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This didn’t taste so much like After Eights this time, but I did enjoy it. I’ll have to drink more of Read My Lips to determine a fav. And then keep 1oz of that around.



I found it hard to determine a favourite too. But while Swiss Mountain smells better, RML tastes mintier and has a more solid base? Or maybe my memory is failing.


Hmmm. Too bad I don’t have more Swiss Mountain to do a proper comparison!


Have you tried DTT’s Shamrocks and Shenanigans? I actually liked that one the best. It has a shot of vanilla on top of the chocolate and mint.


That sounds tasty! I hadn’t tried it.


I snagged 100g before they took it off the site so I’ll make sure you try it. :)


Aww, thanks!

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drank White Peony by DAVIDsTEA
1696 tasting notes

Another unflavoured tea from Davids! I grabbed this just to see what white tea tasted like on its own, and I enjoy it although it seems weaker than ususal. I’m sure once I drink my sample of white tea from Verdant I won’t be able to go back to this one as easily, but this is nice for what it is.

I guess I could have just made stronger tea as the baby is up and there are no signs of slowing, but I’d probably need to eat something too and I don’t want to wake up my bf or my roommate.

Uck! The baby just put her mouth around my big toe! :O No no no no no. (That’s what I told her).

Terri HarpLady

LOL! Babies are awesome, & always a great source of humor. And they grow up so fast! It’s so hard to believe that all 4 of my kids are adults now, & that my grandkids are not babies anymore either. Savor every moment!!


cough better to let the baby do that so it’s not a sickly thing when it gets older. I’m going to let me kids eat whatever they want off the floor :)


Yeah I hear they grow so fast. I’m trying to take tons of pics.

And I’m not worried about germs! I’m worried about her teeth, and I don’t like how it feels! (it’s just weird)


LOL her teeth will be replaced! :)

Terri HarpLady

Sil, that’s how I raised mine, & none of them ever get sick!

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drank Himalayan Blend by DAVIDsTEA
1696 tasting notes

This is a pretty good morning tea for when you’re up before 7 and you’re hoping the baby will tire out and go back to bed so you can crash for a few more hours too. If I had just given up I would have tried A&D’s Tiger Assam, but I wanted mild. Mild and flavourful. I think I’ve only got a few more cups of this one left so I’ll probably work on emptying my tin. I bought it over a year ago, so I’ve had a lot of cups in between!

I’m sure I’ll replace it once it’s gone, but maybe just 30g. It’s smooth, and gives me honey, and a bit of muscatel and I’ll miss it for sure, but is it tin-worthy? Now that I know how much I like Assam and Yunnan teas? Probably not. You learn a lot about what you like when you drink so much in a year!


this one was so meh for me when i drank it. wasn’t bad but it was like red rose used to be for me when i didn’t know better lol

Terri HarpLady

Funny you should mention Tiger Assam, that’s what I’m drinking right now :)

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drank Cantaloupe & Cream by Butiki Teas
1696 tasting notes

This is the other tea I’ve been drinking today, besides the Ceylon Spring. Been resteeping both and taking it slow. It’s Friday.

Not much to say except Cantaloupe is a tricky one to spell. I keep trying to type it as Canteloupe and then I wonder why there are no entries.

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drank Ceylon Spring by DAVIDsTEA
1696 tasting notes

This really tastes grassy, with a bit of honey and caramel. It says there are tobacco notes too and that may be the case – there’s something dark and heavy amongst the other flavours, and the honey notes coat your tongue at the end of the sip. It doesn’t walk a fine line between bitterness and astringency; it dances along it. It teases. But mostly stays on the favourable astringent side.

I think this is a tea that would grow on you, until you find it absolutely essential for your morning routine, and then you realize with sudden sadness that it’s limited edition and you will never get any more.

Yeah. It’s one of those teas. Good thing I’ve got 40g. That’s better than 10g. Or 0.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Mm, honey. I’ll have to put this one on the list for my next trip to David’s; haven’t been there in a couple months. :)

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Tasty! It’s mint and a little bit of chocolate mixed in, much like a chocolate bar where you wish there was more chocolate to mint in the ratio, but are still grateful to have something.

I’d ramble on more, but I’ve got 30 min until I head to bed and I’d like a little bit of minecraft time, pretty please and thank you. :) I’m building an underwater house!

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I finished this up today too! All the teas I packed for today were sipdowns! #sneaky

I probably shouldn’t have brewed it because I was feeling a bit meh while drinking it, but I THOUGHT it sounded good.

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drank Raspberry Nectar by Red Leaf Tea
1696 tasting notes

This was not the best tea for me. I really only bought it because I wanted to add something to my order when I did the $1 matchacinno sample and the shipping was $8. I figure I’d get something else to help justify the shipping and that I could share this with the baby. I didn’t realize how strong the hibiscus would be though. We drank some of it iced, but, I just can’t bring myself to finish it.

I had enough left to make 3 cups but I… accidently… threw it out.

I have enough tea to make me happy – I don’t need this one, and the hibiscus makes it unlikely anyone would have swapped for it anyway.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

haha i don’t mind hibiscus. so remember that for future things. :)


Will do. I don’t mind it in small amounts but this was just tart and awful, and I don’t want to think about it.

But, I’ll keep you in mind if I end up with something else that’s awful.


I actually think hibiscus gives certain teas the right quality. Definitely don’t mind the tartness from it.


I’ve done that. :) Cheers to accidentally throwing out teas you don’t like!


Phew! Glad I’m not the only one!

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Sipdown! Thank you Courtney for the sample!

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about this that I’m not keen on. Maybe it’s the almond? Something lurking behind the chocolate coconut. Yeah, it’s probably the almond.

It’s not for me, but I’m glad I didn’t buy an oz to find out!

205 °F / 96 °C

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Goodbye, goodbye!

That’s one less Murchie’s tea in my cupboard. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s not really for me now that I’ve seen what else is out there!


(Woo – down to 125. Maybe I can get to 100 before my Verdant order arrives! I think it ships at the end of the month so that gives me some time).


Ehehee! I have so much of this left!

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Tea: I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, and once I started I had to get more and more and try ALL THE TEAS. Joining Steepster made this worse/easier.

So far it seems that I prefer unflavoured black teas, although I still drink a few that are flavoured each day too. Oolongs, greens, puerhs and white teas are all very good, but I just don’t crave them as often.


Me: Ok. Random things. I like animals, I have a baby girl and a devoted bf, and … I’m a geek. I like Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, pen&paper RPG’s, online RPG’s, video games, silly internet memes, puzzles and a bunch of others things! I taught myself to knit and I’m considering crochet but I need to make time for all these things!

1-50: Bleh.
51-64: It’s ok.
65-75: It’s good.
76-85: It’s very good. (Buy 1oz+)
86-100: Amazing. (ALWAYS re-stock)


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