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drank Monkey Chops by Bluebird Tea Co.
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Holy bananas n cream in my cup! This blend is fantastic. I’ve been searching for a great banana tea and I think this maybe it. All the flavors mix well with the black tea.


part of the Cooking TTB

Flavors: banana, Creamy

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Ooohh banana cream sounds amazing O_o !



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Lovely scent and taste. Not too ginger-y but like a nice gingerbread cookie taste. I was glad the rooibos wasn’t too woodsy and allowed the gingerbread to really shine. This tea tasted good even after I poured the cup and left it in the kitchen for 2 hours. I drank it room temperature and it was fine. Sometimes rooibos teas can get too strong when they sit too long but this was good. I drank the next one hot and it was even more satisfying. The tea wasn’t very chai but that was really no problem for me.

Thanks NayLynn and Brandon for this tea.

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drank MojiTEA by Bluebird Tea Co.
1193 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking this for a couple of days after making a large iced batch. The reason for the delay in reviewing is that I can’t make my mind up about it. On the one hand it tastes so pepperminty that it reminds me of toothpaste, especially since it’s cold. It leaves my mouth tasting as though I just brushed my teeth. On the other hand it’s a handy drink to have if you’ve eaten something smelly like onion or garlic. And after all the taste is actually pleasant and refreshing,

Let me break it down. First sip is citrus(y) with a light infusion of lemongrass and lime (nothing sour, actually rather creamy) but this only lasts for a second. After that the peppermint kicks in and spreads itself around my mouth to leave a creamy and refreshing (almost tingling) sensation. This lingers well into the after taste until before you know it, poof, it’s gone.

The only conclusion I can come to is that it’s nice but because of it’s unusual nature (in iced form anyway) I would have to be in the right mood to drink it. That means it’s not perfect, but the fact that I can drink it at all also means something.

For that reason I will give a fair and rather medium score. ie – Could be better, could be worse.

Flavors: Cream, Lemongrass, Peppermint


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drank Retro Ted by Bluebird Tea Co.
1193 tasting notes

Today is going to be a tea day. With clothes washing to do and a cross stitch that will take an hour or so to finish my day is pretty much free and open. Makes a change.

So Retro Ted will be kick starting my tea day. The blend is made mostly of large pieces and looks heavily herbal and floral. It smells fruity, tropically so, I’m thinking pineapple and coconut. It’s an interesting smell, fruity yes but heavy on the lemongrass too.

The taste is mildly tart and sour to begin with, also strong lemongrass tones with some generic fruit tones amongst it. After taste is creamy and coconut-ty in a mild way. I’m finding the blend of fruit and lemongrass and hibiscus rather strange. It doesn’t blend perfectly but neither is it terrible. Also dry and rather herbal.

Not a fan of this one, may try the rest cold steeped. I wasn’t a fan of the lemongrass and hibiscus blended together, it was too miss-matched for my taste buds and the only redemption was the coconut after taste. I wouldn’t buy this one again but am happy I can at least drink it.

Flavors: Coconut, Hibiscus, Lemongrass

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 4 tsp 20 OZ / 600 ML

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Another sample sent from Nattie!

I enjoyed a mug of this yesterday at work after lunch. It seems more of a natural tasting pumpkin tea, vs a lot of the chemically flavoured ones. I mean maybe this is too, but there are actual bit of pumpkin in there rather than candy bits, so that’s a plus to me!

Again the base was a little weak to me, though I left it steeping for like 10 minutes and nothing bad happened, haha. So it’s forgiving!

It was a pleasant cup, though to me it was definitely more of a pumpkin enhanced chai than a pumpkiny dessert tea.

I don’t think I’d buy it but was great to try!

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I’m very excited to try this tea since the combination of cocoa shells and a milk oolong interests me. Peppermint isn’t as exciting for me, but I’ll deal with it. When I opened the bag, I was overwhelmed by all that peppermint! It’s incredibly strong. I don’t even really detect any oolong or cocoa shells in the scent.

Sipping… I was expecting this tea to be sharp, but it’s actually quite smooth. The cocoa flavor comes through stronger than I was expecting which is just lovely! I can’t say that it’s a strong chocolate flavor, but one that is specific to cocoa shells.. I’m not sure how else to describe it. The peppermint is definitely present – a little bit stinky and lingering, though. I can’t taste the oolong at all, sadly.

I do enjoy the combination of peppermint and cocoa shells, but I wish that the milk oolong would shine through. I’m not sure I would buy this one again, but I’m happy to finish up what I have.


That does sound like a great combo, but I’d probably prefer if there was just a hint of mintiness, and definitely milk oolong flavour.


could you add a bit more milk oolong to it to try it “the way you like it”? I’ve made some better teas that way and really messed up other that way too! :) But it’s just a cup, so hey, alchemy!

