1774 Tasting Notes

drank Paris by Harney & Sons
1774 tasting notes

I’m so sleepy today – IDK what’s up with that. TK didn’t go to bed until 1:30AM, but then we slept until 11. I should be feeling great!

Instead I’m blinking blearily at the brightness of my laptop screen and clutching tightly to my tea mug.

I love this tea.

We have company coming to visit/BBQ tonight. I might have to switch to coffee soon. AND/OR matcha.


This sounds so similar to my week now that I’m back in full-time classes haha. I hope your BBQ goes well :)


I beat you! I slept in until 12:45 and went to bed at 1am. Granted, I’m sick. But still, talk about sleeping in and still feeling tired, eh?

Hope matcha would help!

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This was tasty, but not as creamy as some of the other milk oolongs I’ve had. I wonder if the flavoured version of this tea would have that creaminess?


This Jin Xuan Milk Oolong is special for it’s milky aroma is natural, it is not manually added milk when process as other milk teas. The first three infusion of this tea will have slight milky scent. The Flavored Jin Xuan Oolong Tea is produced by adding edible flavoring to accentuate the milk flavor. So the milk aroma of this Flavored Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong is stronger. It is better for people who like strong milk fragrance.


Oh That makes sense! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ll have to try your flavoured version next time I order, although I did enjoy this one too.


It’s my pleasure,hope you like the flavoured version :)

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Oh, I love this! I don’t want to rate it yet until I’ve had it with hot water too, but I can tell you this makes a great cold latte. Just added powder to hot water, whisked it, then added 5 oz of milk and used my milk frother to make it foamy and delicious.

I think I need to drink at least one cup of matcha per day seeing as I have so much, but I probably should try drinking it with water more instead of using milk. (hint: milk makes you fat. :P) I’m loving that I get to try all this out.

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I love, love this tea!

I applied for this kickass job today that I really have high hopes for. Fingers are crosses. As a reward I decided to take the rest of the day to watching Downton Abbey, but I don’t know that that was the right choice either. I’ve almost halfway through Season 3 and there’s just too much to cry about! :O

And I already know about the major spoiler for the end of Season 3 so… I’ve got that to look forward to.


Yes yes yes great choice of tea. Good luck with the job!


Good luck :D

Terri HarpLady

The luck of the high seas to ya, Cavo!


May the wind be in your sails, Matey!


Forewarned is forearmed? I’ll knock on me wooden leg for ye, my lady. :D

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I woke up this morning on auto-pilot and poked through my box of samples to see if I could find one for the morning. And I didn’t want any of them. And suddenly I didn’t want tea at all.

:( That’s the hazard when it comes to focusing on sipdowns and trying unopened samples.

So, I said FORGET IT, and drank this instead and am now happy with tea again. Maybe I’ll update my cupboard and get a better idea of what I have by looking at the physical weight of it all, instead of focusing on the number. :P


Yeah, you gotta drink what you are in the mood for! :)


i try to alternate…i don’t force myself to drink samples if it’s really not what i’m in the mood for


Yeah, I go easy on myself in the morning. Just drink whatever it is you want: tea, coffee, nothing, etc. LOL.


Totally. I’m happy I moved onto something that excited me. Every cup is basically working towards sipdown anyway.

Terri HarpLady

Arrrr, mateys, today I’ll be drinkin’ whatever I wants to drink, says I.


Why is there no rum in my tea? :)


terri – i posted an internal announcement on our “back office” site to that effect… just to try and get people to smile…hopefully i don’t get in trouble for it lol


Why is there no rum in the house?


Aye, Cavo. That is a terrrrrrible thing, no rum. (Which reminds me. I need some ginger beer for a Dark and Stormy tonight.)

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And now, time for a tea I’m not looking forward to sipping down at all! Good think I still have 2+ oz of it. :)


I should sneak some of this from you….


Yes! I was supposed to give you some. I’ll make sure to grab some next time I know I’ll see you.

