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drank Yunnan Gong Fu by Asha Tea House
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I picked this up from the new Asha Tea House in San Francisco, which is just a short walk from my office downtown. So far I’ve had their houjicha latte and lemon jasmine iced green tea to go, both were really good.

I decided to pick some of this up today because yunnan blacks are definitely a favorite of mine and it couldn’t hurt to have another breakfast tea. I steeped it for 2 minutes with boiling water per package directions and am drinking it plain.

This is a nice, rich black tea that doesn’t have much bitterness at all. I am getting chocolate plus a bit of tobacco aroma & flavor. I don’t normally sweeten my tea but I ended up putting a small amount of sugar in this, and that brought out even more chocolate-y and roasted notes. A very good everyday drinker, for the morning or anytime. Happy with this purchase!

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This tea was the other highlight of my trip to San Fran. Its not often you find a really good high quality black tea, and Red Ruby delivery. I was able to brew around 15 times in the gaiwan and it still held its flavor and color.

This is a lovely complex black tea with maraschino cherries, and a lovely wintergreen aroma/taste (that I often associate with the Uva region of Sri Lanka).

Well worth its money, this Red Ruby is much better than some black teas I’ve seen trying to pass for Sun Moon Lake.

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drank Gong Fu Black by Asha Tea House
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drank Big Red Robe by Asha Tea House
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I won’t rate this, but I thought it would be amusing to note that SOMEHOW when I brewed this up (western) it smelled exactly like cow manuer. I kid you not. It was amazing and revolting at the same time.

Don’t ask me how.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I’ve never had a Golden Buds Yunnan like that!!!


I’m willing to bet it was more my nose than the tea. The rest of the sample is going to a good home!


Wow, that’s quite the scent! It’s similar to when I brewed a pot of DT Davis’s Breakfast and I swore it smelled like wet dog, but my brother got a different scent.

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Another experiment. I let this steep in the Gaiwan overnight. In the morning it was a beautiful golden nectar. Strong and delicious. I will be doing this again….


did you refrigerate it or was it at room temp?

Charles Thomas Draper

Room temp. An awesome concoction….


love to overnight steep at room temp oolongs

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I’m brewing this in the Gaiwan. The first steep was light and mellow. The second really opened up and provided a wonderful cup of tea. Somewhat buttery with a floral hint. Green vegetables are another flavor I’m getting. All in all, a very nice brew. May I add it’s 11 pm EST and its very relaxing….

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