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If you’ve been reading my tealogs for a while, then you may already know that I’m working on overcoming my self-inflicted aversion to Genmaicha. (This linked tealog illustrates my departure and the first step of my return towards enjoying genmaicha http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/35653-smores-genmaicha). Note to self; never buy a bag of tea that’s bigger than your head.

Thankfully 52teas has managed to lead me back into the genmaicha waters with their fancy schmancy tea names and yummy sounding descriptions. This tea is the clincher to winning me back as a (cautious) member of team genmaicha. The marshmallow root and the organic flavors add that extra little “je ne sais quoi” that blends so wonderfully with the tea. The smell of the dry mix is sweet, and somewhat reminds me of a cream based liqueur. I used a water temperature that was immediately drinkable and the result was impressive. Marshmallow treat indeed! Bravo Frank!

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I had a slight sore throat last night, so I decided to take a couple of vitamins (The gummy bear kind – because they make me smile), followed by this tea. I accidentally dumped in too much leaf, but as it turns out, I think I prefer the taste this way. Inhaling the warmth of the eucalyptus is soothing, and the combined warming/cooling sensation of the sip provided some relief for my throat, something akin to inhaling hot water with vicks vapour rub (watch out for your eyes).

Personally I could do without the taste of the orange peel, but that’s just my preference. If I can find a straight eucalyptus tea, I’ll keep it stocked in my cupboard for sore throat occasions like this. I just finished this one, but I’ll be restocking this in a sample size until I find a straight eucalyptus to replace it.


haha my favourite vitamins are gummy bear ones too! Hope you feel better soon.


Feel better soon! I still haven’t tried the gummy vitamins.


I’m afraid of getting those gummies because I would want to eat them all in one sitting! Feel better!


Thanks Nitoo6of6, Incendiare and Fuzzy_Peachkin. I feel better today, so hopefully I managed to fight off whatever I felt coming on last night. I guess I’ll just have to keep taking my gummy bear vitamins ;) @Fuzzy_Peachkin – I must admit, not eating more than the daily amount does take some willpower


Is this what you are looking for?
Don’t know anything about this company, but had looked at this a couple of months ago. Hope you feel better.


Thanks Dexter3657 – That’s exactly what I want to try. Maybe I’ll have a look at the local health food stores to see if they carry that tea because the flat fee shipping to Canada pricey. It’s nice to know that it’s out there though – thanks


Sorry don’t mean to bombard you, but there is also this one on amazon.
The same tea is available on this website.

Again I don’t know about shipping etc, but it might be another one to keep an eye for at your local health food store. There doesn’t seem to be may straight eucalyptus teas out there. Hope you find one.


oooh thanks Dexter3657, I’ve actually seen that brand around somewhere before. I think it was in my step-mom’s tea cupboard- it wasn’t eucalyptus, but still, it seems very promising that it should be available somewhere locally.

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
349 tasting notes

I think I’m starting to like this tea a little more now that it’s had a chance to cure, and I found a more suitable water temperature to use. The dentist association with the taste of this tea is slowly starting to wane, it’s not completely gone, but it has certainly diminished.

Even though I’m enjoying this tea more, I don’t find myself reaching for it with the same exuberance as some of my other blends. I used to be all about the green teas but I think I’ve slowly developed a preference for black teas over other types. This change is somewhat surprising because I’m extremely caffeine sensitive. On the other hand, the restricted times during which I can drink black teas may be the very thing that makes them seem extra-special? I still have to be careful with the time that I drink green teas like this one, but the consequences are nowhere near as intense as with black tea.

Speaking of tea restrictions, I keep eying up some enticing descriptions of guayusas but I fear the consequences of drinking something with such high caffeine. Who am I kidding? Sooner or later, I know I’m going to try it :)

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This used to be one of my favorite herbal blends several months ago, but it’s just not doing it for me anymore. The tartness is just too much for my night-time sipping pleasure. Maybe I’ll have to finish the rest of my sample as a day time iced tea?

It’s crazy how much my tea preferences change as time passes. I’m glad I didn’t buy a full size of this. There are just too many other teas out there for me to try, that getting through a full size of this would probably start to feel like a hinderance. I’m so glad David’s Tea has sample sizes.


Yeah, I wish more companies allowed 10 or even 20g purchases. The stash would be soooo much smaller.


Yes, and the stash variety could be even bigger

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I’m finishing this off today, it’s also the last of my chocolate try me pack. I love Della Terra chocolate teas, and I think they’ve spoiled me into being a bit picky. The strawberry taste is a tad artificial for me in this one.

