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The flavours in this are pretty true to form, but I’m not sure it’s the tea for me. I find it a bit bitter – too grapefruity I suppose.

Maybe someone will want to trade me for Praline or Pistachio Horizon ;)


I gave some of mine to Bear With Me and he was ecstatic…he kept sniffing it when i gave it to him with his other surprise package.

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drank Pumpkin Cider by Butiki Teas
1608 tasting notes

I know I shouldn’t have, but I had to buy a mystery box and a couple more teas! The way I see it, I won’t be spending any more money at Butiki anymore. And I didn’t think I could go wrong with any tea from Butiki anyway. Because of that, I’m pretty happy with what was in the box… of course I would have been happier with some of those blends I missed out on! I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about not getting a mystery box, but I calculated two of the eight teas I received would have paid for the entire box, even at 50% off!! That’s a deal. I actually didn’t expect some of the really expensive teas… this one happens to be one I also ordered, so I have two ounces now.

I wasn’t sure about the pumpkin WITH the apple, but with the Sansia base, I remember it being very bready, so I was imagining a pumpkin apple bread flavor. I do remember I wasn’t entirely in love with the Sansia though. The one time I tried it (from a teabox) even just because it didn’t resteep very well and left a very cedary type flavor on the second cup. This time, the flavor did seem lighter in the mahogany colored cup. Maybe a different harvest? It did seem like the Premium Taiwanese Assam was lighter too from what I remembered it tasting like. Ah well. I can’t see if there is pumpkin flakes in the actual blend, but I’m tasting more of a pumpkin spice and a little bit of green apple. The base itself seems less distinguishable than before… I can’t really tell if it has that bready flavor. BUT at least the second steep didn’t have the oversteeped cedar flavor this time. The second steep tasted almost exactly like the first cup which is nice… but this blend isn’t my favorite, both for the base tea, the combination of flavors, and the flavors themselves.
Steep #1 // 2 tsps. // 6 minutes after boiling // 3 min steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3 min

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Love this one! I’ll be sad when it’s gone. So grapefruity and it wasn’t bitter at all. I was surprised and impressed that when I resteeped it it still have some grapefruityness to it.

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I need a banana oolong in my life. I realize that now.

…and there goes my short lived pouch of tea.

Flavors: Banana, Butterscotch, Cream, Walnut

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Awww, did you end up drinking the whole pouch?


I think I have one more session left (for tomorrow). I’m in an oolong kick right now, and no use in hoarding it :)


I feel that way after having Lupicia’s Banane Chocolate. A fresh banana oolong would be so good!


Enjoy it!

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drank Boomstick by Butiki Teas
1045 tasting notes

I’m enjoying this bold and citrusy tea very much. I figured out it is one of the few teas I can appreciate with my cold! I’ll probably finish my packet in the next day or so… boo.

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Sample from Kaylee. Thank you!

I was a bit disappointed with this tea upon first trying it. To me it only has a light flavor of apple, and maybe cinnamon, and I can’t taste the caramel at all. As I sipped on it, I decided I do actually like it. Although the apple isn’t strong, it is distinctly there, and works well with the oolong. This tea doesn’t really stand out to me, but at the same time I doubt it’s one I would get tired of easily. Not one I think I’ll really miss, though.

Flavors: Apple, Tea

3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Drank this again tonight…and I have no idea where I was getting the “Bancha” thing from before, because right now, it’s tasting so fruity. Fruity in a way that Bancha never is…. This is such an interesting green. I really love it!

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Thank you so much Stacy for including this as an ‘extra’ with my last order! :))))
This is one really enjoyable green. I was actually surprised at how much it reminded me of a Bancha (Harney & Son’s, in particular)… with that vegetal warmth, along with a slight bite at the end. I was very careful in steeping this, since the instructions indicated that oversteeping would cause bitterness. I didn’t detect any bitterness with this tea; there was a slight astringency, but the pleasant kind you want from a green like this.
My first cup was enjoyed while cooking, the second cup with my dinner. With or without food, this is one really wonderful green!

