After being scolded a few times by my husband for buying yet more tea when we have a ridiculously full tea cabinet (seriously, I’m storing some of the “bagged tea in boxes” in a basket on the counter), he snapped this up at the tea booth at a local antique mall, along with a few other Harney&Sons blends. We also snapped up 4 other H&S teas that day!

In the tin: Wow, this smells great! Not quite like fresh pineapple, not like candied pineapple, and definitely not like suntan lotion – but it reminded me of all of those scents. The little bags are adorable! Pyramids with a string and tag. The bag itself is made of what I suspect is nylon, but am too lazy to go look up. The bags are fairly transparent, but stronger and finer than typical “paper” teabag material. The tea leaves inside are, for the most part, whole leaves; of course, there are smaller bits at the bottom of the bag, but nowhere near what I would term “fannings”. The string seems to be good quality kitchen cotton string that is just long enough to fit my giant mug, and the tag is just big enough without being a “tag” hanging off the side of the mug. I’ve read great things about H&S teas on here, had a great experience with their Apricot at a tea room recently, and so far, I’m really liking this one. I’m also amazed at how much the leaves swelled in the bag! Followed the recommendation for brew time (3 minutes) and water temp (170F) listed on the tin. So glad I have an electric kettle with preset buttons for the different tea varieties and recommended temperatures!

In the cup: The tropical scent was still very present in the liquid. The flavor is delicate, without tasting like “new mown grass” like other green teas I’ve had in the past (and what put me off green teas for a good while). I tried a few sips straight, and didn’t hate or love the flavor. I added one small spoonful of unbleached cane sugar and the pineapple sweetness popped.

Tropical green is definitely a green I like and can see myself drinking on a regular basis.

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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