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drank Fu Shou Shan by Butiki Teas
1770 tasting notes

This tea is so great. So great.
I’m tasting butter and spinach and ‘green’. I’m happy I bought the mystery box to get this one as I wouldn’t have tried it otherwise.

I’ll have to buy it somewhere else once I’m done!


haha one i never tried lol


You want a cup? I think I’ve got a few left!


only if you can spare!


I’m sure I can. :D I’ll go set some aside!

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Drowning myself 6-26-15 #8

100% honesty here:
My mom really likes vanilla and this was about the only vanilla tea I had and I’ve never brewed it because it has the word ‘squash’ in it… that sounds like one of those things called ‘vegetable’ and I’m not too keen about those finding their way into my tea. Anyways, it’s Butiki right? Well, this tea is very complex. Not only does it have a slight vanilla taste to it, the squash is actually in there which is so bizarre but it isn’t unbearable. I drank this down and was quite impressed by all the flavor that was in this tea, though it is not something I personally enjoyed very much I do understand that it did a great job getting those taste in there somehow. I just don’t think squash is a very appealing taste to have present in a teas.

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drank White Chocolate by Butiki Teas
707 tasting notes

Oh my freakin’ word! This freakin’ tea is freakin’ amazing!!
Don’t know why I keep saying freakin’….I guess I just haven’t tried a new tea that’s “wow-ed” me THIS much before. It’s crazy!
I had wanted to get it when Butiki Teas was still opened, but didn’t have the chance because when I went to order it, I ended up with an email about it being sold out. :(
Didn’t think I’d have the chance to try this one, but thanks to the incredibly generous VariaTEA for this tea!!!
After two cups of it, I still don’t know what to think-it’s like nothing I’ve ever had.
The base of this blend looks like PTA….I think it is because it really tastes like it, but I’m not entirely sure. So correct me if I’m wrong! It was really malty, and kinda almost fruity. I wouldn’t say it tasted like white chocolate tons, but it did taste like it just enough to make you think of white chocolate. White chocolate and the base tea just blend so perfectly together. And it’s soo smooth. I’m so impressed!
I absolutely adore this tea! So thankful I got a chance to try it! Thank you so so much VariaTEA!!!! :D :D

Edit Also just realized this is my 700th tasting note! Woot! :D

Flavors: Baked Bread, Honey, Malt, Smooth, Sweet, White Chocolate


woot woot! grats on 700


Congrats on 700! And I am SOOO glad you love this because I could never get it to work for me. I’m happy it went to a good home :)


Thanks guys (:

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All the malt!
205f for eight minutes (you better believe it)

Awesome mouth feel, great taste, and it isn’t bitter after I tried to kill it :)


My fave!!!!

Liquid Proust

& then he brews it for three minutes after… it went from breakfast to dessert :)


Try it iced sometime OMG

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Thank you so much for a surprise sample of this one, TheLastDodo! It’s one I haven’t tried and I really wanted to. :D There seemed to be about a tablespoon remaining, hard to judge with these long leaves. Plenty of pumpkin flakes in the bottom of the pouch – yum yum (made sure to cut the pouch open to get at all the flakes). This is a superb cup. The white tea are those long fuzzy sickles. I was worried that the 3 1/2 minute steep would ruin the white tea, but not at all. I’m not sure I can specifically distinguish the butterscotch and the coffee but the pumpkin is there. I can describe the flavor as buttery but then I realized “butter” is in “butterscotch”! The brew color is pale yet cloudy, probably from all those pumpkin flakes. Very sweet and could easily be a dessert in itself! The second steep is delicious as well, maybe getting slight hints of coffee when it cools. Not many pumpkin blends can beat Butiki – actual pumpkin flakes. Another amazing Butiki blend.
Steep #1 // 25 minutes after boiling // 3 1/2 minute steep
Steep #2 // 25 min a.b. // 4 min

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Recently bought a large quantity of high end black tea and I needed something to compare it to so I decided to pull out my Butiki collection :)

This tea is quite good. Very smooth. This tea provides that great feel of fresh bread hitting your stomach, but has the taste of a black tea infused with honey. Really enjoying this.
Although I have drank * a lot* of tea today… there is 32 ounces of this tea brewed for my enjoyment :p


I miss this one

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drank Boomstick by Butiki Teas
390 tasting notes

This does not taste good to me…
I’m not a fan of Kenyan tea or Assam tea so maybe that is it or it’s the astringent notes that rubs up and down the inside of my cheeks as I try to get them out of my mouth.



