrace – thank you.
Gongfu method
4g 100ml gaiwan 200F
Rinse/ 10/10/15/15/20/30 sec etc
Taiwanese teas are perfect for gongfu method. Lots of steeps, some flavors show up and disappear in next steep.
This tea is flavorful and malty. Apricots, plums, cherries and nuts detected. Some steeps I combined in one cup. I enjoyed sipping this tea while my kids had swim meet.
Thank you so much Green Terrace for letting me try this tea. It was fun.

0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

I’ve been really impressed with the GTT teas that I’ve had so far. I’ll definitely be ordering from them in the somewhat near future.

Cameron B.

I think I have enough of mine left for a gong fu session. I’ll definitely jot down the parameters you used! :D Love this tea!


Made it last night, still keeps pumping;)
Go Cameron! Gongfu is the best for Chienese and Taiwanese teas.
Ppl think its time consuming, but you can combine steeps (I always try before combining) and to Timolino it goes

Cameron B.

boychik, I don’t mind as much about it being time-consuming because I’m at home all day. Muahaha! :D


I do my “pseudo gongfu” at my desk at work. I just have a small cup that I use with an infusion basket, and do it that way. I’m lazy, plus I don’t have a gaiwan at work, but this works really well for me.

Cameron B.

Cheri, I don’t have a gaiwan, so I use two small cups with lids. Sometimes I’ll use my brewing basket just as a sieve to make sure no tea bits get into my drinking cup. Works well enough! :D

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This is a free sample from Green Terrace – thank you
I received my samples yesterday. They are very generous. So exciting.
Prepared gongfu method
4g 100 ml gaiwan 190F
Rinse/10/10/15/20/30/45/60 sec etc
I love Taiwanese teas, they are so resilient and perfect gongfu style .
The color of the brew changed from pale yellow to yellow-orange. Smells fruity and nutty.
I’ve noticed longan fruit, apricots and chestnuts. It’s slightly malty, some honey and some spice at the end of the sip. I have to admit that some sips I combined in one cup, but tasted all of them before combining. Now I’m thinking maybe I need to use more leaves. I want it bolder but not bitter.
Thanks Green Terrace for sending a huge sample to try multiple ways. Always a plus in my book.

0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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This is a free sample with the recent purchase – thank you Mandala tea
I brew the whole sample of 9g since I know nuggets require more than leaves or chunks of puerh.
9g 100 ml 212F
Rinse/pause /20/20/30/45 etc
The brew is thick dark red- brown , clear. It’s sweet with leather and stone fruits flavor. Yum. I love this tea, it’s my favorite notes.
Thank you so much Garret for the opportunity to try this new tea. It goes on my wish list!


Lao Cha can be very good!


oh boy! I better get it on the site then! I had bought a bunch of this when I bought the leaves for the 2013 blend that in an earlier incarnations became Noble Mark. So this is from the same producer as Noble Mark leaves that I blended.

So happy you like it! I’m in contact with the producer to buy more of this nugget from that batch. Because if you like it, others will too. You’re kind of a trendsetter, boychik :) Thank you!!!


Oh I love it! I’m going to continue tomorrow. I’m partial to leather and stone fruits. Very happy to be able to try. Thank you!!!


Given my love for Noble Mark, I can’t wait til this is available! Sounds delicious!

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Inspired by TheTeaFairy I was happily sipping this tea. I have to agree its manly tea. Dark,rich. My absolute favorite notes of leather and prunes. Usual parameters 5g 130 ml gaiwan 212F
Rinse/ pause/5/10/10/10/15/20 etc


It’s very manly and leathery my yixing twin


im a guy and cant stand shu pu

you ladies are officially manlier than me.


All I can say we have different taste buds ;-)


Haha! Glad I could inspire you to drink some pupu goodness!!

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Cup of the morning. Generous sample from Stephanie – thank you so much.
This is my first guayusa tea. The smell is incredible. It’s like blackberries and citrus. Stacy is famous with her flavorings. I do like it on a hot and humid morning when you don’t want anything heavy but need some boost. I added tiny bit of maple syrup and it made it shine. I wouldn’t mind a little more of lime. Prepared according to Butiki parameters.
Thank you Stephanie, it was fun


How did I miss this? Glad you enjoyed


The amazing part is its not only smell great. It tastes like blackberries and lime. And I’m picky about flav teas. Excellent, thanks for sharing with me( and the idea is great;)

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This tea is delicious . I have to admit I’m partial to Yunnan blacks. Very rich and satisfying. Malty, creamy, some chestnuts. As cooled I’ve got some slight spice which was welcoming. It’s fun tea and I’m glad I picked it with my recent order. Made it western according to WP parameters. I have to try it gongfu , my usual style of brewing Yunnan blacks.

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Yummy snaily tea :-)


Tiny :)
Resteep @ 6 min was great, rich, spicier, roasty and some minty notes showed up

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Finally I got my WP. I was so excited to try this particular blend. It’s new and sounded dreamy from the description. And it is . This chai is very smooth, spices are balanced and so fresh. It is strong. After few sips I decided to add some milk and touch of maple syrup. Delicious. Second resteep@ 4 min as good as first one. What makes this chai special is wonderful Bi Luo Chun base which never gets astringent or bitter.
I prefer it with some maple syrup, no milk needed.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Yum! I’m also glad you got your teas!

Cameron B.

Yum, I love the bi luo chun. :D


Thank you. Me too. But it’s difficult to find the time to try them all. I had Sleeping Bear last night. So good especially because Im not huge fan of jasmine. But jasmine in SB is magical, faint but there… Oh well I have to write a note instead of writing here


So glad you got your order!! Can’t wait to try this one, sounds so good :-)
(Also, I’m happy you found “the magic” in SB…)


Oh, I’m so happy that I got SB. I slept like a baby. Soothing…


Jasmine is about the only thing that works as a sedative for me.

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drank Yi Bang 2012 Spring by Teaurchin
353 tasting notes

This is a sample from Stephanie – thank you so much
5g 100 ml gaiwan 200F
Rinse/pause/5/5/10/10/10/15/20sec etc
I’m going to continue later. I love it. It’s nice, sweet, juicy bell peppers. There is slight cooling sensation in after sip in earlier steeps. I wonder if it continues later on. Enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you Stephanie for the great experience. I would buy it if it would be some specials

0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Bad Steepster, just ate my note :(((
Ok, this tea is a free sample with the purchase – thank you Scott
5g 100 ml 212F
Rinse/pause/10/10/15/15/15/20/20sec etc
This tea is very rich. Dark burgundy color and very thick, almost viscous.
Woody and sweet but not overly. Some plum and cherries detected. Very strong sweet aftertaste
I had a very nice gongfu session and will continue tomorrow .

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

It’s so frustrating when notes get eaten!


I hate when that happens. Tea sounds good though!


I’m beginning to think that Steepster is annoyed with me haha
It happened again. And I’ve noticed some of my older notes disappeared :(


That sucks! It happened to me several times so I started writing them in wordpad and just copy/pasting into steepstes… you know just in case :P


JC, it’s a great idea except I’m on vacation and I only have iPhone :(
When I come back I will write in word pad. I have to survive somehow another month. Thanks for recommending ;)

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