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This is the last tea from the Bluebird group order a couple of months ago. I guess I’ve just never felt in the mood for a lime cola tea, but today is the day! I’ve only had one guayusa tea before, and I didn’t really get a good sense of the base because it had lavender in it… So this should be interesting! The dry leaf is quite beautiful. It has a lovely “herbal” appearance – all pieces of leaves, flower buds, etc. And everything is a lovely muted shade of green/yellow. Dry scent is lime with a bit of cola underneath.

The steeped tea smells a little bit lime-ish, and there’s a certain effervescent aroma and sweetness that suggest cola. Hm! It definitely tastes herbal, and a bit earthy in a good way. I can taste the lime and cola, but they’re both quite mild and they meld together nicely. I’m really enjoying the gentle and sweet herbal flavor of the guayusa/linden, and the lime is a lovely touch. Pretty yummy!

Flavors: Earth, Lime, Smooth, Sweet

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Having never actually eaten rhubarb, I often feel like I’m at a disadvantage when I review a rhubarb tea because I’m not exactly sure what a rhubarb should taste like because I don’t have that experience tasting actual rhubarb.

For this tisane, I taste the rooibos. The honeyed, nutty flavor seems to work well with the custardy notes and the notes of rhubarb.

In my full-length review, I mused a bit about the stevia in this blend:

Overall, this is a tasty tisane. I enjoyed it.


Omg, you’ve never had rhubarb?!


not that I’m aware of.

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I got a lovely parcel in the mail from Nattie a couple days ago – a swap from England! An English swap! I’m technically 1/4 British, a fact I’m very proud of. I have family over there to meet one day.

For NOW – i shall drink the tea!

I brought any samples that were teas which could be prepared with boiling water to work, because those are easiest to make with the crappy kettle we have in our little kitchen. And believe me I am happy we have a kettle at all!

I was pretty pumped to try this one, based on the smell.

It didn’t disappoint me, it was a tasty alternative to an after lunch dessert.

I found a nice blend between the coffee/mocha, and chocolate and chai spices. The base wasn’t SUPER strong but definitely made for a hearty enough cup and i did add milk as well.

Maybe I could just let it steep a bit longer next time… Nattie was generous enough to give me enough for 2-3 cups!

Thanks :)


I usually steep my bluebird blacks for a while – like 7 or 8 minutes – to get the most flavour out of it. I find their base/bases are usually very forgiving. It takes a lot to make it go bitter. I’m glad you liked it! (:

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I’m convinced I’ve written a note for this one before. Utterly convinced. Still…

I have a huge tin of these at home, because they’re such a go-to kind of blend. Easy to drink, easy to brew, no fuss, crowd pleasers. I gave one bag 4 minutes in boiling water, and added milk.

The resulting brew is a pretty solid example of an english breakfast tea. It combines an assam, a ceylon, and an unspecified Chinese black, and (perhaps as you’d expect) it’s sweet and malty, with a hint of citrus brightness. The citrus, to me, is lemon, and it emerges primarily at the end of the sip. For the most part, this has a characteristic sweet potato flavour, with an almost starchy element reminiscent of crispy, roasted white potato which emerges in the mid-sip. It’s hugely malty, with that wonderfully deep, molasses-like flavour that a really good malty black can take on. No sugar required here!

I love this one for indecisive moments, or when I just want a good, solid cup of plain black tea. It’s such a straightforward, no nonsense blend with plenty of flavour – there’s nothing not to love here! Well done, Bluebird!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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Here’s a tasting note to celebrate!! I just noticed sorting is working again after months! Awesome! I hope a lot of things are back to normal, because I’ve been noticing for a while now, if I post two tasting notes around the same time, both will show up in my tealog and the page for that tea, but it will not show up in the dashboard. Well, as long as they aren’t disappearing completely, I’m fine with it…

Another from the order – I definitely wanted to try this one! I was a little worried this wouldn’t be lime cola at ALL, but the leaves certainly have both a lime and cola fragrance and the FLAVOR is definitely there as well — both steeps! There are some big leaves here… not sure if that is the guayusa or the linden. I also made sure to include a big lime piece – rind and all. But there is a nice sweet lime and cola flavor… almost candy like. Certainly delicious. I could hardly taste the usually earthy guayusa itself, to those who are a little afraid of the guayusa flavor. But that could be due to the not-at-boiling steep. Maybe the flavor of the lime and cola dominate the cup. The flavor of this one exceeded my expectations with its perfect balance of lime and cola. I wouldn’t have minded taking a bigger risk with more than ten grams from the split order.
Steep #1 // 1 tsp (+ really big lime piece) // 20 min after boiling // 2 min steep
Steep #2 // 15 min a.b. // 3-4 min

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There is a definite rhubarb and custard flavor to this tea however unfortunately the stevia is ruining it for me… note to self, you don’t like stevia so stop buying teas that contain stevia!! The addition of milk brings out the custard and creamy notes. The remainder of this tea is going into the swap pile for the Herbal TTB.

