Celestial Seasonings

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This tastes herby and it has a peppery bite to it, and then the aftertaste tastes like those Lemonhead candies.

Functional more than pleasurable to drink, to be honest. It will relax you about as well as a small glass of wine— no exaggeration. But it’s not the yummiest thing ever.

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Halloween Tea Marathon 9/10! I think I received this in a swap with VariaTEA but I can’t quite remember. I shall have to consult my spreadsheet.

As many other notes have pointed out, I quickly noticed that by “sweet”, they really mean it. I have quite a sweet tooth, and this is too sweet even for me. I often add a sweetener to my teas, and can just about manage this one if I don’t add anything other than a splash of milk to mute it a little. I actually quite enjoyed it this time, a massive improvement on the last time I drank it (I added sweetener without trying it first). If you don’t ever add sweetener, then this tea is not going to be for you, but if you are partial to a sweet tea then it’s quite a nice comforting cup. It can definitely replace dessert, too, which is brilliant for me as I like to finish meals with something sweet through habit, but am also trying to lose weight. I do have a slight issue with the smell – I am sorry if this grosses anyone out, but to me, both the bag and the brewed tea smell sort of sicky. It’s not overpowering, but if you sniff too long it’s there at the back, reminding me of puke. I wonder what that is? It thankfully doesn’t taste like it, although I did notice I was holding my breath each time I took a sip, when the cup was close to my nose, just in case. I would have rated this low originally, but I think I’m coming round to it. I just have to remember to under no circumstances sweeten it!

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I was blown away by this one! It tastes exactly like a caramel apple. They managed to make it sweet without resorting to stevia (thank God) . The apple tastes genuine, and the caramel dances with it. The hibiscus and cinnamon were interesting choices, but upon sipping it, they work. The hibiscus works with the apple and brings in a tart note to counter the sweetness from the caramel and the cinnamon.

I hope they don’t stop making this one! It’s fabulous. Better than Bigelow’s seasonal Apple Cider flavor.

Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Cinnamon, Maple, Sweet, Tart

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Many, many thanks to Ost for this tea!
I had a beautiful lazy day, and this tea was a beautiful way to end the evening.
Its lovely! I’d had this once before, and now I can see that I need to hunt it out for my own cupboard.
A lovely Sunday. If only tomorrow was not Monday!

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Loveeeee this tea. Love it. I love how it smells exactly like blueberry muffins, I love how much it tastes like blueberry juice somehow. Very into. It does get tart towards the end.

Flavors: Blueberry

Boiling 6 min, 45 sec

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Ahhh—there’s the caramel! It shows up when you don’t leave the bag in the cup. I’m still trying to get used to the cinnamon, but it’s drinkable.


I saw the Christmas teas today, but they wanted $4.50 per box! Hopefully there are some left and they go on sale. :)


Confounded seasonal marketing!


Crazy isn’t it. Sometimes there are coupons for them.. Gotta keep an eye out though.

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Holiday tea displays are going to be the death of me. Every time I stick my nose in looking for Ginger Snappish, I see something else that’s new, cheap, and…

I’m so used to drinking Celestial Seasonings bag-in, it never dawned on me to actually check or follow any steeping guidance from the box itself. The cup that resulted, then, leaned heavily to the cinnamon-apple spectrum with only a hint of caramel at the end of each sip. Still pretty tasty, and adds another herbal option to fall/winter sipping.

Rocking, sipping, cat snoozing in the sunny patch on the rug, watching Bob Ross paint happy trees, glancing at the happy yellow maple glowing in my front yard. Balm for the weary soul.

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Not a fan.

I got this for my boyfriend to try since he really likes warm apple drinks in the colder months and loves caramel. Turns out that this is so not for me. It tastes like a sour apple with a lot more sourness than should still be present after coating it in caramel. The caramel isn’t really noticeable, especially compared to how strong I thought it would be based on the name. There also seemed to be a fine line between weak and overpowering when it came to steep times. My cup was too weak at 3 1/2 minutes, so he left his bag in for almost 5. The hibiscus in this kind of took over at that point. Why on earth did hibiscus need to be the second ingredient in this tea?!?!?? Oh well. The search continues for an apple-y caramelly tea that he’ll like.

Flavors: Green Apple, Sour

Cameron B.

