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drank Dragon Blend by Blendz Coffee
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So we went to Blendz for fancy drinks and I grabbed a shaken iced tea (black dragon blend). It’s really good. They added lemon to it and I can’t help but wonder why my ice tea isn’t as good when I make it.

More experiments needed. Maybe they added sugar to this?


I haven’t been able to make an iced black tea that I have liked yet at home. Always too bitter…..I guess I should try a cold brew…..


I put a pinch of baking soda in while it’s brewing, and do a short brewing time with slightly cooler water. This is pretty much only for black teas, though. :) It’s still not perfect, but I find it’s better.


Lilysmom – I’d try cold brew – I think you’re less likely to get bitterness that way.

And baking soda? Crazy. I would never have thought of that!


Yeah, something about the baking soda interacts with the tannins. It’s pretty cool.


I cold brewed a big pitcher of H&S black black currant overnight ….. It was ok, not bitter, but possibly still over brewed……drinkable tho……do you think cold brewing keeps any caffeine in the tea? I would love a cold black tea with caffeine to drink in the morning…..will try the baking soda magic and see how that works……

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