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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
186 tasting notes

Oh yum. This smells like honey, and tastes like it too. It makes me think of nectar. I’ve definitely changed my mind about mate. It isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was! It was a nice pick-me-up this afternoon when my energy was starting to wane.

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I’ve had my eye on this one. It sounds so yummy!


I was really surprised I liked it as much as I did. I was sort of not really expecting much when I saw what today’s offering was.

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Sadly, this tea is done. Today’s cup is the last of the 50g I ordered from David’s Tea. I am very sad to see it go, it is a wonderful tea. One of my favorites from DT, in fact. Malty and rich, it hits the spot for this former morning coffee drinker. After I tried Assam Banaspaty, it quickly became my go-to for the mornings, which is why it is gone so fast. Now I has a sad. I won’t be re-ordering it immediately, mainly because I want to place an order from Upton in the near future and want to try some of their Assams (must try more!).

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I’m on my last cup of this tea. I have this weird tendency to drink the teas I like least first, even though I have teas I like better. I think it is because even though I know better, that I don’t have to drink them, they are in my cupboard taking up room and making me feel guilty for wanting something else. And it isn’t like I really despise the ones I don’t like, I just have other preferences. So I drink the ones I like less first so they are gone faster.

This tea has been in the “like less drink first” category, along with a plain old CS Chamomile, so they have been my most consistent nightly beverages of choice. And I won’t particularly miss this one. It might be because the tea may be a bit old, but I never really tasted honey or vanilla. I got lots of chamomile, but none of the other flavors. So I’ll bid a rather uninterested adieu to this one, glad to have one fewer box in the tea cupboard.

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I get the drinking pattern. I do the same. I just want to get rid of the ones that I know are just ok to me so that I can really enjoy my favorites later. : )


I do the same thing….Drink the ones I don’t like first, while my beauties sit waiting. :)

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It occurred to me that I can’t be completely uninterested in oolongs, since I like this one. I got home from work and running errands today totally beat. All I wanted was a nap. Barring that, a decent cup of tea. But not something too caffeinated, but nothing herbal. And none of my new Christmas teas, since those are on a self-imposed off-limits until (you guessed it) Christmas. So I returned to an old standby favorite, remembering that it was oolong to see if I had the same sort of unenthusiastic reaction to the tea that I had to the DT Vanilla Oolong.

And I didn’t. I quite enjoyed it. It hit the spot very well indeed, which leads me to wonder if the DT Vanilla Oolong wasn’t just a victim of poor timing on my part. I’ve been wanting dark, malty teas in the morning ever since I got the DT Assam Banaspaty, and an oolong just wasn’t going to cut it. So the DT Vanilla Oolong might go back on the shopping list for another, better timed try.

So, this tea? I tasted cinnamon. I think. Not just unidentifiable spicy warm flavor, but cinnamon. I’m going to be crushed if the first flavor note I think I’ve ever authentically identified without prompting or without guessing at it turns out to be wrong. Something just said “cinnamon”. So I may be developing a bit of a palate after all.

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
186 tasting notes

This is so good. It is definitely going on my to-buy list. I can taste the walnut, and the coconut along with the green tea. I don’t get any bitterness from the tea or from the walnut, which is surprising, actually. Other nut flavored blends, since if they have walnut in them I often taste a bit of bitterness that I’ve always associated with walnuts. So maybe I was wrong in my past associations, or David’s Tea just did an excellent job with this tea. I’m definitely going to get more of it. Eventually.

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This one is good, though somewhat weak. I think I need to double up on the number of tea bags I used. I am surprised the color of the liquor is so light, given that it has roasted barley in it. The smell is like sugar cookies, though much gentler than the smell from the tea bag itself. It also tastes sweet, though that may just be the aftereffects of the bunch of homemade marshmallows that I had. The vanilla sugar flavor of the marshmallows highlights the vanilla sweetness of the tea. Interesting. Even though it has that slightly sweet flavor, I can still really taste the barley—it gives it a warmth and depth of flavor that I really quite like. This makes two of the Celestial Seasonings teas I may have to stock up on before the holiday season is over. Next up to try is the Gingerbread Spice Tea. Can it possibly compare to Candy Cane Lane and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride? I don’t know. Part of me hopes not, because I’m running out of room in my tea cabinet (okay, I ran out of room a while ago. You know what I mean.)

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drank English Afternoon Tea by Twinings
186 tasting notes

I had this at a friend’s house while we were making caramels and marshmallows and gingerbread (oh my!). The experience? Was wonderful. The tea? Merely meh. I must have oversteeped it. I wasn’t really paying attention what with the caramel-y goodness going on. It tasted bitter and vaguely unpleasant. Ah well. Can’t complain too much—an afternoon of friends and candy goodness can’t possibly be spoiled by a subpar cup of tea.

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This is my tea for mid-afternoon (as opposed to my upcoming late afternoon/early evening tea). Creamy vanilla minty delicious green tea! I am so glad I saw all the swooning reviews on Steepster. I likely wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise.

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
186 tasting notes

I can’t believe I forgot my tasting note for this tea! In a word: yummy. Mild, mostly apple, with just a hint of nuts. Maybe I was imagining the nut flavor based on the name, but whatever. I got a glimpse of the crazy pink color, but I was pouring it in my stainless steel to-go mug so I only literally got a glimpse. I bet it is gorgeous in a clear mug.

My one quibble is actually about the color. Knowing it had beetroot in it for color made me sure I could taste beets. Not my favorite food, even when drowned in a good dill vinaigrette and accompanied with gorgonzola cheese. Every sip, I’d have ghosts of beet chasing the apple flavor. Enough so that I had to wonder, ‘did I just taste beet? How about now? Or now?’ It got rather annoying. I would much prefer a different color tea without beet. Since I clearly cannot be trusted to separate the idea of what I may taste with what I’m actually tasting.

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drank Vanilla Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
186 tasting notes

Wow. I was not impressed with this. I think I’ve discovered a category of tea I don’t particularly care for. I just wasn’t feeling the love for oolong. Even with vanilla, one of my favorite flavors. Weird. It was….boring. I just felt sort of meh about it. I drank it, and didn’t even think about resteeping, even though I know oolongs are supposed to be good resteepers. I didn’t hate it, I just don’t feel overly compelled to seek out more oolongs. Not like other types of teas I’ve had, where even if I don’t like it, I can still see trying more like it in the hopes I’ll find something. I just don’t care about oolong. The basic tea flavor wasn’t enough to entice me to want more. Oh well. Can’t like everything, I suppose.

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