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Thank you Azzrian for sending me some of this blend. I really enjoyed this. I don’t know that what I’m tasted was necessarily “Tea and Cookies” but, I liked the flavors of spice in this blend. A nice black tea base to this, a lot of delicious, warm spices … and what it evokes for me is the thought of holiday time when there’s a lot of baking happening in the kitchen … the smells and the tastes from the kitchen during that time of year. The idea of tea and cookies is not too far fetched here, it just doesn’t taste specifically of tea and cookies … it just sort of evokes those memories.

Here’s my full-length review:

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From the Momo box!

This is quite yummy as a cold brew. This is a nice creamy rooibos and the orange flavoring tastes just like a creamsicle

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Sipdown!! Woot! Have another sample off my hands. I enjoyed this blend. It was a nice combination of rooibos and fruit flavors.

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This from the Momo box! And Yay Steepster is back!

My sister put this in my pitcher steeper this morning when she finished off the Jasmine tea that was in there yesterday- I have trained her well! ;-)

It starts out with the taste of the base, which is pleasantly buttery and light. The raspberry is next and although it is bright and tangy like a real berry, there is a slight artificiality. It doesn’t take too much away from the flavor. At least it doesn’t taste like bubble gum! Also there is a warm, flowery element, which I’m starting to identify with safflower.

After a while the tea leaves me with a dry mouth. The tang of the berries grows and grows until it eventually leaves a bitter build up in the mouth, so I started to not like the taste toward the end of the bottle of it I had. If I had had just a small cup, I would have liked it the entire time, but the build-up was just too much in a 12oz size.

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I had this last night after opening the package of teas I bought from Momo. I’ve been curious to try some more roobois blends. The base in this reminds me of the base in the blackberry roobois which I have fom Argo teas. It’s earthy, bold, and has the slightly menthol taste I’ve been picking up in quality rooibos blends.
The flavoring in this was ok. It was reminiscent of a creamsicle, but was not quite as smooth or or creamy as I would hope. I knew it would probably be a little artificial tasting, but the strong flavor of the rooibos helped hid a little of that. I’m glad I got to try this, but probably not something I’d buy again.

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Thank you Sil for this sample. I love orange and nothing sounds yummier than orange Sencha.

The raw blend smells strongly of orange and citrus with thick waxy tones. Also sweet and perfumey. I can see why people say this smells like Pledge or any sort of orange furniture cleaner/dust spray, has the same almost chemical perfume like scent. I did notice on the ingredients list that it contains ‘tangerine orange flavor’ which based upon the smell I am lead to believe is artificial.

Once steeped the tea is orange in colour and has a waxy orange and tangerine aroma. Flavour is strong and dry with a sweet and sour citrus tang. Very perfume like and with real artificial elements in the citrus flavours.

I decided to steep this tea different to the recommendations made on the packaging. They suggested to use boiling water for 4-5 minutes which in my opinion would have made it too strong and bitter, perhaps even undrinkable.

It’s an ok tea but my tongue and the roof of my mouth feels dry and powdery which is very off putting. Sencha is sometimes powder like so perhaps I should have done a quick rinse before hand. Never mind, one pot sample and I’m not sad about it.

Thank you once again Sil.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I am probably just going to toss all the teas I have from this company. They are so terrible. They are so overly flavored that it’s absolutely disgusting. Every single one I have tried has been so artificial. This wouldn’t be bad if it didn’t taste like that. I even purposely steeped this short to not get the taste of rooibos, and I had hoped maybe it would stave off that problem at the same time, but it did not.

And I think there’s still two I haven’t tried. Ughhhh.

I decided to give it a shot cold and it was even worse. Another one to toss. Unless someone actually wants this? I can’t imagine.

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Thanks Kittenna for the sample!
Wowwwww cherry. Dude. I love cherry. Love it! Not so much on the kiwi, though it does balance things out. Coconut, well I’m ok with it here. Not too scratchy on the throat or overly sweet either.
Overall, a nice blend that I think would do well iced. Perfect for my midafternoon caffeine break (err, that is… break from caffeinated teas!)