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Wow. This tea is pretty fantastic. It tastes like a holiday spice cake that isn’t overwhelming with the spice. You can definitely taste all the different ingredients and they mingle so very well together. I’m drinking this iced now since I didn’t hear my Brevile beep for me to get my next cuppa. Can’t wait to try this one hot. I’m not a huge fan of spiced teas but this one . I could drink any day.

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Another sample from the kind Naylynn. Thank you!

Helloooooo, ginger! This chai is missing the “bread” part of gingerbread, but it has the ginger part down pat. The heat settles in the back of my throat which is nice. There is also a woody note from the rooibos, and I must admit that I like it with the spice. The combination is earthy and comforting.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Aniseed Balls by Bluebird Tea Co.
4787 tasting notes


This tea was at the top of the list of teas that I wanted to try from Bluebird because I love Anise. And even though I don’t love hibiscus or stevia, I was willing to overlook the presence of these ingredients if I was about to try a tisane with licorice, aniseed and star anise … and chili!

I wish the hibiscus wasn’t there. That said, this is still an enjoyable tisane for me even though there is hibiscus and stevia. I’d like them not to be there, but I still enjoyed this even though they are there.

I love the licorice-y flavor to this. This is not for someone who doesn’t like the flavor of black licorice, but I love licorice so this tisane was right up my alley. The chili adds just a little warmth to it but doesn’t make it too spicy.

Read my full-length review here:

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Sipdown (128)!

I love you all; but all the tea I’ve received from you butts lately has seriously bumped my cupboard up from where it was! Which was under 100. And more still on the way…

- Smells like fluffy raspberry angel food cake when dry
- Brewed, it was more more weak/mild in flavour than I was expecting
- Kind of a soft/less harsh raspberry with a very mild black base
- Basically zero natural raspberry tang/tartness
- Kind of just average overall; may have been better hot

Of the three Bluebird Tea Co. teas I received from Cameron B. I think this one was definitely my least favourite though in its defense I have become a fair bit snobby in regard to raspberry teas…

Cameron B.

I’m not a fan of this one because the raspberry leaf herbal-y flavor takes over when I steep it hot. :(

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Sipdown (125)!

My first tea on Boxing Day. Working in retail, I expected the day to be hectic and head ache causing but shockingly it was super, uber dead – at both workplaces! So goign with a caffeine free tea in the morning wasn’t a terrible idea after all. I guess at CC it related to the fact I’m in a “seniors” mall so the bulk of the boxing day rush of shoppers hit up the more trendy malls, with clothing stores and electronics retailers and that jazz. And then at the grocery store, well everyone was out at malls and who doesn’t have leftovers on Boxing Day? Really there’s no need for a big grocery trip, right? So very bland and dull.

At Calendar Club, though, there were two of us all morning because they expected it to be hella busier and thus justifiable for there to be two of us – which NEVER happens other than the 15 min. or so of overlap when one person is taking over for another. The girl working with me for the morning is named Eryn and it was actually my first time meeting her since the season started since I do mornings and she’s evenings.

She’s an international student studying at the U of S and is from China; we ended up, by no coincidence (I totally drove the conversation in this direction) talking about straight green teas and tea in general. She even taught me about a new herbal tea I’d never heard of: “Holly Tea” (or Kuding, as she called it). It’s something her family is BIG drinkers of, but I’d never even heard of. Honestly, it sounds disgusting (it’s supposed to be VERY bitter) but it looks so damn cool and I’d love to get the chance to try it even if I’d likely hate it. Doesn’t it look freakin’ cool!?

Anyway, this tea was really good: the rhubarb was stronger and more well defined than I anticipated it being which was a really nice surprise. It had a natural sweetness but still maintained a playful tartness to it. Rhubarb is really becoming a consistently well regarded flavour of mine! The custard came through more of a rich vanilla/cream flavour, maybe a touch pudding like. It worked well with the rhubard and was distinct enough to not just add an extra sweetness. And for all you non-rooibos fans, I thought the base was pretty well covered too! This is one I certainly want to drink again, and would probably order if I could do it in either a 1 oz. or 2 oz. size.