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This tea is fairly floral and fairly vegetal. It is fairly typical of a straight green tea, I think it is from China but am unsure. Notes of asparagus and grass are listed in the Steepster writeup and I don’t disagree with them.

I brewed this one time in a 16oz Teavana Glass Perfect Tea Maker/Gravity Steeper with 3 tsp leaf and 175 degree water for 2 min.

Flavors: Floral, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Zhen Qu by Butiki Teas
487 tasting notes

My evening cup. I’m having this while watching Wrath of Khan. (As the folks in the chat room know, I’ve been on a Star Trek watch-a-thon.) There is a scent of yams, malt, and a hint of honey. The flavour is mild yams, and a bit sweet. Will need more for my movie, so I am glad it is part of the tea stash aboard the Starship Teakettle.

Thanks to cookies for the sample.

Flavors: Malt, Yams


Mmm, I love this one. Such pretty fuzzy leaves too.


Hehe, Starship Teakettle! I love it.

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Mmm, Stacy does these fruity/nutty blends so well! This one is smooth and creamy and sweet and tastes just like a baked apple. The nuttiness of the pecans mostly comes through in the aftertaste. I’m not really picking up on the brandy, but I don’t miss it…this tea is delicious just the way it is!

Flavors: Apple, Creamy, Nutty, Pecan, Smooth, Sweet

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I held off trying this one, because after smelling the bag, I knew I’d love it….and loving a tea I can’t ever get again brings on some complicated feels. lol
After trying to clean the mess that is my home (really, it’s an insurmountable task…), I thought I’d take a break and try the TEA I have been waiting for…
And, yup.
It’s the lime tea of my dreams.
It’s creamy, and limey, and this mixture of intense lime scent with an ethereal quality that really does it for me. This is one phenomenal tea.
I’m a person that’s favourite cookie is powdered sugar dusted lime meltaways… so, this tea is really my holy grail. But, I’m Indian Jones, and I’ve found it! (…without all that Indiana Jones macho imperialistic stuff I only noticed as an adult… lol).
Oh, this tea…. THIS TEA!!!!


I was so close to getting this one.

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I love almonds and almond-flavored things, so I was disappointed that this one sold out before I had a chance to try it. Thank you to Zack for swapping me some to try! It’s delicious. The dry leaf smells strongly of marzipan. Steeped, the flavor is more complex: plenty of sweet almond, but also a touch of spice, a hint of citrus, and a definite pastry flavor. Everything works together really well and it comes out as a very indulgent dessert tea (befitting the name for sure!). I drank my first cup black, but I’m guessing this would also be lovely with milk or as a latte.

Flavors: Almond, Citrus, Marzipan, Pastries, Spices

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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No notes yet. Add one?

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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One of the reasons I like Irish Breakfast is because it has Assam. Then, of course, I like Assam because of the malty scent/ flavour. So I was pleased to try this. Thanks to cookies for the sample. It certainly smells nicely malty, and slightly sweet. The flavour is a little stronger than I was expecting, but tastes like the tea title. Having a second cup while watching Star Trek again (because Spock type reasons.)

Flavors: Malt

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I’m sort of stuck by my window today, waiting for Fedex to arrive. It’s a big delivery, and I’m pretty sure they won’t just leave it if I don’t open the door as soon as their truck stops in front of my house…. Soooo, I have not showered, or had much of life today, but, since it’s really not that big of a deal and a total ‘first world problem’, I’m not letting myself feel annoyed by it at all. Who needs showers anyway?
So, onto the tea…
With a tea like this, there is no need for a treat to go along with it; the treat is entirely in my cup. This is one of those ‘Willy Wonka’ type creations, where you swear you are getting a full bite of something scrumptious, but it’s just a liquid, running smoothly down your throat. How does Stacy do this!? :D
It’s nutty and jammy and powder sugar dusted and just plain yummy… and I didn’t have to add a single thing to this cup.
This tea is wayyy better than shampooing my hair. ;)

Flavors: Blackberry, Jam, Nuts, Pastries, Plums, Powdered sugar


Eeeeeven if you were washing your hair with HERBAL ESSENCES?!


