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This tea is off the chain! I’m no stranger to lapsang souchongs as a fan of smoke, even hits-you-in-the-face-ashtray smoke teas. This is, I’m pretty sure, the best smoke tea I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t shy away from that intense smoky quality that distinguishes LSs from other mildly smoky-hinting teas, BUT there is a splendid sweetness at the end of the sip that sets it apart, and so much wonderful complexity in between—I could be hallucinating but I swear I get nuttiness, chocolate, and a little bit of fennel. Ever so slightly woody feel without being so noticeable as to veer into, say, Darjeeling territory. So many LSs are blunt instruments, the sort where you don’t feel bad using up some ground up for meat-free smoke rubs for roasted veggies or whatnot to give them a grilled flavor. I wouldn’t think of wasting any of this one on that though—too subtle, too many worlds inside it. Fantastic.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

shhhhh don’t tell everyone! i want time to get mine, try it and buy more lol


Need one now. Going to the website. Now.

Terri HarpLady

I’ve already filled my butiki cart & then emptied it twice today. The is one of the teas I really want to try

Tea Sipper

Of COURSE the Butiki Lapsang is the best one.

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drank Apricot Guayusa by Butiki Teas
1452 tasting notes

A sample from my last order. With this one, I maybe, just maybe have tried all of their guayusa blends from Butiki except for the plain. I guess I requested this as a sample for just that reason! They’re all delicious – all upper 90 ratings from me (except for Killer’s Vanilla which has an 89 maybe because it just isn’t my thing)! I’ll be especially sad when Butiki is gone because I really don’t see many other tea shops with guayusa at all. I’d really like to stock up with an order at some point but I don’t have too much in the tea budget, especially as I wanted to place a Bluebird order for some time now.

Anyway, this is the usual amazing guayusa. No actual apricot as far as I can tell, but the flavor is there (not overpowering, but noticeable). It pairs very well with the guayusa, though I seem to say that with every Butiki guayusa blend…maybe because Butiki KNOWS what to pair with guayusa. I don’t know how natural an apricot flavoring it could possibly be, just added to the leaves. I like the other guayusa blends just a bit more though.
Steep #1 // 20 min after boiling // 4 min steep
Steep #2 // 15 min after boiling // 4 min

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I’m only on steep #2 but YUM! This is really good shu. There is a unique sweet/nutty note that I don’t get very often from shu puerh. I know I’ve tasted it before but I can’t remember where?? Mouthfeel is extra luscious with no musty notes. Very toasty, rich and satisfying.

I will definitely be ordering more of these discs when the new blends are up on the website. Definitely hits the spot! :D


Yay! So excited to get mine now!!!


they must be really good;)

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I don’t know how this tea has flown under my radar until now, but wow it’s great! I’m on my second steep of it, and the mailman only brought it a couple of hours ago.

I do get almond cookie from it, but a little more too. It’s not like the almond cookies I have had in Asian restaurants, it has more of a spice to it than those. Cinnamon for sure, maybe something else. I’m really digging it today.

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Brewed this up a while back to bring on a car ride in a Timolino… not the best way to first try a tea, but it happened regardless. I was pretty impressed – I remember creaminess and fruitiness, and repeatedly picking this tea over the other 3 I had with me, until it was completely gone (and I had to drink the others. Sigh.) I obviously will have to write a better note later, where I have it in a mug, but based on that one experience, I added another half ounce to my Massive Butiki’s-Closing Order. I wish I’d known whether or not I should have bought more of it (or Butterscotch Mocha Candies), but I just haven’t tried them enough to really know. At least I’ll have a bit more, though, in case I love this one (which I’m worried I will).

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It really did taste just like a cantaloupe. :)

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Cream, Green, Vegetal

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drank Caramel Apple by Butiki Teas
55 tasting notes

This was my other sample from Butiki Teas, and wow… The aroma of this one is intoxicating! Very much a buttery caramel scent, like stepping into a confectionary store just after they’ve dipped the apples in the caramel. The flavor is lovely as well. I can taste caramel as I sip, but I can also taste the apple, which is very crisp and sweet. Like it says on the Butiki Teas website, this tea has a roasted note to it, which makes the overall flavor like a baked apple—and also makes it a great blend for fall, really cozy and warm. The oolong base of this tea matches the other flavors perfectly: smooth and creamy with hints of honey and flowers, but just enough roast to stand up to the caramel apple notes. So good! Now I just wish I had ordered more.

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My birthday and lunar eclipse tea. I brewed this and went outside to watch end of the total lunar eclipse. The smells sweet and herbal. There is some vanilla cake frosting taste. Mainly this tea is like herbal cake frosting. Interesting, and goes with my lunar event.

Flavors: Cake, Frosting, Herbs, Vanilla


Happy Birthday! I watched the end of the eclipse, too. It was really pretty.


Happy birthday Lariel!! Hope you have a good one :)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Lariel!


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday my friend!