I love learning about new teas, even if they’re just tisanes lol
Strangely I doubt I’d mind the bitter

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Wow, this is not my thing. I like the idea but the red rooibos kills it for me. it has that medicinal cough syrup taste all over the base. Also, while this is super gingery, it is too fruity to be a chai I like. Thanks for letting me try it, NayLynn!

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Sipdown (131)!

Drank this one… On the 23rd? It was definitely a little while back, anyway.

I personally have had zero success with the other two/three cola teas I’ve tried (the DT Cola one, Della Terra’s Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake or whatever it was, and Red Leaf’s Cola Matcha) so don’t ask me while I deliberately requested this one from Cameron B. when I was really confidant I’d hate it. I guess maybe because Cola seems like such a stretch for a Guayusa blend, and I wanted to have faith.

And you know what, while there was never a moment of “Oh. My God. This. Is. So. Good.” it did work for me, and was definitely enjoyable. I thought that the balance between Lime/Cola/Base was very even and, unlike other Cola teas I’ve had, the flavouring in this one certainly did NOT taste chemical or like some sort of high grade cleaner. Definite plus, obviously. What the cola flavour did remind me of was those gummy coke bottle candies. Mmm!

This was my first Bluebird Tea, and since I had this one I’ve had a few others and I can definitely say my experience with this companie’s blends thus far has definitely been more positive than negative – so when I start looking into ordering more seriously, this will be in consideration depending on how many other guayusa blends I have on hand at the time.


I really liked DTT’s Cherry Cola and Cake. I really want to try more cola teas.

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drank Snowball by Bluebird Tea Co.
1564 tasting notes

Another from the order… I wanted to buy a little to try. A few teaspoons of each tea is usually enough for me. :D I’m not exactly sure… but is this tea supposed to be those little round chocolate cakes that are surrounded in marshmallow and pink coconut? The ones that are like vending machine food or found in grocery stores? Well, that’s what sold me on this tea anyway! The ingredients sure seem the same! Black tea with three types of chocolatey things, two kinds of coconut, marshmallows and flowers that are the color to invoke that scrumptious pink coconut. Sounded perfect. Using a little more than a teaspoon though, the flavor is so light! Granted, it was about eight minutes after boiling. Mild hints of coconut and chocolate on the Bluebird mild black tea. Too bad, as it’s such a nice idea for a blend. Maybe I’ll try more leaves next time? I will say this though, that marshmallow definitely melted in the mug (sometimes tea marshmallows don’t!)
Steep #1 // 8 min after boiling // 3-4 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 6+min


I’d try more leaves next time. Get those flavours out! :)

Tea Sipper

Yeah but I don’t want to know how much that cup will cost. :D

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drank Gingerbread Chai by Bluebird Tea Co.
546 tasting notes

So, the gingerbread + Chai seriously makes for a very gingery tea. I mainly just taste ginger. I accidently oversteeped this one the first time and it tasted like coca cola. xD Wow. You really gotta be careful with these teas-haha! :P
But yeah, too much ginger for me personally.
Thanks for the sample, NayLynn!

Flavors: Ginger

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This tea smells delicious. Not exactly like gingerbread cookies, but sweeter. It smells like ginger and vanilla and really sweet. (I dropped the bag and spilled some…) Before I forget, I want to thank Naylynn for this sample.

I ended up letting it steep too long. I guess 7 minutes isn’t too bad for a chai tea, though… It still smells just as sweet. I want to try it first without anything added, but I might add stevia after. I still haven’t figured out the best milk:tea ratio, so I don’t thing I’ll add it this time.

The tea is mild, but in a good way. Rooibos can have an odd aftertaste that I can’t quite describe, but this is very mellow. I prefer a ginger tea to punch me in the face. This is more like a gentle breeze. It tastes good sweetened. It’s pleasant and would be great for dessert cravings and for drinking tea late at night.

I only brewed this tea at 195ºF, but it doesn’t get bitter from oversteeping, I’ll need to consider buying this if I want some sweeter teas.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 tsp

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A tasty and refreshing blend. I enjoyed the balance of citrus fruit and floral tones. I was also happy that I didn’t taste much of the hibiscus. Hibiscus just doesn’t belong in an Oolong blend and that would be my one big criticism with this blend. No hibiscus, please. But fortunately, the hibiscus didn’t interfere with the enjoyment of the tea and I didn’t get a heavy texture or thick, syrupy or tart hibiscus note.

I enjoyed this and I liked that I got more Oolong flavors in the later infusions. It was a nice, fruity tea for the first cup, but later infusions I got to enjoy more of the Oolong characteristics.

Here’s my full-length review:


I love elderflower, why would they add hibiscus to it :-O


Then again … they shouldn’t add hibiscus to anything. It’s just better without hibiscus. That should be the rule.

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