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A decent option if you’re looking for a decaff green tea. Sometimes I want a green tea without the caffeine, especially if I’m drinking it in the evening. I bought this tea from my local health food store and was assured that the process in which the tea was decaffeinated was done naturally using the highest standards with complete customer satisfaction in mind. This tea is light and not bitter with a light lemongrass flavour. I like it as an alternative to all my other green teas that have caffeine in them. Not sure if I would repurchase but I would recommend this brand to anyone who is looking for a decaffeinated green tea.

Flavors: Green

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Relaxing, with a similar taste to chamomile. I don’t know if my taste buds are playing tricks on me (or if my cup is a little dirty), but I’m tasting a hint of cinnamon (even though I know there’s no cinnamon).

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I had this tea this morning. Not bad. It almost tastes like a sweetened black tea. Yesterday, I had steeped it for too long, and it left my mouth feeling like there was something stuck in it.

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