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Only tea I’ll drink with sugar. Also I used to have an old tin box when Celestial seasonings sold them in them. Someone stole it from me though :-(.

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Despite the usual “take a pill” advise for falling asleep…. This one works amazingly well!!!

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I love almonds, however I did not enjoy this tea at all.

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Yuck! Its not the teas fault, I knew I didn’t like the spicy taste of chai but I was lured in by my all time favorite-Coconut. Needless to say I did not appreciate this cup of tea.

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I like this tea but enjoy pure peppermint better. I did not like this tea iced.

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This is my go to tea. Always in the mood for peppermint. I love that it is strong.

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This tea is very bitter. I tried steeping for less time ( I like to steep for 5 minutes or more normally) and this did not help the flavor. Also, very little pear flavor to be had.

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Had the non-decaf version. It was good, but not spicy and flavourful enough for me.

5 min, 30 sec

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The only tea I’ve ever had where black pepper was an ingredient. This is Super Chai and goes very well with dessert or Asian food, especailly curry. As noted before, it can be overpowering if you drink more than one cup a day because the mouth will start to burn.

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Another one I found in the previously mentioned Big Tins of Mystery! It was out of a Celestial Seasonings sampler pack that a former friend (we fell out, probably for the best) once sent me for my birthday along with a few other things from CS. I remember being quite taken by the boxes. Pretty pictures. They had actually made an effort on decoration. I wasn’t particularly interested in the actual contents though, which I found disappointing on account of 75% of them being herbals. I don’t care about tisanes. They are not tea and they are not interesting. (And many of them aren’t that well tasting either) Oh and FYI as a personal little peeve, rooibos falls under this category. It is not tea.

Anyway, berries! I like berries, so while I haven’t bothered to look at the ingredients, I’m feeling semi-confident. I mean if I only have one bag out of a whole sampler pack left, then surely the others must have been used up, right? And if I didn’t like them, there would have been more than one left, right?

It smells like… sweets. Not particularly fruity to be honest. Rather more synthetic and very very sweet. I do notice though that it gets a highly suspicious bright red colour while steeping. This is worrying. I have some very bad experiences with that particular colour. I haven’t even tasted it yet and already I’ve poured the rest of the water into a small pot to heat it up and the kettle on with water for a pot of emergency Lapsang Souchong if I’m right.

Okay. Here goes. takes deep breath and summons all reserves of courage

Ack! Yuck! Spitty!

I was right about that bright red colour. It tattles about the presence of the dreaded hibiscus. That stuff seems to be in just about everything and I just can’t get it down. To me it has a dreadful metallic sort of taste that reminds me most of all of blood. No thank you, says I.

It’s a mystery though that there was only this one bag left. I must have traded the others, but why did I keep one?


Temporary insanity maybe? ;p

Yeah, I hate when the company ruins a perfectly good fruit tea/tisane by adding a ton of hibiscus. For future reference any of the CS teas with ‘Zinger’ in the title all have enormous amount of hibiscus in them. Bleh.


Yeah, my infatuation with CS doesn’t stretch any further than their box design. I’ve never been tempted to get any of it now that in later years it’s been available in supermarkets over here. This was a reminder as to why.
(That goes to show how ancient my teabag here was. When I recieved it, CS was only available here in an extremely limited selection at an extremely limited number of places)


Well their Christmas teas aren’t bad at all I’ve found, although that might just be nostalgia talking. ;)


I used to love Celestial Seasonings. I grew up with the back when they were teeny, tiny herb company in my home state of Colorado. I used to adore Pelican Punch, which was a tea aimed at children that had vanilla, mint, carob, fenugreek and some other herbs in it. I missed it so much that when we went on a tour of Celestial Seasonings a few years ago, I begged them to bring it back. They offered Red Zinger instead which is totally NOT the same.

Real tea in my house growing up was Lipton’s tea bags steeped forever until the tea was terribly bitter. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how magical and non-bitter real tea could be if it was made correctly.


I agree with your negative ratings on this one…I didn’t like it either!


