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I know I’ve probably said this before here, but I LOVE Blue Lotus Chai.

At first, I thought that this might end up tasting like the traditional “holiday orange” type of tea that almost every tea company out there offers. But it isn’t like that at all.

This is good prepared according to package directions, but I found that I preferred it without the milk and instead used all hot water for the preparation. (The directions call for 1/2 steamed milk and 1/2 hot water.) This allows for the orange-y and tangerine notes to emerge a little better, I think.

Here’s my full-length review:


might have to try this… in stores? or online?


I think it really depends on where you live. I have seen this in my local Chuck’s Produce (but I think that’s local to my area – Vancouver, WA) and I think I’ve also seen it in Whole Foods. You might find it in a similar type store in your area, but, if not, you can order online. Their chai blends are AMAZING!


hmmmm (dons smarty-pants musing face, lol).

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Drinking some of this chai now. I love Blue Lotus chai … if you like spicy chai blends, you really should try their chai blends! I like it because it’s not presweetened, so I can control what type of sweetener and how much I add to my chai. I do like a little dollop of honey or a little bit of raw sugar in a chai to accent the spices but most chai mixes go way overboard with the sweetener. This doesn’t. And I can also control how strong the chai is, and decide how “latte” I want to go with it.

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When Blue Lotus Chai contacted me to inform me of their two new flavors, well you know I just had to try them! This is one that I was REALLY EXCITED about because … well, I actually had recommended to them in my review of their Traditional Masala Chai that they add some Star Anise or Fennel to their Chai because I love the licorice-y taste. Well, they listened to me. (happy dance!) Here’s that review, in case you’re interested:

And this chai lived up to my expectations of their traditional masala chai with star anise. This is seriously good stuff. If you like Star Anise in your chai, you really MUST try this.

The spices are strong and fragrant and delicious. It is spicy, sweet, and has the zesty, snappy taste of star anise. I love this stuff. Here’s my full-length review of it:


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This was a really tasty rooibos chai … way better than I expected it to be. I was skeptical because I wasn’t all that excited about an instant rooibos chai. But this chai made a believer out of me. It is deliciously spiced, warm and comforting. Loved it!

here is my full-length review of it:


This sounds very interesting! Instant rooibos chai would have made me feel a little skepical at first too. Nice review :)

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I’m totally agreeing with Liberteas here! This is some awesome stuff!

At the very first moment of this hitting your tongue there is a creamy texture to it but then POW! BAM! SMACK! KAPOW! Masala Chai SPICES and LOTS of them! It like it’s playing ping pong in my mouth!

This is for sure an eye opener! Excellent spicy flavor! I drink them straight up but might actually play with this one with different milks = like almond milk and/or coconut milk!

This is wonderful!

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I’m having a cup of this chai today … I LOVE Blue Lotus Chai! This is another great product from them. The Original Chai is amazing, and so is this. I love the crisp, zesty flavor that the mint adds to the cup. It’s a strong minty presence, but it doesn’t overwhelm the cup. There’s just enough mint to stand among the spices and be tasted without overthrowing the flavor of the spices – because chai should be all about the spice! And this chai is still all about the spice, but it also offers a very enjoyable extra dimension with the mint!

LOVING this! My full-length review for this tea will publish tomorrow on SororiTea Sisters!

Kasumi no Chajin

I live so close to them, still need to get this one :)


I didn’t realize you live in Oregon! I love that they are local.


Is it a sweeter, candy-like mint, or is it more green, like the fresh herb?


It’s a more subtle mint here … I mean … it’s THERE … but … I wouldn’t describe it as either a sweet, candy-mint, nor an herbal mint taste … because of the way it interacts with the spices the taste is different from either of these, I think.

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I had a cup of this last week and LOVED it but my tasting notes disappeared so I’m starting fresh with this one. New Cuppa – New Notes!