Ick! I hate hibiscus, especially since it’s in so many teas in which it doesn’t belong. :(

The Cookie Lady

I don’t normally dislike hibiscus when something is supposed to taste like hibiscus (for example: tropical blends or some fruity herbals). But, as you said, it is often included in blends it has no business being a part of. And that just makes me frowny. This had kind of a weird ingredient list overall. At least it was cheap and I get experience points for trying more teas :)


I actually haven’t yet found a great caramel apple tea. Both Butiki’s and 52teas’ didn’t quite cut it for me. I’ll keep an eye out to see if you find anything!

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I found the cinnamon in this tea to be overwhelming.

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Had this last night, but Steepster was acting up. This is another decent herbal blend from an inexpensive grocery store purchase. Vanilla and chamomile feature with a tiny touch of honey. This is a soothing mug and a great way to end a night when I have a cold. I think I still prefer the Vanilla Sleepytime personally as it is more complex and the overall flavor appeals to me more, but I already drank the whole box and this is what I have left. Still a good one when you need something calming in a jiffy. :)

Flavors: Fruit Tree Flowers, Vanilla

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

I really like this one. It’s one of my go to comfort teas when I’m sick.

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Because I am a lemming and thought this would be awesome, I bought two boxes of this (Target isn’t super close to my house).

The dry bad smelled like a cookie with a little citrus rind on it, so far so good. It brewed up a sort of non color, maybe almost clear but with a hint of something. Pretty murky and not so appealing.

Hot, I smelled COCONUT Alarm bells! I went and double checked the ingredients. No coconut. Folks, I ate a mouthful of hidden coconut last weekend and thought my head was going to do the exorcist spin. YUCK. Anyway, I took the leap and drank some.

First sip I didn’t like it. What is that flavor…buttery, sort of vanilla, definitely sweet. Couldn’t place it.

Marshmallow? OK. Marshmallow and butter. Then I had it! You know when you make homemade krispy treats, and the first step is to melt the butter and add marshmallows? That’s exactly what this tastes like. It tastes much more like a krispy treat than the krispy treat tea I had once. I bet if you made this with some genmaicha it would be right there.

But anyway, while it wasn’t super bad, it wasn’t good either. I will probably try one more cup and use someone’s suggestion to leave the bag in there. But it definitely wasn’t a wow moment.


i would be surprised if you liked it after trying so many great teas


I think I have used 2 teabags for more flavor on this one. I’m surprised so many people think it’s good, lol


I bought this expecting to love it too and all I ever got from it was soggy crackers


My nephew loves this one….but we discovered it needs milk and sugar to bring out the sugar cookie flavor.


I didn’t pick it out before, but now that you mention it I definitely see the marshmallow in there. Wonder if it’s similar to 52’s Marshmallow Genmaicha?


Could be sentimental for some. Constant Comment will always have a place in my heart as it was the first loose tea I ever drank.


Did you do sugar? It’s right there in the name, this one needs sugar! :P Milk doesn’t hurt either.

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One of my go-tos for nighttime decaf right now. Not much jasmine flavor, but I like it a little more than the regular Sleepytime for the added lemon. It’s less sweet than a lot of my other decaf teas.

Flavors: Lemon, Mint, Tea

Boiling 8 min or more

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I really wanted to love this tea. I do like it. It is warm and spicy and sweet, and it cannot be oversteeped. However, the taste might actually be almost too sweet. I’ll cite stevia for this cloying sweetness. But not bad.

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So, yesterday when I was getting my shot, my dr injected some steroids, and was telling me the side effects that it would cause. Yesterday and early this morning I kept getting like hot flashes-and I’d feel super hot and would literally start sweating, even though it’s freezing in my room. That’s gone away mostly, but now I am feeling super irritated and grumpy for no reason whatsoever. My dr mentioned this side effect the most out of all of them. At first it was somewhat okay, but now I just can’t focus on anything. >< Stupid side effects. So brewed up some chamomile tea…maybe this one will help.
If not, at least it still tastes good! :P


Oooh! I just donated this one to a friend at work!


Aww, I hope the side effects won’t come back!


Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks-think it’s slowly wearing off. Kinda hard to tell. xD First time getting real steroids in my system-haha!