I haven’t had this one, but I’m not a fan of the hibiscus invasion into every single fruit tea I see! The other day, when I tried a Tazo African Red Bush, there was the dreaded hibiscus! Is it really necessary?

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Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

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This is a neat idea, ‘cool brew’ ice tea. I’m often without a handy hot water source when I’m at work or at school, so when I saw these I wanted to try it out immediately.

It’s OK. I mean, for $5 a box I’m not expecting the same quality from Teavana or high-end tea brands, and I figure some flavor has to be sacrificed for the convenience of brewing without hot water. The black tea is pretty weak, naturally, just a basic orange pekoe made from low grade tea leaves. The peach tastes OK for the first steep, sort’ve sweet-and-not-quite-peachy-but-a-nice-addition-to-weak-tea, but if you try to use the teabag again the peachiness disappears and it’s replaced with the definitive flavor of orange peels. Turns out that’s the third ingredient listed :-p

Not bad for the price, and the convenience is nice. But not a favorite by any means.


A lot of teas can actually be cold brewed, it just takes a lot longer, usually. Of course, you’d probably still be using the lower quality teas, because broken leaves leech out more quickly, and there’s not much quality to be drawn from them with properly tempered water anyway.
As of such, cold brew is a good way to get rid of teas that refuse to steep well in hot water. I know I have to do that from time to time.

Hope this helps!


I’ve tried cold-brewing a couple of different teas before, but like you said, it takes a lot longer, and I’m definitely an impatient sort. :-p But it might be worth trying, since I have sooo much tea and unreliable access to hot water!

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It smells like blackraspberries, but it doesn’t taste like them. Maybe too much hibiscus, but it’s too soapy, perfumey, whatever for me

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I initially avoided this tea, thinking it would be like Celestial Seasoning’s “Blow Your Head Off” Peppermint. But I read Jillian’s suggestion to try this tea. I’m so glad I did. It’s now become one of the daily after dinner teas Mom and I drink. It’s sweet, minty, doesn’t rev you up and soothes the digestive tract. Thanks again, Jillian.

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A Co-Worker brought this in to try and fetched me a cup of hot water and i set it to steeping, I forgot about it for a while(10 minutes or so) and when i got around to adding in a little honey, it was a very tasty tea, i liked how strong and tasty it was.

It tasted slightly yeasty, with hints of licorice, and was very nice even when it cooled off, I bet it would be very tasty as an iced tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

My fiance has a lot of frequent stomach problems and absolutely LOVES this one both hot and iced.

Azure Luna

i admit i did taste a hint of licorice too but forgot it in my blog till I read yours

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Really great smooth and light taste from the white tea. Well balanced between lemon and orange. Great morning tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

This was in my hands, but I chose the regular green tea instead because I wasn’t sure about the citrus notes. Are they strong? Thanks!


No not at all

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This tea brews up a beautiful deep red colour and it smells like hot fruit punch!

As for taste I hate to say it but it’s quite similar to every other ‘tart’ tea out there where the flavour is dominated by the hibiscus. It isn’t nearly as bad as in some teas (Stash I’m looking at you guys) and I am getting faint notes of other fruits so I’m willing to give this one points for that. Definitely nothing recognizable as mango though, although I might try less steeping next time and see if that alters the flavours at all.

On an unrelated note: Artichoke Green Tea?! What the hell Adagio?!?!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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I think I like it only out of nostalgia

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

Just a thought: you might like it better if you didn’t steep it so long. It tends to get bitter after a while.

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not bad but pretty generic with little to no body – I like green teas a little more smokey.

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Candy Cane Lane is an absolute favorite! I love that it’s green tea based, and it’s minty with a hint of vanilla. I think it’s the vanilla that makes it so soothing. The icy coolness of the mint and the warmness of the vanilla combine to make this a spectacular tea, all year round! I love it so much, that I stock up at the holidays so that I can enjoy this every month.

Also, as a bonus-check out JASON’s hand & body lotion infused with Candy Cane Lane. A very special treat.

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Sweet, another fan of this tea! :D

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