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A friend very generously brought me a bag of this from the little tea store in Canmore, where he lives. It’s absolutely delightful. I’ve never tasted a blend that contains both black tea and rooibos before, but it works amazingly well. The subtle fruitiness adds just the right amount of sweetness to get me completely hooked on this tea. The base tea is high quality, and the fruit flavour is natural and in no way overwhelming. It’s the perfect balance between the comforting and subtle black teas I’ve been so in love with all winter and the juicy, fruity blends I tend to fall for every summer. This was a new and wonderful experience that I would recommend 100%.

Flavors: Fruit Punch, Fruity, Orange, Smooth, Sweet

3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I’ve been to their store quite a few times yet never bought anything haha.


This is the first tea I’ve tried from there, and I’m really pleasantly surprised. I’ll have to go back for some more.

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I’m loving the fruity and floral smell. It’s almost like sniffing a fresh bouquet of flowers. I didn’t even add sugar to this /gasp and it’s still yummy. The orange peels add a tinge of citrus notes but do it without adding any extra astringency. This is a pleasant, smooth, floral, and slightly fruity green tea.

Thank you for another yummy sample moraiwe

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 9 OZ / 266 ML

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I’ve always thought plastic Easter grass smelled sweet and yummy, that is what this tea reminds me of. Maybe it’s the lily that I have never tried in a tea. I’ve been hesitant on trying teas that are floral but I tried this before looking at the ingredients. I’m curious about other floral teas now.

It taste pretty, I know it can’t really I just don’t know how to describe it; light, orange peel is not over powering, spring, may be nice with a little honey. I’m still not sure if it is Easter grass, maybe it is just memories I associate with it.
Thank you moraiwe for the sample, I’m glad I have more for Spring/Easter.

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First tea tried from *Dexter3657*’s box of goodies! I was a little flummoxed by “hot water” as a brewing instruction, but hoped it was implying “but not boiling” as I assumed and proceeded with water several minutes off the boil. Whether or not the water was right temperature, the tea came out very tasty! Had never heard of maple tea before Steepster, but as maple syrup is right up there on my list of necessary luxuries, knew I wanted to try one. Odd thing is that this smells almost exactly like Betjeman & Barton’s Luxury tea, but tastes more muted. Which is not a bad thing, as I found the Luxury a bit overpoweringly flavoured. I didn’t send you a sample of that, did I? I’d be very interested to see if you found the similarities I did between the two. Thanks for this & the many other teas yet to be tasted!

4 min, 0 sec

Yes you did send me some Luxury!!! When I mailed your box, I didn’t know Luxury was a maple tea. When I did figure that out, I was happy that I did send you some of the Stampede. Great minds think alike. I’ll try Luxury tonight and let you know.


Oh good – that will be interesting! Though the Luxury is billed as maple syrup and candied chestnuts, and I’d really thought the chestnut was more central to the aroma. Now I’m not sure!


I like Luxury better than Stampede. I’ll write a tasting note, but it’s so interesting how different ones experiences can be. You thought Luxury was a little overpowering, Stampede more muted. I think Stampede is more “in your face” maple, while Luxury is more balanced with the sweet nutty balancing the maple. This is more subtle to me, but in a good way. Thank you for including. I really like it.

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It has been brutal cold here today. Wind chill warnings for most of the day, was -50 C earlier. The wind has gone down and it’s now a balmy -36C.
I’m still not feeling 100% and from the sounds of it there are lots of us suffering from colds and flues – hope everyone is feeling better soon.
I was suppose to go out for dinner/drinks with friends, but based on sick and weather, I bailed on those plans. Snuggled in at home with a blankie, the cat, and the hockey game (winning 2-0 after 2nd).

In the spirit of the evening, it’s out with the old. This is by far the oldest tea I have in my house. Well over a year old, so that’s what I’m drinking tonight. It’s some sort of de-stress wellness herbal something. I don’t really like it, but maybe will get some benefits from it.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year – wishing you all the best in 2014!!


i am with you on that! comfort of our house! tea! tv!…relaxing…


Welcome to the Sick Steepster Social Hour! Ha ha.


Ouch, I saw on the news earlier today that MB is in a deep freeze. Hope you have a relaxing evening at home!


I hope everyone feels better soon! Happy New Years as well! Air! For the cold. The coldest I be ever experienced was in Saskatoon, where we ended up running the half block to a restaurant, because our skin started tingling from the cold despite being dressed for the weather, down coat, wool lined boots and all!.

Enjoy the evening curled up with friends, pets and/or family!


Yikes! Those temps are insane!!


I think it’s never been colder than -30/-40(-something) during the winters I’ve spent in Sweden. I can’t even imagine what -50 would feel like. Happy new year!

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This has been kicking around in my cupboard for quite a while. A friend gave it to me when my life was falling apart. Was a really sweet gesture, but I’m not really into “wellness” teas. I fell that any good tea is a stress reliever for me, I don’t need a tea specifically for that.
In the spirit of not wanting it to go to waste, and I don’t really like it hot. I tossed some in the fridge to cold steep. Not bad, much better than it is hot. It’s still a little too “floral, weird” for me, but there is hope yet that I will drink the last of it. Next time I’m tossing in some fruit tisane to take the edge off.

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I had a cup of this 17 days ago according to tea log. Don’t worry, I don’t have a spreadsheet or anything. Can you imagine?!?

