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135 Tasting Notes

drank Milk Oolong by The Republic of Tea
135 tasting notes

So I had this when I went to Vermont. It was in a health food store at the cafe area. I was in the mood for a tea and have heard about this company. The cafe had many selections and I was deciding between this one and the earl greyer, I`ll try that one sometime in the future. It had a good taste and I was able to use the bag a second time. I would be tempted to buy a tin of this in the future.

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I also picked up a bag of this and had it later on Monday Evening. Ps. I learned not to smell the tea before letting the tea cool a bit, I kind of burnt my nose smelling this tea.

Dry Leaf: smells kind of like clove, and hints of flower.

First Steep: Woodsy smells, as well as a smokey smell. The colour is very light. It is a lighter version of earl of lemo, it has lots of hints of taste that I just couldn’t name, which made it very mysterious and intriguing. The taste is delicate and pleasant.

Second Steep: The same colour as the first steep. Woodsy scent, very naturesque. Slight less smokey scent, it was more muted this time. The taste is still delicate and sort of fruity. It was stil a little confusing and intruiging. It was kind of a sultry feeling. There could have been kind of a orangey smell, but not too sure.

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
135 tasting notes

So I had the vanilla oolong from David’s tea in December, but it was replaced by the vanilla orchid, so I decided to try it out. And it is also part of my goal to expand my knowledge of wulong teas. So I stopped by DT yet again on Monday morning and got this tea.

First Steep: On the bus ride to campus this tea drove me nuts with it’s enchanting and creamy/ vaniilla-y smell. The scent of this tea is so rich and inviting. The taste is light and creamy, kind of ice cream-like. It has a rich dark green, almost light brown colour. The taste is smooth and not too overpowering. It is a very cheerful drink.

Second Steep: My friend was with me at this steeping. She said it smelt like apricots. To me it was very much the same as the first steep in terms of smell and taste.

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drank Dragon pearls by Camellia Sinensis
135 tasting notes

On Sunday, after brewing the Countess of Seville, I decided to brew the Jasmine Pearls. The jasmine scent os prevalent and the water clour is a light green/white.

The flavour is light and delicate, yet strong and caressing taste. The taste is very pure.

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So on Sunday, I decided to have this tea, and my hubby-to-be also chose this tea. I decided to have more practice with the gaiwan, so I steeped this tea in it.

Dry Leaf: Straight, long flat leaves, with orange peels and cornflowers.

Steep: The wet leaves have an orangey, almost lemony smell. It was nice to watch the leaves expand. The taste is citrusy and light, and it is also playful and light.

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drank Quangzhou Milk Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
135 tasting notes

So I had this tea last Saturday ( the 26th), I went to DT again becuase I wanted to try another oolong. This is the one I passed up the other day. This one had a creamy/woodsy taste, so it was similar to the tung ting, but it was also different.

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drank White Peony by DAVIDsTEA
135 tasting notes

So I had this tea Friday ( the 25th) in the afternoon. I decided to steep this tea in my new gaiwan. The leaves have a grassy, almost hay-like smell.

First Steep: full body. Greenish colour, yet it is light. There is some sediment, which adds to the grassy flavour and aroma of the tea.

Second Steep: same as the first, except a little lighter.

Third Steep: light colour, almost no flavour.

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drank The Earl of Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
135 tasting notes

I had this tea last Friday ( the 25th) alongside my breakfast.

Dry Leaf: Green and White tea with lemon peels and freeze-dried yoghurt. Usually there is a fragrant yoghurty taste, but it was light on friday morning. For breakfast I used my teal forlife tepot which makes about one and a half cups, depending on the size of the mug. It’s perfect for having a small amount of tea, but still wanting more than just one cup.

Steep: Greenish-white colour. Hints of fruit in the taste. Green tea influneces the colour of the tea, though it is a white tea. The flavours of the tea were very sublte that morning, perhaps I didn’t use enough leaves to get a stronger steep.

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drank Tung Ting Vietnam by DAVIDsTEA
135 tasting notes

So I went to David’s Tea by myself after classes on thurs Jan, 24. I decided that I should try out some oolong tea. I’ve had two samples before, the skinny and the vanilla oolong, but I wanted to try a stragiht tea to get it’s flavour. So the nice DT person helping me let me smell this one, the milk oolong and another straight oolong that I cannot remember the name of.

This tea won for the evening and I decided to get it in my new bodum travel mug. I really love this mug becuase you can see the tea while it is steeping, which is very entertaining on a bus ride home, and while you are waiting for the water to cool. For all the the steeps, the leaves were left in the whole time, as it was in a travel mug. I was pretty impressed with this tea.

First Steep: Judging from the colour, I assumed that this was more of a green oolong, as it was light green and the leaves EXPLODED when touching hot water. What I mean is they went from these tiny ball-like shapes to fully open leaves, taking up a lot of space in the travel mug. It was a beautiful sight to see. The taste was almost sweet, with kind of a woodsy/earthy-like. There was also a warm, nutty felling and taste to it. The aroma of the tea was roasted, or toasty. There is a lingering flavour that holds onto you and leaves you wanting another sip. Leaving in the leaves did make the last bits of this steep a little bitter, so I didn’t drink it all. I still think that it is a good tea to drink on the go.

Second Steep: The leaves expanded even more with this steep. Its fun to see the bodum press compress the leaves. The colour is similar to the first steep, yet perhaps a little bit darker. There was some concentrated water from the first steep. The flavour is also very similar to the first steeping, only is it slightly changed. Fuller body, it is a very smooth tea. The flavour still lingers, but not as much as the first steep.

Third Steep: Fully flavoured, light taste. Losing body. lighter colour, and the scent of the tea is getting faint.

Fourth Steep: Almost all of the colour is gone so I judged this to be the final steep. The taste in this steep is very muted, due to multiple steepings, but I still quite liked it. The taste in this steep has become sweeter and more embracing. Thee taste of this final steep was also very light.

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drank Genmaicha by Kusmi Tea
135 tasting notes

On Wednesday the 23, I decided to have some Genmaicha on the go. I like the kusmi version becuase the leaves look so fresh. The smell is also not as strong as other genmaichas I’ve had. The flavour is so fresh and light, which I find is characteristic of Kusmi teas.

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Tea enthusiast, I love all things tea. Hot, iced or in a food of mine… if it’s tea, I love it. I have a fascination with tea and the many wonderful flavours I just haven’t gotten around to yet. =

I love mostly love black, green and oolong teas, though I am willing to try any type of tea :)





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