So I have been really lax in logging tea lately with the start of school and all. I have been drinking way more then I log, but my order from Lupicia came today so I have to log my new teas as I try them!!! I totally caved on purchasing a bunch of teas from Lupicia to get the newsletter and samples everyone month and then a little more to get free shipping – haha.

Anyway this is my first Matcha experience. When I first smelled this tea I was reminded of two things – one was green tea ice cream and the other has completely slipped my mind. I will update this later if I think of it. Anyway the package says to add milk and then microwave but I am low on milk and decided to make it with water (and my beloved electric kettle instead). So I whisked in about 8oz of hot water.

My first impression was that the tea was okay, but as it cooled it got awesomer and awesomer. I love the slight vegetatal (okay I tried spelling this word about 8 times and I am failing :( )bitterness (I like when you can tell green tea is GREEN tea) so anyway I like the bitterness mixed with the sweetness of the caramel flavor.

At the end of my cup it got a bit powdery so I mixed in some cold milk and that was awesome too. I think this would be really great as an iced tea made with milk and I will at some point try it with hot milk too.

This tea is most definitely a winner. I look forward to the rest of my pouch :)

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I am a typical college student, an Evolutionary Anthropology major. I spend most of my time hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, playing TF2 and popcap games, reading, and of course drinking tea.

I first started drinking tea every morning when I was a freshman in high school. I have recently discovered the joys of loose leaf, and I absolutely adore trying new teas (especially ones that sound like desserts)…Although I will always have my old favorite: big bold breakfast teas and my new favorite: wonderfully flavorful rooiboses.





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