Or pay the .50 and mail it to you now. :P


Lol I can wait. ESP if kitenna is dropping tea off for you at my place haha

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Sipdown! (126)

This was good, and would likely be better appreciated by someone who better appreciated green teas. :)

(Speaking of which, why did I order 9 oolong tea samples? I will likely enjoy them, but I’ll have to force myself to drink them. Otherwise I’ll just choose black teas all the time!)


You have the exact same thing with teas as I do. There are some green, white, and oolong teas I really like, but by default I always want black teas!


That’s good to know. I’ll have to pay even closer attention to your reviews!

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drank Kenyan Black by Justea
1774 tasting notes

I really love this tea. There’s just something about it that’s different than I’m used to, but it’s hard to nail it down exactly.

I steeped it for 3 minutes because I didn’t want to risk it getting too strong for my tastes, and it was probably at less than boiling. The result is very smooth and fresh, with only the slightest astringency in the endnotes. It’s bold, but also slightly sweet. This is a hefty cup – it’s thick and malty. I’m also getting fruity notes in there as well.

For those of you who don’t know Justea is fundraising right now to get their company off the ground and help empower the Kenyan farmers who produce the tea (and cut out the middle-man). I highly recommend you check it out and support them here: http://www.justea.com/

(I wish I could support them again but… I need a job. Hopefully I find one in the next 30 days and then I can throw money at them!)
I’d like to support the campaign because I think this is a cuppa I’d like to keep around

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Coconut Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1774 tasting notes

I’m nearly out of this flavour so I thought I would focus on drinking it to make room for other matcha flavours!

I whisked it with a dash of hot water, then added more for a cup. Looks like it was still a bit lumpy because my cup wasn’t wide enough. Maybe I’ll whisk, then pour in the future.




Haha. You underestimate how lazy I am. Cleaning a blender is such a PITA, and I definitely won’t be doing it once I’m back to work. :P


lol i have a hand blender that i use when i don’t want to clean up


Actually I usually clean my blender by wirring some soapy water around in it. And that’s it! Especially for matcha, which isn’t goopy or sticky. Works well for me.

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One cup away from a sipdown!

This is a comforting bedtime tea, with warm caramel notes embracing me like a hug. It’s time to bed.

I’m bringing my kindle. I just loaded up tons of fic. :O The last one I read made me bawl my eyes out but… it was pretty obvious that was going to happen when it’s about Sherlock dying of a brain tumour while John is helpless. /0\


Major character death is a sad, sad thing in a fic. :( Enjoy your reading!


Thanks! :) It’s just funny that people write fic that are ALL ABOUT major character death (it was a short fic), and people read it. We just like to torture ourselves, I guess. :)


that fic made me cry SO MUCH! it was so beautiful. i was balling. completely.


It was really well done. I love that someone else has read it too.


Alone on the Water and The Progress of Sherlock Holmes and it’s companion The Quiet Man kinda all go in their own special category for me. not that they are equivalent necessarily, but the other two i think i was just feeling extra sensitive and open when i read them. idk. basically they will never be forgotten.


Yeah, those are pretty much my keep forever fics. I just need.to find a cover for Alone on the Water and re-add it to my kindle.

The Quiet Man was probably my least favorite of those three, but only because the first third (half?) was so angsty despressing and hopeless. I wanted to end it all too!

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Tea: I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, and once I started I had to get more and more and try ALL THE TEAS. Joining Steepster made this worse/easier.

So far it seems that I prefer unflavoured black teas, although I still drink a few that are flavoured each day too. Oolongs, greens, puerhs and white teas are all very good, but I just don’t crave them as often.


Me: Ok. Random things. I like animals, I have a baby girl and a devoted bf, and … I’m a geek. I like Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, pen&paper RPG’s, online RPG’s, video games, silly internet memes, puzzles and a bunch of others things! I taught myself to knit and I’m considering crochet but I need to make time for all these things!

1-50: Bleh.
51-64: It’s ok.
65-75: It’s good.
76-85: It’s very good. (Buy 1oz+)
86-100: Amazing. (ALWAYS re-stock)


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