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Thank you to QueenOfTarts for swapping this!

It smells amazing in the bag! Yes, a little reminiscent of my lemon scented 409 multi-surface cleaner, but I’m not worried. I keep huffing the bag that the tea came in – it’s pretty awesome!

Steeped 2 tsp in 6 oz. of water that was 167º for 3 minutes = probably the best flavored green tea I’ve enjoyed in quite awhile! 3 oz. were reserved for hot unadulterated consumption. It was a little stronger than I like, but easily fixable. The other 3 oz. were iced and lightly sweetened. I like it best this way, but maybe that’s because it’s currently hot and summery out. Drinking it this way is like taking a mini-vacation to a tropical place – laying in one of those really comfortable lounge chairs under an umbrella in a bikini on the beach. I think I just talked myself into ordering a large bag of this…

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 0 sec

LOL as long as your not HUFFING 409!!!
You made me want to go to Florida by the way!

Will Work For Tea

LOL – Luckily I keep the 409 and the tea in separate cabinets! :)


Oooh, this one sounds great

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Thanks LauraR!

Finally got round to trying this. I sort of forgot that I had it, probably because I have quite a few lime/coconut green teas. The scent of the dry leaf is very strongly lime, with coconut in the background. I can’t smell the green tea at all, and the smell of the steeped tea is pretty much the same. On the taste front, this one is a winner. The lime, as I suspected, is prominent but there is a fair helping of coconut. I can’t taste the base at all, save for a hint right at the end of the sip.

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I think Steepster is making me sensitive to buzz words. There are certain words that I will never be able to bring myself to use again as the sight of them gives me tics… I just came across a bit of text that combined some of my most hated ones. Ick!

Brand new tea to the rescue! Just one of very many situations where writing a Steepster post totally helps. (In this case it helps by proving to myself and others that the above can easily be avoided)

Anyway, this one was part of my recent gift from Wombatgirl and one that she has had some trouble getting anything useful out of. Apparently the problem was that it simply refused to have any sort of strength or flavour at all.

According to instructions one is supposed to use 6-8 of these little rings for a cup and water a little under boiling. I have not followed these instructions. I have in fact used these instructions as a basis for how to NOT follow them.

For one thing I customarily use more than average leaf and shorter than average steeping times, so I counted out ten rings for my one-cup-pot and gave it the usual minute. Secondly ‘a little under boiling water’ is not something I feel comfortable about pouring on a green tea. That’s what I use for most blacks. (Experience have taught me that not quite boiling water brings out the best in some of my favourites) So I wated a little longer before pouring the water into the pot, like I would with any other green tea.

What I got out of this is a very pale cup, but not completely colourless. At first it was sort a slightly orange-y yellow tint to the water, but having stood and developed a bit it’s turning more orange.

The aroma of it is rather like the colour. Pale. Mostly it smells like steam, but as with the colour it comes out more after the cup has rested for a moment. I have to say my immediate thought was pu-erh. It has that same kind of livestock quality to it, but obviously it’s otherwise not even remotely like pu-erh. It’s got a sweetish note and something sort of straw-ish, which doesn’t surprise me, considering this is a Yunnan tea.

The flavour is… Um. Uh. sips slurp sip sip


Flavour of Daughter Ring from CaliforniaTeaHouse! Last detected leaving the CaliforniaTeaHouse headquarters. Supposedly smooth, fresh and high aroma.

Reward: Five biscuits.

I’ll have to experiment some more with this, I think. At the moment I can’t give it any points, because apart from warm water, I haven’t a clue what it tastes like.


What buzz words should I avoid? :)


It’s mostly people who consequently use abbriviations instead of writing a word. Some people do this for as many words as they possibly can and it makes for really jarring reading. That, and the tendency to replace all -ty endings with -tea, which is neither cute nor clever. Both are things that just makes me wish people would learn to spell really simple words.


(a) Pitfall of a texting culture—everythg abbrev. I am so thankful for a teenager who spells everything out…correctly!
(b) Pitfall of frequent tea drinkers, which I find myself falling into as well.


In other words, I’m getting old and curmudgeonly. :p Nothing new there. :p


Here’s to curmudgeonliness!


I second that!

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Thanks to Lori for the sample!

I’m so glad that I had a chance to sample this because I can now confirm with certainty that this is SpecialTeas’ Almond Cookie! From the appearance, scent and taste it’s all the same.

So, please see my review of Almond Cookie for further tasting details. :)

It’s a delicious tea, nonetheless.

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Thank for sending me some of this Lori. I can clearly see the ingredients. And dry and wet this smells like mango and black tea. And mango I’s one of my favorite fruits and I really like black tea to. I can really taste the mango and the black tea. And I steeped this up and think this is really good.


Oh , you welcome and if you decide to purchase this one, it is possible that the mango tea on the Special Teas website is the same or similar tea….and it has a cheaper price…

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My first time having a golden monkey tea. It’s definitely not what I expected – very different from any other black tea I’ve had. It almost has a sort of grassy flavor to it, but it’s very sweet. Interesting. Haven’t totally made up my mind on this one yet, but I like it.

2 min, 0 sec

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Was very nervous to try a Lapsang Souchong for the 1st time. Wasn’t completely turned off but I haven’t quite figured this tea out. I feel like a campfire is now invading my senses.


Russian Caravan tea is a mix of Lapsang with un-smoked black teas. It’s not as powerful as just Lapsang on it’s own and might be a worth a try if this is too smokey for you.


I will have to give Russian Caravan a try. Thanks!

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Just a subtle hint of mango… very tasty

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I love my Bedtime Chai!
I can’t sleep without it..

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Yunnan Golden Buds is a smooth drinking tea. This just happens to be the finest you can buy!

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This is a super refreshing green tea!

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I kind of switch back and forth on caffeine-free teas. Lately I am completely addicted to our Vanilla Bean Honeybush! It has bits of true burbon vanilla and it really puts me in a nice state of mind after dinner. It’s not too sweet and has a very soft palette.
Actually, I’ve found that it needs boiling water for the steeping, but then once it’s in your cup, the best flavor comes through right as it gets to a temperature that your taking true tastes instead of tiny sips.

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Sometimes you just want something simple and delicious! Honeybush is a lot like Rooibos. Have you tried it?

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I love this Blueberry Syrup rush. It’s actually a lot milder than it sounds. A very smooth berry blend.

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I had this tea chilled (on ice) for the first time and it’s actually really good that way. I always loved it hot, but I wanted it outside and chilled chocolate can really hit the spot I found out!

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