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I bought some Adagio’s Berry Blast for a large tea party this past weekend. Although I liked the flavor, I was afraid that others would find it too tart. I decided to blend it with Celestial Seasoning’s True Blue Berry & Tazo’s Wild Sweet Orange to soften the blow! It turned out so amazing! But I also love this tea all by itself, it’s my favorite right-off-the-grocery-store-shelf- fruit tea! M-m-m-m, Blueberry.

185 °F / 85 °C 8 min or more

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This is my current fave at work. I love the aftertaste!

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Pretty good. I would steep it a little more concentrated than usual, and not for too long – it seems to get a little weird with oversteeping. The tangerine flavor is nice, but I think I’m a little tired of the “zinger” flavor, whatever it is, because I’m kind of dragging to get to the end of the box.

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Yesterday, after the Harney & Sons’ Peaches & Ginger black tea, I knew exactly which tea I wanted next (Numi’s Chocolate Puerh) but it was also time to cook dinner. Since I wanted to enjoy that cup and not mindlessly drink through it while cooking, I looked for something quick and easy to drink instead. I chose this one because none of my other bagged black teas were calling to me and I need to use it up. Plus I thought it sounded just fine with a touch of milk and honey.

So this tea, I’ve had an odd time with. At first, it was way way too strong. Then tastelessly weak. So I switched to two bags in a larger mug. Which was fine the first time or two. Then too strong that way. I can only assume it’s been me doing different steep times/water temperatures and not keeping track as well as I usually do of what worked. But I don’t know. I kind of think the tea is changing on me.

This time, I went one bag, standard size mug. I steeped it longer, knowing I was going to be adding milk to it and wanting it to come out on the stronger side. But after adding the honey, I sipped it and realized the milk would weaken it too much for my tastes so did not add it.

The cup was fine. Spiced with honey. But not all that enjoyable. Just something warm to sip on while I cooked. I’ll be glad once the box is done.

I’m actually bumping my rating down on this one to a 46 (drinkable range 40-50) because of the irregularity between mugs and because, while I don’t dislike it, it doesn’t really do much for me.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Backlogging. 4 days ago. Monday night.

I remember this tea being so weak no matter how I steeped it that I ended up having to use two bags to get a decent flavor. However, I used a small mug this time so I decided to steep just one bag the maximum recommended time. It came out sickeningly strongly spiced with no tea taste at all. I could only drink half the cup. I think I have about 6 bags left and I think it’ll be awhile before I have this one again.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

It’s only good if you’re SICK! WHAT? You don’t like something from COLORADO? What’s wrong with you?! I’ve been on the factory tour?! The best part is stepping in the MINT ROOM! It knocks you over! Haaaa! (I only like the tea with the tiger on it …Bengel Spice or whatever…

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

lol I’m jealous. My parents and my youngest sister have been. Her husband was stationed at the Air Force base near Denver when they were dating. They too said the same thing about the mint room. lol And they brought home an absolute ton of teas from there that you cannot get here. My fave was a Vanilla Honey Chamomile.


I liked the Honey Vanilla Chamomile as well. :)

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I had remembered this not being strong enough so I thought I steeped it longer this time. I added only a tiny bit of milk. This tea still tastes like just spicy and not tea and not a very strong or chai-like spicy at that. It just need more.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 30 sec

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This is the second time I’ve made this tea, and I thought I had tealogged the first. Briefly, I steeped it on the lower end of the recommended steep time range at an unremembered temperature and added milk. It came out weak.

This time I steeped it at the upper end of the recommended steep time range, using 3/4 water and 1/4 heated milk as also recommended. I steeped at a lower temperature because of the white tea, which I don’t really know the correct temperature range for but am guessing 170-185° F maybe. There is also black tea in the ingredient list so maybe I need to treat it like a black tea and steep at 205° F.

The chai did come out better this time. The water to milk ratio is good and creamy but does not overpower the spices. The chai could have still be stronger and I’d have liked it. I couldn’t take the tea specifically, black tea or white tea, but it did have a tea taste rather than just steeped spices. The spices were a general chai spice taste with none being prominent. Overall, quick, decent, easy, comforting chai.

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Enjoyable, spearmint very strong. Not best chamomile flavor. Cap it and let it steep a long time! some essential oils esscape if left open. no string is wierd and it kinda floats which u cant do anything about since theres no string.

worth adding to a night time tea collection

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec

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The Barb & Bob [my parents] Backlog for this week.

(I stay at their house a few nights a week most weeks. They live about 20 minutes away from me. They mostly have bagged teas.)

This one was Monday night’s tea during my late night online, gaming, and chatting time. I wish I could like it more, but it’s always got that note of sourness, no matter what temperature it’s at. I even tried brewing it for 30 seconds less than the recommending minimum time. But no luck. Thankfully, this is the last bag they had of it.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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The fourth and last bagged tea of the day yesterday. I pretty much always take a cup of tea upstairs with me when I’m staying at my parents and they go up to bed way earlier than I would go to bed and I take a laptop upstairs and game/chat online in bed. This was the only non-caffeinated kind of tea they had open so this is what I went with. I figured I’d had enough black tea for the day.

Overtime, I’ve found that I need to steep these Celestial Seasonings zinger-style teas at the lower end of the recommended steeping time. I don’t hate hibiscus because I like tart things. But I like to make it on the least tart side. So I’m upping my rating 5 points (decent bagged tea range is 40-50) on this one because it’s a lot better than before I figured that out. But this one still remains one of my least favorite zinger-style herbals because it has a bitter bite/sour bite/sharpness to it that I don’t get with the others. Which sucks because I like the peachiness and tartness of it just fine for a warm mug to idly sip at.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Alchemist's Fire

I’m surprised to hear you found this one tart or sour, I haven’t found that with mine at all.

