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Currently trying this tea for the first time. Let me note first that I’m not much of a chamomile drinker but will drink it later at night as an alternative to black tea.
The recommendations for steeping are 3-5 minutes, but I steeped for around 2.5 because I don’t like the overly sweetness of chamomile when it has steeped too long, so it did end up being on the weak side. Regardless of the weakness of the cup, it still has a nice vanilla-y body and a mild sweet finish but too similar to a stevia aftertaste. I am missing the honey flavour though, but perhaps that flavour comes through with a longer steep.

Flavors: Sweet, Vanilla

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Another DAVIDsTEA that I don’t like…but actually this was the worst tea I’ve had ever in existence! This is was the first tea I had ever bought from DAVIDsTEA and at first taste, like literally the first taste, it’s not too bad. But then the sweetener and the ginger kick you in the throat with a painful mixture of sweet and sharp. Blah. I just really want to find a good tea from there–I have a free tea to get still but I’m afraid of going back. Every experience is a bad one.

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Someone please find me an obscure DAVIDStea that I really like! This was surprisingly better than I thought and I actually drank it in a Christmas mug during the winter, however the stevia leaf made it have a terribly sweet aftertaste.

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I bought this tea for a family member, but ended up drinking it because they were too lazy to brew looseleaf. I picked it because it smelled delicious and I’m a sucker for a caramel black tea. This tea does loose its aroma as stated in another note, so you do have to drink it piping if you enjoy the scent. The flavour however doesn’t live up to its smell and I found myself struggling to find the caramel flavour.

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
8 tasting notes

I don’t really like DAVIDstea, but I try to so I’ll buy tea from there now and again. This is the only tea–I REPEAT: ONLY tea that I have actually enjoyed from there. Though not my favourite Earl Grey Creme, it is creamy with a relatively smooth finish and decent hints of bergamot. Steep it too long, however, and the smoothness will be gone so it’s not a very forgiving tea. It’s also pretty to look at in looseleaf, which is a plus.

Flavors: Creamy, Flowers, Smooth

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drank Yerba Mate by Guayaki
8 tasting notes

I have never made it myself–usually a member of my boyfriend’s family will make it in a gourd to pass around. His family from Uruguay and Argentina make it with loads of sugar and one gourd will go around the table once or twice before pouring in some more water. It took me awhile to get accustomed to this tea, but I enjoy the social aspect of it and the closeness drinking it gives.

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This is my go-to tea for a quick brew! It’s smooth and pairs well with any food. This has been a staple in my family with my great grandmother making it for my mother and my mother making it for me. I have been drinking this tea for about 10 years now before it was available in Canadian chain markets. I have both loose leaf and tea bags and I enjoy both. However, this is a strong tea so less is definitely more. I usually put one tea bag in a small teapot and steep it for 4-ish minutes and it’s strong enough for me. The downside to this tea is that I find that the caffeine content super high and I get jittery after only a couple of tea cups.
I have converted coffee drinkers to tea drinkers using Yorkshire Tea!

Flavors: Smooth

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This tea has to be one of the worst breakfast teas I’ve had. Red Rose is better than this! A mix between Yunnan tea from China, Darjeeling and Assam tea from India, the Yunnan taste way overpowers what could have been a more floral tasting tea. Regardless of what temperature I heat the water to (recommended temp is 205f) or length of time I let it steep (4-7 mins; I’ve steeped it for less time and it still tastes bad), this tea always tastes like it’s burnt and dirty. I bought a pack of 6 tea sachets and was sucked into buying it by the slogan “it’ll change your life”. Yes, David’s Tea, it has changed my life. It has reminded me to avoid this tea for the rest of my life!

Flavors: Burnt, Earth

4 min, 0 sec

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I’m a 22 year old Canadian from British Columbia. I come from an English family. My Grandmother came to Canada as a War Bride where she continued the cult of tea in our family.
My tea bio:
I’m a bit of a tea snob–but I’ve been drinking tea since I can remember! I love drinking tea in vintage and cute bone china, and I don’t like drinking tea from cups, mugs or porcelain! (Unless it’s a really cute porcelain cup!)
However, I don’t claim to know everything about tea. There is still so much to learn about tea!
I also have a thing where I have to drink in a cup that is related to the type of tea I’m drinking, otherwise it ruins the experience if it’s in the wrong type of cup. Tea OCD?
I drink mostly black and green teas, and occasionally white, oolong and some herbal teas. I am open to trying new teas all the time though!
I am not a rooibos fan and probably never will be unless someone somewhere one day brews me a really tasty cup, then I might become a little bit of a fan.
I’m super friendly IRL even though my tea notes seem snobby. I just take my tea experiences seriously!



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