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I’ve sipped this a couple times but haven’t written a note yet. This time I went all out with the recommended three teaspoons. Before, I was probably only using two. I would say there isn’t a large difference in flavor from using 2 to 3 teaspoons. But it definitely doesn’t seem overleafed with three. The base never gets bitter. It’s a really good blend, but I always am wishing there was as much melon flavor as the Cantaloupe & Cream tea had. There IS melon here though on this delicious Darj, with hints of espresso as well. The melon/coffee combo is really good. With this base, it couldn’t be a better choice, but I am finding it tough to taste the flavor of the Darj itself. Looking up my tasting note for the base on its own, I gave it a 92 so this is the perfect blend for me to stock up on! The second cup is possibly more delicious. I don’t think this Darj can be oversteeped at all. There might be more espresso flavor somehow. The THIRD steep is even scrumptious! This base is VERY difficult to ruin. Butiki, I miss you!
Steep #1 // 3 tsps. // 14 minutes after boiling // about 4 minute steep
Steep #2 // 15 min a.b // 4 min
Steep #3 // few minutes a.b. // 4 min

Note to self for future steeps: You don’t NEED 3 tsps. but if you DO use 3, definitely steep three times!


What if you mix in some Golden Honey Dew?


That’s a good idea, but it probably tastes melony enough on its own, especially if I’m thinking consistently over the three steeps. Holds the flavor!

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This is a really nice oolong tea. I like it because it seems “light.” I added some agave nectar for added sweetness and it complemented the nuttiness. For me, the pecan is the star of the show here. Very prominent to my taste buds which is fine by me because I love pecans. I didn’t get a lot of the apple flavour but I enjoyed the pecan flavour so much that not getting much of the apple didn’t bother me. It makes for a nice, soothing, unfussy cup of tea in the evening when relaxing and watching T.V. (Orange is the new Black – Season 3.) I’m about to do a re-steep momentarily. I’ll enjoy this tea until it’s totally gone and I will be sad to see the bottom of the bag!

Flavors: Pecan

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I was very happy to see this in a swap :)
It looks like it was dusted with silver… which is really intriguing
The orange pretty much takes over in regards to flavor which is nice and at the same time leaves a bit more to be desired, but I tend to not like orange in generally when it comes to tea. My best friend and I enjoyed a few steeps of this tea last night :)

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drank Ruby Pie by Butiki Teas
630 tasting notes

I finally got to try this from a sample someone sent… so sorry, it’s been ages, it’s just been sitting in my cupboard and I can’t remember who sent it. BUT I APPRECIATE YOU!

It was a “must try” for me for a long time, yet for some reason I never ordered it. I always meant to, but then Butiki ended, as did my chances.

I must be honest, the little sample I tried didn’t blow my mind. I might not be the biggest fan of strawberry flavoured tea, maybe that’s why. I didn’t find it super flavorful, not as much graham or pie notes that I hoped.

Always hard to tell by a little baggie sample, maybe I underleafed (or, overwatered).

At least i don’t WANT WANT WANT it, because i wouldn’t be able to get it anyway!

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My mom actually asked to drink tea with me last night… this doesn’t happen.
She likes caramel, cherry, and vanilla. Therefore, I chose a vanilla tea because I haven’t had a good one yet and I owned a Butiki one :)
Here’s what I will say about this tea:
1 I wish I could try it fresh
2 I approve
3 My mom wants more… no one tell her, but that isn’t happening


Poor Mom!

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drank Boomstick by Butiki Teas
381 tasting notes

That was a good one!


RIP citrusy boomstick

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drank 1994 Aged Bai Hao by Butiki Teas
1139 tasting notes

Oy, this tea was so delicious. Was, sadly, seeing that I didn’t bother writing about it until my very last cup. I was a huge fan of Oriental Beauty, so naturally, this also had to be mine. It was so cocoa-y and roasty, smooth and rich. I’m going to miss it so.

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drank Fu Shou Shan by Butiki Teas
207 tasting notes

I found a packet of this (along with the other remnants of a Butiki order) hiding under a bunch of GoldenTeaTips packages.

It’s certainly a lovely floral green oolong. I’m afraid I’ve been not brewing it to it’s potential. The weather here has been so crazy this past week. I’ve been brewing big pots of it in the evenings, and letting them cool overnight, then pouring then over ice in the morning. The effect is diluted, and I’m sure some of the more subtle notes are lost this way. Mostly I’m just enjoying it. =)

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drank Pumpkin Cider by Butiki Teas
1271 tasting notes

Ah, Pumpkin Cider! I hardly knew ye. And yet, my sorrow at your passing out of my cupboard is real.
Alas, Pumpkin Cider! You were delicious.


Never even got to try this one!