So key is having ‘herbal’ essence in a roll up too ;)

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I am in love with this cup of tea…
Going against my original intentions, I added a splash of cream and about 1/8tsp of raw sugar… Not that it needed it; I just was in the ‘oh, what the heck, go all out with this one!", frame of mind….
The scent of this in its bag is the perfect citrus cream mix, to me… It’s incredible. Steeped, the cream falls a little bit to the back, making room for the base to shine.
Really, this would be a ‘keep stocked at all times’ tea for me….

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Citrus, Cream, Grapefruit

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I’m actually not sure I remember what this tea tasted like today… it must have been the mystery tea I couldn’t identify. I’ll have to review this later, because I have very little recollection of it (or perhaps it was in the mug I might not have drank from?)

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It’s freezing, and I just got back from grocery shopping. Even though I don’t normally have caffeine at night, I really wanted to have one of my Butiki Teas out of my final Butiki order box (It’s still sitting on my table, because I don’t want to completely put everything away….it feels more special taking them out of the box each time. ha!).
This tea is fantastic. I absolutely love the coffee note with the pumpkin. I’m thinking this is my favourite pumpkin tea, honestly. So, the search is over for my #1 pumpkin, but I won’t be able to ever restock it. That’s sad….but it makes this little pouch of tea sooooo special. I will be hoarding this one. lol
I’m on my second steep right now, and the cup tastes just as good as the first.
I love this tea!! :)))


I had been kind of curious about the coffee plus pumpkin…though then I thought about all the pumpkins spice lattes, so it must be good together. Ha ha!


i love this one too :)
I bought so much, haha.


Oh yeah, Amariel! It goes so well together…
It’s funny, because I passed a starbucks on the way home from the grocery store, almost wanting to stop for a coffee, but knowing they closed in a few minutes. I totally got my coffee fix with this tea, but it was even BETTER than a coffee fix. :D
Whatshesaid, I wish I bought more!! lol


Now I wish I had gotten some, though I think CrowKettle might have, so I might get to try it.

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After shoveling some more this morning (will this ever end!?!?!), I decided to go for this one… the scent of the marmalade in the bag was so inviting!
I’m not a huge orange flavouring person, but this tea is absolutely perfect. The marmalade is so natural and real, and the pistachio notes are simply lovely. I adore the base for this, finding it to go so well with the flavour profile.
This tea is another example of why I love Stacy’s teas so much… it completely succeeds in delivering the flavours of its name, while avoiding any artificial feeling.
So very delicious! (now I’m going to go hide under a blanket with my book, while I sip the second steep of this…. :) )


YAY! I’m glad you like it!

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Stacy was sweet enough to include 1/2 an ounce of this tea as a bonus with my recent order. This particular flavor combination isn’t something I’d normally be drawn to, but I gave it a try yesterday afternoon. The flavor is definitely true to the name! The primary note is sweet orange zest, which really does remind me of orange marmalade. This is backed by the nutty pistachio flavor and just a hint of the vegetal green base. At 2 minutes, I wasn’t getting any bitterness or astringency. Personally, this wasn’t my favorite, but I can see a marmalade-lover really enjoying it!

Flavors: Nuts, Orange Zest

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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This is goodbye, Lemon French Macaron. I didn’t always get it right with you, but you never failed to be that warm, “in front of the fireplace with no deadlines” comfort tea. You came from an awesome joint order with OMGsrsly- forever associated with randomly buying quince, and kangaroo burger patties. Good times, old Macaron.

Please don’t leave yet.

Flavors: Almond, Cake, Lemon Zest, Meringue

180 °F / 82 °C

Awww. :P
(Kangaroo burger patties? :O)


Life with no deadlines. Heavenly!


Yes, gmathis, this was actually a goodbye to two things. :(

Kangaroo slider patties= good but gamey.

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drank Doke Rolling Thunder by Butiki Teas
135 tasting notes

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MMmmmm, I drank this one on a slow and snowy Sunday morning at work. It accompanied my waffle very well. The maple note was the forefront, followed by fluffy waffle (Belgium style) with a tiny bit of sweet nutty almond.
Yum! Next time perhaps I will add actual maple syrup to it :P

Flavors: Malt, Maple Syrup, Nutty

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