I didn’t like it then but I thought it was because of the Rooibos. I have since made good friends with Rooibos so I decided to try it again as this is my first honest to goodness sipdown weekend. I placed a rather large DT order last night — large quantity-wise not necessarily price. I basically bought 650 grams of tea, the most I ever bought in one shot so I’m freaking out a little.

This tea is still not for me. The first steep of 1.5 tsp for 3 minutes was too strong. Not astringent, just strong and reminiscent of smoky bacon. Of course, maple at play. I don’t mind maple at all but there’s something weird about this. I left the first steep in the pot and put the second steep on top, and sweetened with maple syrup. Makes sense, right? It tastes better and I can finish the pot this way — I was worried I’d have to dump it and I hate doing that — but still there is something about it I do not like. And there’s just a touch of bitterness barely there but it’s there and I don’t dig it.

Thanks goes to Dexter3657 for this generous sample that is not yet a sipdown.

Terri HarpLady

I love the name of this tea, but when I read this list of ingredients, it was like, “what?”
I can’t imagine why anyone would want to ruin black tea by adding rooibos.
Just sayin’.

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It’s amazing what you find when you delve way back into your tea cupboard. This was given to me as a gift several months ago, and has been shuffled around (and back into the far corner) since then. I found it tonight and decided to give it a try. Glad I did.
This is a fun little maple tea. It’s sweet, it’s mapley, it’s a bit creamy. I like it and am sorry that I hadn’t tried it until now.

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It basically tastes like a slightly chocolaty earl grey tea. It is very nice.

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This tea tastes like one would expect a digestive tea to taste. It has all the flavours one associated with stomach-ache cures; for me, that’s ginger and mint. I’m not a huge fan of the flavour of herbal teas, so I marked it down for that reason, also it was one of the more expensive teas in the shop (still cheap compared to other fine tea retailers). However, I did drink some of this tea when a stomach ache hit after some enchiladas, and after a few sips all my discomfort was gone.

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This is an amazing tea with a well suited name. I really believe that if Eros had a tea-form, it would definitely smell/taste like this. In fact, I think that this tea should count as aromatherapy on top of being a fantastic tea.
As it’s roobois, I tend to drink this in the evening and it is a fantastic way to relax. The caramel, chocolate, and flower all come together to make perfection. I don’t usually like caramel and chocolate flavoured teas, but here they are perfectly complementary with the other flavours that I can’t really imagine it without!
Another thing: I am a slow drinker, but this tea holds its flavours well without becoming bitter. Tea is higher priced for store, but overall a great bargain compared to some other higher end tea companies.
I definitely recommend this. Hands down my favorite tea!

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De-cupboarding this tonight. I just wanted to note that I had it with a splash of milk for the first time, and it’s really fabulous that way. (For the longest time I had cut milk completely out of my tea on the basis of it negating so many health benefits to tea. Not that health benefits are the reason I drink tea, but if I’m going to drink so much of it, it would be best to maximize its benefits. Unfortunately, easy tea lattes from Teaopia near work got me re-hooked on tea with milk, so now I am always stuck bargaining with myself – 10 cups without, 1 cup with…)

Unfortunately, this is not an easy re-purchase, because the store it’s from is in Banff. I could order it through their website, and I might eventually do just that – but I’ll hold off for now. (I also asked about a chocolate Earl Grey on the DAVIDs Facebook page, as I’d be curious to see how DT did this idea.)

In the meantime, this one has really grown on me and I will miss it!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Love the name!


Yeah the name sells me on it.


I also love the name. I also thought I would chime in with a recommendation for a really, really good chocolate Earl Grey – the one from Upton is super good and a reasonable price.

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I tend to find that chocolate teas have something of an odd common…undertaste? No. Aftertaste? No. “Back” taste, is what I’d call it, as it’s a strangely dusty, somewhat bitter taste at the back of my tongue. Only really good chocolate teas don’t have it.

This tea smells like the backtaste of it would be strong. It’s an Earl Grey…with chocolate chips. My god, what an odd combination. And the smell is sort of icky. But I decided to steep it anyway, to try to use it up.

It’s not even mine, you see, it’s my mother’s. Evidently she and my aunt were in Banff for a knitter’s retreat (although why knitting requires retreating, I cannot figure – if they’re so pleased with themselves for knitting, why don’t they hold their ground?) and the two of them got excited looking around a local tea shop. She came home with three teas, but she was most excited about this one. You know. Because it has chocolate in it, and my mother is one of those people who likes chocolate brownie covered in chocolate icing and drowned in chocolate syrup and raspberries made out of chocolate and eaten off a chocolate plate with a chocolate spoon and spit on by a waiter with chocolate saliva.

But she hasn’t used up this tea (or the other two) in a year and a half. I don’t know – maybe there’s not enough chocolate in it.

So I steeped this up with some brown sugar, and it’s surprisingly good. I definitely understand the name; it certainly makes me think of kicking back in a warmly lit room and playing some jazz on the stereo. Hah, I don’t even own a stereo. It’s Earl Grey. With chocolate. It’s like a sophisticated, finely constructed armchair with well-worn cushions that have never been re-upholstered. It’s a bit bittersweet – which puts you in exactly that mood.

I think I’m going to go steep some more of this and listen to, “I Will Always Love You,” on repeat like I was last night. Not exactly jazz, but I think it will go.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

An earl grey with chocolate? That sounds interesting.


chocolate saliva LOL
I love the stuff to :P

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