I Love the package this comes in. It’s small and convenient enough for easy and compact storage but the package opening is wide enough for just about any spoon or tool to get in there with ease. It’s also a nice zip-lock! AND it came with it’s own scoop! YAY!

Upon opening the package the spices and mint fill the air! Wonderous! Wonderous Aroma!

This dissolves beautifully! It’s Hot! It’s Cool! It’s Ying and Yang! It’s North and South! Perfect example of how opposites attract! The Spicy HOT notes pack a powerful punch! They are true and intense. The Mint is Cool and Fresh. Together they work really well! I can’t remember the Chai Spices working so well with cool mint before. Just when I think the spices are hotter than the mint or the mint is cooler than the spice they flip-flop again. The ratios are RIGHT ON and amazing!

This is a GREAT product!

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This is AWESOME!

I had a cup of this yesterday, and I was just so in love with it that I didn’t even take the time away from it to type out a tasting note. It’s hard for me to stop between sips to write out thoughts now. It’s really good.

I love this not only because it tastes good, but because it’s a local product as well. By looking at their website, I see that nobody in Vancouver sells this (That’s Vancouver, Washington), but it’s in Portland. I may just have to start bugging my local Whole Foods to start carrying it since the Whole Foods in Portland does. And I can’t really convince my hubby to take me to a Whole Foods in Portland if there is one in Vancouver, and ESPECIALLY for a particular tea. LOL He seems to think I have enough tea, and there is no need for me to be buying more. He just doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes I find a tea so amazing that I NEED more of it. Any time I put the words “I need more” in front of the word tea, he starts laughing and stops listening to reason.

Anyway… this stuff is really good. There have been a couple of chai blends that I have really proclaimed as good (like mine, for example, and then there are the concentrates/premixed type of Chai like Third Street and Bhakti Chai, and there are others too – both powdered and loose leaf – that I’ve really enjoyed) this one is on the level of the very best … maybe even better than Bhakti! This is just so good.

One thing that I love about this is that it’s powdered, but unsweetened. So, I can totally control how sweet (or not) it is, and how strong I want by adding a little more powder. I followed the instructions yesterday, and took a little sip, then decided I wanted it just a little stronger so I added about half a scoop (the pouches come with the most adorable little bamboo scoop inside), and I could easily do this. To make it, you just boil water in the kettle, measure out 1/2 cup of boiling water, heat 1/2 cup of milk, combine and stir in 1 scoop (or in my case 1 1/2 scoops) of the chai powder, and then if you want it sweetened you can do that. I like my chai to have a little bit of sweetener because I think it accents the spices in a nice way, so I added about a 1/4 of a teaspoon of Turbinado Sugar and this made it absolutely amazingly delicious.

Spicy, creamy, decadent, rich, and perfect. I am going to be BUGGING my local Whole Foods to carry this.


I wonder how this compared to Tipu’s Chai which is also unsweetened. I have some of it, and it’s a little … harsh. I use it to make chai oatmeal and it works really well.


Definitely will order some of this from their website I have been searching for unsweetened chai mix.


@Rachel: while everyone has their own taste, when I prepared it according to suggested instructions, I did not find this to be harsh. It was flavorful … not too spicy, not too mild. I added a little extra powder to my cup because I wanted a little more spice to it. If that helps?


Did you add sweetener and milk to it or drink it plain? I was hoping the powder would be comparable to a plain cup of chai tea that I might make myself, so I was a little disappointed. But like i said, it does work well in oatmeal :)


The instructions that are on the packet say use 4 ounces of boiling water, 4 ounces of milk and 1 scoop of tea (there’s a little scoop in the pouch) … so that’s what I did. After everything was combined, I heated it up a little to accommodate for the milk. I took a sip and found that I wanted a little more spice so I added about another half scoop. I haven’t made it without milk yet, because I’ve loved the latte so much. I do add about 1/4 teaspoon of turbinado sugar to it (as I do with all chai because I feel the spices benefit from it).

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