1673 Tasting Notes

drank Nutmeg Cream by Butiki Teas
1673 tasting notes

This was an easy sipdown today! (167)
I wish I could get more of this – Amoda & Butiki – are you guys paying attention? :P


I have one or two more sips myself, then the sadz.


So sadz. :(

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drank Eggnog & Pralines by Butiki Teas
1673 tasting notes

I tried this one again in my fancy kettle (which I think is getting things up to temp?) but it just isn’t working for me.

I’m tossing the last half of my sample into my sample box for my sister – she is interested in trying new teas and I’m happy I can share them!


I was nervous about this one, but it worked out for me. More nutty than noggy, which was ok with me. I have a little left.

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I forgot how great this one was. I haven’t had in a few months and it was a treat today!


mmm i love doing that!

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drank Doke Silver Needle by Butiki Teas
1673 tasting notes

Thank you CrowKettle – this was a nice surprise sample! (Sipdown, 166)

I waited until my variable kettle (http://bit.ly/1de2AJv) arrived so I could try it out! (Eeee! New kettle!!! I’m still trying to figure out how it works, but I do like that it doesn’t beep or anything once the water is heated!

This is a really nice white tea. I don’t often drink white teas because they taste like barely flavoured water, but this one has a lot of neat flavours to it. I’m getting hay, and peach notes. Very nice!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 45 sec
Terri HarpLady

Nice! I want a new electric kettle, Leif has taken over mine?

Terri HarpLady

Oops, that wasn’t suppose to be a question


Haha. I do that sometimes. ;)

I’m really happy I got one. I love that this one will keep the water warm for an hour!

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Mmmm. This one is just so sweet and subtly minty that I find it so relaxing before bed. Hello lemongrass – you’re welcome here too!

The licorice in this reminds me of Stash’s licorice, which was always my favourite, so I’m happy.

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drank Spiked Eggnog by Herbal Infusions
1673 tasting notes

Ok – this is more like it. Smooth black base and eggnog spices. I wish I had real eggnog to mix this with!

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So Sil and OMGSrsly are right – this tea is great with maple added to it! I didn’t have syrup or whip cream like they did – but this maple agave seems to work nicely!

Thanks for the tip!


haha maple is win with smoky teas!


I haven’t tried those Lay’s Maple Moose chips but the smoky maple combination here sounds like the same idea.


Yum. I will need to try the maple idea someday….

Roswell Strange

My mom was shocked the Lay’s Maple Moose won: according to her they taste like “Sweaty moose balls”. That was enough of a descriptor to keep me from trying them, though :P


Haha I’ve heard nothing but negative comments about them. One reason why popularity contests ruin life.

At least Russian Caravan + maple syrup doesn’t taste like sweaty moose balls. I doubt Cavo would be raving about it if it did!


Didn’t know there was a contest lol.


Also….how do you know she wouldn’t be raving about it. Maybe sweaty moose balls are her. Thing ;)


Hahha. You don’t know until you’ve tried them?


You need to get some whipped cream to try this with as well, Cavo. :)

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And here’s my 10th Herbal Infusion tea! Woooooo.

So yes. THIS is the Chai. Not this (http://steepster.com/cavocorax/posts/210728). It smells spicy like you would expect and I think maybe that there’s sandalwood or something in there to make it stand out? There’s something woodsy in here and I like it.

Now on to the first sip: O.M.G. what was that? There is something seriously spicy in there. Not spicy enough for my bf who took a sip of it and called me a wimp, but spicier than I expected in my tea. Interesting! I’m sure milk and sugar would tone it down but I like this.


I hadn’t really taken note of Herbal Infusion tea before – they sure seem to have some nice sounding teas!


I’ve been pretty happy with them so far!


This is funny that you mention sandalwood. One tea I got for Christmas has sandalwood listed in the ingredients but I never knew you could put it in food and beverage, I just know of it in perfumes and oils! And now I see it is in other blends as well!

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On to my 9th Herbal Infusions tea!

Why I am so sleepy? This is my 7th tea with caffeine in it today. The base is really nice – I’m starting to identify this from some of the other blends.

The Chai isn’t as spicy as I thought Chai would be, but it’s nice.
Everything is nice.
I’m gonna grab some jelly beans now.

(I’m so sleepy. Maybe it’s because we’ve had people over for 11 hours and I have a Doctor Who episode to watch, and a Dean/Castiel fic I’m halfway through and I also wanted to see if there was anything on Boxing Day worth buying)

Hi guys!
/sleepy wave

ETA WHOOPS! I thought this was the Masala chai. I guess that’s why I didn’t get ANY chai spices from it and was confused. I do remember it being soft and minty. LOL. (dumbass)


Haha that’s awesome. The mint should have woken you up then!


You would think so, right? I can’t believe I got them mixed up like that. :P Especially when the chai was actually super spicy.

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Tea: I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, and once I started I had to get more and more and try ALL THE TEAS. Joining Steepster made this worse/easier.

So far it seems that I prefer unflavoured black teas, although I still drink a few that are flavoured each day too. Oolongs, greens, puerhs and white teas are all very good, but I just don’t crave them as often.


Me: Ok. Random things. I like animals, I have a baby girl and a devoted bf, and … I’m a geek. I like Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, pen&paper RPG’s, online RPG’s, video games, silly internet memes, puzzles and a bunch of others things! I taught myself to knit and I’m considering crochet but I need to make time for all these things!

1-50: Bleh.
51-64: It’s ok.
65-75: It’s good.
76-85: It’s very good. (Buy 1oz+)
86-100: Amazing. (ALWAYS re-stock)


Markham, ON

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