180 Tasting Notes


So, I put the entire sample package of these little pearls in a 6 oz. glass to brew. In retrospect, I should have used less pearls I think because this amount seemed too strong.

The first steep after a quick rinse was good though – probably only brewed for about 10 to 15 seconds and was lightly peachy, fragrant and smooth.
When I resteeped the leaves, I left them for about a minute and the result was a much darker yellow brew that was bitter to the point I didn’t drink it.
I did experiment a bit more and found that a very short brew with this much leaf in my glass (expanded, the leaf filled the glass) was better. Unfortunately I was distracted and managed to overstep these leaves again with the same bitterness. Perhaps the water was too hot also… I did get fleeting glimpses of the soft and natural peachiness, but the accompanying bitterness was distracting.

Fortunately, I have one or two more sample packs, thanks to the generosity of Angel and Teavivre, so I will be able to try this again with what I am sure will be better results.


I think you will achieve better results by using less, and short steeps, this green tea develops pretty quickly and becomes bitter when I use too much. But it is so smooth and deliciously peachy when done right :-)


Yes, I am positive I can do better using your suggestions! :-) The peach I did taste was quite lovely, and I am hopeful to brew it without being bitter next time!


When I brewed this tea I added a few jasmine pearls to it. Without those it does taste peachy but not enough jasmine to me. 175 and short steeps maybe like a minute.


Oh, the amount of the tea was too more in a 6 oz glass, so it tasted bitter. You can use less tea with 80℃-85℃ water next time, i think it will work well.


boychiik – that’s a good suggestion for getting more jasmine flavor!
And I agree, TeaVivre, the amount of tea I used was too much. I am sure it will be much better next time I make it!

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Dry leaf is a medium green color as compared to Teavivre’s organic superfine version which was more of a vibrant green.

Tastes nutty, vegetal and a bit floral, and becomes nuttier and more broth-like in the second steep. Smooth and sweet and very tasty.

Both this and the organic superfine dragonwell are good and I’m not sure which I liked better – I’ll have to try them both again and compare.

Thanks to Angel and Teavivre for the samples!


Isn’t it yummy? ;-)


Yes! :-)

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
180 tasting notes

After reading reviews on how coconutty this tastes, I picked some up when out shopping, as I do love coconut.
And, it does have a lovely coconut taste combined with a bit of dried raspberry; it reminds me of a raspberry coconut macaroon. I added a bit of cream and found it tasted best when it cools down. The one thing that wasn’t great for me is the aroma – both dry and brewed – I’m not sure what it reminds me of… some sort of cookie or something that I don’t like I guess.
Anyway, it is tasty though, and makes for a nice dessert type tea!


Oh yeah, I definitely take this with cream and sugar. I’m sorry the smell put you off, but there’s definitely a lot of coconut in here!


Oh, don’t be sorry! It is still yummy with the coconut but the smell is somehow strange yet familiar…weird. As I had a second cup I tried imagining raspberry and it was better I think. I am happy I picked a bit of this up to try though and am going to make it again and see if it is any different.

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Small, twisty dark green leaves with a nutty brewed aroma and pale green colour. Tastes sweet, and somewhat like spinach, green beans and nuts.
Fresh and lively, sweet and nutty – very tasty and delicious!

Thank you to Angel/Teavivre for the samples!

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drank Golden Fleece by Verdant Tea
180 tasting notes

Finally I was able to try the golden fleece!

Very fragrant and earthy. Tastes of sweet potato with a bit of pepper and creamy nutmeg, the faintest hint of dark mushroom, and lots of honey. Somehow this is still clean and sparking, and lasts throughout many steepings. Becomes sweeter with honey notes as the cup cools.

Very delicious and a pleasure to drink! I think I need more of this beautiful tea!

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 15 sec

Yay! I remembered I have a sample of this that I got before Christmas with my order! I’ll be able to taste this lovely tea again :D


Such a nice treat!! :-)

Tea Sipper

Earlier today I thought I should try my sample of this soon!


Love this one too!


I was really looking forward to having this and was waiting for a day off when I didn’t have anything planned. A special tea day! :-)


Oh, the tea that I’m dying to try, it’s been on my shopping list for so long! And when I went to order it couple of weeks ago, they were out! lol I hope they restock soon…


I am not sure when they restock this one… I had purchased a sample to try and was going to get more, but like you, found it to be out of stock when I went to order! Let’s hope it comes back!

Terri HarpLady

I drank this one today too :)
There’s something rich & lush about this tea, especially with short steepings. I love it.


hehe..what a tease! I’m saving my last spoonful to have another day – need to make it last! ;-)

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drank Vanilla Citrus Spice by Verdant Tea
180 tasting notes

This is an outstanding blend that tastes like vanilla gingerbread/spice cake with creamy orange citrus frosting. So good!!
I re-steeped this many times and the ginger becomes more prominent and flavorful – like a most delicious herbal tisane.
Brewed about 1 tbsp for 5 or 6 minutes initially (Sil parameters), with re-steeps longer.
I love this blend; for me it is absolutely delicious!!


i love that it’s become “sil’s paramters” haha i do love this one :)


:-) It’s so good!

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When I made this it instantly reminded me of bubblegum – the kind that comes in those round balls. First the way it smelled, and then the taste…bubblegum. The spearmint in this is quite sweet which is probably enhanced by the vanilla and other spices, and I didn’t taste cinnamon so much but there was something else..possibly clove.
Not something I’d have again but glad to have tried it.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
180 tasting notes

Drinking a delicious cup (or two) of this before I go to work on this snowy day.
Malty, toasty goodness and so satisfying – perfect for today.

I gave my husband a sip of the cup to try – he said it was good and that it reminded him of "that japanese tea with the roasted barley in it". hehe.. Good description about the barley I thought!

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I love this beautiful tea! It is so velvety rich and satisfying with lots of potato chip, pepper and orange notes. Re-steeps amazingly and remains delicious and fragrant throughout – I could easily drink this all day!


Yep, so many yummy tastes in this tea!

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This is like breakfast in a cup. Toasty and malty in both flavor and aroma. It smells more chocolatey than it tastes to me, especially before brewing, but is very, very delicious. Drank with a bit of cream. Yum!

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Love loose-leaf tea. My favorite right now is black, both straight and some flavoured. I mostly drink black teas with a small dash of milk or cream but sometimes just clear.

I am enjoying finding favorites and what I like to keep in my cupboard.

Recently I discovered that I enjoy green teas so am exploring those a bit also.

Likes: cacao/chocolate, coconut,
Dislikes: rooibos, bergamot, seaweed, licorice


MB, Canada

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