I’m glad I gave it a try, it’s enjoyable, it just doesn’t quite compare to my favorite Della Terra chocolate teas (chocolate pumpkin pie and Dubbele Chocolade).

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Thanks Angel and Teavivre for this sample

This tisane is definitely on the tart side, not offensively so; more like the taste of fresh spring berries as they just turn ripe enough to start eating. The blueberry and currant are both evident in the sip, and are true to the natural fruit taste. I started drinking this as a hot tea, and as it cools the taste of currants increasingly comes to the forefront.

Part of me is curious of what this would taste like with a touch of sugar, but I can’t bring myself to try it, for fear of ruining a good thing. I’m usually quite picky with fruit teas because I’m not a fan of tartness, but this one was a pleasant surprise.


Ooh, this one is on my list to try. Thanks! :)


Hope you like it. It’s tart, but not over-the-top tart like the fruit teas that have the typical hibiscus in it – if that makes sense?


Yes it does. :)

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drank Weeping Angel Tea by 52teas
349 tasting notes

I had a not so great night, and this morning wasn’t looking much better. I kind of decided to make this tea out of irony.

mmm…It tastes rich and soothing, and I’m getting much more of the buttered toffee caramel corn notes this time, so I suspect it just needed a little extra time to cure. The flavor balances nicely over the black base. Delicious! This is exactly what I needed to improve on a day that was looking not so great at the outset. Now I’m going to head out into the sunshiny day, with my travel mug in hand, to check out the construction. I’m so excited to see the demolition!

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I don’t feel so good right now, so I’m trying to distract myself with a combination of Big Bang Theory, Steepster, and pineberry honeybush. I think it’s helping a little. This is a classic fruity honeybush, the pineapple pops out at me the most out of all the flavors. I’ve never tasted actual pineberries, nor have I seen them, in fact, this tea is the first time I’ve ever heard of pineberries.

Honeybush is such a nice nighttime (caffeine free) option for me. I don’t care for the woodiness of a lot of rooibos blends, a lot of the fruit blends are too tart for my liking (with the excessive use of hibiscus), and as much as I enjoy my mint teas, I think I’d get bored with them if I drank them every night.

I’ve read a few reviews describing honeybush as watery, and in all honesty, in comparison to black, green, and even some fruit teas; honeybush is a tad on the watery side. The good thing about this is that when I make honeybush I tend to just leave the mix brewing with little harm other than a little extra sediment.

As far as honeybush goes this is good, but it’s not my favorite…yet. I feel like this one has the potential to grow on me even more as time passes. That does seem to be how honeybush works with me. It just slowly trickles its way up my rating scale.


Hope you’ll feel better soon!


Thanks Incendiare – I had a rough night and morning, but I am feeling much better now.

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drank White Christmas by 52teas
349 tasting notes

Finishing off the last of this from my 12 days of tea sample. Pretty good, but it just doesn’t blow me away like some of Frank’s other blends.

I tend to view mint as a staple rather than as a special ingredient, so I imagine that this greatly colors my opinion of this tea. It’s a nice black base and the mint nicely compliments it with that cool refreshing feeling, like a snowy Christmas day. Yeah…great choice for the end of May Nadia!

I get the appeal of this tea, I’m just the wrong audience to fully appreciate it.

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Geeeez this tastes extra good today….I’m talking extra, super-duper delicious. Hmmm? The power of the sipdown perhaps?

Such a yummy seasonal treat, it tastes like warmth (if that makes sense to anyone other than me, it will be a miracle). I can see myself ordering it again next Fall/Winter.

Somebody commented about making lattes in one of my tealogs for a different tea from a day or two ago, and now I have latte on the mind. If I ever figure out how to make them with minimal mess/effort, this tea is one that just seems to scream latte. Too bad I’m a lazy and impatient tea-maker – When I want tea, I want it right NOW!!! I’m very teamanding

mmmmm….. I’ll be savoring this to the last drop. Till next time dear friend


Haha, “teamanding” is awesome. I’m the same way – I would love to make lattes, but they’re just too much darn work!


I looked it up online, and it lost me at “steaming wand” – hahaha!

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That’s my mug! I’ve never really been a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, but I like the fact that this mug is more or less clear. Plus, I can’t help but giggle when I say “ewww …I have Pooh on my mug” and people in the room gawk in horror before realizing I’m talking about Winnie. Am I easily amused? heck yeah!

A little something about my interests? – In no particular order, I love tea, makeup, paper crafting (card making), home renovations, and gardening.

As a rule, I tend to drink my tea without adding anything, but if that doesn’t work for me, I indulge in the fact that rules are meant to be broken. Yep! I’m such a rebel…sometimes I even color outside the of lines :P



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