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Well, it’s certainly different. To me it has an almost medicinal taste that I don’t care for. I don’t feel like I can capture the taste accurately in a description, but I’ll give it a go anyway: It tastes like a blend of random garden herbs with a couple of pine needles and an odd dried blueberry. I know my description doesn’t make much sense since most of those things are not actually ingredients in this tea, but that is what I am tasting. So far I’ve only tried this one hot, and I have to say – not really a fan.


Agreed :(

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

I tried a sample of Cranberry Pear tea iced in store, and decided to bring home a little sample to try hot. I must say that it’s delicious both as a hot and as an iced tea, and has a natural sweetness without having to add sugar. I love the smell, and it’s quite tasty, but if I did a blind taste test, I wouldn’t think that it’s a cranberry pear flavor. To me it almost has a faint taste of cream soda. Although it is a black tea, it is another one that is so chock full of fruits, that it is deemed to be a low caffeine tea. A lovely tea overall, and I would certainly repurchase it on another visit to Davids.

Jen M

cream soda! YES! Now that I read it and sip at the same time? Definitely cream soda. Score!

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

This morning I had my first ever encounter with Matcha (so please excuse my ignorance). I had heard about the many health benefits of matcha (i.e. high antioxidant content etc.), so when I saw it at Davids I thought I’d bring home a little sample. My 14g sample cost $3.92 and probably has enough to make a couple more cups, if that’s what I choose to do with it (I say this because I just read of the many ways that Matcha can be used: mixed into smoothies, added into baking, added to other teas etc.).

So here is where my ignorance is going to shine (I’m sure I will look back on this tealog and cringe). I prepared the tea as directed, by whisking 1 tsp in 72 degree water. Well, it was more or less 72 degrees, I didn’t have my thermometer, so I just guesstimated. It didn’t taste bitter, so I’m pretty sure the water wasn’t too hot as it didn’t taste burnt. If anything, it might have been a little too cool? There were no lumps in the tea when I whisked it, but it did seem to settle a bit when I stopped whisking. Is that normal (I would assume so since it’s ground up tea leaves, but since I’ve never seen matcha before… I’m not sure)? Anyway, the color was a deep green, and reminded me of seaweed or spinach. It was a little startling at first, as it’s not what I am accustomed to, but hey, it reduces cholesterol and is high in antioxidants, so it could glow in the dark and I’d still try to like it.

My honest first impressions were that I didn’t love the taste, it wasn’t bad, but I’d say that I thought it was just o.k. It tasted like it was good for me: kind of leafy and faintly spinach-like. But even though this tea was not love at first sip, when I consider how good it is for me, I like it enough that I can eventually learn to love it. I prefer to drink my tea without adding anything, but with all the rave reviews about drinking this as a latte, I may have to give it a try. I was always intrigued by the idea of matcha and I’m thankful that Davids allows me the opportunity to buy tea in such small sample sizes, I hope more local tea shops will follow suit.

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

I’m on the fence with Happy Kombucha. On the one hand I enjoy the fruity mango and pineapple flavors, but there is an underlying taste in this tea that makes it a little less appealing to my taste-buds. I’m not sure if it’s a specific ingredient in the tea (i.e. the Kombucha Powder or the safflower petals), or just the fact that this is an oolong (I have yet to find an oolong that I would rate higher than just so-so).

I must admit that I had no idea what kombucha was when I bought this, but after quick Google search, I learned that it is basically a type of fermented tea? I’m not sure if that’s correct, but that’s what I understood of it. I tried this one both hot and cold, and both ways are alright I suppose, but not good enough to entice me to repurchase this one again.

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Yummy! Even though I generally gravitate towards green and white teas, when I opened up the sniffer at my local Davids Tea, this blueberry jam black tea had a hold of me immediately. I love that even though it is a black tea, David’s classifies it as a “low caffeine” tea. This is quite likely because it is loaded with blueberries and therefore contains much less actual tea. Both the smell and the taste are spot on with the name. It makes a great tea whether hot or cold. The second brew tastes even better in my opinion, the flavors seem a bit more mellow and smooth.