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Backlogging. Three nights ago. The same day as the previous tealog.

One of the last few bags in a Celestial Seasonings herbal sample. I was feeling peach rooibos that night but misremember getting two steeps out of it and knew I wasn’t going to be drinking a second cup of tea that night. So I chose this because it was also peach. I remember it being one of my least favorites from the box but I need to finish the box and I had a few bags of this left. The rest of the box has been fruity and decent. But this peach is definitely my least liked in the box. The peach part of it is fine. But there is this sour yucky flavor. Maybe it is the passion. I don’t like it much.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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El aroma a miel es protagonista, mientras el sabor ligeramente ácido del té verde es casi imperceptible. Es cierto que el ginseng energiza ,mas el subidón viene después de 2 tazas.

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This was my first tea love as a maturing adult. I’d sweeten it to kingdom come until it tasted like Hawaiian Punch. Later on, I learned to tone down the sweetener, and it’s not half bad.

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This tea is very good, but you can tell flavorings have been added. Nonetheless, it does taste like you’re drinking a sugar cookie!

Rating -
For Barley Tea: 65/100
For Celestial Seasonings: 70/100
Overall: 67/100

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There is nothing like Rooibos with Vanilla. Very popular in Germany.
I could drink this all the time and never get tired of it! (especially because it’s caffeine-free)
This is more of a review for Rooibos Vanille (Red Bush with Vanilla) than Celestial Seasonings-specific tea.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this tea.
I don’t care too much for fruit teas (at least, ones where fruit is intended to be the main flavor of interest), but this actually had very good flavor.

Rating -
For fruit teas: 95/100
For Celestial Seasonings: 80/100
Overall: 75/100

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Who couldn’t like this tea and the classic Bear mascot?
Very relaxing.

Rating –
For other Celestial Seasonings: 75/100
Overall: 70/100

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My wife really likes this tea, and I tend to agree with her.
Trader Joe’s sells the same stuff but in different packaging….

It has a very nice mint taste, along with a few other flavors I can’t quite describe, but it is fuller and (in my opinion) better than normal green tea with mint.
It’s nice that it’s decaffeinated as well.

Rating –
For green tea w/ mint: 90/100
For Celestial Seasonings: 90/100
Overall: 85/100 (It compares well to similar teas and is one of my favorite Celestial seasonings, but it isn’t among my most favorite teas)

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After much trial and error with teas containing hibiscus, I finally tried one that is not only tolerable but manages to actually taste good! Yesterday I made a pitcher of iced Red Zinger and ended up finishing the whole thing- I was well hydrated, to say the least! I didn’t add any sugar- it’s just sweet enough on it’s own for me but the directions say you can add it after steeping and before you add the cold water. I made another pitcher of it to have with dinner tonight and even the kids like it, which is nice. This would be awesome to have in a container at the beach in the cooler. If you don’t like it hot, try it iced and you may be pleasantly surprised!

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I was sitting around my car dealership’s waiting room for my inspection, and figured I’d be there an adequate amount of time to mosey over to the single-cup coffee maker. And for once, they had a tea option that’s not bland and/or dull.

This was surprisingly tasty. It smelled fruity, and the orange flavor wasn’t overpowering. I usually can’t stand fruity/citrusy stuff in excess, but the flavor was light and enjoyable. Didn’t leave a weird aftertaste, either, which is always a bonus.

Way to go, Toyota! You’ve finally stocked something I can consume in your waiting room.

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I needed to make a pitcher of iced tea today to keep my son and hubby from drinking soda’s all day and so I remember AmazonV telling me and Cofftea that we haven’t lived until we have had raspberry zinger iced tea.

So hoping my son and hubby would share AmazonV’s enthusiasm for this tea I decided to make it and here’s how I did it 4 bags of lipton (the large bags) black tea and 4 bags of Raspberry zinger steeped 15 mins in 2 cups of boiling hot water for 15 minutes then added one cup of sugar and 6 cups of filtered water and VOILA.

So I did a taste test on my son first as he is the most picky of us all and he took a sip and said “You might just be onto something here” with a big smile on his face we all liked it and I will definitely make it again. AmazonV recommends making this with raspberry lipton + Raspberry Zinger but I didn’t have any raspberry lipton. Thanks for the recommendation AmazonV!!! You rock! :)

If you like raspberry flavored iced teas try it!


a pitcher never even survives dinner around me and my mom :) glad it worked for your family too- nomnomnom raspberry!


I am so glad you recommended it. Thanks:)


Gotta try this!!


If you like CS’s Zingers and Fruity Herbals and such I can send you some!!! Let me know!

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Amazing what a difference six months (and a whole lot of better tea) can make. I seem to have joined the rest of the tough crowd1. Sweetened or unsweetened, I really don’t like this tea anymore. It tastes fake to me now. Either it’s that I’ve developed a mild dislike for the overpowering fragrance and flavour of cinnamon or it’s something else, but whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying this one again. Rating lowered from 70.

1 http://steepster.com/bleepnik/posts/36637

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

It’s amazing how taste changes. I’m also finding that a lot of the tea I used to drink regularly(mostly the boxed kind I’d buy at the grocery store), just don’t satisfy my taste the same anymore.


Yep! I’m enjoying my Steepster education. =)

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