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This is tasty, and this is also a SIPDOwN! I’m so happy CrowKettle gave me so much of this!

It’s tasty, and creamy. I can’t believe how quickly I drank this down, and that was with two scoops.

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So I started drinking this today, but it looks like it was mistake. After taking a few sips I appreciated the taste of it, but decided I wasn’t really craving it. :| So, I guess I’ll put the leaves aside for another day. Good thing I have enough samples for a few more trials!

ETA: My roommate is drinking the Countess of Seville, and the baby has started dipping her fingers in it, and sucking on them. I guess she’s a fan. She’s been doing this for a few minutes now.


Look out! You’ll have a tea-stealing tot on your hands before you know it, drinking up any neglected tea you leave unguarded!


Hahah. Yeah and I won’t have anyone to blame but myself either!

(I really hope so though. It would be a great thing to bond over)

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
1774 tasting notes

So my bf asked me to make him some iced tea because he wanted something and I was so amazed that I didn’t know what to make. But he likes Starbucks fraps and sweet drinks so I thought maybe… Florence?

I used the last of this to make him an iced cup, with milk and sugar, but he thought it tasted weird. So… I guess I’ll have to drink it.

I made him some DTT Vanilla Black instead, without milk and he’s happier with that. Still sorta amazed that he’s drinking tea. #fingerscrossed


Ahh, you’re so lucky! I have yet to try icing La La Lemon for my boyfriend again, and sweetening it with honey or white sugar instead of maple syrup. It was the first tea that he said smelled ok (!!!) but it tasted funny so he didn’t want it. (Sadly, I think he’s looking for a replica of Nestea… and that alone will satisfy).


Hmmmm.. that’s a hard one to replicate! Good luck.

Hmmmm.. that’s a hard one to replicate! Good luck.I don’t think he was that impressed with the Vanilla Black either. Well, I tried.

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Thank you Ozli! I finally got a chance to try this one and it is darn tasty! It’s a very smooth black base as is to be expected with Della Terra teas, but the coconut and pineapple are very nice!

I’m sure this reminds me of something else but I like it.

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Gotta say, Sil is very generous with her matcha samples. I think I’ve had a few cups of this by now, and I could probably make 2 more!

It’s so great. Hot or cold. :)
Maybe slightly better hot.
(This tasting note doesn’t mess around).


Haha well I have lots and wanted to give you room to screw up in case that happened :)


Oh and try it both cold and hot…and then there’s with milk or without…..


Plus…when I make a smoothie its anywhere from 2-4 tsps haha


Oh wow. I should try making it stronger! I’ve just been using the perfect matcha spoon! And I think I’ve tried most of those combos, except for cold and without milk – not too crazy about that idea!


I should send you some cola flavoured matcha….it’s the only one I’ve enjoyed as a cold + water so far….


This one does seem like it would be great hot.
I have yet to try any matcha with just cold water. Thinking the cotton candy maybe a good choice of my matcha to take the plunge.


chelle…that might just be a good one. toss it in a water bottle with some ice and shake like a mad woman!


Cola matcha? Odd… yeah I’d be interested in trying that!

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
1774 tasting notes

It’s gone. I just drank the last bag. :|

I needed it though. I’m grumpy and stressed out and I just want to relax and I’ve got half an hour to do it. So… fuck it. Vanilla Comoro time!


Sorry you were stressed! Hope it is already all better…


Thanks! Much better now! I just needed to relax a bit, and I managed to. Even resteeped this bag for this morning!


go shopping! lol i kid ’cause i hate that..but yes..i picked up another dress…and skirt lol


Glad everything’s much better now! Let’s hope you’ll get more of this soon.


Hahaha. Yeah I know ALL ABOUT retail therapy! I guess I might need to figure out where to get nice dresses or something because I’ll need a new job in Toronto and I probably won’t be able to get away with jeans and a tee shirt anymore. :| But stressing about work, means shopping for work clothes to help relieve the stress!

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drank Nettle & Sweet Fennel by Twinings
1774 tasting notes

Interesting! I’ve never had fennel tea on it’s own like this, so when KittyLovesTea said she wanted to get rid of some of her unloved teas, I snatched it up.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew these would be something like licorice. THis would probably have to be an acquired taste, but I’m happy I got to try it out! Now if I ever blend my own herbals, I’ll know what Nettle and Fennel are all about.

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It’s my third sipdown today! Good thing too because my Verdant order just shipped! I’m so excited! (Also, I better start earning more points again. I’ll probably want another order for the fall.)

This tea is ok. Not great. Nothing to write about. :P

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drank Pu-erh Cocoa-spice by Tealux
1774 tasting notes

I’d had this twice in the evenings now, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but I find that I’m just too busy with the baby, and packing lunches etc etc that I don’t really have much time to hop on the computer.

So this is to remind that YES. This is a good pu-erh. It doesn’t really taste like pu-erh which I suppose could be a bonus for someone like me who’s afraid of getting too much dirt in their cup again.

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Tea: I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, and once I started I had to get more and more and try ALL THE TEAS. Joining Steepster made this worse/easier.

So far it seems that I prefer unflavoured black teas, although I still drink a few that are flavoured each day too. Oolongs, greens, puerhs and white teas are all very good, but I just don’t crave them as often.


Me: Ok. Random things. I like animals, I have a baby girl and a devoted bf, and … I’m a geek. I like Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, pen&paper RPG’s, online RPG’s, video games, silly internet memes, puzzles and a bunch of others things! I taught myself to knit and I’m considering crochet but I need to make time for all these things!

1-50: Bleh.
51-64: It’s ok.
65-75: It’s good.
76-85: It’s very good. (Buy 1oz+)
86-100: Amazing. (ALWAYS re-stock)


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