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The green tea taste comes through more strongly with the first sip then yields perfectly to the kiwi flavor! Oh so very yummy! It tastes like a very ripe kiwi, but mixed with a melon flavor, maybe watermelon, or perhaps some honeydew. It doesn’t require any sugar in my opinion, as it is nicely sweet tasting on it’s own (although I rarely add sugar to my tea). It’s yummy both hot and cold. Kiwi’s big adventure is yet another favorite of mine from David’s tea!

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drank Mamma Mia by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

There is something in this tea that I do not care for. It might just be the cinnamon, or it might be the cinnamon and something else? I like the tartness combined with the sweetness, but the cinnamon/floral scent and flavor are killing those notes. sigh… Really not a fan of this one. Definately won’t be buying this one again.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

Yummy! I enjoy this one both hot and cold. But perhaps just a tad bit more when it’s cold. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Pina Colada tea until I stumbled upon some at a local tea shop. So now I actively seek this flavor out. So when I saw Tropicalia at David’s tea, trying some was a no-brainer. I the would have rated this one even higher but personally I would prefer if “sugar hearts” was not included in the ingredients – that’s just me I’m sure. I just feel that there is enough natural sweetness from the pineapple, and I can always add sugar, whereas sifting through the tea in an attempt to pick out the sugar hearts would be more trouble than it’s worth. Still it’s a delicious tea, and I would certainly repurchase this one.

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EDIT: I bumped my rating up a smidgen after experimenting with this tea. The second brew tastes much better than the first. Cold tastes better than hot. Adding a half teaspoon of brown sugar also brings out the cherry cola taste (which really shouldn’t be a surprise considering how much sugar there is in soda, but I prefer to have my tea without adding sugar).
ORIGINAL NOTE: I must say that although I am a lover of David’s tea. This Organic Cherry Cola tea is quite disappointing for me. I loved cherry cola, whenever I was allowed to have it as a child, so I was excited to possibly find an alternative that I can enjoy that isn’t packed with sugar and carbonation. When I took my first sip, I thought I did something wrong, but looking at the other reviews, I’m not alone with getting a muddied fermented flavor. I occasionally get hints of the cherry cola flavor, but it is overpowered by what I might best describe as an earthy(?) taste…No wait, not earthy…more like a musty/dirt-ish taste? (Not sure if that description will help anyone but me – yeh…should just stick with the adjective “fermented” I suppose). I have to say that I tend to prefer green and white teas over black teas, so my palette was already biased against this tea even before the first sip. It’s not horrible, but I’m glad I only bought 14g. With all the other amazing options at David’s I wouldn’t recommend this one.

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
354 tasting notes

Whether hot or cold, this Lime Gelato flavor is delicious! I am not typically a lover of lime, but Davids got this one down perfectly by cutting it with the perfect amount of creaminess – well done!

I shared this one with a friend today and now we’re planning a trip to Davids Tea next week so she can stock her cupboard with this one also. Too bad I didn’t buy enough to share, but on the other hand it gives me an excuse to make another trip out to Davids Tea which is always good.


Yum – I almost forgot this one existed!

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That’s my mug! I’ve never really been a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, but I like the fact that this mug is more or less clear. Plus, I can’t help but giggle when I say “ewww …I have Pooh on my mug” and people in the room gawk in horror before realizing I’m talking about Winnie. Am I easily amused? heck yeah!

A little something about my interests? – In no particular order, I love tea, makeup, paper crafting (card making), home renovations, and gardening.

As a rule, I tend to drink my tea without adding anything, but if that doesn’t work for me, I indulge in the fact that rules are meant to be broken. Yep! I’m such a rebel…sometimes I even color outside the of lines :P



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