Butiki Teas

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Sounds like it was a great start. :)


Happy birthday, Lariel! Hope it’s a great day. :)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!! Hope you’re having a fantastic day!!

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Received a sample of this with my Butiki Teas order. This is a delicious Ceylon blend with creamy notes. I didn’t find it astringent, possibly because I only steeped it for two minutes and thirty seconds (maybe even less). It has a soft creamy flavor that really does remind me of creme brûlée or similar desserts, along with a hint of toastiness (almost like a caramelized sugar crust). The pumpkin is subtle here… I can smell it, but as far as the taste goes I only noticed the pumpkin flavor once I added a little honey to my cup. Even then, it’s still pretty light, just a hint of buttery squash (perhaps because it blended so well with the cream notes). That said, I found this tea to be very smooth and well-balanced. It’s a really sophisticated choice for a fall-inspired blend. The flavors aren’t in-your-face, but they’re delicious all the same. I’m so glad I got to try it!

I’m sad to hear that Butiki Teas is closing, though… I only just discovered the company via the reviews here at Steepster. But I also feel very lucky that I was able to try some of their lovely blends before they sell out.

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I received a small sample of this from EvaGrim awhile back. Thank you!

We received our secret pumpkin assignments today. Oh man, I am excited. I have been scouring their wish list and dreaming up a package, then I get all nervous and hope that they will like it.

Anywho, onto this tea. It is a nice green flavor with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. I also get the roasted nut flavor. This seems to me to be a fun twist on genmachia? I like this one. If Butiki blends somehow magically stick around I could see myself drinking this in the future, but not something I will try to acquire in the last ditched effort to try everything Butiki.


I’m excited about secret pumpkin, too! I’ve been scouring wish lists and cupboards and tasting logs and the internet in general to find the right gift.

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When I heard that Butiki were closing down, I got ridiculously sad and had to brew up a cup of this tea. Partly because it’s a Butiki tea, and partly because it sounded like it would be really comforting. I received this as a sample a while back in a mystery box from Janelle, and have left it in the little zip-loc bag it came in. Sadly, I think that this has affected the flavour of the tea inside. My new flat is damp and still smells a little smoky from the previous tenants, and I think the smoke may have permeated the tea as there is definitely a hint of tobacco, which is not good. A lot of my teas have a sort of damp ‘feel’ through the packet, if that makes any sense, and I am pretty worried that I might have ruined them all. I’m thinking I’ll have to move them into an airtight container with a lid.

Anyway, as for this tea, it smelled like a plain Assam with a sort of sweet hint when it was brewing, and I had hopes that it would be alright. On drinking it, I picked up the smoke straight away, which really disappointed me, but once I get past it I can definitely taste caramel in the background. The tea’s fairly weak, and I used a lot of leaf, so I think this may be another effect of the damp. My score for this tea reflects more on my poor storage than on the tea itself, so I would take this rating with a pinch of salt, and hopefully I can try some properly in the future! I am definitely placing a Butiki order before they close for good.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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drank Birthday Cake by Butiki Teas
2361 tasting notes

Are you kidding me? I hadn’t reviewed this before either?? UGGH. Anyhow, Birthday Cake. Fun concept, but by far not my favourite Butiki blend. Perhaps I don’t care overly for marshmallow leaf? Either way, I found this tea to be ok if one overleafs quite a bit, but rather baseless if not – the marshmallow leaf just doesn’t provide enough base for the flavours, I guess. The tea does develop quite a thick mouthfeel if you use a lot of leaf, which is interesting… Anyways, flavourwise this is mostly just sweet and creamy, which is perfect given the name, but I prefer the flavourings with Creamy Eggnog.

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Not a fan. :( I like green tea, but the flavors in this tea are too subtle for my taste, and it’s almost salty. Maybe too seaweed-like for me.

Flavors: Grass, Salt, Seaweed, Wheat

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I received this in a swap from Cameron B. Thank you!

This is one I have been wanting to try for awhile. I really like dark oolongs. One of the first oolongs I tried was a roasted oolong that had a similar flavor profile. At first I was really turned off by the smell, but soon I grew to crave the taste of the tea. This tea reminds me of that first experience with the roasted oolong.

This is roasty with hints of caramel. It is very very smooth. I was able to keep resteeping this tea for quite awhile. I will have to write more on this after I have another cup or two. Thank you again for the chance to try this wonderful tea.

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Woohee… this one is a bitter brew! My sample wasn’t quite the suggested three teaspoons and I tried following the steep instructions exactly. Maybe my sample was too hoppy (my sample definitely looked like a ton more hops than is in the picture). I’m not an ‘ale’ expert but this was strong stuff. I’ve tried this keemun on its own, so I don’t think it was the keemun, as I remember it on the milder side. The leaves and brewed tea have a rhubarb scent but I can’t find rhubarb in the flavor. Not much vanilla either. The hops seemed to drown everything. I had to add some rock sugar and even that seemed to disappear. At least the brew color itself seemed to resemble the color of rhubarb. This one is too bitter for me and only bitter… at least I still have my Ruby Pie!
Steep #1 // 3 tsps. // few min after boiling // 4 min
Steep #2 // just boiled //3 min

Edited to add: Scratch that: I just learned after posting this that Butiki will be closing and I will NOT have my constant Ruby Pie! The loss of Butiki will be terrible in the tea world. One of the best.