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Sip down! Thanks to kittenna for the sample. I did this one as a cold brew and its pretty tasty. Again, nothing I MUST have in my cupboard but it was nice to have. The fruit and nuts blends nicely in a cold brew….though there are a lot of floaters :)

Iced 7 min, 45 sec

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Another one from the teabox! Alphakitty included this one. thanks so much! The price was pretty steep on this one, which I saw on the site while I was searching for steeping instructions. Since it’s a white tea and I knew I wasn’t going to love it anyway, I just wanted to try a cup before sending the rest on in the traveling teabox. It’s a nice white tea base, but I wasn’t tasting much raspberry or champagne flavor. (I feel like I’m saying that a lot now… that I’m not finding the flavors.) It is light and sweet. I think that Caraway might just be using the “champagne” in the name to up the price though. I hope not but that’s my cynical mind (not like I expect actual champagne in a tea or anything). And now that I think about it, sometimes white tea might already have a champagne type of flavor to it normally… though I haven’t had much experience with champagne. I certainly appreciate being able to try this one though!


It definitely does have champagne flavor, though it might only come out iced (which is the only way I’ve had it, can’t imagine hot champagne!).

Tea Sipper

I guess I should have thought of that!

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The name of this tea is quite misleading, I thought it was cookie flavored but no, you are supposed to have it WITH cookies! In fact this tea is pretty far from cookie flavored, it’s a nice citrusy spiced blend that I am trying out thanks to Azzrian.

The smell is lovely, like orange and clove. It’s a beautiful blend too, large chunks of dried orange along with cardamon and bright red peppercorns. It’s very festive, I feel like I’m at a tea party! It’s funny that this is a spiced tea but it tastes nothing like chai to me, makes me wonder what exactly makes a chai a chai. After all the 3 “key” chai ingredients, ginger cinnamon and cardamom, aren’t found in every chai blend. One of them is here, with cloves and pepper which are often in chai, but it’s definitely not a chai at all!

There’s some fruity sweetness, soft and not overpowering, and the citrus is bright and refreshing against the heavy spice. Mm, delicious!

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SIPDOWN! Thank you Kittena for sharing this one with me. I’m quite pleased with this one overall! I’m also planning on re-stepping the leaves as a cold brew to see how that works out. The strawberry and other fruits work very nicely together in this blend to give a tea that is that sweet and yet tangy strawberry taste. I also like that the tea base is still present and doesn’t entirely disappear in the fruity goodness.

Thanks for sharing Kittenna!

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drank Caramelicious by Caraway Tea Company
4840 tasting notes

Sipdown! Thanks to Kittenna for a share of this tea. I may have brewed this a little funny but it’s not really caramel tasting to me. Well it’s like burnt caramel. This is more what i think of when i think of creme brulee. Not to say that this is creme brulee tea but it’s got more of that initial taste like the burnt topping on cremem brulee. There’s an aftertaste though that makes me unsure oh how i feel about this tea. Maybe with a bit of milk it’d make this a creamier tea.

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Thanks to Kittenna for the sample of this one to try. While i don’t mind this tea, it’s not a great tea. it’s a peachy tea with a hint of ginger, and there is an artificial taste to it as other have mentioned.


Hmm, I rather liked this one! Wouldn’t buy again, but not too bad!

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1.5 tablespoons for 375 ml of water
Infused for 10 minutes

The dry leaf smells overwhelmingly like cherry-flavoured “Jolly Rancher” hard candy.

Tastes just like a cherry-flavoured “Jolly Rancher” close to the end of the sip and very much so in the immediate aftertaste. There is a hibiscus-like tartness which complements the blend. Very fruity flavour near the middle of the sip.

There does seem to be a sand-like sediment at the bottom of my cup. I can tell that it’s gritty because it makes a scraping noise when I move it around my mug with a spoon.

Thank Kittenna for sharing some of this with me.

Boiling 8 min or more

asides from the sand, that sounds so good. I hope the hibby balances out in my sample :P


. Yuck, I am so sorry.

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I don’t particularly like white tea OR champagne, but I love this tea!

The raspberry flavor is prominent, but not overwhelming. No bitterness or astringency that I’m picking up. I bet this tea would be DELICIOUS iced! But since it’s too cold for that, I’ll stick to it hot today. Still yummy :)

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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I got a sample of this in a swap with Azzrian. Thanks!

