I got this sample because I didn’t notice that I could get black tea samples. I’m really glad I did. I keep thinking I don’t like green tea much, but some of the samples I’ve tried (this especially included) are changing my mind.

The dry leaf was colorful, ranging from deep green to the soft white down of its name. It smelled kind of vegetable, like sugarsnap peas maybe. I steeped it on the lighter end of the recommended time, 3 minutes.

The tea has the same veggie taste I smelled, but only lightly. It’s mostly sweet, and mild. Nothing too sharp or grassy, but definitely flavorful. I think I taste something floral, too, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to steep it again and see. This is one I’d be curious to try gongfu, because I think it’d be fun to explore all the flavors.

I still prefer a rich and comforting cup of black tea, but this is lovely for the evening. I appreciate the chance to try it.

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