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I received this in a package along with some truly amazing yarn and spinning fiber from somebody on ravelry. I immediately laughed at the name of this tea, and then oohed over the ingredients list because it sounded delicious.

I steeped a cup of this to go with lunch and it is divine. Smooth, slightly sweet and tart and fruity but not overly so. The cherries definitely come out. It smells like it would be very tart (from the cherries, I guess) but it is just the right amount. There’s a full-feeling to the flavor from the roses, a not-quite perfumy taste. I imagine if I had added sugar it would be more fruity but I really like it as-is now.

However, the sadness. I cannot find anywhere to buy more of this amazing tea. StevenBe is a yarn store in Minneapolis and they have an online store where they sell two teas they’ve commissioned from Bingley’s – neither are Pop Your Cherry Blossom. Alas. (However, both those teas sound amazing and I may have to place an order with them.) I have a message out to the raveler but no response yet. I really hope this wasn’t a one-off and I can buy more of this.

I think it would divine iced, as well.

Flavors: Cherry, Rose, Tart

2 min, 15 sec

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This tea was a gift from my mom, and I’ve been patiently waiting for a calm evening when I could settle down enough to sit back and give this my attention. I used 3g for 200ml at 70C; first steep was 2mins, second was 3mins.

First off, it’s beautiful to look at. Light grey-green silver needles with bright and dark green pai mu tan, with raspberry (I think) leaves and whole rosebuds sprinkled throughout. The steeped tea is also beautiful: sunshine yellow. Dry or wet, it’s very sweet, smelling of white grapes, berries and roses. You can also smell sweet grass in the wet leaf. Did I mention it’s sweet? Back to the liquid, all the scents from the wet leaf are there, just much softer and they really linger.

The second steep is more balanced between the pai mu tan and fruit/floral notes. (I’ve had pai mu tan before, but not silver needles, so that’s what I recognise.) It still feels powdery, maybe even a bit “sparkling”, and that’s nice. It’s also still sweet, but the grassiness of the actual tea seems to be stronger against the others in their staying power.

There aren’t any other tasting notes for this tea, so I don’t know how long it’s been around. Maybe after this there’ll be a flood of others, Jane Austen tragics or not, that will also get to feel like they’re having a delightful, respectable celebration in their teacup.

My “companion” review to this is on my blog:

160 °F / 71 °C

looks pretty :)

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Sweet and light, perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning cup.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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