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a Chun Mee green tea. You know, it occurs to me that green tea is some of my least-craved tea. It’s not that I don’t like green tea, but I’ve never really been super interested in straight greens and now the flavored ones are getting boring for me. I don’t know what it is. Nevertheless, sometimes a green tea can surprise me.

Well, I was surprised at how dark the resulting liquor was from this tea. It is a light amber color, and it smells almost a bit like sauteed leafy greens. I agreen with Kittenna that the flavor on this one is kind of uninspiring. Those sauteed greens come through in the flavor, as does some nuttiness, but there’s also an almost metallic note. What seems like a promising initial sip kind of flattens out toward the end and the flavors get a bit deadened. Not entirely sure if this one is not great quality or just not my style.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Appearance: large broken sencha leaf, bits of red safflowers
Aroma when Dry: bright, citrus, slight grass
After water is first poured: bright, fragrant citrus, floral
At end of steep: bright fruity yuzu,
Tea liquor:
At beginning of steep:
At end of steep: hints of green
Staple? type yes, still exploring companies, would restock this one
Preferred time of day: afternoon
At first?: crisp, slightly sweet yuzu citrus, hints of grass
As it cools?: yuzu, almost honeyed kumquat notes, gets slightly grassy
Additives used (milk, honey, sugar etc)? No
Lingers? Yes, sour, tart yuzu notes, as it cools the citrus and grass swirl on the palate
Would be better chilled

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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This made a nice evening cup :)

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I’ve been kind of scared to try these Caraway teas I’ve been holding onto for ages. Might as well finish them right?

This actually isn’t too bad. I think if I had steeped it any longer, like the four minutes recommended on the bag, it would be horrible.

It’s basically just a black currant black tea. It seems like it’s on the brink of tasting really artificial. As it cools though it becomes a lot more tolerable, so this might be better cold brewed.

Which I might just do since it’s going to be 74 tomorrow…why!

Jaguar of course gave us a bag of swag and one of the things is a baller travel mug, which excites me so much because I hate the one I have. I can’t wait to use it but that isn’t going to happen soon :( My favorite thing though is this: it looks like the remote entry fob but it’s a flash drive! I of course attached it to the key for my car worth about 20x less than my favorite car today LOL


LOL – I’m totally too scared to try my teas, too. A few of my samples are still unopened.

Erin Williams

Im not crazy about caraway seeds in cooking so I wouldnt be anxious to try a caraway tea

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Travelling tea box!

So I don’t hate this but I totally see how others have called it “pledge” haha I think this might actually be kinda good if you cold brewed it and added sugar so ill have to try that with the rest of my sample :) hot it’s a little intense, and there are more interesting teas that do this better heh

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Definitely ended up taking this to go yesterday as well. A light fruit punch is pretty much what I get from it, and really, that’s good enough for me! :D Even waaaaayyyy oversteeped, it’s still good.

165 °F / 73 °C

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This tea is surprisingly tasty! A hint of ginger and yes, artificial fruity flavours that make it taste like a light fruit punch. But it’s somehow quite delicious. I drank the cup before writing this note and now can’t remember everything, so I’ll have to fill the rest in later. But, I think that will come quite soon as I think I may travel mug some for tonight :D

ETA: Second infusion is light and a bit citrusy. It’s good! I think this tea is what I want herbals to be like – light on the fruit so it’s not overpowering, and hibiscus-free! Seriously, if any of you ordered this one from Caraway, I’d recommend you give it a shot. My expectations weren’t high, but this is pretty darn good. I wouldn’t say it’s anything special, like a Butiki blend, but it’s good for what it is!

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 30 sec

Yay for hibiscus-free! I am a fervent anti-hibiscus-tea militant! I can appreciate its beautiful flower and medicinal benefits, but let’s just leave all that outside of the tea world!

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I like roasted mate, and almonds, so this tea sounded like a possible winner! Steeped, it smells like plain roasted mate, which is alright, but kind of boring. Kind of a burny, sweet-ish smell. The flavour is much like the aroma – plain roasted mate. Which really, is nothing bad, but nothing special, either. I can’t pick out any nutty flavours; this tastes much like 52teas’ Flaming Chocolate Mate or ChocoMate, minus the chocolate/malt/cayenne flavourings. As there’s nothing at all wrong with it though (just boring), I can see myself blending this in with other teas that maybe need a bit of that mate kick.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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