254 Tasting Notes

This 1st picking seems to have citrus and bean-like/edamame notes along with the distinctive laoshan black toastiness.
I had bought a bit of this earlier this year when verdants regular laoshan black was out of stock, and while I was happy to have tried it, I prefer the other pickings as they seem to have more of the chocolate notes I love, at least from what I have tried. A tea I like to keep in my cupboard whatever the picking though!

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drank Bai Mu Dan White Tea by Verdant Tea
254 tasting notes

Very sweet smelling brewed leaf – so deliciously fragrant.
Tastes like vanilla marshmallow and hay, with a bit of floral almond and juiciness.
Soft and mellow.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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Soft and sweet powdered sugar with a crisp fruitiness somewhat like apricot or peach skins. Delicately juicy and refreshing. A tiny hint of bitterness on the first steeping but not unpleasantly so.
I think this is 2014 version.

175 °F / 79 °C
Cameron B.

Wow, those notes sound delicious! And I’m not even a huge green tea fan! :D


Black teas are my favorite but green is a nice change once in awhile. The last two I had were tasty. :)

Cameron B.

I like a nice sencha once in a while, or a mint green tea. And genmaicha, not that it really counts. They’re kind of a nice palate refresher for me between drinking black teas. :D


haha yes, greens are perfect for those in-between times! ;)

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A light and refreshing tea. Sweet and creamy with the faintest hint of something like asparagus.
So enjoyable!

This was a sample sent in my last order from Verdant – the package doesn’t say first picking though.


love this one

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Thank you to Green Terrace Teas for sending me this generous sample to try.

I believe this is the first oolong of this variety that I have tried, and I am quite pleased.

Definite notes of honey and golden raisins, with a bit of grain and malt especially in the aroma. Minimal floral and astringent notes. Very enjoyable!


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Beautiful dry leaf fragrance of rich dark fruits. Wet leaf also smells lovely and sweetly spicy.

Taste is so good! Smooth and rich, with the earthiness of sweet potatoes accompanied by some fruitiness, and a soft creamy spiciness with nutmeg and cinnamon.

And although I do not taste oranges, this tea very pleasantly reminds me somehow of orange coloured vegetables like yams, pumpkins and peppers, although I can’t really explain why.

I re-steeped this twice after having my first cup, and all three cups were very rich and full of flavor. I really enjoyed this tea and look forward to having it again! Delicious!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Oh man, sounds great!


Yes, I’m glad I ordered a sample of this – so yum!

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Delicate appearing black and gold dry leaf; fragrant like a field of fresh clover hay. Wet leaf smells deliciously sweet like honey.

Taste is flavorful with winey, fruity and floral notes combined with a wee bit of leather. No smokiness that I can detect.
Re-steeped well, and very lovely to drink.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Looking forward to a sample of this one with my order!


Yay! :-)


caile whats your favorite Teavivre Keemun? i need to narrow them down. I dont mind smoke but dont like "ashtray " taste


I think my Teavivre favorite is the ‘organic superfine keemun fragrant black tea’.
I got a sample of it in my last order so I can try it again along with this one sometime to see how it compares. I have also had the ‘premium keemun hao ya’ and liked it as well – it was smokier than the superfine one but I wouldn’t call it a smokey tea really, just a hint. It is hard to narrow down a favorite for sure!


thanks. organic superfine keemun fragrant black tea is on my list. i might get a sampleof premium keemun hao ya.


i second organic superfine keemun! (though to be fair when i had them all and tried to do a comparison, there were 3? that i enjoyed quite a bit for different reasons)


I could send a sample of this one, if you’d like to try it. :)

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Thank you to Green Terrace teas for the generous sample!

This is sweet and fruity (like ripe stone fruits), and has a distinct spiciness that is delicious. I also get a pleasant and fresh feeling after sipping, that reminds me in some way of mint but it is not minty in taste at all, just in the sensation somehow – hard to describe really. A lovely and tasty tea, and very enjoyable.


I liked this tea a lot

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Fragrant, with a beautiful honey, raisin and lightly malty taste – a bit like bread with jam. A lovely afternoon tea, which re-steeps well.

Thank you to Green Terrace Teas for providing the sample for me to try.

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Having this again today with a longer five minute steep. And this makes it so much tastier!
There is still the earthy floral and fruitiness, but now also with caramel. So good!

So, I brewed this longer to see if it would bring out the salty notes that boychik noted. Although I can’t say that I would have noticed saltiness in particular if I wasn’t intent on seeing if I tasted it, there are some salty-type notes that linger afterwards. Sort of like salted caramel I would describe it as, but yes, it is there… more like salted caramel than chocolate to me though..

I re-steeped this at about 8-3/4 minutes and the flavour was still delicious and full. No bitterness, but note that I do put milk in my tea.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Oh good. Did you put milk both times ? If you’d drink without milk I think salt would be more pronounced. It’s not bitter or astringent plain. Thank you so much for trying ;)


I did put milk both times.. I usually do now as like it that way better. Maybe that’s why it was more caramel-like than chocolate to me perhaps also.
But regardless, I’m glad you mentioned to try it brewed longer, as it was tastier this way! Thank you! :-)


I should try it with milk too ;)


Yes, it’s yummy! ;)

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Love of tea.
My favorite right now is black.

I also enjoy Chinese green teas once in awhile, am exploring pu-erh, and rediscovering oolong.

I enjoy finding favorites and what I like to keep in my cupboard.

Likes: cacao/chocolate, coconut, caramel, bitter
Dislikes: rooibos, bergamot, seaweed, licorice


MB, Canada

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