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Much of the product description mentions the cream and sugar additions but most of you know I drink my tea plain.

This Irish Breakfast Tea is wonderful! It has a great flavor. It’s very tasty. It’s bold and full and if I really try can pick out the slightest bit of floral taste hiding underneath.

Finnigan is my friend!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Juicy! With a little bit of spice! Very nice!

It smells like a cherry cigar – very sweet.

It is a reddish brown. Very rich.

It’s Rooibos but a juicy-sweet cherry kind of Rooibos. It is slightly spicy…not sure if I am picking up on the cinnamon or the cardamom more…but there is just enough and not over done with any one ingredient!

I like this very much!

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I’d not paid attention to if I’d had a darjeeling tea before, so I figured I’d get a cup of this with lunch to see if I could note anything of interest. Luckily, the place that I had lunch at is skilled in the ways of tea making, and actually uses a timer to make sure things steep correctly before serving it!

The tea was good. Lighter than other black teas, floral notes, mild, with very little astringency. I know Adagio offers several darjeelings, so I’d like to try samples of the different ones at some point to learn what the commonalities are between darjeelings. That, and I want to try samples of other black teas to learn more about regions, etc, and to know more about a black tea by taste. All that is to come in the future, though….


I wonder how this compares to their “Ooooh Darjeeling”. Similar name, similar flavor and aroma profiles?

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Just had a cup of this with soymilk at a local coffee shop/cafe. It was a lovely iced treat for the beginnings of spring!

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I had a cup of this local tea company’s peppermint tea at Simplyummy, a local cafe. Yum!


Aww, you just reminded me of the existence of Pepe Le Pew. Ah, cartoon mornings.

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