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drank Pumpkin Cider by Butiki Teas
1271 tasting notes

The weather has dropped a few degrees, so of course the natural and correct thing to do is to pull out the autumn flavored teas, yes?
I was expecting good things from this tea, as all the pumpkin teas I’ve tried from Butiki before have been good.
I’m pleased to say that this is good as well, though I’m not sure I’d call it Pumpkin Cider. It seems a touch too creamy for that. In fact, it reminds me strongly of the beloved and missed Pumpkin Crème Brulee, just without the crispy sugar top note.
There isn’t any of the sparkle that I would associate with tea, but do love this blend. The pumpkin is delicious and present (a problem with many pumpkin teas- sometimes they are just pumpkin pie spice, with none of the actual pumpkin….), the flavors sophisticated and delicious.
I’ve got a little bit left, after this pot. I’m torn between greedily hording it, and greedily drinking it right down.

Flavors: Creamy, Pumpkin

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This is another of the older Butiki teas in my cupboard, but it finally got its chance today! As with a lot of Butiki blends, it’s a beautifully pretty thing. The rose buds are a bright, vibrant pink, and very fresh-looking. They could have been picked yesterday, but I know they weren’t. The silver needle leaves are a creamy green in colour, and very downy. The scent is heavy on the rose, in a way that’s almost reminiscent of perfume. Thick and sultry, very fragrant. It’s a beautiful beginning.

I used 2 tsp of leaf for my cup, and gave it 3 minutes in water cooled to around 180 degrees. Even though floral teas aren’t usually my bag, I’m in love with this one from the first sip. If parma violets were rose flavoured, they’d taste like this tea. I’m going to find it fairly hard to explain that now, but it’s how I felt immediately upon taking a sip. The rose is obviously the most apparent flavour, but somehow it doesn’t dominate the blend. It’s sweet, and tastes almost sugared, with just a hint of something powdery. It’s also truly, madly creamy, as if I’d added actual cream to my cup. Smooth, with a dairy like mellowness that complements the rose so, so well. Like rose milkshake, if such a thing existed. There’s the tiniest hint of champagne in the aftertaste, which adds a heady richness to the overall cup. It lingers beautifully, as does the rose, for a good few minutes after each sip. All together, the flavour, the smoothness of the mouthfeel, and the scent combine to make this a real sensory experience. Very few teas have this sort of impact on me, so I’m doubly sad I didn’t try this one sooner. My bank account is pleased, but that’s little consolation.

I love this blend, and I’ll cherish the little bag I have. It’s completely disproved my belief that I don’t like floral teas – clearly that’s not the case. This is a beautiful, fabulously tasty tea, and I’m honoured to have had the pleasure of trying it. Butiki may be gone, but they will always live on in my memory.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp

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Matcha/Green TTB #3

I don’t know what marmalade is, nor have I Google’d it yet (because that is how my generation ,if not the world, does to find out information)

I was confused as I saw this in the TTB… I looked at it and said to myself, “who the heck puts a black tea in a green TTB?”
That is to say, this is by far the darkest green tea I have ever laid eyes on. I brewed this up and drank it down quick to get up and rebrew it; meaning I really like it.

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:( I can’t find a place to purchase amaranth petals, they look so pretty!
This is a pretty nice tea, the balance of watermelon to the white tea taste; fantastic.
Unfortunately, watermelon flavoring just isn’t good from my experience with over six different watermelon teas and that is the same situation with this. While overall the tea is great, the flavoring isn’t what I would want a lot of.

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Pulled this tea out after talking about Butiki and brewed it a few times. Not only does this leaf have a pleasant aroma when brewed, they completely change in color. Colors range from olive to dark brown and it looks wonderful. Taste wise this is smooth without the bitterness, unfortunately it is yet again another black tea that I do not like. Thankfully I have tried enough black teas at this point to know which leaf is quality and brews a more pure drink as these do.

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While I have no clue what this should taste like… I am going to explain it how it taste to me.

As I drink this and listen to Of Monsters and Men, I imagine tea being grown in a public pool that nobody pees in. This tea was plucked from that area ,dried out, and processed as an oolong to be sold to consumers such as I to be drank. Many people will drink this and not taste what I taste, but I taste some sort of clean pool tea nectar.

Frickin’ weird experience… how does one rate this? I assume that any pool that has me continually drinking from its produce must be pretty dang amazing so, yeah…

p.s. I am not insane…


But. Are you high?

Liquid Proust

I was not and am still not high. Maybe I should write differently… it is just hard with all the voices in my head, you know?
I’m just kidding :p
Dang, I can’t take this serious. If Steepster had a way for me to upload my reviews via 10 second video clips you might understand more, my personality is quite potent.

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