Butiki Teas

Ah bummer, sounds like too much hops.

Tea Sipper

But the real bummer is Butiki closing! :/

Butiki Teas

It is a bummer for me but also good. :)

Tea Sipper

Yeah, just as long as Butiki is closing for good reasons!


Awww, I’m sorry to hear the news about Butiki.

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A sample with my order! I ADORE the White Rhino… it must be my favorite white tea. Honestly, it’s such an amazing tea that it certainly doesn’t need additional flavors. It’s odd this one is recommended to use boiling water as it is a while tea. It’s the one that looks like a longer Yunnan with gold and black leaves. I’m not sure if I’d describe the flavors as butterscotch, hazelnut or mocha but there is definitely a candy like flavor of some kind. Pairs very well with the Rhino. The Rhino is like honey though – the smoothest a white tea can get while still having a little bit more substance than a delicate white tea. The White Rhino itself is a rarity. Searching for other Kenyan white teas, the only types I can find are the sickle shaped leaf. I wonder why no one else has found this one?
Steep #1 // 2 tsps. // 6 min after boiling // 3 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3-4 min

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This is a beautiful tea and very unique. Initially it tastes/smells like your average roasted tea, but it’s not quite as smokey/roasted as you’d expect. This is a plus for me since I’m pretty iffy about roasted teas—most make me feel nauseous. The sweetness was surprising to me, as was the buttery taste. Towards the end I get a sweet crisp fresh, juicy cooling minerally taste that is unexpected and addicting. I feel like a cow must feel when munching on the most delicious sweet grass (but it’s not vegetal at all to me). Ooh, I can place it now—it reminds me of persimmons or maybe nectarines and I can taste the peachiness others are talking about.

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Really lovely, I was impressed with the creaminess. Have found Butiki teas to be impossible to overbrew too.

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
39 tasting notes

I might have to try this one again. Maybe I didn’t use enough tea? In any case, I expected a rich creamy taste but got kind of a generic lightly vanilla one :<

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
39 tasting notes

Absolutely divine. I oversteeped a bit and blended the cup with a tray of ice (in dalek and tardis shapes too!)—it turned frothy and creamy and amazing. This is definitely a much better coconut/banana cream pie than the actual offering from Butiki (but I’m not a big rooibos person) :) Definitely my favorite Butiki tea so far!

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A sample from Butiki I have taken way too long to try. I’m going to make a priority list of teas to try and pick from that for a while. To be fair, this was stored around the super strong smelling Ruby Pie and it might have acquired some flavor from that one, but if it did, it is delicious with this one anyway. This Darjeeling is different. I can easily say it is one of my favorites. It doesn’t have too much of a muscatel quality, but it has a syrupy quality but also a bite to it. The flavor is very bright and fruity (again, could be the Ruby Pie). It also has a quality to it like the Taiwanese assam. The leaves do look similar, dark and twisty… if it also had some Darjeeling leaves mixed in. The color of the brew is a lovely autumn orange, as I’m expecting Darjeeling to be now. This one could be called Darkjeeling. I like it whether or not it has flavors from Ruby Pie. This is similar to the other Sourenee that Butiki carries, but that one definitely has more astringency and chocolate notes. This is much fruitier. The second steep was delicious as well but it tasted a bit more like the “bark” flavor mentioned in Butiki’s description. But to me that is usually what I call the cedar tree like flavor that oversteeped leaves have. I need to drink all of my Butiki samples… but then they’ll be gone!
Steep #1 // 2 tsps.// 18 min after boiling // 4 min
Steep #2 // 13 min after boiling // 4 min

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drank Lychee Oolong by Butiki Teas
22 tasting notes

Got this as a sample from Stephanie! It is sooooo good! I love lychee and the flavor comes out really well in this tea! You can really smell the lychee flavor. I also taste something floral and sweet. It goes down really smooth with no astringency. Will definitely be getting more of this in the future!

Flavors: Floral, Lychee

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Da Yu Ling Oolong by Butiki Teas
235 tasting notes

This was another one from Stephanie!
I really do love Da Yu Ling Oolongs…the creamy texture and strong floral flavor hooks me every time! And this one is definitely an excellent one! :D
It’s full and creamy in texture, which would make me feel sick on it’s own, but the floralness outweighs it. This, my friends, is one freakin’ good tea!
Thanks so much for the sample,Stephanie!! :D :D

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Perfume, Thick


Love Da Yu Lings!!!!!


If you know of any really good ones, let me know, Sarsonator! I’m on the quest to find the best kind!!

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