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Berylleb King Tea(ebay)

Recent Tasting Notes


Thank you Bonnie for this fantastic puerh sample!

Dry smell: The dry smell is very woody and, surprise surprise, dry. It doesn’t have a deep wet earth smell but a dry smell resembling bark and cork board. I would describe it as a cooling smell but still very deep. It also has a hint of leafy sweetness, like fall.

Wet smell: It still possesses the leafy sweetness and cooling scents. Nearly all of the cork smell and dryness, however, is gone. There is a fairly large difference between the smell of the dry leaf and wet leaf. It is a nice and light smell.

Taste: The taste is very interesting. It is fairly light but very very sweet compared to other puerhs I’ve tried. The most surprising thing happened on my first sip. The very first flavor that jumped out at me when I tasted this tea is, wait for it, MARSHMALLOW. I don’t know what it is or how else to describe it but every sip I can clearly taste marshmallows. This mixed with the typical puerh flavor makes me think of a night on the beach enjoying smores with my family. I can’t wait for christmas so I can buy some more of this tea!!! :)


Mmmmmarshmallow! I want!


I love marshmallow! I almost bought a bag of marshmallow root to add to teas just in case it tasted like marshmallow. Thankfully I asked a clerk prior to buying it if it actually tasted like ‘mallow. Turns out it doesn’t. Shucks. Still searching for a natural ’mallow herb to add to teas =)


Ya it was really strange, but the first 5 or so steeping had a nice roasted marshmallow taste. It would be nice to have a marshmallow flavored herb to add to certain teas.

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Thanks mrmopar for this Pu-erh sample

It was late afternoon and one of those cloudy warm days where you know there will soon be drops of rain falling.
I was busy doing bills and received my first phone call on the newly installed phone line from the local emergency callback service, informing me that trucks will be spraying for West Nile on my street tonight. Really? We haven’t had rain in ever so long. West Nile?! (In about 8 weeks those critters will freeze to death!)
My second call was an invite to a political luncheon at the home of a local candidate. For free. (Well, in my case they’re not getting any money anyway because I have none).

Oh I do love life in Smallville!
End of Summer is celebrated with an all dog,all human swim at Central Park Lake. (Pretty neat!)

The railroad tracks that run parallel with the main street carries two LONG trains each day that halt traffic straight through downtown. (I’m talking about trains with over 100 cars on them and all you can do is sit in traffic and wait.)

The good people of Fort Collins decided to make use of those train tracks and redesigned the roadway around them, closing the streets downtown (causing a huge detour) for the past few months so that a Trolly Train will be able to run back and forth the whole length of Fort Collins during NON-COMMERCIAL-TRAIN hours. (this is beginning to look more and more like Disneyland. First,the Main Street was modeled after our town and now we’re getting this little train going back and forth…?!)

My oh my?! I needed a Pu-erh latte today!
(Sorry mrmopar, no disrespecting of the Pu!)

30 second steeping of this Pu-erh is plenty of time for a rich dark broth. I drank a 4oz first steep to test the sweetness and salt(which was perfect for my plan).

The second and third steeps I poured together for a big mug of dark
pu-erh which was earthy with no nasty flavor. This was nice and smooth. Like I said, perfect for my plan!

I added CREAM (not milk) and Sweetening and I became “Happy Bonnie”!

I don’t keep ice cream and cake and all those sorts of dangerous to my figure goodies in my house…ha…and I don’t need to with all the tea I’ve accumulated!
But, when I want the richness that comes close to a candy bar, my favorite Black chocolaty tea’s, a sensuous Chai, or caramel Pu-erh Latte satisfies my dessert craving! This did the trick!
http://youtu.be/KlmU6fXSwfk If you like trains, here it is.
My old friend is conductor on this old trolly that runs from town to Central Park…watch it fly! http://youtu.be/gEl2ZDuZQy8


I adore trains! If I ever become a multi gadzillionaire I am going to buy my own train – tracks too! I want a five car luxury train with a pet car for my pets with grass so they can “go”, a dining car, entertainment car, of course sleeper car, and a car for sitting and enjoying the ride with GIANT windows!
Yes this is my fantasy so it CAN happen – I don’t want my own jet plane I want my own train! :)


Years ago, I took a train with my young family from Oakland, to D.C. However, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia the we derailed along the New River. The train turned on it’s side towards the river. I heard an old preacher wake up and pray like he had done every morning which woke me up too. Then the shaking began. I put out my hand as the violent bumping started…preventing my daughter from falling and called for my husband to catch our son. No one was harmed. It was a misty morning in that narrow valley and everything seemed surreal as we climbed up and down trying to get off the train. The conductor said if we had all stood at once we would have tipped into the river since the other passenger cars had been removed in Cleveland. After many hours, a Railcar came and then a Caboose which took us to a small town with a coffee shop. We were fed, then we walked across a bridge to a bus and whisked off. Took us non-stop…to Washington D.C. (they did stop, opened the doors and threw trays of fast foods onto the bus not letting us get off to stretch).
After vacation back to California we went by train again. I’m not interested in train rides across the U.S. anymore.


oh Bonnie I am a wee bit jealous, I love trolleys! and a pu’ latte… YUMMMM


You can make it…they are so good aren’t they?! Do you have a trolly where you live?


nope, we have streetcars though. Not the same but close enough!


Ugh deleted my comment instead of edited it. I’ve got a question about puer, but I’ll wait until I get home so I can use the computer instead of my phone :)


ok…I’ll be in and out, PM me if you want and I’ll get back to you.

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My first high altitude grown ripe puerh but not much different as I picked up most on the lighter fermentation levels used in this tea. This one takes a bit more skill to brew with good results than most ripe puerh as it does best with very short infusions otherwise one will find it a bit disappointing for a premium product. It has a nice light taste to the brewed tea and is good for a lot of short infusions. Although in the end it is not a puerh that I would see myself buying again as while it is a good puerh it fell short of my personal preferences.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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