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drank Green Tea by Chaday
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I bought this for camping, as a backup. Not my fave green tea, being Japanese (Ie steam dried)
I dunno, nothing jumped out and made me take notice but then as I said, I am biased in that regard. I can tell you that its of a decent quality,but how good I have no idea as I’ve neglected that area of my tea taste buds heh.
With some honey, it went down really easy. (I needed something to soothe my cough)
Overall, I wouldn’t be ashamed to serve this at camp, or in a pinch, at home. For only a dollar or two more, it’s loads better than the Tetley alternative so yay for that!
It’ll get used up on those days when I either ran out of infusers, or am super busy at work. Or those awkward times when someone non tea freakish offers to make your tea for you!

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