Feel better soon!


im not much for chamomile taste. tastes like freaky flowers lol :)

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Soo I took a tremadol today, and usually that pain killer doesn’t help with the majority of pain I have. It usually just helps with one particular kind of pain, which I haven’t had in like a week anyway. And since I have to save my vicodin for this weekend, I decided I’d only take tremedol if I needed something this weekend.
So I really didn’t think it would help me much at all.. And my pain was so bad that I couldn’t really stand. But two hours after taking it I could walk again-and like 90% of my pain went away (which Is a lot, considering how bad it was today).
It’s never worked this well for all my pain before!!
I’m really happy that it helped because It’s been so bad today. Like, I feel so great compared to how I have all day!
While I have lots to do today, I still gotta take it slow. And since chamomile relaxes my muscles I figured this tea would be a perfect mix with the tremedol.
And I was right! :D
I’m just really happy to have survived a horrible day at work and to be able to stand/walk again, AND to be able to FINALLY relax and this means I can get things done tonight! happy dance
Also…I apologize for my awful grammar. Especially in the last part, haha! I’m just excited!

Cameron B.

I picked up a box of this one, and I actually like it a lot, especially for a bagged tea. :D


Yeah! For a bagged tea co, Celestial Seasonings seems to be one of the better ones!

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So, as my health gets worse, my mum keeps trying to find things to help manage my pain (because she is just awesome that way), and one of the things she found out was that a decent amount of people drink Chamomile tea, and it helps their muscles and nerves relax more.
Soooo since yesterday was horrible and nothing seemed to work, I finally took a hot bath and made this tea, which I haven’t had in forever it seems.
But it actually really made me feel relaxed! Like really relaxed! So basically, even though this is a bagged tea, it really seemed to help me for a bit, and that’s pretty awesome.
The flavor isn’t even that bad. Don’t really taste vanilla, but definitely taste the honey…it’s super sweet. Not bad for a bagged tea, I must say!
I’m really excited that something finally helped yesterday, since the entire day was agonizing. But now I am on yet another mission to find a really good tea that is relaxing like this one…just…better. xD
If anyone has any recommendations of especially relaxing teas I’d love to hear them! (:

Flavors: Honey, Sweet


So sorry you are struggling with pain and health issues. Not that it helps, but I always drink ones I love best when I’m feeling tense. I have also heard chamomile is calming so that sounds like a good one you had!


Heh, the problem is is that tea has always tended to make me more awake than coffee for some reason and so when I drink oolongs and blacks, it makes me more awake and not as relaxed as a herbal would…so I kinda have to find teas with no caffeine. I end up just saving all my favorite teas for the days/hours that I feel well enough to drink them. Which is good..but also bad since I’m having less and less of those moments haha!


I know what you mean.. and I should try and find better bedtime teas myself. Sometimes I will just make my cup of tea quite weak and add milk so basically it is just hot comforting beverage.
Maybe something with ginger might be good too?


Does making it weaker mean that there is less caffeine in it? Because if it is maybe that would be better. xD
I have heard that ginger helps nausea, but not sure if it helps relax the rest of your body…does it help you at all?


I think it would have less caffeine as I make it very weak, just to add a bit of flavor for a hot cup, and it is often leaves left over from earlier to get to use them up that way too. I’m not sure if ginger helps relaxing my body but it does seem to help with nausea which is also relaxing in itself, and again a nice warm cup of goodness which seems to always be of some comfort.


Ah. Good to know. Well have any ginger tea recommendations? I’m not a huge fan of overly ginger things, but a bit of ginger never hurts :P


Have you tried tulsi? That’s really the only herbal tisane that unwinds me. Tastes like lemon and cloves; goes well with mint.


Ripe puerh relaxes me and I sleep like a baby. Every night I have a session and have at least 6 3oz cups. Can’t drink black before bed. White tea is the worst for me. Would make me awake till 3 am


For ginger, I have just used random bagged herbal ones. Also, davidstea has some herbals with ginger and I have used le digestif, but that one is minty which may not appeal to you. I think they have blends with chamomile too but I haven’t had them.

boychik, I always forget that I have seen that some puerh is relaxing – which ones do you like best for bedtime? And I agree about white tea being worst – it is for me too.


I agree with boychik that some ripe puerhs have a relaxing effect. The one where I noticed it the most was Mandala’s temple stairs. Hope you feel better soon!!


Boston Tea Co.’s Lemon Honey Chamomile has green rooibos in it. The only rooibos I like and I think the combination of honey and chamomile is very relaxing.


I like that one, too, Nicole.


Hmm…this is all very helpful. Going to look into all these things more. Thanks, you guys! :D


Haiwan Ripe always put me to sleep. 2010 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Zhizun Mingpin Ripe Pu-erh is the best sleeping aid

carol who

Vanilla Sleepytime herbal by Celestial Seasoning is a good relaxing tea. I’ve also used ZZZ by SerendipityTea. Although the aim of these particular teas is sleep they also work as a calming brew.


Hope you feel better soon!


Tavalon’s “After Dark.”

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Taken from the EUTTB return of round 2

The blends raw scent is of cinnamon bark, dry pumpkin and ginger.

1 bag, boiling water for 4 minutes.

Steeped scent is thickly and sweetly cinnamon stick with a touch of clove and ginger.

Flavour is super sweet (like 10 sugars sweet) with a dry cinnamon and clove taste. It’s sweetness is too sweet for me, compared to it’s spicy tones it’s refreshing, brings out the clove. So sweet cinnamon and clove…not quite Halloween but rather reminding me of Christmas. After half a cup it gets sweeter and becomes harder for me to drink. I love strong cinnamon teas but it’s the pure sugar sweetness I can’t handle.

For pictures please view my blog

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Sweet


Oh no, I just sent you more of this tea! Oops! Sorry ):I hope you like the rest of your secret pumpkin teas more than this one!


Funnily enough as soon as I tried this and disliked it I knew someone it would be perfect for. So the bags you sent will be gifted to a fellow tea drinker with a sweet tooth :)


That makes me feel better lol (:

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I tried to review this last night and Steepster froze, so trying again. I used to make this with microwaved water back in the day. My husband is feeling under the weather so I brewed it using my tea kettle. What a difference! This has a unique flavor that I can’t quite place- maybe a blend of chamomile, vanilla, and other herbs? It is sweet, soft, soothing.. sleepytime is the perfect name. Doesn’t taste fakey or overly flavored for a night brew. I found it quite enjoyable- might be my favorite herbal so far. Not bad for an inexpensive grocery store pick-up!

Flavors: Fruit Tree Flowers, Sweet, Vanilla

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I avoided Celestial Seasonings for years because the packaging is too cutesy for my tastes but it turns out I have enjoyed pretty much everything I have tried. I do wish they would lose the spearmint altogether or switch it for peppermint. I must be in the minority as they aren’t budging.


I can understand why you’d prefer peppermint, but on the bright side it isn’t strong in this tea at all- I couldn’t even tell it was there until you mentioned it! :)

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Hibiscus. The bane of many Celestial Seasonings teas. It’s present in this tea, but it’s forced way too the back by the dominant flavor of black cherry soda, which I love.

This tea reminds me of playing outside with my friends when I was a kid and there was always this one crazy mother that had a ton of black cherry soda. How can that be anything but good?

I like it cold brewed as iced tea and hot. It has a subtle sweetness both ways.

I’m not saying this is some sort of fancy cherry and fig brew I would drink out of fine china at the table after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s more like a drink it out of a plastic bottle while shooting hoops and playing on the playground, if that’s your sort of thing.

I know it’s mine.

If you like black cherry soda, you’ll love this tea. I expect this to be one of my go to fruity iced tea for years to come.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I was at the grocery store today and saw the big display of Celestial Seasoning’s holiday tea. I decided to get this because I don’t have too many herbals that aren’t medicinal or rooibos blends. I was a bit dismayed to see so many crappy reviews when I got home on Steepster. Boy, you folks are a tough crowd!

Anyway I steeped this up in a smaller mug for 4 minutes. I am definitely getting ginger and yes, cinnamon, but not really “bread” or gingerbread anyway. This was better after some soymilk was added, made it a bit creamy. I have to wonder how this would taste with some rooibos thrown in, or some black tea. More experiments may be needed. Anyway, this is okay, I think I will drink it this winter but probably won’t be a repurchase for me.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I love this tea. It’s a lovely and unusual herbal tea. It has quite a few ingredients, a number of which are pretty unusual (catnip?), so I have no idea what it is that comes out in the flavour, but it manages to be both perfectly soothing and also somehow… almost spicey, but not in a traditional sense. In any case, it’s lovely. Also, I loooove the picture on the box. Plus the name is cute. I pretty much try to have this one in my tea cupboard at all times.

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This is one of my favourite bagged teas and herbal teas. I pretty much go for either Sleepytime or Tension Tamer whenever I just want a soothing evening tea. This one is quite chamomile-ish, but it has a bit of an extra something to it. Lovely.

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